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Cid Highwind vs. Aranea Highwind

Cid Highwind: 1
Aranea Highwind: 4


10:10 - Sinon vs. Chris Redfield

Sinon: 2
Chris Redfield: 9


10:10 - Dot Warner vs. Kwicky Koala

Dot Warner: 10
Kwicky Koala: 3


10:10 - Richard O'Connell vs. Batman

Richard O'Connell: 9
Batman: 7


10:10 - Blues Brothers vs. P. T. Barnum

Blues Brothers: 8
P. T. Barnum: 4


10:10 - Dante Hicks vs. Patrick Bateman

Dante Hicks: 7
Patrick Bateman: 5


10:10 - Lois Lane vs. Vampirella

Lois Lane: 5
Vampirella: 6


10:10 - Space Ghost vs. Pepe Le Pew

Space Ghost: 7
Pepe Le Pew: 2


10:10 - Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride) vs. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride): 2
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop): 10


10:10 - Maria Von Trapp vs. Roxie Hart

Maria Von Trapp: 11
Roxie Hart: 1


10:10 - Indiana Jones vs. Johnny Castle

Indiana Jones: 11
Johnny Castle: 2


10:10 - Catherine Tramell vs. Amanda

Catherine Tramell: 7
Amanda: 3


10:10 - Thok vs. Dark Agnes De Chastillon

Thok: 2
Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 10


10:10 - Captain Planet vs. Bugs Bunny

Captain Planet: 4
Bugs Bunny: 9


10:10 - Beetlejuice vs. Mary Poppins

Beetlejuice: 10
Mary Poppins: 2


10:10 - Zealot vs. Deadshot

Zealot: 8
Deadshot: 4


10:10 - Anthony Gallen vs. Xena

Anthony Gallen: 1
Xena: 10


10:10 - Westley (Princess Bride) vs. Ethan Hunt

Westley (Princess Bride): 11
Ethan Hunt: 3


Anthony Gallen vs. Gunmen

Anthony Gallen: 3
Gunmen: 2


10:9 - P. T. Barnum vs. Giselle (Enchanted)

P. T. Barnum: 5
Giselle (Enchanted): 4

Match 16840 King (Tekken) vs. El Blaze

You Be The Judge
Vote for who you would think would win

King (Tekken)

El Blaze

Rate the Set-Up
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Please read the set-up and give your rating to it.
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Although NiCO was primarily a scientist, she had trained herself to be a skilled fighter because of the dangerous nature of her job. She had also equipped her gloves to discharge electricity to help her in any potential scuffle. Yet, despite these facts she still found herself overwhelmed in a battle against a legendary hero from the past in the form of Sogetsu Kazama. (REF: NICO VS. SOGETSU KAZAMA) NiCO had been so close before this interloper had interfered as she tried to escape a secret underground MIST lab on a remote island after it had been raided by a group led by Helena Douglas.  (REF: GIOVANNA VS. UNKNOWN)

NiCO desperately tried to shield herself from Sogetsu’s aggressive attacks, but it was of little use. Each time she tried to protect herself from slashes from Sogetsu’s blade, the blue haired swordsman would simply use his power over water to knock her off balance and cut her anyway. After displaying many of his techniques, Sogetsu trapped NiCO in a large water bubble and crushed her.

Meanwhile, Sophitia, Helena, Hitomi, Asuka Kazama, and Eliot returned to the Freedom Survivor carrying the battered bodies of Brad Wong and Lucky Glauber.

“I hope you are right that your associate should be able to stop NiCO. Otherwise, this mission could be considered a failure,” Helena commented. “We came here looking for answers and all we found was horror.”

“I didn’t get a shot at that evil wolf woman before she was put down, but those Kasumi clones were no joke,” stated Asuka. (REF: ELIOT VS. LEO KLIESEN)

“I am anxious for you to meet the real Kasumi. She hits much harder,” stated Hitomi as she shifted Lucky around on her shoulders.

Helena nodded in agreement with that statement. 

“I can only speak to the kind of warrior Sogetsu is,” Sophitia remarked. “He is one of the strongest fighters I have ever come across. If she has crossed his path, I can promise you that she won’t get past him.”

Before they boarded the ship, the four women and Eliot were joined by the man in question with the young scientist unconscious in his arms. 

“I am guessing this isn’t one of yours,” Sogetsu proclaimed. 

Helena gasped. “NiCO! You did find her.”

Sophitia smiled. “Well done, Sogetsu.”

 “Her clothes are soaked, did you hold her underwater or something?” asked Asuka

“Something like that,” answered Sogetsu.

“I am in your debt,” stated Helena. “Let’s quickly get her on board so that we can question her about Victor Donovan.”

The group boarded the Freedom Survivor, where Sophitia immediately went to work showing the DOATEC medical staff how to remove the shards of Soul Edge from the likes of Guile (REF: LEI WULONG VS. GUILE), Jann Lee (REF: MARSHALL LAW VS. JANN LEE), Paul Phoenix (REF: HITOMI VS. PAUL PHOENIX), Makoto (REF: ASUKA KAZAMA VS. MAKOTO), Wolf Hawkfield (REF: ARMOR KING VS. WOLF HAWKFIELD), Pai Chan (REF: PAI CHAN VS. LEIFANG), and Josie Rizal (REF: ELIOT VS. JOSIE RIZAL). It wouldn’t be easy, but they were all happy to hear that it was at least possible. During this same time, Helena was being debriefed by Zack on their progress unraveling the mystery of Urien.

“Turns out once we got that mean girl, Vice, from Sophitia and put her with Shermie they were more than happy to tell us everything they know about Urien. Unfortunately, that still isn't much. They met him right when they got the job,” Zack explained.

