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Siegfried vs. Gill

Siegfried: 4
Gill: 1


Michelangelo (Mirage) vs. Michelangelo (2012)

Michelangelo (Mirage): 7
Michelangelo (2012): 0


Cybermen (Mondasian) vs. April O'Neil

Cybermen (Mondasian): 3
April O'Neil: 0


11:6 - Doogie Howser vs. Beverly Crusher

Doogie Howser: 1
Beverly Crusher: 10


11:6 - The Derelict (LV-426) vs. Penny (Inspector Gadget)

The Derelict (LV-426): 8
Penny (Inspector Gadget): 4


11:6 - Catwoman vs. Arsene Lupin III

Catwoman: 2
Arsene Lupin III: 9


11:6 - Tinker Bell vs. Princess Aurora

Tinker Bell: 8
Princess Aurora: 4


11:6 - Batman (Richard Grayson) vs. Leonardo (TMNT)

Batman (Richard Grayson): 3
Leonardo (TMNT): 8


11:6 - Neal Caffrey vs. Dominic Toretto

Neal Caffrey: 10
Dominic Toretto: 2


11:6 - The Death Star vs. Ron Stoppable

The Death Star: 4
Ron Stoppable: 10


11:6 - Anna Of Arendelle vs. Belle (Disney)

Anna Of Arendelle: 12
Belle (Disney): 4


11:6 - Carlton Banks vs. Konohagakure

Carlton Banks: 10
Konohagakure: 2


11:6 - Tiana (Disney) vs. Pocahontas

Tiana (Disney): 3
Pocahontas: 10


11:6 - Raphael (TMNT) vs. Lady Shiva

Raphael (TMNT): 5
Lady Shiva: 9


11:6 - Snake-Eyes vs. Raiden (Metal Gear)

Snake-Eyes: 4
Raiden (Metal Gear): 6


11:6 - Shinobi (Joe Musashi) vs. Michelangelo (1987)

Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 6
Michelangelo (1987): 3


11:6 - Sir John Falstaff vs. Vice City

Sir John Falstaff: 10
Vice City: 2


11:6 - Arthur Morgan vs. Nathan Drake

Arthur Morgan: 9
Nathan Drake: 2


11:6 - Dwight Schrute vs. Remnant

Dwight Schrute: 4
Remnant: 6


11:6 - Master Splinter (TMNT) vs. Wildcat

Master Splinter (TMNT): 5
Wildcat: 7

Match 16999 Crosshair (Star Wars) vs. Indoraptor


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Lights flickered through the lab as panic set in for all those that remained. Many had fled this world with the last few remaining ships, but few were unfortunate to be left stranded in this nightmare. As the power faded with each passing moment, the flickering light had started to dwindle. The darkness of the night had completely taken the facility as those that remained within its walls could hear the horrendous roars from outside. With the night engulfing the facility, the power had finally reached its course. The lights had completely faded, and those that remained within could hear a sound more frightening than the roars. 


Thunderous scratches were unleashed upon the facility's wall, and powerful bangs echoed all throughout. Tears ran down the cheeks of some of those that remained. They were left on this world when everything in the galaxy fell apart. With what little light these unfortunate souls had; they could only wait for what was about to come. With dreadful tapping just down the corridors and a sickening growl, it was only a matter of time. 


Faint whimpering could be heard from within the group as the tapping grew closer. It was only a matter of time before the end came. Piercing shrieks raced through the darkness in all the rooms. There was not much that the group could do to protect themselves, but they were prepared to fight until the last breath. It was just a matter of time before they would be discovered by the very monsters that they themselves had unleashed upon this world. The tapping was just outside the door as the group tried as hard as they could to keep silent. 


The room shook as the growls outside became almost deafening. One of the unfortunate souls began to weep as the door between the group and the monsters started violently shaking. It was only a matter of time before the door would be ripped apart. Within the group, there were few that had blasters trained at the door. As their hands trembled, the blasters shook, and they knew there would be little they could do against the end that was coming.  It was only a matter of time...


In an instant, the shaking had stopped. There was a stillness in the room as silence had completely overtaken the world around. For a moment, there was peace. That moment did not last, as the door ripped open and piercing shrieks of the monster filled the room. Those holding the blasters fired at the creature, but the creature was fast. Their trembling hands did not help as the blasts went in every direction. The powerful sounds of the blood curdling screams echoed all throughout. In a matter of moments, the screams had died out. For a moment, there was dead silence in the air. All around, roars echoed throughout the world as rain started to pour down upon the planet. 


