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Beast (Disney) vs. Mankind

Beast (Disney): 4
Mankind: 0


The Daleks vs. Cobra Organization

The Daleks: 8
Cobra Organization: 0


9:3 - Dr. Evil vs. Lt. Columbo

Dr. Evil: 2
Lt. Columbo: 7


9:3 - Sailor Galaxia vs. Raven (DC Comics)

Sailor Galaxia: 9
Raven (DC Comics): 2


9:3 - Earthworm Jim vs. Gex

Earthworm Jim: 2
Gex: 9


9:3 - Carol Danvers vs. Wonder Woman

Carol Danvers: 2
Wonder Woman: 12


9:3 - Beerus vs. Doctor Strange

Beerus: 4
Doctor Strange: 8


9:3 - Metaluna Mutant (s) vs. Battle Droids

Metaluna Mutant (s): 2
Battle Droids: 7


9:3 - Artemis Fowl II vs. Sherlock Holmes

Artemis Fowl II: 6
Sherlock Holmes: 4


9:3 - Tommy Vercetti vs. L (Death Note)

Tommy Vercetti: 1
L (Death Note): 12


9:3 - Lisbeth Salander vs. Kingpin

Lisbeth Salander: 7
Kingpin: 4


9:3 - Knull vs. Darkseid

Knull: 5
Darkseid: 9


9:3 - Mogo vs. Vegeta

Mogo: 1
Vegeta: 10


9:3 - Deathstroke vs. Robin (Tim Drake)

Deathstroke: 2
Robin (Tim Drake): 10


9:3 - Galactus vs. Larfleeze

Galactus: 9
Larfleeze: 2


9:3 - Wario vs. Crash Bandicoot

Wario: 4
Crash Bandicoot: 8


9:3 - Omega Shenron vs. Captain Marvel (Shazam)

Omega Shenron: 1
Captain Marvel (Shazam): 9


9:3 - The Crazy 88 vs. The Minions

The Crazy 88: 6
The Minions: 4


9:3 - Hellboy vs. Ozymandias (Watchmen)

