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Falconer Predator vs. Indoraptor

Falconer Predator: 4
Indoraptor: 2


Space Power Rangers vs. Cassie Chan

Space Power Rangers: 5
Cassie Chan: 1


White Fox vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

White Fox: 3
Cybermen (Mondasian): 2


11:8 - Master Shifu vs. Zordon of Eltar

Master Shifu: 5
Zordon of Eltar: 2


11:8 - Black Jack vs. Leslie Thompkins

Black Jack: 1
Leslie Thompkins: 5


11:8 - Johnny Lawrence vs. Rocky Balboa

Johnny Lawrence: 3
Rocky Balboa: 5


11:8 - Amanda vs. The Saint

Amanda: 4
The Saint: 3


11:8 - The Holographic Doctor vs. Beverly Crusher

The Holographic Doctor: 2
Beverly Crusher: 6


11:8 - Coach Jon McGurk vs. Wildcat

Coach Jon McGurk: 0
Wildcat: 7


11:8 - Muttley vs. The Town of Silent Hill

Muttley: 1
The Town of Silent Hill: 5


11:8 - Garrett (Thief) vs. Carmen Sandiego

Garrett (Thief): 1
Carmen Sandiego: 8


11:8 - Genji vs. Psylocke

Genji: 3
Psylocke: 6


11:8 - Genie (Disney) vs. Remnant

Genie (Disney): 3
Remnant: 4


11:8 - Daredevil vs. Deathstroke

Daredevil: 9
Deathstroke: 1


11:8 - Sgt. Slaughter vs. Phil (Disney)

Sgt. Slaughter: 6
Phil (Disney): 2


11:8 - Shinobi (Joe Musashi) vs. Lady Shiva

Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 5
Lady Shiva: 2


11:8 - Autolycus vs. Isabela

Autolycus: 5
Isabela: 1


11:8 - Jinx vs. Mileena

Jinx: 6
Mileena: 2


11:8 - Shego vs. Savage Land

Shego: 5
Savage Land: 4


11:8 - Mordin Solus vs. Dr. Herbert West

Mordin Solus: 2
Dr. Herbert West: 4

Match 16630 Giovanna vs. Unknown

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Much to Jean Kujo’s chagrin, his target, Lidia Sobieska, had an effective counter for all of his strongest techniques.  (REF: LIDIA SOBIESKA VS. JEAN KUJO) He was unable to land any solid strikes on the Polish Prime Minister and his growing frustrations made him sloppy. Lidia took advantage and went on the offensive. She utilized her Shotokan karate to its full extent and knocked out the would be French assassin with a 10 hit combo. It was only after this that a member of her protective detail ran into her office. 

“I am so sorry, m’am. The new girl, Gio, was showing us how cool Rei is. Are you okay?”

“I am now,” answered Lidia. “It wasn’t anything that I couldn’t handle." She glared at her subordinate. "Despite an assassin making it all the way to my front door.”

The two were then joined in Lidia’s office by Hanna and Giovanna.

“I came as quickly as I heard there was a commotion,” said Giovanna. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to distract your security team, I was just trying to do what you told me to do.”

“Who is he?” asked Hanna.

“A French assassin sent here to kill me,” answered Lidia.

Hanna took a deep breath. “Did you say french? Do you think he was sent here by Helena Douglas?”

“Why would you think that?” countered Lidia.

“She is a powerful French woman who you have been tracking without her knowledge and she has connections to some really shady individuals,” explained Hanna.

“I believe you may be jumping to conclusions,” stated Lidia. “There is nothing in Helena’s file about dispatching assassins. Although, it may be past time for a face to face to find out what is really going on. Clearly, watching this from afar is not making me any safer.”

“What do we do with him?” asked her security detail.

“Lock him up. Try to find out who sent him after me.” Lidia picked up her trench coat. “I am going to travel to the island where Helena’s ship is docked. Hopefully I can uncover whether the people of Poland are truly in danger or if I am reading too much into things. Given what has just happened I am betting on the former. Giovanna, you are with me. You still have to prove yourself.”