Across the galaxy upon a mountainous world... 


Nala Se gazed upon the mountainous world that was now her home. She had heard rumblings amongst some of the troopers stationed on the Imperial base that Kamino had been lost and Tipoca City was no more. The Kaminoan scientist did not know what to make of these rumblings. This world was very different than what she was accustomed to, and she was surrounded by many kinds of individuals that had dedicated their very lives to the Empire. Deep down, she felt some comfort that the Empire had interest in her work. 


The Kaminoan could not help but stay in a sense of bewilderment as she tried to understand as to exactly what the Empire wanted with her research. With Tipoca City laid to ruin and the Clone army shut down; questions continued to race through her mind. As she gazed upon the lush and mountainous landscape, she started to reflect on the years before the Clone Wars. She reflected on her work with Jango Fett, and how she strove to perfect her cloning research. Her thoughts came to Omega, and her hope that Omega was safe. 


Nala Se sauntered around the room as her attention turned to different screens and testing tubes. All those years spent building an army for the Republic was all but a memory as the Empire had much sinister intentions for her work. The Kaminoan scientist was not given much to work with as far as what the Empire had wanted from her, she was provided technology and material that could go deeper in perfecting genetic material for the cloning process.  


While the Kaminoan scientist has vast knowledge behind the cloning process, and what was needed in the genetic codes; she was provided with material that she herself had never seen before. She had been introduced to samples of DNA that contained highly unusual patterns that appears impossible to replicate properly. Through her work, she has modified DNA in such a way that she was able to create gifted clones such as Boba Fett and Omega. She even engineered the squad of clones with desirable mutations, but what the Empire had presented her with seemed unnatural.  


While she had achieved the impossible before, there was a sense of fear that dwelt within her. As the Empire rose to power, Nala Se watched as the clones of the Republic were slowly being replaced with natural born troops. The fear of failure and being replaced had gripped the Kaminoan tightly. She quietly surveyed the staff that worked alongside of her in hopes that she could find something to reinforce that her intellect could never be replicated. 


As Nala Se looked over the work being done, there were doors at the back of the room that had opened wide. Nala Se glanced back to see two TK troopers standing in the doorway. Before she could even mutter a word, they had instructed her to follow them as her presence was being requested. While following the TK troopers, they walked past several troopers. Little by little, the clones were being replaced. She could easily see which of the troopers were clones and which ones were were natural born. As they walked through the corridor, a door opened ahead. The Kaminoan saw a figure up ahead staring out upon landscapes this world. As she walked closer, she could see that the figure was Admiral Tarkin. 


The high-ranking Imperial officer turned toward Nala Se. His demeanor was cold and calculating as his dark eyes glared straight at the Kaminoan. His arms crossed behind him as he started circling around Nala Se. As he walked closer toward her, his cold demeanor never changed as he broke the uncomfortable silence that filled the entire room.  


"I trust that your research is progressing." Tarkin said as he finally stopped in front of Nala Se. 


"Yes, Admiral Tarkin. With each day, your research staff and I are making promising discoveries that should benefit your Empire greatly." Nala Se responded. 


"Our Empire..." Tarkin coldly replied as he started circling around the Kaminoan once again. "It is not just one Empire, but an Empire to all. Your research will ensure that order will be held for generations to come."  


"What exactly is it that you are wanting me to do?" Nala Se asked as her eyes followed the Admiral. 


"That is none of your concern for now." Tarkin replied as he started walking toward the glass once again. He gazed out upon the world that surrounded this Imperial base. "Lama Su held a great many of secrets..." Tarkin muttered as his gaze remained toward the glass. 


"What do you mean?" Nala Se asked. 


Admiral Tarkin turned to face the Kaminoan scientist. She saw a sinister smirk form on the side of his face. The Admiral responded, "We have received word that your research was not the only cloning operations that he was a part of. He had his hands in some other operations in the Unknown Regions." 


"I was not aware of any such operations." Nala Se responded. 


