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Tournament - The Kraken (Clash of the Titans) vs. Midgard Serpent

The Kraken (Clash of the Titans): 2
Midgard Serpent: 3


Siegfried vs. Gill

Siegfried: 4
Gill: 1


Michelangelo (Mirage) vs. Michelangelo (2012)

Michelangelo (Mirage): 7
Michelangelo (2012): 0


Cybermen (Mondasian) vs. April O'Neil

Cybermen (Mondasian): 3
April O'Neil: 0


11:6 - Doogie Howser vs. Beverly Crusher

Doogie Howser: 1
Beverly Crusher: 10


11:6 - The Derelict (LV-426) vs. Penny (Inspector Gadget)

The Derelict (LV-426): 8
Penny (Inspector Gadget): 4


11:6 - Catwoman vs. Arsene Lupin III

Catwoman: 2
Arsene Lupin III: 9


11:6 - Tinker Bell vs. Princess Aurora

Tinker Bell: 8
Princess Aurora: 4


11:6 - Batman (Richard Grayson) vs. Leonardo (TMNT)

Batman (Richard Grayson): 3
Leonardo (TMNT): 8


11:6 - Neal Caffrey vs. Dominic Toretto

Neal Caffrey: 10
Dominic Toretto: 2


11:6 - The Death Star vs. Ron Stoppable

The Death Star: 4
Ron Stoppable: 10


11:6 - Anna Of Arendelle vs. Belle (Disney)

Anna Of Arendelle: 12
Belle (Disney): 4


11:6 - Carlton Banks vs. Konohagakure

Carlton Banks: 10
Konohagakure: 2


11:6 - Tiana (Disney) vs. Pocahontas

Tiana (Disney): 3
Pocahontas: 10


11:6 - Raphael (TMNT) vs. Lady Shiva

Raphael (TMNT): 5
Lady Shiva: 9


11:6 - Snake-Eyes vs. Raiden (Metal Gear)

Snake-Eyes: 4
Raiden (Metal Gear): 6


11:6 - Shinobi (Joe Musashi) vs. Michelangelo (1987)

Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 6
Michelangelo (1987): 3


11:6 - Sir John Falstaff vs. Vice City

Sir John Falstaff: 10
Vice City: 2


11:6 - Arthur Morgan vs. Nathan Drake

Arthur Morgan: 9
Nathan Drake: 2


11:6 - Dwight Schrute vs. Remnant

Dwight Schrute: 4
Remnant: 6

Match 16313 Jin Kazama vs. Kazuki Kazama

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After an intense back and forth skirmish in which both women gave it their all, Sophitia emerged victorious in her training session against Charlotte.  (REF: SOPHITIA ALEXANDRA VS. CHARLOTTE) The French noblewoman dropped her epee on the ground and bowed respectfully to her friend.

“Sophitia, you are stronger than ever,” she marveled.

“Thank you for this fight,” Sophitia replied.

With their swords no longer clashing, the newfound silence was quickly interrupted by the sounds of grunting and shouting.

Sophitia peered out into the darkness. “Who is that fighting over there?”

Charlotte followed Sophitia’s gaze and listened closely. “One of them sounds like one of the men who brought in the malfested girl today.”

They both rushed over to get a better look. When they were close enough, Sophita recognized a face she hadn’t seen in over a hundred years.

“Zasalamel!” she gasped.

A short distance away, Zasalamel continued his fight with the blonde haired brick house, Alex.  (REF: ALEX VS. ZASALAMEL)

Despite being struck by Zalasalmel’s scythe several times, Alex persevered through the cuts and bleeding to keep up his fight against the cloaked fighter. Zasalamel was impressed and even a little concerned by his opponent’s immense strength. Alex smacked away with a backhand another attempted strike from Zasalamel. He moved in behind Zasalamel, lifted him in the air and brought him back down with a brutal german suplex. Zasalamel rolled to his feet as he tried to think of the best way to dispatch his adversary before he could deliver many more high impact moves. Zasalamel turned to his most impressive abilities. He waved his hand in the air and purple energy suddenly surrounded Alex, lifting him off his feet. Zasalamel stomped his foot and white light permeated the area surrounding himself and Alex. Time was paused and Alex was frozen in midair. Zasalamel snapped his fingers and the purple energy surrounding Alex exploded and smashed him into the ground. The white light dissipated. Zasalamel picked up his scythe and planted it by Alex’s right shoulder before raking it across his entire body. He then steadied his weapon for a finishing blow.

“That’s enough!” shouted Sophitia. 

Zasalamel tilted his head to see that Sophitia and Charlotte were quickly approaching him.

“What the hell do you think you're doing?”

Zasalamel turned his head the other way to see a half dressed Bass Armstrong and the blue haired warrior, Sogetsu Kazama, also drawing near.

Sogetsu drew his sword. “If you are looking for a proper fight?”

Zasalamel did not like his odds against all four warriors now glaring at him as he stood over Alex’s battered body. 

“Not yet,” he whispered.

A portal developed out of the air behind him and he back stepped into it to safely make his escape before the portal itself disappeared.

“What was that?” Bass cried in confusion.

“Zasalamel,” answered Sophitia. “If he is getting involved then Soul Edge must truly be up for grabs.”

Bass knelt down next to the man who had once soundly beat him.  (REF: BASS ARMSTRONG VS. ALEX) “Hey buddy, you okay?”

“He does not look good,” noted Charlotte. “He will require medical attention immediately for those wounds.”

“So we made it just in time,” stated Sogetsu.

