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11:9 - Batman (Richard Grayson) vs. Raiden (Metal Gear)

Batman (Richard Grayson): 7
Raiden (Metal Gear): 2


11:9 - Odie vs. Eternia

Odie: 4
Eternia: 3


11:9 - Middle-Earth vs. Ronald Weasley

Middle-Earth: 3
Ronald Weasley: 6


11:9 - Perry The Platypus vs. Raccoon City

Perry The Platypus: 2
Raccoon City: 7


11:9 - Tobias Beckett vs. Kasumi Goto

Tobias Beckett: 5
Kasumi Goto: 2


11:9 - Princess Merida vs. Mulan

Princess Merida: 1
Mulan: 9


11:9 - Knock Out (Prime) vs. Beast

Knock Out (Prime): 0
Beast: 8


11:9 - Catwoman vs. Dominic Toretto

Catwoman: 8
Dominic Toretto: 2


11:9 - Mickey Goodmill vs. Herman Boone

Mickey Goodmill: 6
Herman Boone: 5


11:9 - Mordin Solus vs. Doogie Howser

Mordin Solus: 3
Doogie Howser: 5


11:9 - Nightwing vs. Jinx

Nightwing: 8
Jinx: 1


11:9 - Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon) vs. Shinobi (Joe Musashi)

Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon): 8
Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 0


11:9 - Neal Caffrey vs. Arthur Morgan

Neal Caffrey: 2
Arthur Morgan: 5


11:9 - Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) vs. Cassandra Cain

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat): 8
Cassandra Cain: 2


11:9 - Nathan Drake vs. Hasky

Nathan Drake: 3
Hasky: 6


11:9 - Star Butterfly vs. Kida

Star Butterfly: 2
Kida: 5


11:9 - Leonard McCoy (Star Trek 2009) vs. Hawkeye Pierce

Leonard McCoy (Star Trek 2009): 9
Hawkeye Pierce: 2


Terror Toad vs. Moon Rock Aliens

Terror Toad: 1
Moon Rock Aliens: 3


Inigo Montoya vs. Oberyn Martell

Inigo Montoya: 3
Oberyn Martell: 1


William Riker vs. Demona

William Riker: 1
Demona: 4

Match 16590 Dominic Toretto vs. Marv

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I used to live my life quarter mile at a time. But things change, I’m a father now. I’ve got a son, who I almost lost not long ago. And I got a wife who I thought I lost long, long ago. I’ve always said family is the most important thing in my life, so I have to protect them, no matter what happens, no matter who might threaten them, I will always do what I gotta do to protect my family.


“Well I don’t see any immediate problem, might have to take a closer look to find what’s wrong with it,” Dom looked over the Toyota Tacoma truck, trying to find the issue with it.


“It’s nothing serious right? How long will it take to fix it?” The worried man asked.


“Going to have to find the problem before I can answer either question. Why don’t you have a seat and let me work my magic here,” Dom gestured to the seat by the wall.


“So your a mechanic right? The folks back in town wouldn’t tell me much about you except that you know a thing or two about cars,” the man had taken a seat now but still looked a little anxious.


“Relax friend, your in good hands. I’ll have your baby up and running in no time,” Dom replied as he popped the hood and looked into the engine.


“That’s an ambiguous answer. Should I be worried about trusting my vehicle to someone so vague about their profession?” The man asked. 


“Would it ease your nerves if I told you I’ve been tuning cars since I was a boy?” Dom again tried to reassure the stranger.


“A little bit. But I think we both know your no mere mechanic Dominic Toretto,” The mystery man’s worried tone suddenly faded away.


“Then you should know this isn’t the first time someone’s tried this talk with me,” Dom slammed the hood closed and drew his gun on him. “And I’m still pissed about the time that hacker girl tried it.”


“So you have encountered my old nemesis Cipher. Then I think your gonna love what I’m about to offer you,” the mystery man smiled despite staring down the barrel of a gun.


“Then start talking. Starting with your name,” Dominic stoically told him.


“You can call me Zero, like you I’ve got some bad blood with that bitch Cipher and I’ve been trying to put her out of my misery for quite some time. Figured you’d want to be apart of the fun,” the now named Zero explained.


“Sorry Zero, but I’m a family man now. I don’t do that shit anymore,” Dom firmly said.


“How’s 1 million dollars sound? Use it to buy your little wife and son a better house to live in,” Zero offered him.


“I like the one we’re living in now, it’s got character and decency,” Dom flipped the switch on the Toyota and it quickly came to life. “Cars all fixed up, you can leave the same way you came in.”


“Fine 2 million dollars? 3 million dollars?” Zero followed Dom as he made to leave the garage. “And I let you kill the cunt personally.”


“Your not listening Zero, let me make this crystal clear,” Dom abruptly turned and fronted on the smaller man, glaring menacingly down at him. “I’m done with that life, now and for good.”


“Don’t be naive Toretto, you of all people should know that you never really leave the game. The rules and motives might change, but men like you always get your reasons to play again.” Zero showed no signs of backing down.


The sound of gunshots and a scream from his house made Dom look over towards his house in alarm. 