"Yes..." Tarkin responded as he glared into the Kaminoan's eyes. "Our intelligence as assured us that you were not a part of this research. Lama Su had proved to be an unreliable asset, and a potential threat to the Empire. With that said, we are interested in what those cloning operations were in the unknown regions." 


"As I said, Admiral Tarkin, I was not aware of any operations." Nala Se responded. 


"Rest assured, your work will be required once we retrieve that data. You will need to decipher what is recovered." Tarkin responded as he glared into Nala Se's eyes.  


"As you wish, Admiral Tarkin." Nala Se replied.  


"One of your medical staff will accompany a team to the unmarked planet in the Unknown Region. I trust that they have the adequate knowledge to gather what is needed for your research." Admiral Tarkin said as he crossed his arms. 


"All the staff are very capable." Nala Se responded as she leaned forward. "I could also accompany the troopers." 


"That is not necessary..." Admiral Tarkin replied with a smirk. "One of our own will acquire what is needed. You may go back to your work." The Admiral said as he made a hand gesture toward the door. 


The Kaminoan left the Admiral there as the same two Imperial troopers accompanied her back to her lab. Admiral Tarkin walked across the room. He gazed down upon a data pad and pressed a couple buttons. A blue figure of a hologram appeared before the Admiral. It took a couple seconds for the image to appear clearly, but a hologram of Vice Admiral Rampart stood before Tarkin. 


"What did she know?" Rampart asked with a stern look. 


"Nothing as I suspected..." Tarkin responded as he looked off for a second. "You are to prepare to squad, and they will be accompanied why one of the medical staff to gather what they can from this planet in the unknown regions." 


"Is that really necessary, Admiral?" Rampart asked. 


"These are your orders." Tarkin coldly responded as he shut off the hologram 


Tarkin quietly went to his feet and looked off as he pondered what dealings Lama Su had in the unknown regions. There was a name of someone that the intelligence came back with known as Dr. Henry Wu. There was not much more information found on this Dr. Wu, but Tarkin knew that the Emperor was interested in any and all cloning research.  


As the hologram shut off... 


Vice Admiral Rampart stood as his blood started to boil. He was frustrated as he felt the cloning operations had died along with the Republic. There was no need to put more of their resources into trying to tap into the mysteries of genetic replication. He took a breath as he realized that these were his orders. Walking out of the room, he thought about the different troopers that he could send on this mission. There was one that immediately crossed his mind. This trooper: the defective Clone known as CT-9904 had proven to be valuable in the past, but his recent failure in Kamino reinforced Rampart's belief in natural born armies. 


While walking through the Imperial corridors, the Vice Admiral walked up to the door belonging to CT-9904. The door opened and he saw the Clone trooper sitting on his barrack. Rampart sauntered into the room and stood before the defective clone. Crosshair slowly rose up to his feet and took out the toothpick that was in the side of his mouth. The Vice Admiral let out a snarky sigh as he looked away from the Clone. 


"Your continuous failures with Clone Force 99 and your defeat on Kamino have not gone unnoticed. While I long for the days that this Empire is completely liberated of your kind; you still have a chance to prove your worth." The Vice Admiral said as he made a quick glance back at Crosshair. 


"What are my orders?" Crosshair asked with a calm and collected voice. 


A small smirk formed across Rampart's face as he glared upon the Clone. "You will be leading a team to a planet in the unknown regions. You will be accompanied by a specialist to retrieve valuable data.... Make sure that you get the specialist back alive and acquire all the information that is there." 


"Understood." Crosshair responded as he turned to gather his gear. 


The smirk on the Vice Admiral's face turned to a sinister smile. "That is about the only good thing about you, clones... You certainly do as you are told." Rampart muttered as he turned to leave the room. "Report to the flight deck at 1500." 


With a cold stare, the gifted sniper watched as the Vice Admiral left the room. He continued to prepare his gear for the mission to come. As he looked over his rifle, he could not help but reflect on his brothers. There was that small thought that lingered within him that perhaps he should have left with his team, with his family. "You offered us a chance Crosshair. This is yours. We want different things. That doesn't mean we have to be enemies.These words continued to burn within his mind. As the highly trained sniper reached for his helmet, he pondered on the path that he chose. He gazed down upon the dark imperial helmet, and quietly put it over his scarred head. This is who he is, and this is what he chose to be. 


