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Michelangelo (Mirage) vs. Michelangelo (2012)

Michelangelo (Mirage): 7
Michelangelo (2012): 0


Cybermen (Mondasian) vs. April O'Neil

Cybermen (Mondasian): 3
April O'Neil: 0


11:6 - Doogie Howser vs. Beverly Crusher

Doogie Howser: 1
Beverly Crusher: 10


11:6 - The Derelict (LV-426) vs. Penny (Inspector Gadget)

The Derelict (LV-426): 8
Penny (Inspector Gadget): 4


11:6 - Catwoman vs. Arsene Lupin III

Catwoman: 2
Arsene Lupin III: 9


11:6 - Tinker Bell vs. Princess Aurora

Tinker Bell: 8
Princess Aurora: 4


11:6 - Batman (Richard Grayson) vs. Leonardo (TMNT)

Batman (Richard Grayson): 3
Leonardo (TMNT): 8


11:6 - Neal Caffrey vs. Dominic Toretto

Neal Caffrey: 10
Dominic Toretto: 2


11:6 - The Death Star vs. Ron Stoppable

The Death Star: 4
Ron Stoppable: 10


11:6 - Anna Of Arendelle vs. Belle (Disney)

Anna Of Arendelle: 12
Belle (Disney): 4


11:6 - Carlton Banks vs. Konohagakure

Carlton Banks: 10
Konohagakure: 2


11:6 - Tiana (Disney) vs. Pocahontas

Tiana (Disney): 3
Pocahontas: 10


11:6 - Raphael (TMNT) vs. Lady Shiva

Raphael (TMNT): 5
Lady Shiva: 9


11:6 - Snake-Eyes vs. Raiden (Metal Gear)

Snake-Eyes: 4
Raiden (Metal Gear): 6


11:6 - Shinobi (Joe Musashi) vs. Michelangelo (1987)

Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 6
Michelangelo (1987): 3


11:6 - Sir John Falstaff vs. Vice City

Sir John Falstaff: 10
Vice City: 2


11:6 - Arthur Morgan vs. Nathan Drake

Arthur Morgan: 9
Nathan Drake: 2


11:6 - Dwight Schrute vs. Remnant

Dwight Schrute: 4
Remnant: 6


11:6 - Master Splinter (TMNT) vs. Wildcat

Master Splinter (TMNT): 5
Wildcat: 7


11:6 - Rapunzel vs. Megara (Disney)

Rapunzel: 8
Megara (Disney): 3

Match 17085 Siegfried vs. Gill


You Be The Judge
Vote for who you would think would win



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PART 157


After catching Terry Bogard in his arms, Dhalsim continued to carry the battered fighter in his arms outside the G Corporation building during heavy rainfall. (REF: BRUCE IRVIN VS. CRIMSON VIPER) Terry’s friend, Mai Shiranui, was in shock at his appearance. In all the years she had known him, she had never seen him hurt this badly. The fortune tellers, Rose and Zafina, also looked on with concern.

“What do we do now?” pondered Dhalsim.

Rose was initially hesitant.

“Although Mr. Bogard’s current state is unfortunate, the mission has not changed,” Zafina declared.

“Hey! I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but this is serious,” interjected Mai.

Zafina looked over to Rose to back her up on her belief. “I know you saw the vision too, the great sword needed to defeat Soul Edge.  (REF: KILIK VS. ASH CRIMSON) It could be the key to ending all of this, it may even be the way to finally put down Kazuya Mishima once and for all.” Zafina’s gaze returned to Terry. “It is clear that a direct approach is not the answer.”

“Rose, who is this woman!?!” Mai exclaimed.

“She is Zafina, and she knows of what she speaks,” answered Rose. “I was wrong to doubt her and you would be too.” (REF: ROSE VS. ZAFINA)

“I thought I had come here to challenge Kazuya directly, but it is clear that my true purpose for being drawn here was to connect with Rose, so that we may both see what we needed to see to find a way to end this threat,” Zafina explained.

Dhalsim was a bit confused. “The way to defeat an evil sword of legend is with another sword?”

“Yes. That is what we gather,” Rose confirmed.

“None of that matters right now. Right now we need to get Terry to a hospital,” Mai insisted.

“Every moment we waste doing anything other than the objective at hand puts us one step closer to our mutual destruction,” Zafina countered.

“Do you even know how to obtain the other sword?” Dhalsim inquired.