“Don’t make this harder then it needs to be ‘family man’ we both know deep down you missed this,” Zero smiled unnervingly.


“Should of listened Zero.”


Dom fired two shots into Zero’s chest and ran for his house. Bursting through the door, Dom found his wife Letty on the ground, hand covering a gunshot would on her stomach.


“What happened?” Dom asked hurriedly, grabbing a first aid kit from his kitchen.


“Five of them rushed me! They took Brian Dom!” 


Freezing at Letty’s words, Toretto looked out the window just in time to see some armed men helping the somehow alive Zero into his car, his little Brian with them.


“Go after them! I’m fine! Go!”


Dom rushed outside just as Zero’s goons drove off, Dom quickly ran for his own car and took off in pursuit. Just as Dom was gaining on them, a jet came out of nowhere with some kind of magnet on the underside of it. To Toretto’s horror the jet’s magnet seized the car and flew into the air with no way for him to catch them. 


Making for the docks instead, Dom pulled out his phone and called an old friend.


“Dom? What up man?” Tej’s somewhat garbled voice indicated he had previously been sleeping.


“The tracker I had you put in Brian’s necklace! Bing it now!” Dom ordered.


“What the fu-! Okay man, I’ll bing it now! What happened?”


“No time to explain! Get the others to follow me as soon as they can! I’ll call back when I’m able too!” 


Hanging up the phone, the now scared and angry as hell father made a solemn vow that he would get his son back no matter what.




I don’t know why you died, Goldie. I don't know why and I don't know how, I never even met you before tonight. But you were a friend and more when I needed one. And when I find out who did it, it won't be quick and quiet like it was with you. It'll be loud and nasty. My kind of kill. And when his eyes go dead the hell I send him to will seem like heaven after what I've done to him. The only piece of evidence I got is some religious hunk of junk whoever killed you left on the scene, but I know where to go for some more answers.


“Dear lord man! This is a house of God!”


“Just give me a goddamn name!”


I wave my pistol in front of the priests face so that he gets the picture.




“Your really pushing your luck padre feeding me garbage like that! It can’t be that big!”


It actually would explain a few things if that fucking prick Roark was somehow involved in this, but I figured I try to bluff the sleazy little pastor, just in case he was trying to pull one over on me.


“There’s a farm out north across Lenox, find out for yourself there. And while your at it ask yourself: is that corpse of a slut really worth dying for?”




Worth dying for.




Worth killing for.




Worth going to Hell for. Amen.


Looks like that fucking fake preacher drove a fucking Nissan Altima. Modern fucking cars, I bet it comes with forward collision warnings and blind spot detections. Sucks all the fun out of driving.


The sound of screeching tires barreling down the street stirs me from my rant about modern cars. Raising my gun I see a punk driving toward me at a hundred miles an hour, angry gaze locked clean onto me. I don’t hesitate for a minute.


*Bang! Bang!*


I miss the fuckers head but I do enough damage to cause it to start spinning out, almost taking me out too but I jump out of the way in time. Brushing myself off, I go over to the wreck to see who tried to do me in. I figured if he was alive he wouldn’t be in any condition to give me any trouble, but as I opened the car a sucker punch to the face told me I was dealing with one tough customer.




Shacking my head from the punch, I studied the man emerging from the wrecked car: he was almost as tall as me, bald, tanned skin that looked latino but not quite all the way, one of his folks was probably white. He had a gruff, hardened nature to him, and he was looking at me like he wanted to rip my head off.


“Hmmm, Brian huh? Sorry padre doesn’t ring a belle.”


That was apparently the wrong thing to say as the guy roared in anger and rushed me, fists swinging. He doesn’t strike me as one of Roarks men, heck for all I know he could be just like me: a confused, pissed off meat head on a warpath against forces he can’t hope to fight on his own but is stupid enough to try anyways. But I got a mission of my own, so I’m getting past this deranged moron, one way or another.




Dominic Toretto vs Marv from Sin City!

Fast and Furious 9 is only a few days away so I wrote this match in anticipation to it. Which bane of the laws of physics takes this match? 

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Fun face-off, Pizzaguy. I enjoyed the contrasting perspectives and narrative styles. I like Marv more as a character, but I don't think I can go against Dom here. From nomral tough guy stealing electronics off trucks to crazy stunt driver that never gets hurt to besting a highly trained bounty hunter strong enough to redirect a torpedo with his bare hands to freaking hulk stomping a parking garage. Dom's unspoken superpower is to raise his strength and durability up to whatever level is required for him to win. Defeating crazy tank, Marv, just seems like the natural evolution for his ascension lol.

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Good set-up, Pizzaguy. It's an entertaining story, but I'm not quite sure how to rate or vote on it since I haven't seen the Fast/Furious films or Sin City.

Well, let's see ... , judging from trailers I've seen over the years of both Dom and Marv, it at least appears to me that they're pretty much in-character, so, ... I'll see how to rate this one.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - patrickthekid
4.70 - JohnnyChany

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.70 Total Combined Score
9.70 / 2 = 4.85 Final Rating on the match

Dominic Toretto: 2
Marv: 2

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