Giovanna nodded. “Yes m’am.”

Before they exited the office, Lidia paused. “If by some chance you do find out that this man was hired by Helena Douglas, let me know immediately.”

The two women traveled to and boarded a private jet that flew them to the island spotted by the Polish satellites.

When they arrived at the island, Lidia elected to not try to land the jet on the Freedom Survivor cruise liner, but instead on a strip of land nearby.

“You believe that this woman wasn’t the one who sent the assassin, yet you still didn’t have the jet land on her ship?” wondered Giovanna.

“There is nothing wrong with a cautious approach,” the Prime Minister insisted.

From a distance, Lidia spotted Helena Douglas and a group of fighters walking away from the ship.

“There she is. We shall follow her,” instructed Lidia.



Helena Douglas, Hitomi, Kokoro, Brad Wong, Asuka Kazama, and Lucky Glauber found themselves in an underground facility battling an army of Kasumi clones while Eliot battled a brainwashed Leo Kliessen.  (REF: ELIOT VS. LEO KLIESEN) Although Helena's group were getting the better of the clones in their fight, the tenacity of the clones was starting to wear on them.

Asuka sighed with disappointment at the sight of a Kasumi clone she had recently pulverized returning to her feet. “How many times do we have to beat these girls?”

“We need to get to the central hub of this facility and turn off their power source,” stated Helena.

 “Then you should keep heading down to the lower levels and do that, we will cover you,” posited Kokoro.

“Having Helena go by herself to the lower levels could be dangerous,” warned Lucky.

Hitomi agreed with his concern. “You might be right. You and Brad should go with her and have her back. Asuka, Kokoro, and I will keep the clones occupied.”

“Are you sure about that?” Brad inquired.

Hitomi smiled as she landed a front roundhouse kick on another Kasumi clone. “Positive.”

“Lucky, Brad, let us keep moving then,” Helena declared.

Several levels below them, NiCO and her lab assistants watched with apprehension as Helena Douglas, Lucky, and Brad disappeared from their security feed.

“Where did Helena go? She and the two guys are gone.” One of the assistants fretted. “They could be on their way to us right now.” 

“I can see that,” stated NiCO with irritation permeating through her voice. “We need to do something.” She clenched her fist and electric sparks ignited on her gloves. “I can’t take on all of them myself.”

“What do we do?”

NiCO looked around the lab to try to find a possible solution. Her eyes landed on the cylinder tube containing the body of Jun Kazama (REF: MASTER RAVEN VS. GROH) where her eyes then remained much to her assistants’ horror.

“You can’t be serious. She is not ready. Remember what happened with Raidou. We can’t activate her until we know we have full control. Her body is still producing a lot of strange energy signatures that we are unable to decipher. It is almost as if the body is hosting two different beings. Bringing her back now would be a mistake.”

One of the other security cameras was now focused on two more women entering the underground lab from up above. NiCO did not recognize either one of them, but their presence reaffirmed her decision.

“Right now we don’t need Jun Kazama under our control, we just need her to take on these intruders so that we can escape. Otherwise all of this is for nothing,” NiCO explained.

“I just don’t think…”

“Do it now!”

NiCO’s lab assistants scrambled to their computers to bring Jun Kazama back to life. After pressing several buttons, the liquid inside of Jun’s tank drained out and slowly the glass containing the mother of Jin Kazama sank into the ground. Jun fell down to her knees. NiCO could hear Jun breathing.

“It worked,” NiCO said with delight.

At that moment, Helena, Lucky, and Brad entered the lab.

“NiCO, stop right there!” Helena commanded.

“I can’t do that.” NiCO walked over to Jun who was on her hands and knees and her face toward the ground. She attempted to manipulate the newly resurrected fighter.