As Crosshair walked through the corridors and toward the hanger; he made his way past several troopers. Day by day, the number of clones dwindled. He found slight comfort in this as he still held a level of disgust for the "regs". As he walked alone through these Imperial hallways, he still felt as though that his brothers should be by his side. They made their choice, and now he was alone. Despite being within the Imperial ranks, the sniper was alone. He made his way toward the shuttle and saw a squad of dark armored troopers before him. They quickly boarded the craft as Crosshair walked inside. All of the troopers had gazed upon their commanding officer, but each one of them had a deep distrust for the clone sniper.  They had heard the rumors, and they did not trust the clone. Crosshair was alone... 


Taking off from the landing pad, the Imperial ship tore through the atmosphere and into the cold vacuum of space. Crosshair sat alone as the other troopers spoke amongst themselves. They were to rendezvous with an Imperial Cruiser before making the rest of the journey to the coordinates provided into the unknown region. The ship merged with the Cruiser; the former sniper of Clone Force 99 watched as two individuals made their way onto the ship. One of them was a doctor that Crosshair was told had been assisting Nala Se in her latest research. The other was a technician that had joined up with the Empire shortly after it has risen to power. As the ship departed, Crosshair once again sat alone as they made their way into the unknown. The endless reaches of space surrounded them as they continued their journey.  


Over the mysterious planet in the unknown regions... 


There was a silence within the ship as they had reached the coordinates. Breaking through the skies, the ship hovered over a facility where the coordinates had taken them. It was night out as the ship landed on a flight pad next to the facility. The Elite squad of troopers rushed out of the ship as they had their blasters trained in all directions. Crosshair sauntered out onto the deck and did a quick glance in all directions. He looked over five of the troopers and gave them an order. "You five secure the outer perimeter." 


The five squad members disappeared into the night as Crosshair, the medical researchers, the technician and five other troopers quickly made their way inside the facility. Crosshair could feel that ES-02 had been watching him closely since their mission on Kamino. As they made their way through the darken facility, they could see that they were markings across the walls. It appeared as if something has clawed its way through the hallways. There were blood splatters all throughout. Crosshair coldly said that they needed to get the power on in the facility. The technician and two of the troopers disappeared into the darkness to look for the control room. Crosshair and the rest of the team continued their journey throughout the rest of the abandoned facility. 


Outside in the dead of night... 


All appeared as if they were alone on the planet. The five Elite troopers stood around the facility as the moon shined high above them. There was a soothing silence that filled the air. That peace did not last long as one of the troopers head a faint noise within the darkness. The trooper lifted his rifle and asked if someone was out there. The dark armored trooper started to make their way into the night. The faint noise turned into a growl as the trooper walked closer toward the tree line. Out of the darkness, something lunged toward the trooper and his cries echoed all throughout. The remaining four elite troopers that were outside the facility raced to see what had happened. From all around, they heard racing in the thick dark forest and sickening growls. Another painful scream pierced the world around as another one of the troopers were pulled into the forest. One by one, the troopers that were outside the facility fell.  


The last remaining Elite trooper that was outside the facility realized that he was the only one left outside. He quickly raced toward the ship. He got on his communicator and warned those that were inside the facility that there was something attacking them. In a panic, the trooper raced on board the ship and immediately went to the cockpit. His hands shook as he closed the ship's doors. As he sat behind the controls, a small sigh of relief went over him as the ship lifted off of the ground. That relief faded in an instant as he heard a tapping sound behind him. He steadily looked over his shoulder and saw a horrendous beast with razor sharp teeth. The beast let out a horrifying growl as the trooper reached for his blaster. The creature lunged forward and mauled the trooper as the ship lost control. The ship spun in almost all directions as it crashed into part of the facility. The grounds shook with a powerful explosion and fire rose high into the air. From all directions in the deep forests, roars filled the air. 


Within the facility... 


Screams shot through the communicators. The technician worked to get the power back on within the facility. All of a sudden, the facility shook as they heard a thunderous noise ripped through the facility as the Elite squad realized that their ship had crashed into one end of the facility. Suddenly, all through the power roared to life as lights had overcome the blackness that had initially filled the walls. A shield went up around the facility as the technician let out a sigh of relief. He knew that this would keep whatever was out in the night from entering inside. As the technician stood back, he gazed over at the two troopers that had accompanied him in the control room. A small smile formed across his face as he felt a sense of security. Suddenly, they heard a growl from the corner of the room. The troopers unleash a series of blasts upon a terrifying creature. With a quick movement, the creature lunged at the two troopers. The technician quickly ran as he heard the blood curdling screams from behind him. He ran as fast as he could as the lights started to flicker. The blasts must have damaged a control panel.  


