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11:9 - Batman (Richard Grayson) vs. Raiden (Metal Gear)

Batman (Richard Grayson): 7
Raiden (Metal Gear): 2


11:9 - Odie vs. Eternia

Odie: 4
Eternia: 3


11:9 - Middle-Earth vs. Ronald Weasley

Middle-Earth: 3
Ronald Weasley: 6


11:9 - Perry The Platypus vs. Raccoon City

Perry The Platypus: 2
Raccoon City: 7


11:9 - Tobias Beckett vs. Kasumi Goto

Tobias Beckett: 5
Kasumi Goto: 2


11:9 - Princess Merida vs. Mulan

Princess Merida: 1
Mulan: 9


11:9 - Knock Out (Prime) vs. Beast

Knock Out (Prime): 0
Beast: 8


11:9 - Catwoman vs. Dominic Toretto

Catwoman: 8
Dominic Toretto: 2


11:9 - Mickey Goodmill vs. Herman Boone

Mickey Goodmill: 6
Herman Boone: 5


11:9 - Mordin Solus vs. Doogie Howser

Mordin Solus: 3
Doogie Howser: 5


11:9 - Nightwing vs. Jinx

Nightwing: 8
Jinx: 1


11:9 - Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon) vs. Shinobi (Joe Musashi)

Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon): 8
Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 0


11:9 - Neal Caffrey vs. Arthur Morgan

Neal Caffrey: 2
Arthur Morgan: 5


11:9 - Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) vs. Cassandra Cain

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat): 8
Cassandra Cain: 2


11:9 - Nathan Drake vs. Hasky

Nathan Drake: 3
Hasky: 6


11:9 - Star Butterfly vs. Kida

Star Butterfly: 2
Kida: 5


11:9 - Leonard McCoy (Star Trek 2009) vs. Hawkeye Pierce

Leonard McCoy (Star Trek 2009): 9
Hawkeye Pierce: 2


Terror Toad vs. Moon Rock Aliens

Terror Toad: 1
Moon Rock Aliens: 3


Inigo Montoya vs. Oberyn Martell

Inigo Montoya: 3
Oberyn Martell: 1


William Riker vs. Demona

William Riker: 1
Demona: 4

Match 16568 Leifang vs. Asuka Kazama

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Inside the previously barricaded kitchen of the Freedom Survivor cruise liner, Helena, Kokoro, and Zack planned their next moves to stop the chaos seemingly caused by El Fuerte. (REF: LUCKY GLAUBER VS. EL BLAZE) 

“So we are heading to the infirmary to find the sneaky little bastard?” asked Zack.

“That assumes he was telling the truth about his destination,” answered Helena.

“What are you thinking?” wondered Kokoro.

“Somehow Shermie is involved in this, I just know it,” replied Helena. “This all may have been a distraction just to break her free.”

“So then we are going to the holding cells?” Zack guessed.

Helena pondered over her options. “I do not want to dismiss the possibility that El Fuerte did go to see Lucky for whatever reason, nefarious or otherwise. Zack, I want you to go check it out. See if Lucky is still there and if he has seen El Fuerte. Kokoro, come with me, we are going to the holding cells.”

Zack did not want to go see Lucky Glauber by himself. In fact, he had been avoiding interaction with the basketball playing martial artist as much as possible since their confrontation in California. (REF: LUCKY GLAUBER VS. ZACK) Still, he obeyed the wishes of his employer. “I’m on it, boss lady.”

“What about us?” shrieked one of the terrified sous chefs from the corner where they remained huddled. “You destroyed our barricade, now there is nothing to protect us from the madness outside this kitchen.”

At that moment, the body of Paul Phoenix flew through the double doors of the kitchen and crashed into a collection of hanging pots and pans, which then fell on him after his body smashed into the ground. In the doorway stood Hitomi, she was clearly exhausted from a hard fight, yet she still stood with a stern and determined look on her face. (REF: HITOMI VS. PAUL PHOENIX)

Hitomi immediately took notice of Helena, Kokoro, and Zack. “Zack? Kokoro? You guys are still sane right?”

