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Beast (Disney) vs. Mankind

Beast (Disney): 4
Mankind: 0


The Daleks vs. Cobra Organization

The Daleks: 8
Cobra Organization: 0


9:3 - Dr. Evil vs. Lt. Columbo

Dr. Evil: 2
Lt. Columbo: 7


9:3 - Sailor Galaxia vs. Raven (DC Comics)

Sailor Galaxia: 9
Raven (DC Comics): 2


9:3 - Earthworm Jim vs. Gex

Earthworm Jim: 2
Gex: 9


9:3 - Carol Danvers vs. Wonder Woman

Carol Danvers: 2
Wonder Woman: 12


9:3 - Beerus vs. Doctor Strange

Beerus: 4
Doctor Strange: 8


9:3 - Metaluna Mutant (s) vs. Battle Droids

Metaluna Mutant (s): 2
Battle Droids: 7


9:3 - Artemis Fowl II vs. Sherlock Holmes

Artemis Fowl II: 6
Sherlock Holmes: 4


9:3 - Tommy Vercetti vs. L (Death Note)

Tommy Vercetti: 1
L (Death Note): 12


9:3 - Lisbeth Salander vs. Kingpin

Lisbeth Salander: 7
Kingpin: 4


9:3 - Knull vs. Darkseid

Knull: 5
Darkseid: 9


9:3 - Mogo vs. Vegeta

Mogo: 1
Vegeta: 10


9:3 - Deathstroke vs. Robin (Tim Drake)

Deathstroke: 2
Robin (Tim Drake): 10


9:3 - Galactus vs. Larfleeze

Galactus: 9
Larfleeze: 2


9:3 - Wario vs. Crash Bandicoot

Wario: 4
Crash Bandicoot: 8


9:3 - Omega Shenron vs. Captain Marvel (Shazam)

Omega Shenron: 1
Captain Marvel (Shazam): 9


9:3 - The Crazy 88 vs. The Minions

The Crazy 88: 6
The Minions: 4


9:3 - Hellboy vs. Ozymandias (Watchmen)

Hellboy: 2
Ozymandias (Watchmen): 7


9:3 - Superman (Injustice) vs. Ryoko Habuki

Superman (Injustice): 3
Ryoko Habuki: 7

Match 16268 Kolin vs. Mature

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Alex remained by Vanessa Lewis’s side in her tent even after the shards of Soul Edge were removed from her body. (REF: SOPHITIA ALEXANDRA VS. CHARLOTTE)  Alex had been a loner for a long time, but he would be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that he had formed a sort of kinship with his fellow fighters, Vanessa Lewis and Sarah Bryant, training in the same gym for months. He hated seeing her in such a vulnerable state.

Vanessa’s eyes fluttered open. Her strange new surroundings briefly startled her. Alex placed a reassuring hand on her arm.

“Alex? Where are we? What happened?” 

“Somewhere safe,” answered Alex. 

Vanessa started to try and lift herself up.

“Hold on, slow down,” Alex cautioned. “The women who took those things out of you said you need to take it easy for a while.”

Vanessa eased back down.

“It was horrible, Alex. I was conscious the entire time. I could feel and see myself doing those things, but I couldn’t stop it. It’s like those out of body experiences that people talk about. All I felt was rage,” Vanessa explained.  (REF: MILA VS. VANESSA LEWIS)

“You don’t have to worry about that now,” stated Alex. “Some ancient knight named Cassandra took down the redhead that possessed you.  (REF: VICE VS. CASSANDRA ALEXANDRA)  The redhead’s name is Vice. She isn’t being forthcoming with where she got those shards, but the people here have a plan to get her to talk.”

Vanessa looked around. “Where is Sarah?”

“She wasn’t at the gym when I got there. I was hoping maybe you knew what had happened to her,” said Alex.

“I am pretty sure the other blonde fought her, but I don't know for sure because I was busy fighting Vice,”  Vanessa recalled.  (REF: SARAH BRYANT VS. MATURE

Alex regarded Vanessa with a confused expression. “What other blonde?”,

“The one that was working with Vice,” replied Vanessa. “Did you not run into her?”

“Cassandra only fought Vice…. I guess we all assumed she was alone,” Alex admitted.

Vanessa shook her head. “No, that’s not right. There were two of them.”

Before Alex could fully digest this new information a loud clash outside of the tent distracted him. It sounded like two swords smashing into one another. 

“Don’t move, I’m going to go check and see what's going on. Don’t worry Vanessa, I won’t let anything else bad happen to you,” Alex promised.




Kolin left the unconscious body of Lien Neville in her now trashed hotel room.  (REF: KOLIN VS. LIEN NEVILLE)  She then made a quick call to one of the Secret Society’s “cleaners” to fix up the mess. After she hung up her phone, Kolin felt uneasy. She wondered if she was even still in good standing with the Society. How else could she explain the sudden appearance of Charlie Nash  (REF: IORI YAGAMI VS. CHARLIE NASH)  as well as her recent confrontation with a trained assassin. Kolin was certain that Urien was involved, he was the one that had assigned her to Iori Yagami in the first place.  (REF: BASS ARMSTRONG VS, ALEX)  Yet, whether he was operating alone or with Gill’s blessing was unclear. Kolin had put her faith in another high ranking member of the Secret Society, Algol, she had always respected him, but she had not yet heard back from him.  (REF: URIEN VS. ALGOL)

Kolin stepped into the elevator. She mulled over the possibility of abandoning her mission completely and ditching Iori. A mix of fear and professionalism kept her from fully considering this option. If she wasn’t already in the Society’s crosshairs, running away from her mission would certainly place her there.