“No. Which is why we must act fast to discover the identity of the man that both Rose and I saw, the glimmering knight with long blonde hair,” Zafina responded.

“Before we reached this building, we were confronted by an ally of the warriors from the past, he also had shards of Soul Edge inside him. (REF: HWANG VS. GUY) My guess is that he may know this knight that we are searching for,” Rose informed.

“Where is he now?” asked Zafina.

“Guy engaged him in battle so that we could continue our journey. If we head back that way we may still be able to find him there, certainly if Guy was victorious,” Rose surmised.

Mai shook her head. “No, we are taking Terry to get the help he needs.”

Before Zafina could say anything in response, Rose interjected. “I will take Terry and make sure he is taken care of. I am the reason he is in this situation, so he is my responsibility.”

Although this was true, it was not Rose’s only motivation for this suggestion. Rose was beginning to doubt herself. She worried that her lack of urgency may have allowed things to escalate to an even more dangerous level. Also, with Zafina now in the picture, Rose’s abilities were somewhat superfluous and Zafina had already proven herself the superior fighter.

“If you are taking him, I will go with you,” Mai suggested.

“You need to travel with Zafina and find Guy. You have proven yourself time (REF: MAI SHIRANUI VS. TIRA) and again (REF: MAI SHIRANUI VS. KATARINA ALVES) to be a highly skilled fighter and they may need those skills,” stated Rose. “You know that both Terry and Andy would agree with me.”

“Terry is not a small man, you may need help carrying him,” suggested Dhalsim. “I will volunteer. Utilizing our teleportation abilities we should be able to get him the help he needs quickly and then rejoin the group.”

Rose smiled at Dhalsim. “Agreed.”



*Flashback to before Algol fought Heihachi Mishima*  (REF: ALGOL VS. HEIHACHI MISHIMA)

Urien awoke in a dark cave. He rose to his feet on a small island of a cave floor surrounded by nothing but air. Urien could not even tell how steep the drop was around him. Startled, he took a few steps back and almost fell off the small circular area. When he looked around he saw Algol a far distance away standing next to a vertical drawbridge.

“Where am I? What is this place?” Urien demanded.

“It is your prison for now while I go clean up your mess,” answered Algol.  (REF: URIEN VS. ALGOL) “It is something more of my time than yours. There are no walls, no bars, just an endless drop into the abyss should you make the wrong move.”

“You really think you can keep me here,” Urien sneered.

“For the time being, yes. I must ensure that you will not make things worse until I can speak with Gill,” Algol informed.

“My people will come looking for me and they will find me,” Urien warned.

“Possible. You do carry around a large amount of influence. But, that is why I found the strongest warrior I know to be your guard until I come back,” declared Algol.

A large muscular blonde man with a gigantic sword and shiny armor stepped forward from behind Algol.

“Thank you again for agreeing to this, Siegfried,” stated Algol.

“I will do what I must to ensure that Soul Edge is not resurrected in this world,” said Seigfried.

“As will I. I am off to find Urien’s right hand man, Geese Howard. It should not take me long. Until then, old friend...”

The ancient hero king grabbed Seigfried’s elbow in a show of respect between the two valiant warriors.

 “Until then.”

*present day*

Urien taunted Seigfried from his isolated position. “Have you not accepted the truth yet, fool knight? Algol clearly has failed.” (REF: KASUMI VS. KAZUMI MISHIMA)

“Be quiet. Or I will make you quiet,” Siegfried warned.

Urien smirked. “Go ahead, lower that drawbridge and give it a try.”

Siegfried did not take the bait. “You must not know Algol that well. I have known him for centuries. We have not always fought on the same side, but even I can admit that his abilities surpass almost anything I have ever come across. He created this sword. Also, he put you down, did he not?” (REF: KOLIN VS. LIEN NEVILLE)

Urien curled his upper lip in anger after being reminded of his defeat. Just then, Siegfried noticed a group of robed individuals entering the cavern.

“Halt your approach this instant or forfeit your lives!” shouted Siegfried.

The group continued to come toward Siegfried undeterred. The knight quickly lifted up Soul Calibur. Siegfried cleaved through three of the hooded strangers with ease before a second voice pulled the remaining members of this intrusive party back.

“Fall back! There is no need for more bloodshed. I do not come here to fight.”

A large man wearing only a loincloth emerged from behind the intruders. He had long flowing blonde hair and his body was completely covered in paint. One side was red and one side was blue.