“Yes,” confirmed Kokoro. “What happened to you?”

“I was with Paul. He took me here to meet with the head chef, but when that didn’t work we went to the lobby because we could hear DOATEC security assaulting the bell boys. They all had that same orange glow in their eyes as your friend did, Kokoro.” Hitomi looked down with sympathy at Paul. “And after we were done so did he.”

“You think he caught it from them?” Zack inquired.

This was not a prospect Hitomi had considered and the implications terrified her. “I hope not. What if I am infected now too? Helena! What is happening?”

“Don’t be afraid. That is exactly what we intend to go and find out,” responded Helena. “Hitomi, was there a lot of fighting going on in the hallways leading to the lobby?”

Hitomi shook her head. “No, after we saved the bell boys, it was just Paul and I. Although, I do need to tell you that the fight we had destroyed most of your decor. I’m sorry.”

“A minor problem given our current situation,” stated Helena. “We shall leave the way you came from then and make our way to the holding cells. Can you do me a favor, Hitomi, and stay here and protect the chefs?”

Hitomi nodded enthusiastically. “I will make sure no harm comes their way.”

“Thank you, darling.”

Zack, Helena, and Kokoro exited the kitchen before diverting their paths.

Back inside the kitchen, Hitomi approached the frightened sous chefs. “I just want to say that if this thing does turn me into a crazy violent person and I savagely beat each of you, I want you to know that I am really, really sorry.”

“Is that supposed to make us feel better?”



In the cabin area of the Freedom Survivor, Asuka Kazama blocked Makoto’s palm strikes and then dodged her spinning wheel kick. (REF: ASUKA KAZAMA VS. MAKOTO) Asuka then retaliated with an elbow strike to Makoto’s jaw, followed by an uppercut.  Asuka continued to hit Makoto even when the Rindo-kan karate fighter was still on the ground. Makoto returned to her feet and attempted to charge up. Asuka put an end to that with a well timed kick to Makoto’s midsection. Asuka unleashed a barrage of punches and performed a backward carthweel kick to launch Makoto into the air. While Makoto was in the air, Asuka wound up her right arm and decked Makoto with her strongest haymaker as she was coming back down. Makoto’s body smashed into the wall and then slumped to the ground.

Asuka quickly returned to Lili’s room to check on her fallen friend. Lili was beginning to stir, and after some small shaking from Asuka, opened her eyes.

“Asuka! Your little poor friend cheap shotted me!” 

“Yeah, I know.” Asuka looked out Lili’s door in Makoto’s direction. “But I don’t think that was really her. Something has happened to her. Her eyes were…..strange.”

Lili slowly sat up. “What happened is she doesn’t know how to act around the upper class and her resentment got the best of her.”

Asuka did not take her gaze away from the doorway. “No, I don’t think that’s it. Something bigger is going on. I could hear other people shouting, fighting in the distance while we were out there.”

“Do you think it is another pirate attack?” Lili inquired. (REF: BONNE JENET VS. LILI ROCHEFORT)

“I don’t know. I’m going to go take a look,” said Asuka.

“I’m coming with you,” Lili declared.

Lili sprang to her feet and walked behind Asuka to the hallway. When she reached the doorway, Lili became dizzy, stumbled, and had to hold on the doorframe for support.

“Maybe it would be better if you stayed behind for now,” Asuka suggested. “Make sure you get yourself right before jumping into another fight.”

“If you insist. But if you get your butt kicked by pirates, just remember that I offered to help,” stated Lili.

Asuka rolled her eyes. “Just keep your eye on Makoto, ok?”

“Don’t worry. I intend to.”

