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Tournament - The Kraken (Clash of the Titans) vs. Midgard Serpent

The Kraken (Clash of the Titans): 2
Midgard Serpent: 3


Siegfried vs. Gill

Siegfried: 4
Gill: 1


Michelangelo (Mirage) vs. Michelangelo (2012)

Michelangelo (Mirage): 7
Michelangelo (2012): 0


Cybermen (Mondasian) vs. April O'Neil

Cybermen (Mondasian): 3
April O'Neil: 0


11:6 - Doogie Howser vs. Beverly Crusher

Doogie Howser: 1
Beverly Crusher: 10


11:6 - The Derelict (LV-426) vs. Penny (Inspector Gadget)

The Derelict (LV-426): 8
Penny (Inspector Gadget): 4


11:6 - Catwoman vs. Arsene Lupin III

Catwoman: 2
Arsene Lupin III: 9


11:6 - Tinker Bell vs. Princess Aurora

Tinker Bell: 8
Princess Aurora: 4


11:6 - Batman (Richard Grayson) vs. Leonardo (TMNT)

Batman (Richard Grayson): 3
Leonardo (TMNT): 8


11:6 - Neal Caffrey vs. Dominic Toretto

Neal Caffrey: 10
Dominic Toretto: 2


11:6 - The Death Star vs. Ron Stoppable

The Death Star: 4
Ron Stoppable: 10


11:6 - Anna Of Arendelle vs. Belle (Disney)

Anna Of Arendelle: 12
Belle (Disney): 4


11:6 - Carlton Banks vs. Konohagakure

Carlton Banks: 10
Konohagakure: 2


11:6 - Tiana (Disney) vs. Pocahontas

Tiana (Disney): 3
Pocahontas: 10


11:6 - Raphael (TMNT) vs. Lady Shiva

Raphael (TMNT): 5
Lady Shiva: 9


11:6 - Snake-Eyes vs. Raiden (Metal Gear)

Snake-Eyes: 4
Raiden (Metal Gear): 6


11:6 - Shinobi (Joe Musashi) vs. Michelangelo (1987)

Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 6
Michelangelo (1987): 3


11:6 - Sir John Falstaff vs. Vice City

Sir John Falstaff: 10
Vice City: 2


11:6 - Arthur Morgan vs. Nathan Drake

Arthur Morgan: 9
Nathan Drake: 2


11:6 - Dwight Schrute vs. Remnant

Dwight Schrute: 4
Remnant: 6

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Andel Sanap: Greetings, fight fans.  The time has come for more TCC sanctioned action, coming to you live from TCC Arena.  I am Jedi Master Andel Sanap, alongside lead commentator Al Rossi.  How was that? 

Al Rossi: Eh, it’s alright, Andel.  Needs some work. 

Andel Sanap: Oh. 

Al Rossi: But, folks, we have got a show for you tonight!  TCC Arena is still buzzing after the much-anticipated Trini Kwan/Chloe Bourgeois bout ended in a draw.  Tonight, a representative of the Transdimensional Combat Commission will reveal the stipulations attached to their two out of three falls rematch to take place during our next broadcast.  On top of that, we have got a match guaranteed to be an outright bloodbath, and the combatants wouldn’t have it any other way!  It’s Klingon vs Dothraki!  Kor vs Drogo! 

Andel Sanap: I must say that the TCC Arena is looking particularly ..er…aggressive tonight.  We’ve already have had reports of several brawls breaking out by the concession stands between the Klingons and Dothraki in attendance tonight.  Our security team has made certain that no weapons have been brought in to the arena, but with all these bloodthirsty warriors around, they are just as prepared of going at it with there bare hands! 

Al Rossi: And they are all fired up for the opportunity to see one of the greatest Klingon warriors go head to head with the great khal.  Both men agree to participate only if the fight would involve no unique maps on the battle terrain, and that the fight would be to the death! 

Andel Sanap: Do you think they know that Mercy is ready to use her power to revive them if they are killed? 

Al Rossi: Do you really think they would back out of this fight if they thought one of them could actually die? 

Andel Sanap: Point taken.  Well, we did try sending one camera team to Khal Drogo’s locker room, and unfortunately all the crew ended up getting beheaded.  But we did leave a camera for Dahar Master Kor, to say a few words before this fight begins. 

Kor: Ha!  Greetings to you all!  I am Kor, Dahar Master of the Klingon Empire.  When I received word of a place of combat, where the greatest warriors in the universe could do battle, I knew it was the place to prove the strength of the Klingon heart to all who dared to see it.  Many have tried to dissuade me from making this fight a fight to the death.  But I know when I look into the eyes of this Drogo that is what he wants, as well.  A warrior’s heart burns in his chest, a heart that thrills to the call of battle!  It will be a great honor to enter the arena and face such a warrior.  But know this, horse rider.  Know that before you stands the victor of the Battle of Klach D’kel Brakt!  I am Kor!  Son of Rynar!  And for all Klingons who are gathered here this night, I make this vow.  Blood shall be shed!  Bodies will be broken!  And Kor will stand in triumph over you, Khal Drogo.  And it will be…glorious.  Ha HA!  Qapla’! 

