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Goliath (Evolve) vs. The Rancor

Goliath (Evolve): 2
The Rancor: 1


Falconer Predator vs. Indoraptor

Falconer Predator: 4
Indoraptor: 2


Space Power Rangers vs. Cassie Chan

Space Power Rangers: 5
Cassie Chan: 1


White Fox vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

White Fox: 3
Cybermen (Mondasian): 2


11:8 - Master Shifu vs. Zordon of Eltar

Master Shifu: 5
Zordon of Eltar: 2


11:8 - Black Jack vs. Leslie Thompkins

Black Jack: 1
Leslie Thompkins: 5


11:8 - Johnny Lawrence vs. Rocky Balboa

Johnny Lawrence: 3
Rocky Balboa: 5


11:8 - Amanda vs. The Saint

Amanda: 4
The Saint: 3


11:8 - The Holographic Doctor vs. Beverly Crusher

The Holographic Doctor: 2
Beverly Crusher: 6


11:8 - Coach Jon McGurk vs. Wildcat

Coach Jon McGurk: 0
Wildcat: 7


11:8 - Muttley vs. The Town of Silent Hill

Muttley: 1
The Town of Silent Hill: 5


11:8 - Garrett (Thief) vs. Carmen Sandiego

Garrett (Thief): 1
Carmen Sandiego: 8


11:8 - Genji vs. Psylocke

Genji: 3
Psylocke: 6


11:8 - Genie (Disney) vs. Remnant

Genie (Disney): 3
Remnant: 4


11:8 - Daredevil vs. Deathstroke

Daredevil: 9
Deathstroke: 1


11:8 - Sgt. Slaughter vs. Phil (Disney)

Sgt. Slaughter: 6
Phil (Disney): 2


11:8 - Shinobi (Joe Musashi) vs. Lady Shiva

Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 5
Lady Shiva: 2


11:8 - Autolycus vs. Isabela

Autolycus: 5
Isabela: 1


11:8 - Jinx vs. Mileena

Jinx: 6
Mileena: 2


11:8 - Shego vs. Savage Land

Shego: 5
Savage Land: 4

Match 16494 Ryu and Sonic the Hedgehog and Cloud Strife vs. Jin Kazama and Master Yoda and Link

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The Return of Pandora's Box

It has been almost 10 years since the arrival of Pandora's Box in the Street Fighter x Tekken tournament. Its whereabouts have been unknown since then, until now.

Recap of the History of Pandoras Box

In addition to granting the personal wishes and hidden desires of people, Pandora can cause a persons natural strength to skyrocket to levels beyond their natural limits. This Box is also able to change the color of its appearance, has telekinesis, and even the ability to change the weather. 
Those in it's presence or who are affected by its dark power become far more violent and dangerous. The energy form Pandora can create force fields around an individual, and the effects of Pandora are so powerful, it can even bring the deceased back to life, heal an individual, as well as cure sicknesses of any kind. It undoubtedly holds many perks inside any universe. 

What everyone doesn't know is that Akuma has possession of Pandora and is using it to create portals to capture heroes around the multiverse. Knowing it's true power throughout the universe has attracted other respected villains. Akuma joins forces with Heihachi Mishima, Dr. Robotnik, Darth Vader, Sephiroth, and Ganondorf trying to achieve universal domination. They conduct a plan to corrupt the minds of the heroes and turn them against one another. To ensure a fair fight amongst the heroes they are being captured and took to an unknown fighting arena. Each hero will be locked up with a broken shard of the box in order to make the heroes even more dangerous in the fight. In their last efforts they hope to see the fall of the heroes in a final death battle between them all. The villains take action and start capturing the heroes one by one.

 Shadaloo - Southeast Asia

Ryu executes his famous finisher on  Bison once again winning the World Fighting Championship tournament. He has proven time and time again that his training in the art of Ansatsuken is superior to all. He and Ken can now be at peace and can make Gouken proud with Ryu's victory. 

Ken: Let's celebrate Ryu. You know Gouken would be proud. His extensive training proved us victorious once again. 

Ryu: Yes it has. That reminds me. Guile and the others are ready for us to get back to the America. This Shadaloo place is kinda lame anways. (He chuckles)

Ken: I agree, Asia is not really for me either. Let's get back to the states good buddy (They give each other knuckles)

As soon as they do that a strange portal sucks Ryu into it without warning.

