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10:1 - Shaggy Rogers vs. Freakazoid

Shaggy Rogers: 0
Freakazoid: 8


10:1 - Anthony Gallen vs. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Anthony Gallen: 2
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop): 11


10:1 - Kwicky Koala vs. Bugs Bunny

Kwicky Koala: 6
Bugs Bunny: 5


10:1 - Hawkeye vs. Deadshot

Hawkeye: 5
Deadshot: 7


10:1 - Bubbles vs. Dr. Lorre

Bubbles (Powerpuff Girls): 8
Dr. Lorre: 2


10:1 - Jean Valjean vs. Michael Jackson (Moonwalker)

Jean Valjean: 3
Michael Jackson (Moonwalker): 6


10:1 - Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy vs. Danny Zucko

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy: 7
Danny Zucko: 1


10:1 - Zealot vs. Xena

Zealot: 6
Xena: 5


10:1 - Merlyn (DC) vs. Red Sonja

Merlyn (DC): 0
Red Sonja: 9


10:1 - Marty McFly vs. Princess Leia Organa

Marty McFly: 2
Princess Leia Organa: 8


10:1 - Wile E. Coyote vs. Popeye

Wile E. Coyote: 0
Popeye: 7


10:1 - Lu Bu vs. Drizzt Do'Urden

Lu Bu: 1
Drizzt Do\'Urden: 7


10:1 - Dr. Frank N. Furter vs. P. T. Barnum

Dr. Frank N. Furter: 1
P. T. Barnum: 5


10:1 - Leonardo (TMNT) vs. Dark Agnes De Chastillon

Leonardo (TMNT): 7
Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 2


10:1 - Vampirella vs. Batman

Vampirella: 7
Batman: 2


10:1 - Babs Bunny vs. Tom Cat

Babs Bunny: 9
Tom Cat: 1


10:1 - Yosemite Sam vs. Captain Planet

Yosemite Sam: 4
Captain Planet: 5


Rita Repulsa vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Rita Repulsa: 0
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: 6


Deckard Shaw vs. Kevin (Sin City)

Deckard Shaw: 3
Kevin (Sin City): 1


Biker Mice From Mars vs. Street Sharks

Biker Mice From Mars: 1
Street Sharks: 6

Match 16579 Raphael (Mirage) vs. Kim Kaphwan

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Leonardo’s heart burned with a resolve which he hadn’t felt since he first faced Oroku Saki. His loss against Terry Bogard was something which had plagued his thoughts when he had regained consciousness and allowed himself to rest to recuperate his strength. Redemption was something which he desperately needed and now he had the chance to grab it. And he was quite proud of his brothers, for Michelangelo in reclaiming a victory against Choi Bounge after a harsh defeat at the hands of Mai Shiranui. He was elated at Donatello’s victory in his battle against Chang Koehan, although a draw against Andy Bogard was nothing to be shameful of. And now… it was his turn to bring something worth to the table.

He firmly gripped his ninjaken within his hands, taking a moment to observe his opponent. Something which Leonardo seemed to notice immediately was that the silver haired Korean man didn’t appear to be putting his hands up for guarding position. And based on what he gathered, the opposition’s fighting style was Taekwondo. This was… most unusual for Leonardo, but he wouldn’t dare underestimate is opponent.

Leonardo took a step forward, but he was immediately met with a swift kick moving at blinding speeds which came across from the right. Leonardo leaned back away from the kick, feeling nothing but the breeze from Jhun’s foot as he unleashed a roundhouse. Standing on his left, Jhun quickly snapped his right leg over to the left, and then to the right. The red masked Turtle leaned from side to side, managing to evade the incoming side-kicks. Jhun pulled his kicking leg back, and then swung it vertically down for the top of the reptile’s head, but Leonardo responded by raising his left arm upward, his forearm positioned horizontally. Blocking the strike, Leo pushed his arm up and aimed to shove Jhun back, successfully forcing the silver haired Korean back.

However, Jhun remained standing on one leg, quickly regaining his balance.

He quickly dashed while remaining standing on that one leg, and he snapped his right leg forward and out to perform a front kick, and he quickly followed it up snapping out two more side-kicks aimed out for Leonardo’s head and his mid-section, but then pushed himself up with his left leg only to throw his weight to the right, and he quickly brought his kicking leg across to the right to performing a jumping spinning wheel kick for the red masked Turtle’s head. But Leonardo quickly brought his right arm down, blocking the first kick with his forearm and widened his eyes as he leaned back away from the two incoming side-kicks, and was forced to hunch underneath the last kick.

