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Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 22 Match 17301 Medusa (Marvel) vs. Carmen Sandiego

Medusa (Marvel): 0
Carmen Sandiego: 3


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 21 Match 17300 Ruby Rose vs. Tracer (Overwatch)

Ruby Rose: 4
Tracer (Overwatch): 2


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 20 Match 17299 Cassie Cage vs. Trini Kwan

Cassie Cage: 4
Trini Kwan: 1


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 19 Match 17298 Wednesday Addams vs. Chloe Bourgeois vs. Chel

Wednesday Addams: 1
Chloe Bourgeois: 2
Chel: 1


Ash Crimson vs. Necalli

Ash Crimson: 3
Necalli: 1


Black Widow vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

Black Widow: 5
Cybermen (Mondasian): 1


Tula (Pirates Of Dark Water) vs. Zarana

Tula (Pirates Of Dark Water): 4
Zarana: 2


Donatello (Mirage) vs. Jubei Yagyu

Donatello (Mirage): 4
Jubei Yagyu: 3


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 18 Match 17279 Chloe Bourgeois vs. Baby Doll vs. Ladybug

Chloe Bourgeois: 1
Baby Doll: 0
Ladybug: 2


Minute Men (Kaiserreich) vs. The French Foreign Legion

Minute Men (Kaiserreich): 1
The French Foreign Legion: 2


G.I. Joe vs. Zombies vs. The Super Hero Taisen Army

G.I. Joe: 2
Zombies (Return of the Living Dead): 1
The Super Hero Taisen Universe: 5


Doctor Strange vs. Fat Buu

Doctor Strange: 6
Fat Buu: 1


Space Jockey Alien vs. Astro Megazord

Space Jockey Alien: 2
Astro Megazord: 4


Michelangelo (Mirage) vs. Galford D. Weller

Michelangelo (Mirage): 6
Galford D. Weller: 3


Cybermen (Mondasian) vs. Agent Bishop

Cybermen (Mondasian): 5
Agent Bishop: 1


King Triton vs. The Leviathan (Atlantis)

King Triton: 6
The Leviathan (Atlantis): 1


Daredevil vs. Michael Myers

Daredevil: 8
Michael Myers: 2


Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Haohmaru

Leonardo (Mirage): 6
Haohmaru : 4


11:11 - Julian Bashir vs. Hawkeye Pierce

Julian Bashir: 2
Hawkeye Pierce: 7


11:11 - Master Shifu vs. Eric Taylor

Master Shifu: 2
Eric Taylor: 4

Match 16940 Red XIII vs. Kimahri Ronso

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World extermination is imminent. Commencing hunt for the ultimate adventuring party to save us. Only the best of the best. Our world’s only hope. Starting extraction of potential candidates 

"Moogle Representative" Team Member: Lulu

Team Gunblade: Lightning

Team Dragoon: Aranea Highwind

Team Brawler: Tifa Lockhart

Team Shield: ?



Eleventh Target: Nanaki "Red XIII"

Protector of Cosmo Canyon village

Last of his species

Experimented on by Professor Hojo

48 years old (teenager by his species’ standards)

Shown the ability to walk on two feet when disguised as a Shinra sailor


Red XIII sat on his hind legs and peered out over the cliff at the edge of Cosmo Canyon. His contemplation was interrupted by some village elders who approached him with worried expressions.

VILLAGE ELDER: Nanaki, there is a strange portal that has appeared in Buddenhagen’s observatory, please come right away.

Red XIII ran to the highest point of the village where his grandpa’s observatory was located. Several Cosmo Canyon villagers were gathered outside.

VILLAGER: I am scared. What if it is the Gi tribe and they have found another way to invade our home.

RED XIII: I will check it out.

Red XIII walked inside.The blue portal on the ground of the observatory had the look of a whirlpool. Red was unsure of what to do next, whether he should stand guard or see where it led. As he got closer to the portal, the decision was made for him and he was sucked in. The lion/wolf creature with the fire tipped tail landed on all four feet on a massive grass covered mountain peak.

Red quickly tried to survey his new surroundings and smelled the air for something familiar. A golden chocobo slowly trotted in front of him.

CHARLIE: Before we begin, I must know, do you prefer to be addressed as Nanaki or do you really not mind Red XIII?

RED XIII: I have no idea who or what you are. So however you address me doesn’t affect me in the slightest.

CHARLIE: Fair enough. Then let’s get to why you are here, Red. My name is Charlie and you have been chosen as a possible champion to help save my world. We are in desperate need of help and given your experience I think you could bring a lot to the team.

RED XIII: I don’t know what you think I am, but in reality I am the protector of Cosmo Canyon just as my father was before me, nothing more.

CHARLIE: Not true. Did you not save your entire planet with Cloud and the others from the destruction of Meteor and the madness of Sephiroth?

RED XIII: I helped save the world because Cosmo Canyon is a part of that world. If I ventured off fighting in other worlds it would leave my home vulnerable, and I am not prepared to do that.

CHARLIE: What if I told you that I would repay your willingness to assist with the greatest present of all?

RED XIII: There is nothing that I want.

CHARLIE: Not even having your father restored? The great warrior, Seto.

