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Ash Crimson vs. Necalli

Ash Crimson: 3
Necalli: 1


Black Widow vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

Black Widow: 5
Cybermen (Mondasian): 1


Tula (Pirates Of Dark Water) vs. Zarana

Tula (Pirates Of Dark Water): 4
Zarana: 2


Donatello (Mirage) vs. Jubei Yagyu

Donatello (Mirage): 4
Jubei Yagyu: 3


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 18 Match 17279 Chloe Bourgeois vs. Baby Doll vs. Ladybug

Chloe Bourgeois: 1
Baby Doll: 0
Ladybug: 2


Minute Men (Kaiserreich) vs. The French Foreign Legion

Minute Men (Kaiserreich): 1
The French Foreign Legion: 2


G.I. Joe vs. Zombies vs. The Super Hero Taisen Army

G.I. Joe: 2
Zombies (Return of the Living Dead): 1
The Super Hero Taisen Universe: 5


Doctor Strange vs. Fat Buu

Doctor Strange: 6
Fat Buu: 1


Space Jockey Alien vs. Astro Megazord

Space Jockey Alien: 2
Astro Megazord: 4


Michelangelo (Mirage) vs. Galford D. Weller

Michelangelo (Mirage): 6
Galford D. Weller: 3


Cybermen (Mondasian) vs. Agent Bishop

Cybermen (Mondasian): 5
Agent Bishop: 1


King Triton vs. The Leviathan (Atlantis)

King Triton: 6
The Leviathan (Atlantis): 1


Daredevil vs. Michael Myers

Daredevil: 8
Michael Myers: 2


Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Haohmaru

Leonardo (Mirage): 6
Haohmaru : 4


11:11 - Julian Bashir vs. Hawkeye Pierce

Julian Bashir: 2
Hawkeye Pierce: 7


11:11 - Master Shifu vs. Eric Taylor

Master Shifu: 2
Eric Taylor: 4


11:11 - Ryu Hayabusa vs. Deathstroke

Ryu Hayabusa: 3
Deathstroke: 4


11:11 - Arthur Morgan vs. Robin Hood

Arthur Morgan: 1
Robin Hood: 5


11:11 - Kida vs. Princess Merida

Kida: 3
Princess Merida: 6


11:11 - Puss in Boots (Shrek) vs. The Cube

Puss in Boots (Shrek): 3
The Cube: 4

Match 16656 John Hartigan vs. Ms. Perkins

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Previously on One Night in Sin City:

Dwight McCarthy don’t you dare pass out! Look at how much of your blood is soaking your clothes! If you lose continuous now, you won’t be waking up again. Ever!








Just keep keep your eyes open McCarthy, keep focusing on the battle going on in front you. Deadly little Miho is in the fight of her life, all for your worthless hide. So don’t you even think about dying just yet.








And holy hell is it a battle for the ages! Two warrior women, both wielding their katanas like they were the Grim Reaper incarnated. Miho glides across the battleground like a true assassin: quick, methodical, and patiently countering strike after strike, waiting for just the right opening. The other women, the modern day Amazon, was attacking with a raging heat that I could feel even from here, she was controlling the pace of the battle but could wear Miho out before Miho could find the right opening? It was beautiful and glorious, a battle that most fools would only dream about. I’d almost consider myself the luckiest guy in the world to have just witnessed it, if my life didn’t hinge on who won and who died.




Just like in the movies both fighters froze as their final strokes rang out. Even the clouds in the night sky seemed to freeze as we waited to see which one of them would fall and which one of them would remain standing. Then a fountain of blood erupted from the Amazon’s chest and she feel to the ground with a sickening thud.


Miho sheathed her katana and ran over to check on me. The look on her face told me I didn’t look too good.


“We… We can’t risk going back to Old Town. C-can’t risk any others like her following us back there.”


Miho sadly looked over the still gaping hole in my stomach, her eyes asked me clear as day ‘but where do I take you then? Your dead if we don’t get you some help.’ I nearly hacked out my lungs before I could answer.


“Th-there’s someone else… in the city-“ Coughs harshly. “That can help… us. G-get me to him Miho.”