“There has to be somebody that has some more information on this man,” said Helena. “Unless he is some sort of ghost.”

“Actually there is. That Polish politician that came aboard with Kokoro before you returned…”

“The Prime Minister?”

“That’s the one. She stopped by the cells after she dropped off her injured friend. She overheard us talking about Urien and recognized the name. If it’s the same man she is thinking of then he isn’t really a ghost, but he is rumored to be part of some worldwide secret society. It’s like some illuminati type stuff,” stated Zack.

“That might explain how he would be able to get his hands on the shards of a centuries old weapon,” Helena reasoned. “What else does she know about him?”

“Only that he participated in the World Warrior tournament. That’s how he got on Lidia’s radar,” answered Zack.

Helena’s eyes widened. “The World Warrior tournament? Oh, I bet Chun Li might have some valuable information on him. I wish she was still with us, I hope she is doing ok.” (REF: KEN MASTERS VS. IORI YAGAMI)

“Well we may have found some other sources of information.  Like I alluded to before both Vice and Shermie blame Urien for their current circumstances so they are willing to help track him down,” Zack detailed. “They gave us three names: Ramon, Seth, and Vanessa. They are all secret agents that they have crossed paths with during the King of Fighters tournaments. It is their job to know things. Vice is certain that if anyone will have info on this Urien guy, it will be those three.”



“Great. How do we get in contact with them?” Helena inquired.

“We’re working on it. Haven’t been able to turn up anything on Seth or Vanessa yet (REF: VANESSA VS. CRIMSON VIPER), but we do have a lead on Ramon. Tina just saw one of his team partners from the last King of Fighters tournament on tv in a wrestling match in Turkey.” (REF: KING VS. KING OF DINOSAURS)

“Have you already sent someone to go pick him up?” wondered Helena.

“Yes m’am. We sent El Blaze on one of the choppers. He was itching for some more action off the boat after beating up both Lucky and El Fuerte (REF: LUCKY GLAUBER VS. EL BLAZE). Also, we thought it would be easy for him to get access to the guy seeing as he is a wrestler,” answered Zack.

“Did Tina not go with him?” asked Helena.

“No, she is on her way to Mexico with Armor King in a different chopper. Turns out this secret agent guy, Ramon, is also a luchador wrestler. It bugged me out for a minute until I remembered that Lisa moonlights as a wrestler when she isn’t working her day job as a scientist. (REF: LISA HAMILTON VS. JULIA CHANG) Must be something in the water. Anyway, Tina has interacted with Ramon on the wrestling circuit, he even tried to take her out a few times before he got intimidated by Bass. Tina thinks she remembers some of the dives he would hang out in, but she isn’t certain which is why we still sent out El Fuerte. Between the two of them we should be able to track him down.”

Helena beamed with pride. “Excellent work, Zack. Keep trying to pin down Vanessa and Seth as well. I have a feeling we are going to need all the intelligence we can get. I am going to go see if NiCO is awake and ready to talk.”

Zack delivered a thumbs up to his employer. “I’m on it, boss lady.”

In Turkey,  El Fuerte quickly changed out of his DOATEC security uniform and into his wrestling gear. He was hopeful that his recognizable look would sway the event organizers in letting him into whatever dressing room or backstage area that his target, the King of Dinosaurs, was residing in.

In the ring, King stood victorious after defeating local hero and organizer of the event, Hakan. (REF: KING VS. HAKAN) King let out a mighty roar as he soaked in the adulation from the appreciative crowd. After initially and foolishly trying to deliver his super powerbomb to the slippery oil wrestling enthusiast, King then wisened up and changed tactics. He was able to knock Hakan out using his superior agility and wide array of dropkicks, clotheslines, and his patented cross body. His friend and training partner, Craig Marduk, threw him a towel from ringside so that he could wipe off residual oil from his body. 

“Congratulations, man. You succeeded where I had failed. Although I like to think you learned from my mistakes,” said Craig. (REF: CRAIG MARDUK VS. HAKAN)

King roared another shout of victory. Between his defeat of the King of Dinosaurs and Hakan, King was buzzing off adrenaline. The loud cheering of the crowd only fed into it. He shouted that he was in fact the ‘King of the Ring’ and challenged any wrestlers still left in the building.

“There isn’t anyone else,” stated Craig. “Unless you want them to try and bring back Raiden. You’ve won, it’s over. We can go celebrate.”

King spotted El Blaze out of the corner of his eye. El Blaze was wandering around ringside since everyone told him the man in charge was there. Unbeknownst to him, they were referring to Hakan. King immediately challenged El Blaze to step in the squared circle to take on ‘the King of the Ring’.

El Blaze rebuffed him. “That’s not why I am here. Congratulations on the fight. I am looking for Tizoc, or whatever it is he is calling himself these days.”

King taunted the masked luchador. He told him it would be okay to admit he was scared and that he had always ducked a match against King. If he admitted he was afraid to face King, then King would give him the information he wanted to know.

The fans in the front rows ate up this promo and screamed with anticipation. Although he knew he shouldn’t indulge him, the performer inside El Blaze could not let this insult stand.

“Ok have it your way. First we wrestle and after I win, we go talk to Tizoc!” El Blaze declared.

El Blaze jumped over the ropes and into the ring much to the delight of the fans in attendance. 


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Huh, essentially two recaps in one match.

Another good set-up, Johnny. Looks like the Freedom Survivor angle of the arc is another step closer to wrapping up.

I actually have to think about this match-up for a bit. Yeah, King is bigger, stronger, and likely more experienced than El Blaze, but El Blaze is fresher (given that King has just finished a match) and quicker.

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