“Hello Jun, can you hear me? My name is NiCO. I am the one that has brought you back because I need your help. As a show of good faith, I have also brought those responsible for resurrecting the monster that mostly killed you, Ogre. They are in this lab with us right now.”

“What is she talking about?” Brad wondered.

Jun Kazama did not speak. She tilted her head upward and her eyes immediately turned yellow. As she rose to her feet, a mysterious purple goo started to form some covering around her naked body. Once she was fully on her feet, a dark malevolent wolf spirit appeared behind her.

“What in the hell is that?” shouted Lucky.

Helena gasped. “What manner of chaos has your science brought back now, NiCO?”

NiCO was dumbstruck. “I don’t understand. None of this was in the research. What is that creature?”

Initially, neither Jun or the wolf spirit moved or spoke.

One of the lab assistants tentatively approached Jun. “Jun, are you connected to the spirit behind you in some way? 

Jun quickly grabbed the lab assistant and snapped his neck. She then pursued the other lab assistant and killed her as well. All the while the wolf spirit behind her mirrored every single move.

“Fascinating,”  NiCO whispered.

“Hey, that’s enough of that you demon witch! I can’t just let you go around killing people.” Brad declared.

Brad was the first to step to this unknown entity possessing the body of Jun Kazama. The unknown entity made quick work of him, however, and soon his broken body was laying at her feet. Lucky tried next and he met the same fate in quicker time. With all the attention being focused on this newly resurrected evil entity, NiCO assessed her limited options and escaped through a secret passageway. It wasn’t until the unknown entity had its sight set on Helena that the leader of DOATEC realized that she was now alone in the lab  with the possessed body of Jun Kazama.

“NiCO! You coward!” she called out. “You create this monster and then you run?” She turned her focus to the oncoming threat. “I guess it is just up to me.”

At this same time she was suddenly joined in NiCO’s lab by Lidia Sobieska and Giovanna.

“We can help with that,” Giovanna announced.

“Wait, who are you?” Helena inquired.

“I am Lidia Sobieska, the Prime Minister of Poland.”

“My new boss here wants to have an important conversation with you,” Giovanna added. “But that can’t happen if you’re torn to shreds by this demonic looking woman over here.”

Giovanna stepped in front of Lidia.


“I got this. You said I needed to prove myself right?”

Giovanna walked toward the unknown entity.

“Cool wolf,” she remarked with an unimpressed expression on her face. The green wolf spirit, Rei, ascended above Giovanna. “Unfortunately for you, mine is better!”





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Had to do some research since I never played Guilty Gear or Tekken Tag Tournament. I am leaning toward Giovanna cause I like the speed and offensive abilities she brings to the fight. Also it appears the Unknown is a mostly mimic type fighter and I’m just not a fan of those cop-out types.

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On 6/24/2021 at 10:39 AM, Pizzaguy2995 said:

Had to do some research since I never played Guilty Gear or Tekken Tag Tournament. I am leaning toward Giovanna cause I like the speed and offensive abilities she brings to the fight. Also it appears the Unknown is a mostly mimic type fighter and I’m just not a fan of those cop-out types.

Thanks for the comments PizzaGuy. Unknown isn't really a mimic fighter, she has Jun Kazama's moveset which was the first clue that she was in fact Jun herself in Tekken Tag 1, it was later confirmed in Tekken Tag 2.

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Another good set-up, Johnny. The Helena angle really appears to be coming to a head here. 

So this is a battle of the ladies with wolf-like familiars. While Unknown is an incarnation of the mother of one of Tekken's main protagonists and looks pretty powerful with those giant limb attacks, Giovanna looks pretty powerful herself, with some of her combos knocking opponents several city blocks away.

Eh, I guess I'll give this to Giovanna, since she seems to have power to contend with Unknown and more dynamic combos.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.80 - DSkillz
5.00 - patrickthekid
4.50 - Pizzaguy2995

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
14.30 Total Combined Score
14.30 / 3 = 4.77 Final Rating on the match

Giovanna: 3
Unknown: 4

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