Ken: Ryu! (As the portal disappears quickly)

Meanwhile in the U.S.

Jin Kazama is in battle with Heihachi Mishima in the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Jin is forced to use his devil gene to best Heihachi once and for all. Heihachi, in great pain, is knelt down on one knee while Jin speaks. 

Jin: You knew this day would come Heihachi! The evil that accompanies you can no longer be used to harm innocent people.

Heihachi: I and I alone have the power to make our military into something extraordinary Jin.

Jin: Never! (He yells) 

He kills Heihachi by performing a Soul Rage attack. Shortly after the victory Jin is met up with by Xiaoyu. 

Xiaoyu: Well done Jin. Heihachi is finally dead. Now the world can rejoice. With that being said, we must find Pandora's Box and fulfill our destiny. It's capabilities will keep us forever young my love and give us all power to the universe. 

Jin: Pandora is as good as ours Xiaoyu. I promise.

While walking back to the village Jin is also sucked into a portal at random. Xiaoyu looks on with disbelief.

In a galaxy far far away on the planet Hoth - Rebel Alliance headquarters 

Darth Vader and his stormtroopers are battling the Rebel Alliance trying to gain the upper-hand. In the midst of combat words are spoken between Vader and Yoda.

Vader: You have no worth to the Darkside.Your demise will be long remembered Yoda. Unfortunate for your students they will be left without a mentor. Now hand over Pandora's box or else. 

Yoda: Powerful you are. The dark side is too dangerous to leave to chance. And this box you speak of. I know of no such item. 

Vader: You know where it is and today I must have it. You don't know the power of the dark side. But soon you will find out. 

After a long-endured battle both fighters lose focus of one another because of the arrival of a group of Stormtroopers that are having a shootout with Rebel Alliance members. Badly hurt, Darth Vader sees his opportunity to evade the fight while Yoda is interrupted by Stormtroopers attacking him. Yoda then quickly turns around to see Vader gone from the battlefield. The Rebel Alliance members, after fending off the stormtroopers for a short period of time, all flee the scene and board the Millennium Falcon to escape their burning headquarters caused by the Galactic Empire. They are to get back to Yavin 4 to their other main headquarters to treat any injured Rebel members. They must also plan their next attack on Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire. As soon as they escape another portal forms 

Light years away from Earth on the planet Mobius

Robotnik has stole a very important Chaos Emerald from Sonic in efforts to try to create his own empire. In the process it is causing Sonic's power to diminish little by little. Sonic must now find and fend off Eggman with the help from Tails and Knuckles to gain back possession of the emerald. Sonic zooms into action immediately with his sidekicks not far behind. They find Robotnik terrorizing the city. 

Sonic: Stop Robotnik. Or my friends and I will have to kick some major hind-in. 

Robotnik: I'll try and forget you said that you puny hedgehog. (He laughs)

Sonic: I am a hedgehog, and puny I might be, but today you will be bested Robotnik. Time to juice!! (He grins)

Sonic proceeds to battle and quickly proves too much for Doctor Robotnik. Sonic with all of his power he has left performs a supersonic dash knocking Eggman back into a building. Eggman then sobs in pain on the ground as Sonic walks up to him and confronts him.

Sonic: This world doesn't belong to you. Now give me back my Chaos Emerald (As he snatches it from Eggman's hand). Sonic has saved Mobius once again. 

Tails: Great job Sonic! Even with minimal power you prove too much for him.

Sonic: . Robotnik will be back and when he does decide to attack I'll be ready. (As he gives tails a thumbs up)


High above the Clouds on Skyloft

Link: I must travel to the kingdom of Hyrule to claim the power of the Triforce before Ganandorf does. The power of the Triforce should not be used by an evil being such as him. 

Fi: Agreed. Be careful Link. And good luck. Make sure you return safely with the princess.

Link then is transported to the magical land of Hyrule to start his quest. Shortly after starting he is quickly met by Ganandorf. 

Ganandorf clinches his fists in rage

Link: What do you want with me Ganandorf? I have come for Zelda. If you are not to give her back to me then a fight will most certainly take place. What do you say? 

Ganandorf: You will never learn young boy. 