Miho did her best to sling my arm over her skinny shoulders and managed to keep her balance despite my extra weight. We took one look at the banged up and out of gas car that still held Jackie-Boys body and sighed.


“We’re gonna… have to get… creative Miho.”






Eight years. Eight fucking years I’ve been locked up! I’ve lost almost everything, my wife, my friends, my job, my fucking goddamn dignity as an officer of law! All of it’s gone and when I finally kick the bucket, no one will give a damn about my 30 years of protecting and serving, they’ll only see a dead child rapists. But I’d do all over again, because I know Nancy is alive out there because of me. Everyone else can think think what they want about me, as long as your safe Nancy. That’s all I need to know…


“Move it Hartigan! You got a very important visitor today.”


Another day, another career journalist hoping to write a best seller off the ‘by the book’ cop turned pedophile. Some days I fantasize about telling them the truth, just to see what ways Roark would have them killed off. But that’s not who I am, I’m the guy who sacrifices himself for others, no matter how much they might hate me for doing so.


“Mr. Zero sir, are-are you certain you don’t want any of our men with you while you speak with-“


“I have Manute with me officer. I don’t require anyone else. Now leave.”


“Y-yes sir, whatever you say sir.”


The overweight desk jockey leaves the room with his tail between his legs. Now it’s just me, this Zero guy, and his 7 foot tall bodyguard left in the holding cell. I get the distinct impression he’s not a journalist.


“This is the man you were talking about Mr. Zero? He seems rather… past his prime to be of any use to us.”


“Trust me Manute, this man is exactly who we need for our plans to come together.”


The hell kind of name is Zero anyways? I don’t like the look of this guy. From the crooked, smug as a snake smile he’s flashing at me, to his his sharp eyes that twinkle like he thinks he’s already king of whole fucking world. He’s cut from the same cloth as Roark, I just know it.


“John Hartigan was it? I must say Mr. Hartigan, your tragic fall from grace has been one of the saddest tales I’ve ever heard. A dedicated and respected police officer, 30 years of nothing but the highest amount of praise and professionalism on the cusp of a well-deserved retirement, now serving life imprisonment because of one bad choice one fateful night? It’s completely unfair and ridiculous, why must you take the fall because that moronic Roark spawn was too stupid to cover his nightly activities properly?”


Don’t say a word old man. Just stare him down like you did with everyone else. Either he’s on Senator Roark’s payroll and trying to see whether your still a threat to his power, or he’s just a damn idiot who gonna wake up face down in the Santa Yolanda Tar Pits one day.


“Roark was a fucking idiot to have never taught his kid the importance of proper image and discretion, and even dumber to have kept him alive after your run in eight years ago. I know it might be hard for you to believe, but what you did back then weakened his position more then you realize. This might not be a city of angels but just about anyone could agree that raping and killing children, especially so sloppily, is just plain bad for business. And every day that old fool Roark digs his grave deeper by continuing to cover for his son. Now the geezer is vulnerable, his power base is ripe for the picking, and I want you in on finally bringing him down.”


Zero places an orange envelope on the table and slides it over to me. Eventually my curiosity overrides my caution and I open the envelope. What the fuck? Is that the warden? In an orgy? With women and men? What the hell is this?


“Blackmail my dear Hartigan. It’s one thing to deal with a pissed off wife, but I don’t think our dear wardens homophobic allies in the police force will be happy to hear about this either. I’m thinking a quiet release of a prisoner everyone has already forgotten all about is not too far out of the question, what about you?”


I lose control. I grab the sleazy, pompous little snake by the collar and I roar in his face!






An oversized hand grabs the back of my head and slams me face first onto the table. When I stop seeing stars I’m suddenly reminded about the giant, one eyed body guard that was still in the room.


“You will not touch him again! Is that clear?”


“Easy Manute, I think we can forgive our friend for not fully trusting us. After all in this city going after a Roark is the equivalent of punching out God right?”


The pressure on my head vanishes and I slowly push myself up to once again stare down this cocky little shit who thinks he can take down Senator Roark.


“If your not man enough to go after Roark again just say so. I don’t have time to waste with cowards. I just figured you’d want the chance to be Nancy Callahans hero again.”