As he ran through the halls, he saw the last remaining group up ahead. He stuttered as he tried to regain his composure. Crosshair ordered for his remaining troopers to be stationed in one of the rooms so they can wait for the beast. Despite his orders, the troopers disobeyed him and said that they were going to save their fellow soldiers. Crosshair and ES-02 watched as the two troopers went disappeared into the facility. Crosshair, ES-02, the medical researchers, and the technician went into the main lab. They saw large tubes scattered throughout with deformed creatures inside of them. Looking over one of the data pads, the medical researchers started to look over the data. 


"Oh my...." The medical researcher muttered as she tried to understand what she was seeing. 


"What is it?" Crosshair asked as he glared at the researcher. 


"This Dr. Henry Wu... He... He cloned creatures that have been.... that been extinct for almost 65 million years..." she responded as she looked over the data. 


"How is that possible?" ES-02 asked as she backed up to a wall of glass. 


"I... I don't know..." The researcher responded. "He's been.... This is not possible..." she said frantically. 


"Wh... what is it?" The technician asked. 


"He's being creating genetically engineered hybrids with these extinct animals. This... This is wrong..." She responded as she started to lose her composure. 


"Get what data that you can." Crosshair said coldly. 


The sniper glanced back at ES-02 who glared at both Crosshair and the medical researchers. ES-02 felt a cold chill run down her spine as she saw the medical researcher’s eyes widened and Crosshair reaching for his blaster. Glass shattered all over the room as something had pulled ES-02 through the glass wall. Crosshair tried to fire upon the creature, but it had already taken ES-02. He could hear her moans as it dragged her down the hall. The gifted Clone steadily walked toward the shattered glass wall. He peaked his head through and saw that the creature was nowhere to be found. He leaned backed into the lab and glanced back at the medical research. 


"WH.... WHAT WAS THAT THING?" The technician cried out as he fell back against a wall. 


"There are so many files on here. From a tyrannosaurus rex, brachiosaurus to some genetic hybrid call an indoraptor... I... I... I don't know what it could be." The researcher responded. 


"Retrieve all the information that you can...." Crosshair responded. 


"This... This is an abomination... this is wrong. We can't do this." The researcher pleaded. 


"We have our orders." Crosshair responded calmly as his attention turned to the technician. He reached for a data stick in his pack and handed it to the technician. "Use this to get a distress signal out." 


The technician grabbed the data stick and glanced over the codes. A sudden look of uncertainty fell over his face as he glanced at the Clone. "These codes.... they're not Imperial. They're not of the Empire!" 


"Just do what I have told you to do." Crosshair said sharply as he turned toward the doorway. The sniper started to walk toward the door with his blaster ready for attack. 


"Where are you going?" The researcher asked with a look of concern. 


"To do what needs to be done." Crosshair said calmly as he walked out of the room.  


"There are no vantage points. No high grounds. You won't have a chance. You've seen what it can do!" The researcher pleaded. 


"I'm the only chance that you have to survive this night... There is more of a chance that I end it before it comes back for us." Crosshair responded as he disappeared out of the room. With his rifle raised and ready to whatever was to come. With his squad taken out, the enhanced clone realized that he was the only one that could stop this creature. There was irony as he realized that this creature was a genetically enhanced clone, and he himself was also enhanced with his own unique ability. As he steadily made his way down the halls, the thought did cross his mind, "Who was the hunter and who was the prey?" 

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9 hours ago, Mercenaryblade said:

Good setup.

I'm going with crosshair, he's smarter than those idiot security guards in Fallen Kingdom, and he's had experience fighting weird creatures. 

Thanks Merc

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Awesome write-up Boratz! Great to see you writing again!

I’ll back Crosshairs, the guy is cold, professional, and his eyesight is enhanced to the point he doesn’t require night vision scopes to be able to accurately hit targets in the dead of night. The Indoraptor won’t be able to hide from him for long, and he’ll snipe the Dino long before it gets close.

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