Al Rossi: A truly Klingon response.  But, umm, Andel? 

Andel Sanap: What is it, Al? 

Al Rossi: Something’s been nagging at me.  Philippa is usually the one to do the interviews.  I know she wasn’t one of the people sent in intensive care by the Dothraki, but why wasn’t she the one to interview Kor? 

Andel Sanap: Well, Al, you see…Oh look!  We’re getting the signal from the battle terrain.  It is set in it’s base map, just a plain sand floor.  Let’s send it to Justin Roberts for the introductions. 

Al Rossi: Justin Roberts?!  But what about Philippa…? 

Andel Sanap: I’ll explain later, now please be quiet! 

Justin Roberts: Hello, everyone and welcome to TCC Arena!  The following contest is a singles bout and is TO!  THE!  DEATH!   Introducing first, from the Klingon homeworld of Qo’noS, he is the Dahar Master, Koooooooor! 

Al Rossi: A rousing cheer from the Klingon delegation as Kor enters the battle terrain.  He is in Klingon armor, carrying a bat’leth in one hand.  He raises it in salute to the Klingons in attendance.  He appears to be also armed with d’k tahg dagger, and a short bladed mek’leth, both hanging from his belt.  But what is going on, Andel, with Philippa?  Where is she? 

Andel Sanap: Shh!  Wait until we’re underway and I’ll tell you then! 

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Essos, he is the great Khal, Khaaaaaaaaal Drogooooooooo! 

Andel Sanap: Khal Drogo is coming out to the battle terrain with his arakh sickle blade held high above his head.  The Dothraki crowd are going wild and we haven’t even started yet.  Despite the fact that this will be essentially a one on one sword fight, the TCC have decreed that the protective screen will be activated to make certain that none of our viewers decide to jump into the action. 

Al Rossi: And there they are!  Nose to nose in the center of the terrain.  The referee is raising a hand to them both to get them to go back to their corners and OHMYGOD! 

Andel Sanap: Drogo brought his blade down and sliced off the official’s arm!  Kor swings his bat’leth, but Drogo blocks the strike!  Drogo is not armored like Kor, but that might help him be quicker and outlast Kor in this fight! 

Al Rossi: Alright, Andel.  The fight’s started.  Where the heck is Philippa? 

Andel Sanap: Well, for your information, Al, Philippa is actually going to be doing something other than interviews and announcing.  While we are calling this fight, she will be doing commentary of her own for a special 4th of July themed battle! 

Al Rossi: Really?!  I mean, that’s great for Philippa, but what’s the battle?  Who’s fighting? 

Andel Sanap: For that, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out! 



Kor and Drago are both at full strength.  Kor for this battle is 80 years younger than in the clip below, so still in his prime, Klingon speaking.  They can use any of the weapons that have been brought into the battle terrain. No gimmicks.  No KO’s.  Just a good old fight to the death. 

Game On! 

(And check out Philippa’s first time at commentary and all the action of the Invaders vs the Freedom Fighters!) 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.00 - patrickthekid
4.40 - JohnnyChany
4.50 - Pizzaguy2995

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
12.90 Total Combined Score
12.90 / 3 = 4.30 Final Rating on the match

Kor: 1
Khal Drogo: 3

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Andel Sanap: Kor swings his bat’leth, but the blow is blocked again by Drogo! Drogo quickly moves behind Kor and lands a rabbit punch right to the back of his head! 

Al Rossi: Dothraki know how to fight dirty, Andel!   Kor’s staggered, trying to the clear the cobwebs and OHMYGOD!  Drogo just chopped of Kor’s left hand!  Kor is howling in pain! 

Andel Sanap: Or is it exhilaration, Al?  Kor now tosses the bat’leth aside and pulls out the mek’leth.  It’s a similar sized weapon to the arakh, but Kor can’t seriously be thinking about fighting a warrior like Drago with one hand?! 

Al Rossi: Kor didn’t come into this fight planning on surrendering.  If he’s going out tonight, he’s going to give everything he’s got!  Now the TCC Arena is being filled the sounds of steel on steel as these two gladiators attack with their blades!  A blow to the leg of Drogo!  Drogo falls to one knee!  Kor stabs the mek’leth right into the gut of Drogo! 

Andel Sanap: And the crowd of Klingons and Dothraki are looking like their about to lose their minds!  Err, could we get some more security? 