Leonardo didn’t want to admit it, but this guy’s kicks were impeccable, crisp and very much refined. However, he wouldn’t have much time to admire the level of technique his opponent had.

Jhun quickly kicked off from his standing leg, now vaulting his weight upward and aimed to bring both his legs up in an attempt to smack his feet firmly up for Leonardo’s chin. Leonardo swiftly bolted to his feet, and the cold and calculating leader crossed his arms out in front of himself, blocking the strike as it made a firm impact.

“Alright then… “ Leonardo whispered under his breath.

Quickly, the Turtle now rushed right in for Jhun and as he neared the silver haired Korean, he immediately pushed himself up and now pounced towards his opponent. Quickly snapping his right leg forward and out, he took aim for Jhun’s chest region with the intent to strike him with his weight placed into the kick. Jhun responded by side-stepping to the left, allowing the Turtle to miss as he landed feet first onto the ground. Quickly, Jhun Hoon would aim to greet the Turtle as he would snap his right leg up diagonally for Leonardo’s head. But the Turtle responded by swinging his arms down, slashing his ninjaken for the incoming limb—and Jhun widened his eyes, forcing his leg to tense up and pull back to avoid contact with the steel blade.

Capitalizing on this, Leonardo turned in a spin and hunched down, dragging his right leg back across as he took aim for Jhun’s ankles. Jhun gasped as he suddenly felt a shift in his weight and gravity, but he would throw his weight backwards and somersault back to regain his footing. Seizing the moment, Leonardo quickly rushed in as he thrust his right arm forward and out for a stabbing thrust, but Jhun quickly swung his left leg across to the left, smacking away at the wrist and hand holding the blade and thus making it lose it’s course. Leonardo swung his left hand across, bringing the other ninjaken across in a reversal slash for his opponen’s chest. Jhun leaned back, barely evading the sharpened tip of his opponent’s weapon. Leonardo quickly then had turned in a spin and then again hunched down as he motioned to the left, bringing both his ninjaken across for Jhun’s legs.

The silver haired Korean attuned himself to his own latent energy flow rather instantly and he pushed himself up, evading Leonardo’s twin blades. Taking hold of this energy, Jhun now directed it to flow down to his legs and feet and they began to emanate a blue glow. He threw his weight forward and down, now somersaulting in towards the Turtle and parted his legs—aiming to bring them down like hammers onto the Turtle’s head as he also intended to land in a split formation as a blue trail of energy arced down.


The red masked Turtle raised his head up, and widened his eyes in shock as he now dashed forward and leaned with his right shoulder out, now rolling onto his carapace and back onto his feet. Upon moving to regain his bearings, Leonardo then turned to meet his opponent who smoothly rose back up from his split posture.

“Uuuh… What kind of Taekwondo is THAT? Definitely not the kind we see at the local schools around here!” Michelangelo asked as he raised his brow while watching the fight.

“Guess they train differently over in Korea than they do here in the States.” Raphael spoke, crossing his arms.

Leonardo dashed forward, now rushing right in towards Jhun and as he neared the silver haired Korean—Leonardo parted his arms and slashed his twin swords in a scissors fashion as he took aim for his opponent’s mid-section but Jhun somersaulted over the incoming blades, and landed behind the red masked ninja. Leonardo quickly turned, and he swung his right arm back, moving the ninjaken across as he intended to make an attempt to gash at Jhun’s chest region but the Taekwondo fighter leaned away from the tip of the blade, feeling only the breeze as the weapon moved by him.

Again, he attuned himself to the energy within and directed down to his feet. He felt the current traveling down and a blue glue emanated once more as he then dragged his left foot across for Leonardo’s ankles as he turned in a spin. A burst of energy erupted from the ground as Jhun aimed to sweep the mutant Terrapin off from his feet.


Leonardo grunted as contact was made, but he threw his weight backward, and planted his knuckles onto the ground and quickly set himself right side up to his feet.

“You’re doing well, Jhun! So these Turtle cosplayers what our Taekwondo is capable of!” Kim cheered.

“C’mon, Leo! What are you waiting for?” Raphael hollered, cupping his hands around his mouth.