As the elevator doors opened to the lobby, Kolin resolved herself to stay on mission and stay by Iori’s side. If nothing else she was curious to see how the whole thing would play out. 

When Kolin approached Iori, he was expression was less than pleasant. “What took you so long?”

“Apologies, Mr. Yagami. A woman wants to look her best when traveling the world,” stated Kolin.

Iori rolled his eyes. “Let’s get moving. We are going to a small village, Chizuru’s home. There is no need to get all dolled up for that.”

On the way to Chizuru’s village, Iori relayed the Yata Clan heiress’s story to Kolin about their mission to stop the resurrection of Soul Edge  (REF: ATHENA ASAMIYA VS. CHAI XIANGHUA)  and the things that they have encountered.  (REF: CHIZURU KAGURA VS. KAZUMI MISHIMA)

Kolin stopped walking just outside of the Yata Clan village. Feeling her hesitation, Iori stopped as well.

“Are you sure you want to get involved in this?” Kolin inquired. “I know you don’t really enjoy fighting.”

Iori sighed. “It can be a bit of a bore. However, I would be less than honest if I said I didn’t take some pleasure in putting the hurt on people, and from the sounds of it I will get plenty of opportunities to do just that.” He darted his eyes toward Kolin’s hands. “Also, I know you are a fighter as well. You have tried to hide it somewhat since coming into my service, but I can tell. I could tell when that military meathead confronted you. Not to mention, you still have some blood under your fingernails from whatever person or thing you were fighting at the Prince Park Tower hotel.”

Kolin’s eyes bulged, she was horrified at her own slip up.

“It’s okay that you haven’t been totally up front with me,” Iori reassured. “It’s pretty par for the course for that position it would seem. As long as you don’t get any ideas of trying to betray me and do your job well, which you have been, anything else you have outside of the job is not my concern.”

Kolin was not sure what to say next.

“If anything, I am somewhat intrigued,” Iori confessed.

“Iori!” shouted a voice.

Iori expected to possibly be greeted by Chizuru outside the village, but that was not the figure he saw when he turned to his right.

It was one of his former assistants. It was Mature.

“You look so…..alive?!?” Iori remarked.

Mature grinned. “It is good to see you too.”

“I guess this would explain why you haven’t been haunting my dreams lately,” said Iori. “How did you find me?”

Mature chuckled. “I haunted your dreams for years, and yet you still wonder how I could track you down.”

Kolin immediately recognized Mature as one of the three members of the Hakkeshu that she had rounded up for Urien. “Mature, what are you doing here?”

Mature glared at Kolin. “I am here for Iori, and I am here to free him from the clutches of you and your boss.”

Iori glanced over to Kolin. “Your boss?”

“It’s not what you think.” Kolin then turned her attention back to Mature. “There are more things going on here than you realize, demon worshipper.”

Mature scoffed. “Do not act for a second like you truly understand who or what Orochi is.”

“Someone please explain to me what is going on,” Iori insisted.

“This woman is part of the Illuminati or some imitation of it,” answered Mature. “Her boss is involved in an underhanded plot to unleash an ancient sword. He roped in Shermie, Vice, and I with the promise to use the sword to unleash Orochi.”

Iori grumbled his discontent at possibly having to deal with Orochi once more.

Mature continued. “We never really liked or trusted him. He had the same aura about him as Goenitz. We were going to use him as a means to an end, but it all went to hell.”

“It is strange you would come to me if you are looking for help unsealing Orochi,” Iori marveled.

“That is no longer my goal. Not now,” Mature clarified. “I wanted to rescue you from becoming one of their pawns and see if you would join me in teaching them a lesson for putting us in this mess.”

Kolin interrupted. “This is ridiculous. Mature has never given any reason why you should ever trust her.”

“She does keep coming back to me,” Iori marveled. “Despite our often opposing goals and the fact that I, well, killed her. That has to count for something. Plus, given what she has said and the fact that you clearly know so much about us, what reason do I have to trust you?”

Kolin tried to be quick on her feet. She did not want to lose Iori’s trust while she was still expected to keep an eye on him. “The person  I fought at the hotel was an assassin sent to kill me by my former boss, Urien, because I decided to work for you.” 

Mature snickered. “Hmmm, just like I did, despite it meaning going against Goenitz and the Hakkeshu. How convenient.”

Iori could barely hide his amusement over being the focal point of so much attention.

Kolin bluffed. “Iori, If you are going to get involved in this global hunt for Soul Edge, you will need the help of someone who has a vast knowledge of all the players involved. That someone is me.”

“Wrong, what he needs is someone who has been in  battles with him before, someone he knows won’t sell him out at the first opportunity,” Mature retorted. “Someone who can actually fight alongside him.”

“I can fight.  and If you would like a demonstration of that fact, I would be more than happy to show you up close,” Kolin threatened.

A sinister smile appeared on Mature’s face. “I was hoping you would say that.”

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On 4/20/2021 at 9:27 AM, Pizzaguy2995 said:

I’m favoring Kolin for this fight, I just love her ice attacks too much to go against her. 

They are pretty cool. When I started this thing way back when she was still just Gill's assistant. If I would have started it now I would have found a way to pair her off against Kula Diamond.

Missed doing this in the Mai/Katerina match, but for those who don't know


Previously defeated: Lien Neville


Previously defeated: Sarah Bryant




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Nice set up Johnny. Written well as usual.

Mature is my favorite for this fight. Not a big fan of Kolin and I kind of want to see her ass get whipped. It is likely that Iori would interfere, but the fight is close enough where I'd give this to Mature.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - patrickthekid
4.50 - SSJRuss
4.30 - Pizzaguy2995

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.80 Total Combined Score
13.80 / 3 = 4.60 Final Rating on the match

Kolin: 3
Mature: 1

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