Hellboy: 2
Ozymandias (Watchmen): 7


9:3 - Superman (Injustice) vs. Ryoko Habuki

Superman (Injustice): 3
Ryoko Habuki: 7

Match 16278 Aqualad (Jackson Hyde) vs. Ocean Master

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Brave New World PT 5
Flash III was so close to smashing the final mirror, when a well aimed shot from the Mirror Gun tagged him in the knee, sending him tumbling into the wall hard!
“I told ya to stay out my way Baby Flash! I’m done pissing about with you heroes!”
Evan McCulloch stepped out of the mirror from the far left side of the room. He briefly regarded the downed Scarlet Speedster for a moment, then his attention was drawn to a final box that was left in the room.
“Bloody useless twats! I told them to get all the supplies!”
Wallace tried desperately to get up, but he couldn’t put pressure on his right knee without searing pain dropping him on his face. Dammit! If it had been a bullet he would’ve healed by now, but the damn mirror bolts apparently operate via different rules! Having to use a nearby desk to support himself Wallace spotted McCulloch checking on the box, tapping on the keypad to open it and show off it’s contents.
Holy shit that’s Nth metal! No way can that fall into the wrong hands!
“Stay down kid! Not even Allen could recover from my bolts so fast,” Evan warned him, pulling out what looked to be a small box.
Gritting his teeth through the pain, Wallace made one last charge toward McCulloch. Only for a second golden portal to open in front of him.
“What the-“
Wallace R West tripped and slid across the ground, barely registering the portal boom close behind him. His injured knee now felt like it was throbbing and he held it close as he sucked in a harsh intake of breath. When the pain finally eased up a bit, Wallace opened his eyes to see that the portal had teleported him to a long, luminescent green hallway, with glass all around the walls. Seeing several fish swimming freely on the other side of the glass, Wallace figured he was he either in some very impressive aquarium or in the submerged city of Atlantis itself.
“Only one way to find out.”
Careful not to put anymore pressure on his bad knee, Wallace limped down the hallway, looking for someone to talk to. Unnervingly, the usually bustling Atlantis was eerily quiet and deserted.
*Angry Atlantean Shouting*
“Easy! Easy! I’m a friend,” Wallace reflexively put his hands up as he stumbled across a cadre of Atlantis soldiers, two of whom were pointing guns at him and yelling aggressively. Looking at the two in the back, Wally realized one of the group was in chains and looked at him in astonished recognition. “Kaldur’ahm?”
Taking advantage of the distraction caused by his surface friends appearance, Kaldur elbowed the closest guard in the face and brought his chains around his neck. The remaining soldiers turned back around and opened fired, but Kaldur used the guard as a meat shield to take the blasts. With a mighty kick, he launched the now dead guard’s body at his comrades, knocking them down long enough for Kaldur to grab a discarded rifle and hold them at gunpoint now.
“Perfect timing my friend, are the others right behind you?”
Twirling the gun around Kaldur blasted through the chains keeping him bound. As the shackles slipped off his wrists, his tattoos began to glow brightly and he produced an electric zap that rendered the soldiers unconscious.
“Right behind what? Kaldur what is going on here? What happened?”
“The League didn’t get my priority alert?” Seeing Wallace’s clueless face, Kaldur’s own face fell a little. “Ocean Master has returned, while the majority of our forces were stationed in South America or accompanying Prince Arthur II to New York, he managed a surprise attack and is now occupying the capital building and has taken Queen Meera hostage.”
“Shit man! Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go save the Queen!” Wallace almost forgot about his bad knee and nearly fell face down again.
“Are you hurt? What happened? How did you even get to Atlantis?” Kaldur’ahm asked as he helped the speedster steady himself.
“I’ll explain latter, but right now we gotta focus on saving your Queen and Country,” Wallace insisted.
“You treacherous, vile, spineless worm! Arthur should have taken your head years ago!”
Queen Mera glared hatefully at her treasonous brother-in-law, were it not for the fact she was chained up with two squadrons of his men on either side of her, she would have gladly taken his head personally. The so called Ocean Master paced the steps of the Atlantis throne room, looking more annoyed by the Queen’s threats then anything.
“I have little time for dramatics sister, now lift the curse you put on the catacomb door. The Trident of Poseidon belongs in the hands of the one who can properly protect Atlantis,” The usurper to the throne pointed out the sealed vault in the back, the one containing the weapon meant for the true ruler of Atlantis.
“You will never lay hands on the Trident again usurper! That Trident is the birth right of my son! The true heir to the throne of Atlantis!” Mera fiercely denied the self proclaimed master of the oceans.
“And where is your precious son now Mera? Gallivanting on the surface world, breaking bread with his surface dwelling friends while the greatest threat our civilization has ever faced is on the threshold of attacking?” The Ocean Master demanded.
“Some more of your self-delusional preaches about the ‘dangerous’ surface world Orm? Just what insidious plot have you dreamed up about them this time?” Mera sarcastically asked.
“The surface dwellers are the least of our problems women! I speak of a dark force that even as we speak moves to threaten the security of the entire Earth itself! And with my brother dead and my nephew still a whelp, only I can protect Atlantis from it!” The former prince of Atlantis aggressively explained.
“And I’m supposed to take the words of a treasonous, disgraced exile on faith? That after all the pain, suffering, and betrayals you’ve dealt to your own brother and king that now you want to help us? Just wait until my son’s forces return from New York Orm!” The Queen threatened.
“Sorry to say sister, but I fear my nephew won’t be leaving that surface city alive,” The villain cryptically said.
“What did you say? WHAT DID YOU SAY? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ORM? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE AGAINST YOUR OWN NEPHEW!?!?” Mera had to be held back from two of Orm’s men.
“We can’t just sit here and do nothing! We have to save her!” Flash insisted as he and and the new Aquaman watched the scene unfold.
“You won’t be able to fight with your injury Flash, but if you could turn on the spigot over on the other side of the room,” Aquaman pointed it out. “Our Queen has prepared for this sort of scenario.”
“It’s not my forces that move against your son Mera! He’s not even their main target, it’s-”
A sudden spray of water started flooding into the throne room. Acting quickly, Mera manipulated the water into a giant manta and had it barrel through several of Ocean Master’s soldiers and then slam the treasonous prince against the wall. The new Aquaman moved to assist his Queen, constructing his water into a sledgehammer, he smashed his way through the soldiers that his Queen hasn’t already wrapped up with giant tentacle constructs.
Queen Mera was blindsided by a sucker punch to the face, curtesy of her usurping brother-in-law.
“I gave you the chance to help me willingly! But make no mistake I will- AAHH! AGH!”
A sudden water blast from Aquaman forced the power hungry Atlantean away from the out cold Queen.
“Get away from her traitor!” Aquaman grunted as he maintained his blast.
“Yeah buddy! Striking an old women like that just ain’t cool!” 
Flash desperately tried to blitz the evil would be despot despite his notable limp. But with a wave of his hand, Orm launched his own water blast that hit Flash III and sent him flying into the glass wall, knocking him out as well. Redirecting the blast to disrupt his enemies own blast, Ocean Master and Aquaman II starred each other down.
“Don’t think that inheriting my late brother’s title makes you his equal Kaldur’ahm!”
“Don’t think that because he’s gone that Atlantis will bow to you Orm! I swore to our late King that his son would inherit the throne when he came of age and that I’d stop you when you try to take it from him!”
Think of this Kaldur’ahm as an amalgam of the Young Justice version and the Jackson Hyde comic book version.
This version of Ocean Master is mostly the Prime Earth incarnation and backstory, but remember that while he has his Royal Crown for this fight, he DOES NOT have the Trident, so he won’t be able to replicate the feat of knocking out Wonder Woman, Superman, and Aquaman in one blow.
Who takes this?
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No ratings for this one?

C'mon, we're better than this, CBUB!

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Apologies, Pizzaguy, completely missed this. My knowledge on Aquaman characters is minimal but I would have at least given you a high rating that your hard work deserves. Hopefully this does not discourage you from continuing your arc.

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Sorry Pizzaguy. I haven't had the time to read matches lately. I'm catching up slowly and this was a good match. My vote would have gone to Ocean Master though, so same result.

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