Indeed… What was he waiting for? He blinked and firmly shook his head… If he was going to redeem himself, he needed to stop doubting the training and the level of skill which he worked hard to develop all those years under the guidance of Master Splinter.

Rushing in towards Jhun Hoon, Leonardo spun his ninjaken in a figure eight motion within his grasp and then swung his blades down vertically, aiming for the top of the silver haired Korean man’s head. Jhun dashed to Leonardo’s right, but then blinked as he watched as the blades were forced to stop in their motion and was immediately met with a firm smack across as his face as Leonardo turned with his weight and raised his right leg up in a roundhouse kick. Leonardo stood on his left, his blades poised in a defensive manner as his kept his right leg raised, as if ready to strike but turned in a spin.

Jhun was ready to kick out, prepared to parry and counter what he perceived to be an incoming side kick, but then was struck by Leonardo’s standing leg as he switched— now feeling his mid-section being collided into by the Turtle’s foot as he successfully lead with a fake out into a spinning back thrust kick. Spinning the ninjaken within his left hand, Leonardo gripped it and held the weapon in reverse only to now turn with his hips and he thrust his left arm forward and slammed the blunt end of the sword firmly between Jhun’s eyes.

“NNNGH!” Jhun grunted, his senses now jarred by the blow.

The red masked terrapin then shifted forward with a step and he swung his right arm across, only to firmly impact the blunt handle of the ninjaken in his right hand hard across the Taekwondo fighter’s head, striking him in the temple region. Leo then snapped his left leg forward and out, performing a front kick aimed for Jhun’s chin and again, he managed to strike the Korean man there—causing his head to jerk back from the blow. However, he didn’t stop there as he recoiled his leg and swung it diagonally down, then raising it up and swinging it horizontally, and diagonally higher as he performed two more roundhouse kicks.

“YEAH! WORK HIM LEO! WORK HIM GOOD!!” Raphael shouted.

Jhun felt the impacts moving into him and the pile up of the pressure was beginning to tax him at this moment. Leonardo again rushed at him as he snapped his right leg up quite high, moving his right foot for Jhun’s head as he intended to slam his foot firmly down onto his forehead but Jhun swung his left leg downward in an axe kick—blocking and preventing the strike from happening. He thrust his leg out, pushing Leonardo back but as he did so, again he focused on the internal energy within himself.


Jhun pushed himself to the air with his leg strength, and he swung his right leg across as he took aim for Leonardo’s head as he performed a an aerial spinning roundhouse followed up by a swing from his left leg in an aerial wheel kick, only to finish off with a rising kick from his right followed by a downward axe kick. As he unleashed each movement, trails of blue energy were unleashed as he aimed to bombard Leonardo with these strikes.

But Leonardo wouldn’t have any of it.

He tensed his legs and pushed himself back, throwing his weight upward and back to perform a reversal somersault and moved away from Jhun rather swiftly. Upon planting his hands onto the ground to land a brief hand-stand, Leonardo pushed himself upwards and he snapped his left leg out—now firmly impacting Jhun in the mid-section and as he impacted the Korean on his way down, Leonardo bent his leg and moved his knee firmly to his chest. Hitting the ground, Leonardo’s weight and Jhun’s fall would do the work.

“MMMPHH!!” Jhun grunted in extreme pain now.

Leonardo flipped off from the Korean fighter and landed feet first onto the ground. Jhun placed his hands onto the ground, working to push himself up to his stature again albeit with some struggle.

The Korean snapped his left leg out as he aimed to strike at Leonardo’s plastron, then snapped at it again for the same spot before he would recoil it and then swing it diagonally from right to left as he aimed to perform a roundhouse into a reversal heel kick for Leonardo’s head. The red masked ninja took the kick firmly in the plastron, tanking the blow directly head on but weaved underneath the incoming kicks for his head. Jhun raised his kicking leg up, now aiming to slam it down in an axe kick but Leonardo raised his left arm up, positioning his forearm to block the strike quickly and efficiently. Pulling his leg back, Jhun turned in a spin and then swung his right leg back to the right, intending on sweeping Leonardo from his feet.

Leonardo saw this coming. He turned and hunched down, bringing his left leg back across and his foot made contact with Jhun’s, and the red masked ninja then moved his arms back and he slipped his ninjaken back within the sheathes which they belonged in. Quickly rising to his feet, he rushed in for Jhun— and the Taekwondo fighter aimed to greet at Leonardo with a series of kicks. But Leonardo moved his hands, slapping and parrying each and every kick moved out for him— and stepped forward, closing the space between him and Jhun.