“Did the sounds of battle wake you?” asked Sophitia.

“Yes. I am surprised it didn’t stir up Kazuki,” replied Sogetsu. “If that cloaked man is to be one of our enemies, we will need to be ready for his possible return."

Sogetsu turned to go alert his younger brother of what had just transpired. Bass struggled to lift up Alex.

“Don’t worry we will get him taken care of,” Sophitia assured.

“Does the man with the scythe’s appearance make you want to alter your plan to pursue Helena Douglas?” Charlotte inquired.

Before Sophitia could answer, Sogetsu ran back to with a concerned expression plastered on his face.

“Kazuki’s gone,” he declared.

“What? Where?”

“I have no idea…he..it must be Jin,” guessed Sogetsu.

“Jin Kazama?”

“Kazuki has been itching for a reason to reveal himself to and confront our descendant ever since Jin militarized the Zaibatsu and started wars against his father,” Sogetsu explained. “The possibility of Jin pursuing Soul Edge, I fear, has sent Kazuki over the edge.”

Charlotte shook her head in disappointment. “That rash fool.”  



At the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin Kazama returned to his office after bidding farewell to the departing Eddy Gordo and Christie. (REF: MAI SHIRANUI VS. KATARINA ALVES) He was waiting for further updates from his new mercenary, Crimson Viper (REF: BENIMARU NIKAIDO VS. CRIMSON VIPER), as well as from Nina Williams and Rolento who went in pursuit of the person responsible for stealing Soul Edge shards from the Zaibatsu. (REF: MOMIJI VS. VEGA) The peace did not last long as alarm sirens rang throughout the building again.

Jin stood up quickly and moved toward his security cameras. He had learned his lesson from Rolento’s invasion of the Zaibatsu (REF: ROLENTO VS. BAYMAN)  and wanted to deal with the intruder personally. The perpetrator was not hard to spot as he was not attempting to be subtle or stealth. Jin stepped onto the central lift of the building and descended down several floors to where the intruder was fighting with the Tekken Force.

When the lift came to a stop, a member of the Tekken Force whizzed through the air in front of Jin, propelled by a fireball. The man responsible had red hair and wore a matching red gi. He lifted another member of the Tekken Force and set him ablaze with one hand. Five more members of the Tekken Force flooded the room and surrounded the red headed man. He did not appear to be alarmed by the development. Kazuki clenched his fists, shouted, and powered up. The result of this was a maelstrom of fire surrounding him and engulfing every member of the Tekken Force in his vicinity.

“What is the meaning of this and why are you here?” Jin demanded.

Kanzuki exhaled loudly a few times as the flames disappeared around him. He then responded, “I am here to stop you from your chosen path.”

Jin was defiant. “If you intend to take me on it will take more than a fancy pyro show to put me down. Who even are you?”

Kazuki scoffed. “Have some respect for your elders, boy. I am Kazuki Kazama, one of your ancestors.”

Jin tilted his head with curiosity.

“Obviously I come from your mother’s side of your lineage, not that filthy Mishima line,” Kazuki added.  “I have watched from afar with pride as you developed into a strong warrior, then with dismay to see the warmonger you’ve become now. I can only assume it is the Mishima blood within you that has led you astray, or that accursed devil gene.” Kazuki pulled out his demon possessed ninjato, the Vermillion Sparrow. “I too have lived most of my life close to evil, but you must control it and not let it control you.”

“Even if you are what you claim to be, I have no desire to be lectured by you or anyone when you have no idea what my plan is,” Jin retorted.

Anger swelled up inside Kazuki. “Stay away from Soul Edge! No good can come from its use.”

“An interesting warning coming from a man with a clearly evil imbued sword and….” Jin paused for a moment. “I have been in contact with fragments of Soul Edge already and I can clearly feel it coming from you.”

“I took in shards of Soul Edge so that I could help fight the Evil Seed not use it for my own selfish purposes,” Kazuki insisted.

“This conversation is over, your hypocrisy bores me,” said Jin.

Kazuki’s anger boiled over. “No! I will not allow you to further tarnish the Kazama name by associating it with the evil of Soul Edge!”



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Jin... Definitely Jin, especially considering that he's on par with the likes of Kazuya and Heihachi, and that's not even counting the activation of the Devil Gene.

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This match feels natural and exciting to see Jin get some action. It would be a fun fight but yeah, Jin probably kills Kazuki. It's a shame because in different circumstances I could see these two being allies.

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On 5/3/2021 at 3:44 PM, Pizzaguy2995 said:

I do feel kind of bad for constantly underestimating the Samurai Shodown characters, but Jin is a freaking beast! If he loses to anyone short of Ryu, Kyo, Terry or Kasumi then I’ll call hacks!

LOL. It is a little challenging to find compelling fights for some of the main game protagonists unless they just fight eachother. However you did mention Kasumi and I think she has a pretty good challenge waiting for in round 3. 

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Ah, finally catching up again. :) Another good set-up, Johnny, and it's good that you're still somehow managing to keep all the different plot threads in this arc tied together.

As for this match, not only does Jin seem more powerful than Kazuki, but he also seems to have the naturally-cooler head between them. Add all that to the fact that the Soul Edge shards may be making Kazuki even more hot-headed than usual, and Jin should probably easily take this.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.70 - SSJRuss
4.20 - Pizzaguy2995
5.00 - patrickthekid
4.90 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
4 Total Votes cast
18.80 Total Combined Score
18.80 / 4 = 4.70 Final Rating on the match

Jin Kazama: 5
Kazuki Kazama: 1

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