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Donatello (Mirage) vs. Donatello (2012)

Donatello (Mirage): 7
Donatello (2012): 1


Goliath (Evolve) vs. The Rancor

Goliath (Evolve): 2
The Rancor: 1


Falconer Predator vs. Indoraptor

Falconer Predator: 4
Indoraptor: 2


Space Power Rangers vs. Cassie Chan

Space Power Rangers: 5
Cassie Chan: 1


White Fox vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

White Fox: 3
Cybermen (Mondasian): 2


11:8 - Master Shifu vs. Zordon of Eltar

Master Shifu: 5
Zordon of Eltar: 2


11:8 - Black Jack vs. Leslie Thompkins

Black Jack: 1
Leslie Thompkins: 5


11:8 - Johnny Lawrence vs. Rocky Balboa

Johnny Lawrence: 3
Rocky Balboa: 5


11:8 - Amanda vs. The Saint

Amanda: 4
The Saint: 3


11:8 - The Holographic Doctor vs. Beverly Crusher

The Holographic Doctor: 2
Beverly Crusher: 6


11:8 - Coach Jon McGurk vs. Wildcat

Coach Jon McGurk: 0
Wildcat: 7


11:8 - Muttley vs. The Town of Silent Hill

Muttley: 1
The Town of Silent Hill: 5


11:8 - Garrett (Thief) vs. Carmen Sandiego

Garrett (Thief): 1
Carmen Sandiego: 8


11:8 - Genji vs. Psylocke

Genji: 3
Psylocke: 6


11:8 - Genie (Disney) vs. Remnant

Genie (Disney): 3
Remnant: 4


11:8 - Daredevil vs. Deathstroke

Daredevil: 9
Deathstroke: 1


11:8 - Sgt. Slaughter vs. Phil (Disney)

Sgt. Slaughter: 6
Phil (Disney): 2


11:8 - Shinobi (Joe Musashi) vs. Lady Shiva

Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 5
Lady Shiva: 2


11:8 - Autolycus vs. Isabela

Autolycus: 5
Isabela: 1


11:8 - Jinx vs. Mileena

Jinx: 6
Mileena: 2

Match 16338 Honoka (DOA) vs. E. Honda

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Inside Meiji Jingu Stadium, Edmund Honda talked with reporters inside the ring following his victory over Goro Daimon. (REF: E. HONDA VS. GORO DAIMON) He quickly shooed them away when he noticed a familiar face waiting for him on the opposite end of the ring.

“You looked great in your fight,” Ryu commented.

“Thank you,” replied Honda. “I almost never see you at these kinds of events. What makes this one special?”

“I was hoping you could help me,” said Ryu. “I have received calls from both Ken and Chun-Li, but now when I call back I can’t get a hold of them.  (REF: CHUN-LI VS. NAOTORA LI) I assume it must be something big if they are both reaching out to me, but I don’t know what is going on. Do you know?”

Honda shook his head. “No idea. I have been consumed by my preparation for this exhibition.” Honda then smiled. “It does look like the hard work paid off though.”

The sumo then noticed that Ryu was no longer looking at him and was instead gazing off into the distance. “What is it?”

“Something is going on over there,” answered Ryu.

Honda followed his gaze to a large group of people. He scoffed. “A fight probably just broke out between a couple of fans. It’s not uncommon. My guess is that it’s between an angry Judo fan and a Sumo fan.”

“I want to go check it out.”

The large group of onlookers that Ryu had spotted included Honoka, who watched with a mix of confusion and excitement as the large red male behemoth with the mirrored helmet that had tried to kidnap her fought with another enormous man with curly hair and a pink leopard tank top that was trying to stop him. (REF: HUGO ANDORE VS. GIGAS) The two giants exchanged punches and crashed into vending stations. They looked like kaiju destroying everything in their path. It quickly became clear that neither fighter was interested in blocking, only in trying to establish their physical dominance over the other. 

Hugo lurched backwards after receiving an overhead punch from Gigas, he then responded with a front kick right in the chest of Gigas. And back and forth they went, exchanging high impact blows that would cripple normal men.

Honoka was curious to see if she could learn any new moves from watching this titanic fight, although neither Hugo or Gigas were displaying very many techniques in their rumble. They were also starting to slow down. Gigas was the first to get in several successive shots without Hugo hitting back. Hugo was low on energy and it was clear he would not last long. Gigas lifted Hugo in the air with the intent of slamming the brute head first on the ground and ending the fight. Once in the air, Hugo received a jolt of adrenaline, clasped his hands together and pounded on Gigas’s helmet. After three axe handle shots from Hugo, Gigas let go of the wrestler and stumbled backward bThe before falling flat on his back. His mirrored helmet was broken and one of the glowing yellow eyes dimmed. Exhausted and beaten, Hugo fell on top of him.


A pink haired woman with a white top and short blue jean shorts fought through the crowd of spectators and ran to Hugo’s side where she immediately scolded him.

“You dumb oaf, I saw everything. Why are you getting involved in things that have nothing to do with you? Is it because you saw a pretty girl? You have to be smarter if we are really going to make it big.” Poison shook Hugo’s arm. “Are you listening to me?” She glared over at Honoka. “He came over to rescue you, why didn’t you step in to help him?”