The mutant Turtle took aim for the pressure points in his opponent’s body—specifically for the shoulders, chest, neck and the sides of his head. Leonardo rolled his hands out, positioning his fingers for maximum striking force, and he struck at the pressure spots on Jhun’s body. With each strike, Jhun Hoon grunted and it wasn’t long for him to feel his muscles aching in pain before suddenly feeling a sense of tenderness and being loose. His eyes shut firmly, and Jhun groaned as he slumped onto the ground and writhed in pain.

The match was decided.

Leonardo bowed to Jhun as a sign of respect and thankfulness for the opportunity of getting the redemption which he so desperately needed. With a light breath of taken in through his nostrils, and a light sigh—Leo turned and moved his way back to regroup with his brothers.

“Excellent results, Leonardo! I knew you had it in you!” Donatello chimed.

“Guess you ain’t feeling so bad anymore, huh?” Raphael nudged his head up, smirking.

“Feels good to be back to form.” Leonardo spoke, returning his own smirk to Raphael.

Several moments had passed and it wasn’t long for the tournament medical staff to arrive and escort Jhun safely from the ring to be treated for whatever bruises and wounds which he may have had endured in the fight against the Turtle. And with Choi and Chang also out of the fighting, this left none other than Kim Kaphwan himself to participate and hopefully make a comeback for his team.

The Taekwondo fighter now hunched underneath the ropes, and he eyed each and every one of the Turtles with careful observation and intent. So, this was the newcomer team which had made a name for themselves in this year’s tournament. Kim placed his arms to his side and bowed to all four Turtles as a sign of respect and admiration for their level of skill and the tenacity which they had put on display. The brothers were taking somewhat by surprise at this, but they were curious to the gesture.

“I can see why you are held so highly in the eyes of others. Your skill and talents are impeccable. I truly hope that you are fighting for the side of justice and righteousness!” Kim spoke.

All four Turtles were completely surprised by the unintentional level of cheese which Kim just voiced out. Well, they had to admire the man’s sense of right and wrong but they weren’t superheroes by any chance… None the less, they did what they could to fight in order to protect those whom they cared about.  Michelangelo simply shrugged his shoulders as he stared nonchalantly over to Kim.

“Uh, yeah… We do what we can to help the people we care about.” He said with a slight chuckle.

“Very good… Now, which one of you will come forth?” Kim inquired.

Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello looked to one another—as they realized that they all had redeemed their shortcomings from the fight with Team Fatal Fury. And there was only one more contestant left.

“Don’t worry… I’ll take on Captain Korea over here.” Raphael grunted.

Raphael moved his arms and he slid underneath the ropes before he positioned his hands down onto the arena mat and rose to his full height. The red masked hot-head then placed his hands together, bent them back and cracked his knuckles as he also turned his head from side to side, popping his neck joints to undo the stiffness which he had been momentarily experiencing there. Afterwards, he would crouch down and extend one leg out before the other, stretching his leg muscles to help loosen himself. It wasn’t long before he rose once again.

“Alright let’s do this, Captain Korea!”

“Hmm… Am I superhero now? I quite like the moniker!” Kim chuckled.

With a mighty Ki Hap, Kim Kaphwan had entered into his own fighting stance. He bounced up and down on the balls of his feet, allowing himself to loosen up before he positioned his arms up for guarding posture.

Raphael moved his arms down, now taking hold of the red clothed handles of the twin steel sai that were often found in his utility belt, now drawing them and gripping them firmly—ready to use the weapons as he had been trained all those years by Master Splinter.

And with the bell finally ringing, what could be the final match between the Turtles and Team Korea commenced.

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The next and final match between the Mirage Turtles and Team Korea is finally here, and I managed to get it written in a timely manner as I spent a majority of my night before writing this out thanks to the fact that my roleplay buddy didn't show up, so I had no distractions when composing the recap and where I felt like this particular part of the storyline should be presented as such. Writing out the recap between Leonardo and Jhun was an interesting one, primarily because I didn't expect the votes to be a landslide victory for Leonardo, so I wrote the recap in a way to where neither Leo nor Jhun were able to land a blow on one another until the latter half of that particular battle, and rather than have it be a long and dragged out battle, I figure Leonardo would want to end it in a clean and quick manner.