“Nancy?” I say before I can stop myself.


“Oh that’s right, I forgot to mention that bit. Since Roark Junior woke up from his coma he’s become obsessed with finding the one that got away. He hasn’t found her yet, but a friend in a high place has told me Junior has spent a small fortune on a specialist to locate the girl for him.”


No. No, no, no! That sick animal will never touch her again! I’ll kill him before that happens!


“Get me the hell out of here!”


“That’s what I wanted to hear.”



Kadie’s Bar? This is where skinny little Nancy Callahan has been working at? Here I was expecting a quite little bookworm, maybe a bit too shy for her own good. Has she really changed so much since- oh snap out of it you stupid old man! Focus on finding her and getting her out of here before Junior’s toady arrives.


“Nancy Callahan, is she here?” 


“Your an hour early stranger, she don’t come on till 7:00. Surely one of our other girls could keep ya company in the meantime.”


“You don’t understand, I need to see her. Now.”


“Oh I understand a desperate romantic when I see one pilgrim. But like I told the others your gonna-“




The crowd shrieks and scatters about as the gunshots echo through the air. I fight my way through them, pushing and shoving aside anyone standing between me and the back rooms. 




Stepping over some dead bouncers laying across the ground, I draw my twin pistols as I round the corner and there I see her; Nancy Callahan, all grown up and filled out. It could’ve been a beautiful moment for me, if she didn’t have a gun pointed at her head, as Junior’s tracker uses her as a hostage to stop me from coming any closer.


She was dressed in an outfit as skimpy as Nancy’s, possibly a disguise so that she could get close to her. Her face had a sharp, cruel look to it, her cold sizing up what kind of threat I could be, and her lips quirked into an amused sneer as she realized I wouldn’t do anything as long as she had Nancy between herself and me.


“Let her go! It’s over!”


“Yeah…No. Sorry old timer, but this cutie pie is going net me one hell of a payday.”


“Do you have any idea what that psychopath is going to do to her? What he’s done to other little girls?”


“Nothing pleasant I imagine. But hey, gotta make a living somehow right?”


For the briefest of seconds mine and Nancy’s eyes meet each other and in that short window a soundless conversation takes place:


It’s you.


Of course it’s me. 


You came for me.


I always will.


I love you John Hartigan.




“Now me and American’s sweetheart here are gonna walk out of this club without any trouble, and if I catch you following us-“


Good girl. A quick elbow to the hired gun’s stomach and Nancy leaped for cover. I open fired but either she’s faster then I thought or I’m just a rusty old man. She ducked behind an overturned table and returned fire, I took cover behind a wall. Just hang on Nancy, I swear to God I’ll save you!




Hartigan is armed with his twin pistols we see in the Sin City movie, Ms. Perkins is armed with the pistol we saw in John Wick. The fight takes place in the back of a strip club. Who wins?

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Great setup! I could really hear the narrator grimly walking us through the story. 

I'm leaning towards Perkins slightly - just seems to have more skills although toughness may lean towards Hartigan. It has been a while since I've seen Sin City and haven't read the comics though so happy to hear opinions. 

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I'm leaning more towards Perkins here... She just seems like she's got more skill, and likely better training than Hartigan.

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Great continuation, Pizzaguy. I think you picked a great mashup of characters between Sin City, Fast and Furious, John Wick, and I'm guessing miscellaneous Tarantino characters. I respect Hartigan, but I think Ms Perkins has him outclassed.

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2 hours ago, JohnnyChany said:

Great continuation, Pizzaguy. I think you picked a great mashup of characters between Sin City, Fast and Furious, John Wick, and I'm guessing miscellaneous Tarantino characters. I respect Hartigan, but I think Ms Perkins has him outclassed.

Thanks. I’m basically picking characters from action movie franchises that I consider to be some of my all-time favorites, particularly ones that haven’t had many matches on this site. Still got at least two other franchises to introduce though, so keep on the look out for them.

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Match Final Results

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5.00 - Culwych1
5.00 - patrickthekid
4.70 - JohnnyChany

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
14.70 Total Combined Score
14.70 / 3 = 4.90 Final Rating on the match

John Hartigan: 0
Ms. Perkins: 4

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