Honoka shrugged. “It wasn’t my fight.”

“Stupid girl,” Poison huffed.

The circle of humanity surrounding them started to part as Kyo, Athena, and Hinako approached.

Honoka held her forearms close to her chest and squealed like a fangirl. “Athena!!”

Athena smiled. “Honoka, it is nice to meet you. Hinako has told me so much about you.”

Honoka extended out her hand to greet the pop idol. “No, the pleasure is all mine. I am your number one fan.”

Hinako looked around at the destruction around them and the two large men unconscious on the ground. “What happened here? Honoka, are you ok?”

“I am standing two feet from Athena Asamiya. I am doing great,” gushed Honoka.

Poison who was still kneeling next to Hugo explained the situation. “That red freakshow with the cables sticking out of his back was trying to take the girl, until my friend here stopped him.”

“Why would someone want to kidnap you?” asked Kyo.

“I have no idea.” replied Honoka.

“I bet it has something to do with your abilities,”: guessed Hinako.

“Hinako told me about that. Can you really imitate any move that you see?” Athena wondered.

“Pretty much. It doesn’t always look good the first couple of times, but I can usually get it after a few times practicing,” explained Honoka.

“That is incredible,” Kyo remarked.

Honoka smiled shyly. “Thanks.”

Poison left Hugo’s side and walked over to the other fighters. 

“Bullshi…” Poison stopped herself mid statement when she recognized two more fighters that were walking toward the group. Ryu and E. Honda appeared next to Kyo.

“Oh great, he’s here too,” she whispered.


The sight of the world warrior himself startled Kyo. He had really wanted to fight the legendary Ryu to test his abilities for years, but now was not the time. Kyo did wonder if Ryu would know how to get to M. Bison. Thinking back to the stare Bison gave him when he was taking Talim, Z.W.E.I., and Viola (REF: YOSHIMITSU VS. RYU HAYABUSA) made Kyo angry inside. Kyo was brought back to the present when E. Honda put his hand on Kyo’s shoulder.

“I saw you back there talking to Goro Daimon after the match. Your friend fought well and should be proud.” stated Honda.

“Is that Hugo on the ground over there?” Ryu inquired.

“Unfortunately yes,” answered Poison.

“Who is the weird looking guy next to him?” asked Honda.

“Not a clue, but they knocked eachother out,” replied Poison bitterly.

“Hugo is quite strong, anything strong enough to knock him out must be very powerful,” Ryu reasoned. “What were they fighting over?”

“We believe it was over this girl, Honoka,” Athena piped in.


Hinako stepped forward. “My new friend Honoka can copy techniques after witnessing them almost instantly. We had a match (REF: HONOKA VS. HINAKO SHIJOU) and she would replicate my sumo techniques minutes after I would use them although she has never trained in sumo before.”

Honda rubbed his chin. “Really?”

“Yes sir. She was doing things it took me years to learn.” Hinako then nervously giggled. “My name is Hinako by the way, I’m a big fan Mr. Honda.”

“Hinako has some really cool sumo moves,” added Honoka. “But yours are even more amazing.” 

Honoka pushed out her right hand and did a replication of Honda’s 100 hand slap. The form was a little sloppy but it was a close facsimile.Honda’s eyes bulged at the sight of it.

“We have been tangling with some powerful fighters as of late, including M. Bison,” stated Kyo. “I wonder if it could be related to whoever wanted to nab Honoka.”

“Bison?” Ryu immediately thought this must be what Chun-Li and Ken were trying to reach him for. “I want to know all about it and all the warriors you have come across if you will indulge me. But first, we must figure out what Honoka’s abilities really are. That may give us a clue as to who sent that thing to kidnap her.”

“Allow me,” offered Honda. He beckoned Honoka to come face to face with him. “Let us see if you are only good at mimicking the techniques you see or if there is any weight behind the moves.”

“You want me to fight you with my sumo moves?” asked Honoka.

“I want to see all your moves,” Honda clarified.

Honoka tensed up for a moment. She could feel all the other fighters watching her with expectation. She especially did not want to disappoint Athena Asamiya. She desperately wanted to impress the pop idol with her fighting prowess. 

“Good luck, Honoka,” Athena called out.

Athena’s encouragement made Honoka smile. “Ok Mr. Honda. I’m going to give you everything I got.”





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Suddenly my mind is going to the gutter by thinking of those H-Doujins where Honoka ends up with an ugly bastard when I saw this match. 

In all seriousness, Honda wins this. Honoka doesn't seem to treat fighting seriously but more as a game, and her fighting style is a hodge podge of other styles. Honda's fighting style is consistent and he's a veteran.

E. Honda wins.

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Honda wins a fairly easy match. He usually gives me trouble with those combos and I don't imagine Honoka will do any better.

Great set up too. Glad to see Ryu. Hopefully we'll get some more of him soon.

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Another good set-up, Johnny. As mentioned, it's good to finally see Ryu starting to get involved in the action. 

As for the match, I agree that Honda should win this. Honoka is apparently a good mimic, but mimicry does not = experience.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - SSJRuss
4.40 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
9.40 Total Combined Score
9.40 / 2 = 4.70 Final Rating on the match

Honoka (DOA): 4
E. Honda: 3

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