Link: You will never get away with this! Now give me the princess.

Ganandorf: A good deal you have offered boy. Bit it's unfortunate for you the princess was sold (he laughs) 

Link gasps. 

Link: Where is she Ganandorf? Tell me now! (as he lifts up his Master Sword)

Ganandorf: That is an excellent question. She was sold to Sephiroth. A powerful being who is trying to destroy the world as I am. Now be gone.

Link: Not without a fight Ganandorf. I'm not letting you off that easy. (He draws the Master Sword as Ganandorf draws the Sword of Six Sages) 

Suddenly a portal develops out of thin air dragging Link inside of it. 

Somewhere along the mountains in Nibelheim

Cloud is in a battle with Sephiroth.

Cloud: Another epic battle between us? This time I will not let you live Sephiroth! Give up now!!

Sephiroth(he chuckles): I will never give in Cloud. 

Cloud draws his Buster Sword as Sephiroth draws his Masamune.

Sephiroth: Prepare for a death sentence Cloud! You have no chance of beating me.

Cloud: We will see about that!

As soon as both of them go to swing their weapons a portal forms in front of them as well. 

Sephiroth (letting out an evil laugh): Your fate lies within the portal. See you on the battlefield. 

Cloud is then sucked into the portal like the rest of the heroes. 

Switch to the villains

Akuma (talking to the other villains): Finally, we will see the downfall of all the heroes around the universe. Each of you have made me proud. With the help from Pandora the universe is as good as ours. 

The villains have successfully captured the first batch of heroes. The heroes are fully juiced from the pieces of the box. Each fighter is battle ravaged, and do not know each other whatsoever besides Ryu and Jin (from the first tournament) Akuma will force a 3 on 3 battle. The matchup will be Ryu, Sonic, & Cloud vs. Jin, Yoda, and Link. The location of the fight is on an deserted island to ensure no visitors or interruptions.

The chambers open and the shackles are undone from the heroes. Words are spoken between Ryu and Jin.

Ryu: So, Pandora has brought us back together for another battle. Its power is too great to let you and your allies wield it. Surrender and save yourself the trouble.

Jin: Never going to happen. My team and I want one thing and one thing only Ryu. The rest of Pandora's Box. With it, the King of Iron Fist tournament is as good as won once again and the universe will bend at my will.

Ryu: Not today Jin. You have to get through us first to take over the universe

Ryu and Jin then begin to battle. Sonic will face-off against Yoda, and Cloud will take on Link. 

All characters have all their normal movesets/powers but, are equipped with enhanced health and healing beyond normal levels. What team will come out on top? And Why?

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12 hours ago, RakaiThwei said:

Well, it's definitely a decent set up! For what you want to get across, it gets the job done.

Thankyou RakaiThwei. As for the matchup who do you think wins?

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Personally, I would take Cloud over Link and Ryu over Jin, although I think both would be close. Maybe 6 times out of 10 for Cloud and 7 times out of 10 for Ryu. That leaves Sonic versus Yoda. I don't know if the extended Star Wars lore mentions how force awareness deals with super speed, but I think Yoda will have a hard time catching Sonic. That should give Team 1 the win. 

Underrated potential cross match in this is if Yoda and Cloud cross paths and start a sword/lightsaber battle that is akin to Advent Children.

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Okay, not too bad for this one. Some of the people are written a bit out of character and a lot of the dialogue sounds kind of anime-like, but the prelude describing Pandora's Box is good and the story has a good structure.

As for the match, I think Team 1 is a little more powerful overall and might take it in the end.

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I’m liking team 2 for this fight to be honest, mostly because I think Yoda’s force powers will be a huge X-Factor that will be hard for the other team to counter. 

Glad to see your getting better at writing set-ups WeAreVenom, keep it up!

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
3.30 - Pizzaguy2995
5.00 - patrickthekid
3.60 - DSkillz
3.50 - JohnnyChany

FPA Calculation:
4 Total Votes cast
15.40 Total Combined Score
15.40 / 4 = 3.85 Final Rating on the match

Sonic the Hedgehog and Ryu and Cloud Strife: 5
Link and Jin Kazama and Master Yoda: 2

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Set up was good. I like team battles and think the Sonic/Ryu/Cloud team would really be a tough group to beat. Sorry didn't get to this in time.

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