Several hallways over, closer to the dining area, Leifang was putting her Tai Chi Quan to good use to take down the malfested tournament fighter, Pai Chan. (REF: PAI CHAN VS. LEIFANG) Leifang avoided a kick and grabbed Pai Chan’s leg. She then elbowed Pai Chan in the gut. She followed with a high arching kick and a jumping double kick. Pai Chan lurched backward. There was no hesitation in Leifang’s attack as she delivered a strong palm strike to Pai Chan’s chest and then a punch with her opposite hand to the same spot. She spun Pai Chan around and drove her elbow into Pai Chan’s back. Leifang lowered both of her hands and connected her palms as Pai Chan slowly turned back around to face her. Summoning all of her strength, Leifang struck Pai Chan’s chest with both of her palms and put the Chinese action star down for good.

An anxious Leifang took note of her surroundings. Broken bodies were scattered across the hallway. The chaotic scene forced Leifang to flash back to her initial arrival on the Freedom Survivor and the mayhem that awaited her. (REF: LEIFANG VS. LI XIANGFEI) Leifang could not wrap her head around what had just transpired between her and Pai Chan. She was unsure of who she could trust and who was against her. She felt like attacking anyone who would dare come near her. A short distance away, she spied Marshall Law standing over the beaten body of Jann Lee. (REF: MARSHALL LAW VS. JANN LEE)

“No!” she shouted. She quickly ran over and crashed into Marshall Law’s back with a shoulder tackle. She continued her barrage with two kicks to the gut before Law could even react to the surprise attack. Leifang started an overhead attack, but her arm was stopped before it could strike Law by the recently arriving Asuka Kazama.

Asuka shoved Leifang back. “What are you doing? Why are you attacking him?” Asuka quickly glanced down at Law to see that his eyes did not have the same orange tint that Makoto had.

 “I am stopping him,” Leifang explained.

“Stopping him from what?” Asuka asked.

“He beat up Jann Lee. I will not stand for that.”

Asuka’s eyes moved over to Jann Lee’s unconscious body. “If he did then I’m sure he had a reason to. Marshall Law may be a goofball but he is a good man.”

“It was him or me,” Law said breathlessly.

This further angered Leifang. “How dare you.”

She moved toward Law, but again Asuka stood in her way.

Leifang glared at Asuka. “I thought we were supposed to be allies...friends.”

“We are. You just need to calm down and understand that your boyfriend over there may have needed to be put down,” explained Asuka.

“I’ll say,” added Law. “He went insane.”

Asuka twisted her head and chided her fellow King of the Iron Fist participant. “You’re not helping. Go find Paul, I think we may need to find a way off this crazy boat.”

The unpredictability of recent events caused Leifang to jump to wild conclusions in an effort to make things make sense. 

“So you attack us and now you are trying to run? What do you have to hide? Are you guys responsible for what happened to Pai Chan? For the pirate attack? For all of it?” she accused.

Asuka responded, “Leifang, you’re not making any sense.”

“None of this makes any sense. The only thing I am sure of is that I am on Jann’s side. If you are not on his side then that makes you my enemy!”




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Seems as if two characters who I added in here are pitted against each other...

This one is going to be tough, as I feel this is pretty much neck and neck here... Lei-Fang definitely has the experience in fighting against Karate fighters, primarily thanks to training and fighting with Hitomi and inversely, Asuka has experience in fighting against Kung-Fu fighters primarily because of her experiences in fighting against Feng-Wei.

This is going to be Soft style vs Hard style martial arts... Classic Kung-Fu vs Karate. But... let's look at their fighting styles.

Lei-Fang practices Tai Chi Chuan, a form of martial arts which is normally slow moving and meant more for cultivation than actually fighting... Where as Asuka is trained in a form of Karate which is rooted in the Kazama family.. But Lei-Fang has developed her Tai Chi for fighting.

I would say Asuka might take this, primarily because her Martial Art was based for fighting from the get go and she's dealt with Feng-Wei enough times to where Lei-Fang shouldn't really be out of her realm to possibly defeat.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - patrickthekid

FPA Calculation:
1 Total Votes cast
5.00 Total Combined Score
5.00 / 1 = 5.00 Final Rating on the match

Leifang: 2
Asuka Kazama: 3

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Love the continued storyline of the Freedom Survivor. Everything feels nature and the writing is clean.

The win goes to Asuka, who would have taken it fair imo.

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