“That is quite the sword you have there. I don’t believe I have ever seen it’s like,” remarked Gill.

“It is Soul Calibur. The spirit sword antithesis to the darkness of Soul Edge. If all other avenues fail, it alone may be our only hope against the wicked blade.” Siegfried paused for a moment. “If you take another step toward us you will get to see it very close up,” he threatened.

Gill chuckled. “I see Algol has chosen my brother’s jailer very wisely.”


“Yes, I am Gill, Urien’s brother, chosen Emperor of the world and leader of the Secret Society. I have been made aware of his plot to depose me and gave Algol ample time to approach me with his findings but my patience has worn thin.” Gill turned his attention toward Urien. “When will you learn and when will you accept what has to be?”

“Talk down to me all you want now, but what I have started can’t be undone. Wherever that fool Algol is, he must realize it now just as you will. You have no idea the time and planning I have put into this, the entire world may plunge into despair if the stories are to be believed,” Urien declared.

Gill appeared unfazed by Urien’s prediction.

Urien continued, “When the rest of the Society sees that you have failed to foresee and stop this catastrophe they will realize that you are a fraud.”

Gill sighed. “You remain short sighted as ever, brother. Once I personally destroy this infamous sword of legend, it will only reaffirm my destiny as ruler of this world.” Gill’s eyes moved back toward the glimmering Soul Calibur in Siegried’s hands. “I just need the right tools.”

Once Siegried realized Gill’s intent, he tightened his grip on the hilt.

“I require Soul Calibur and then I will put an end to this,” Gill stated.

“You ask for something I can not give,” replied Siegfried.

“You are an acquaintance of Algol, aren’t you? Algol is a member of the Secret Society, the society that is led by me. He knows that I am the chosen one,” Gill informed.

“Algol’s membership in your group has no bearing on this situation. The spirit of Soul Calibur picked me, therefore the sword stays with me,” Siegfried retorted.

Gill exhaled in frustration. “It may have needed you in the past, but this is a new day, a new era. And there is only one chosen and exalted one, and that is me. Now out of respect for Algol, I will ask one last time. Give me the sword!”


“Very well I will take it from your broken body. You will regret not accepting my mercy.”



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Glad to finally see the next part to your arc finally come out JohnnyChany. This has got to be the longest running story arc CBUB has ever seen and I am in awe that you’ve kept it up for so long. always.

I’ll bet on Siegfried winning this. During his fight with Nightmare in Soulcalibur 4, the shock waves from their clashes completely destroyed Ostrheinsburg Castle. And in this continuity he’s had at least a century of experience to train and hone his already impressive skills and abilities, plus I see Gill’s arrogance getting the better of him in this situation. 

Plus I have a feeling that Urien might try to distract his brother during the fight by taunting him on the sidelines.

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On 9/13/2021 at 9:58 AM, Pizzaguy2995 said:

Glad to finally see the next part to your arc finally come out JohnnyChany. This has got to be the longest running story arc CBUB has ever seen and I am in awe that you’ve kept it up for so long. always.

I’ll bet on Siegfried winning this. During his fight with Nightmare in Soulcalibur 4, the shock waves from their clashes completely destroyed Ostrheinsburg Castle. And in this continuity he’s had at least a century of experience to train and hone his already impressive skills and abilities, plus I see Gill’s arrogance getting the better of him in this situation. 

Plus I have a feeling that Urien might try to distract his brother during the fight by taunting him on the sidelines.

Thanks. Yeah, I think this had been the longest time in between parts since I started it up again owing to several factors including an ebb and flow of motivation, but I am determined to see it through and the fact that you appreciate the work certainly helps.

On 9/13/2021 at 6:41 PM, leroypowell3 said:

In Gill's defense, he had a lot of distance attacks that Siegfried isn't used to as far as game opponents go.  If Gill uses his power strategically he can kill and take that sword.


On 9/13/2021 at 7:04 PM, RakaiThwei said:

Gill.. I am going to say Gill as his power is so high, he may very well be literally God Tier in canon, as he's resurrected from death a few times and has split the Red Sea.

Thanks for the comments Leroy and Rakai. I was not aware of the Red Sea bit. 

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Another good set-up, Johnny. Good to see your arc continuing, as well as more of the heavy-hitters making appeearances. 

As for the match, after looking up both characters, it looks like Siegfried has the edge in experience and maybe power. He might just beat Gill in this fight, but it very likely won't be easy, and Gill might just ressurect later.

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