Andel Sanap: Kor is leaving the mek’leth stuck in Drogo.  The Great Khal is trying is hardest to stay upright.  His arms are hanging useless at his side.  The arakh is out of reach!  Now Kor is going for his d’k tahg dagger.  He wants to go up close and personal to finish this off! 

Kor: You have fought well, savage.  I will honor you with a warrior’s death. 

Khal Drogo:  Es havazhaan! 

Andel Sanap: I’m not sure what that means, Al, but BY THE FORCE! 

Al Rossi: He pulled out the mek’leth!  And rammed it straight up Kor’s….err umm, well, let’s just say Kor just lost some weight the hard way. 

Andel Sanap: Drogo stabs the mek’leth into Kor’s chest!  That armor can’t stop a mek’leth with an enraged Dothraki on the other end!  Kor is standing poleaxed! 

Al Rossi: And there’s the decapitation to finish it off!  Whoa!  That was some Mortal Kombat fatality stuff right there!  Both Drogo and Kor fall to the battle terrain, Drogo from blood loss and Kor from, well, head loss.  And we’ve just heard from the timekeeper.  Since our original official is still recovering, and none of our other officials want to be anywhere near the battle terrain, the TCC would like to congratulate Khal Drogo on his…um…innovative victory. 

Andel Sanap: And now, as Mercy goes about the business of bringing our combatants back to life, and our security team attempts to keep our Dothraki and Klingon guests from mauling each other, we now must show you the announcement from the TCC representative. 

Al Rossi: Neither of us have seen this video, but here is the announcement regarding the Trini Kwan/Chloe Bourgeois two out of three falls rematch. 

Maximillion Pegasus: Hello, boys and girls.  Yes, that’s right!  It’s your old friend, Maximillion Pegasus!  I gotta tell you all I’m so excited to be here.  Aww, are you surprised?  Well, why should you be?  With the Transdimensional Combat Commission looking for spokespeople from across the multiverses, who better than a man who lives for games of power and skill?  But you don’t want to here me babble all day, so let’s get down to business. 

Trini and Chloe are going to be getting one more chance to settle the score between them.  And to prove which one of them is the superior fighter, each fall of their two out of three falls match will have a different stipulation.  In the first fall, both ladies will compete in their civilian modes.  That means no weapons, and no powers.  This will be all about skill.  Whoever pins or submits their opponent, wins the first fall. 

Now in the second fall, they will be allowed to put on their little costumes and duke it out, power vs power.  Again, pin or submit your opponent, you win the fall.  Now, if we end up with a tie score, then that is when things get reeeeally interesting!  Because then we’ll have ourselves a third and final fall, where the winner will be determined by KO or submission.  And in that fall, Chloe girl will be allowed to be akumatized and access her Queen Wasp form!  That’s right!  All her powers, plus the ability to unleash her unending swarm of Miraculous wasps that can paralyze, control, and be formed into anything she can imagine! 

“But what about poor, little Trini?” I hear you boys and girls cry.  “She doesn’t have a super mode like Chloe!”  Well, your right.  She doesn’t .  But she will that night!  Because if we go to a third fall, Chloe gets the power of Queen Wasp, and Trini will be given the power of…THE GREEN RANGER COIN!  Yes, for one night only, Tommy boy will give Trini his toys; the Dragon Shield, the Dragon Dagger, and all the power that comes with them!  Now, she won’t be given access to the Dragonzord.  We don’t want to crush little Chloe, do we?  Hmm hmm.  But there you have it, boys and girls!  Trini Kwan versus Chloe Bourgeois II Two out of Three Falls!  I know I’ll be watching with extreme interest!  I might even pop some popcorn!  Until then, boys and girls, this is your old pal, Maximillion Pegasus, saying, “I’ll be seeing you.”  Hmm hmm hmm hahahahahaha! 

Al Rossi: Wow.  Just… that’s all I can say right now!  Wow! 

Andel Sanap: I concur, Al.  First fall will be determined by skill, second fall by power.  But if we go to a third fall, I can’t imagine what will happen!  An unleashed, akumatized Chloe Bourgeois?!  Trini Kwan with power of the Green Ranger coin?!  This Pegasus has added a whole new level to this contest! 

Al Rossi: And Chloe doesn’t know yet!  She’s busy with Philippa doing commentary for the 4th of July brawl!  She might blow a fuse when she hears about this!  Ladies and gentlemen, that video message will be re-aired for the crowd watching Invaders vs Freedom Fighters at the Gorge, and you know we’ll be getting Chloe’s thoughts then!  For now, this is Al Rossi for Andel Sanap, Mercy, and our guest announcer Justin Roberts, saying good night from TCC Arena! 

Klingon: To Kor!  The Dahar Master!  A noble warrior to the end! 

Dothraki: Ah jon yath!    

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Pretty sure it's obvious by now but I'm a sucker for matches like these. Keep them coming!

Wouldn't have added more to this discussion but I probably would have voted Khal anyway.

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