Also, I felt like as if this was the next match up to go. Normally, this would be Leonardo vs Kim Kaphwan but seeing as Raphael managed to take down a majority of Team Fatal Fury, and even beat down the team leader, Terry Bogard-- it felt logical that he feels confident in his skills and experience to want to take on someone like Kim Kaphwan.

Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy this match up.

For new readers who are just hopping onto this storyline here, I suggest you look at the Mirage TMNT Respect Thread to see what the Mirage Turtles are more than capable of.


Raphael is Low Tier Superhuman in terms of physicals. Think Above Peak Human due to his mutation and training.

Raphael possesses his Twin Sai, Shurikens, Smoke Bombs, and Kunai.


Kim Kaphwan is in Peak Conditioning due to his training.

Kim Kaphwan has his moveset from the Fatal Fury and KOF games.

Battle Environment Map


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Good recap as usual, Rakai. Your attention to detail in the characters moves is always appreciated. Uptight, justice loving Kim Kaphwan is always a fun character and part of me wants to give Team Korea one win just for pride's sake, but I don't see it.  Any potential slacking on the turtles' part was literally beaten out of them by the Fatal Fury team, so I imagine Raphael is fouced and ready to go.

In Fatal Fury, Kim acknowledged that Terry was a superior fighter to him. Raphael beat Terry, so it would be logical that he beats kim too. 

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4 minutes ago, JohnnyChany said:

Good recap as usual, Rakai. Your attention to detail in the characters moves is always appreciated. Uptight, justice loving Kim Kaphwan is always a fun character and part of me wants to give Team Korea one win just for pride's sake, but I don't see it.  Any potential slacking on the turtles' part was literally beaten out of them by the Fatal Fury team, so I imagine Raphael is fouced and ready to go.

Thanks for the comments! The fight with Team Fatal Fury definitely had given the Turtles a run for their money but what's interesting is that they fought Team Kyokugen as their starting battle, and in my opinion, Team Kyokugen is on par with Team Fatal Fury. But for some reason, the fight with Team Fatal Fury definitely made the Turtles earn their stripes, and I would think that it's like what you said-- any slacking on the Turtles part was literally beaten out of them specifically on the part of Donatello, Michelangelo and perhaps surprisingly, and uncharacteristically, Leonardo as well-- I say that because Leonardo is never known to slack off.

6 minutes ago, JohnnyChany said:

In Fatal Fury, Kim acknowledged that Terry was a superior fighter to him. Raphael beat Terry, so it would be logical that he beats kim too. 

Was this mention in Fatal Fury 2, where Kim was introduced or the anime? Cause I'm not really counting the anime OVAs and sticking more with game canon. Either way, I can definitely believe that as it's consistent with Kim's character in relation to Terry.

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Another great set-up, Rakai! You seem to have Leo in character with virtually every version of him I know, as the type that always works to redeem himself after failure. The recap with Jhun also went as expected, with Leo especially motivated by redemption and taking control of the fight at the end. 

As for the match, Raph will probably have a pretty tough fight with Kim, since he's a very good rival of Terry's and seems to be at least as disciplined of a fighter. I have a feeling that Raph will eventually overwhelm Kim in the end, though.

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29 minutes ago, DSkillz said:

Another great set-up, Rakai! You seem to have Leo in character with virtually every version of him I know, as the type that always works to redeem himself after failure. The recap with Jhun also went as expected, with Leo especially motivated by redemption and taking control of the fight at the end. 

As for the match, Raph will probably have a pretty tough fight with Kim, since he's a very good rival of Terry's and seems to be at least as disciplined of a fighter. I have a feeling that Raph will eventually overwhelm Kim in the end, though.

Thanks for commenting, my friend! Yeah, I wanted to keep Leonardo in character by being plagued by a previous failure and having to fight to redeem himself after a well earned fight. As we all know, most versions of Leo can't cope with failure as they're perfectionists.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.90 - DSkillz
5.00 - JohnnyChany

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.90 Total Combined Score
9.90 / 2 = 4.95 Final Rating on the match

Raphael (Mirage): 3
Kim Kaphwan: 0

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Well... Team Korea just got crushed by the Turtles. Now I gotta figure out which team they'll go up against next. I have a few ideas though.

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