RED XIII: Impossible. We have tried every type of magic, every type of Soft found on the planet and nothing has been able to reverse his petrification.

CHARLIE: But, I’m not from your planet.

RED XIII: Prove that you can do it.

CHARLIE: No, no, no, that’s not how it works. First I must ensure the safety of my world, and then I can share some of my magic.

RED XIII: How do I know this isn’t all a lie?

CHARLIE: If you win your trial, ooh, forgot to mention that there is a trial, I have to be sure I’m selecting the right warriors after all. Cherry picking from other worlds isn’t easy, you know. If you emerge victorious in your trial you can ask Tifa. She is here already, she won her trial.

RED XIII: How many members of our party have you abducted?

CHARLIE: Abducted is such an ugly word, I prefer transported. So far Tifa, Cid, and Reeve. Unfortunately, Reeve and Cid did not prove up to the task. However, I still have my eye on the others like Cloud, Vincent, and Yuffie as well. Perhaps even Aerith.

RED XIII: That’s… That’s not possible.

CHARLIE: You would be amazed at what’s possible. Your opponent should be arriving shorty, best of luck.



Twelfth Target: Kimarhi Ronso

Member of the Ronso race of Mt. Gagazet

Left his village after having his horn broken by the Ronso warrior, Biran

Guardian for Yuna during her pilgrimage to defeat Sin

Blue Mage

At 6’8 is still small compared to other Ronso


Kimahri Ronso was enjoying finally getting the respect of his fellow Ronso warriors on Mt. Gagazet.  However, he was having trouble with the new position of leadership that had been thrust upon him.  Now that all of Spira was enjoying an eternal calm with the defeat of Sin and the destruction of Yu Yevon, Kimahri wondered what the Ronsos' greater purpose should be now. A small part of him wished he could go back to the time when he was just one of Yuna’s guardians. Decisions were simpler then. 

YENKE: Kimahri, we have still not found Biran. Group after group of Ronso warriors have searched the snowy fields and nothing. What do we do now?

Kimahri placed down his ceremonial headdress and picked up his Spirit Lance. 

KIMAHRI: Kimahri will go in search of Biran and bring him home.

YENKE: But Kimahri is Ronso leader now, he is supposed to stay here and lead, not go out into danger.

KIMAHRI: If all other Ronsos have failed then there is no other choice, Kimahri must go. Kimahri will not leave Biran alone to die.

Yenke respected his leader’s decision and bowed his head in respect.

Kimahri did not get far into the snowy fields of Mt. Gagazet before he stepped into a blue portal that teleported him to a much warmer climate. He quickly raised his Spirit Lance in a defensive position, expecting an attack from any angle. Instead of an attack from a ferocious beast, he was simply greeted by a golden chocobo.

CHARLIE: Welcome Kimahri.

KIMAHRI: Where is Kimahri?

CHARLIE: Right now you are standing on a remote mountain peak. Granted, it’s a little warmer than what you are used to. The other one lives in a desert canyon, so I figured the fairest way was to split the difference.

KIMAHRI: Kimahri have no idea what strange speaking chocobo is talking about. Where is Biran?

CHARLIE: Biran is safe, you have my word. I just needed to lure you out so I didn’t risk transporting your entire village. That would have been a logistical nightmare.

KIMAHRI: Why is Kimahri here?

CHARLIE: Ah yes, introductions are always necessary. My name is Charlie, I am not in fact a Chocobo but rather a recruiter from a world on the brink of destruction in need of champions to save it. That is where you come in. You have proven yourself time and again to be a very capable warrior able to handle all sorts of adversity. What’s more you bring in a fresh perspective. The team so far is full of humans, humes, however it is you want to refer to them as. It needs some diversity. It is also shockingly missing some male representation at the moment. Every male warrior so far has been defeated in battle or fought to a complete standstill.

KIMAHRI: Talking bird sounds like Wakka putting together a blitzball team.

CHARLIE: I assure it is much more serious than some underwater sports game. I require the best warriors around. Your former traveling companion, Lulu, has already been recruited for the mission. 

KIMAHRI: Lulu is free to do as she pleases, Kimahri must return to Mt. Gagazet so that he can lead the Ronso.

CHARLIE: Even if it means possibly leaving Yuna unguarded in a situation far more dangerous than she has ever dealt with?

KIMAHRI: You said nothing about Yuna before..

CHARLIE: As I previously stated, I need the best of the best. Yuna is a summoner without equal who would be a major help in the salvation of my world. Wouldn’t you want her to have two familiar faces with her to guard her in this intense undertaking?

Kimahri was silent.

CHARLIE: I can sense uncertainty in you. Are you doubting Yuna’s chances to succeed when she is given the chance to prove herself? You have seen what she can do.

KIMAHRI: Kimahri never doubt Yuna. What does Kimahri need to do to make sure she is safe?

CHARLIE: All you need to do is prove you are still the fierce warrior that you were before. And you do that by defeating another brave warrior from a different world.




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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - patrickthekid
4.50 - leroypowell3

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.50 Total Combined Score
9.50 / 2 = 4.75 Final Rating on the match

Red XIII: 1
Kimahri Ronso: 3

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