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Chun-Li vs. Naotora Li

Chun-Li: 8
Naotora Li: 0

Lord Drakkon vs. The Super Hero Taisen Universe

Lord Drakkon: 2
The Super Hero Taisen Universe: 3

8:10 - Yujiro Hanma vs. Izuku Midoriya

Yujiro Hanma: 3
Izuku Midoriya: 8

8:10 - Hellboy vs. Sub-Zero

Hellboy: 5
Sub-Zero: 6

8:10 - Erin Esurance vs. Mr. Clean

Erin Esurance: 2
Mr. Clean: 9

8:10 - The Judderman vs. Pepsiman

The Judderman: 2
Pepsiman: 10

8:10 - Sarah Connor vs. Officer Rick Grimes

Sarah Connor: 6
Officer Rick Grimes: 5

8:10 - Graviton (EMH) vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

Graviton: 2
Ichigo Kurosaki: 7

8:10 - Dark Danny Phantom vs. Ryuko Matoi

Dark Danny Phantom: 8
Ryuko Matoi: 2

8:10 - Shuri vs. Venom

Shuri: 1
Venom: 11

8:10 - Princess Azula vs. Lemillion

Princess Azula: 0
Lemillion: 9

8:10 - Mad Max vs. Lt. Ellen Ripley

Mad Max: 10
Lt. Ellen Ripley: 2

8:10 - Tallahassee (Zombie Land) vs. Michonne

Tallahassee (Zombie Land): 5
Michonne: 6

8:10 - Saitama vs. Kazuya Mishima

Saitama: 7
Kazuya Mishima: 6

8:10 - Cinder Fall vs. The Absorbing Man (David Banner)

Cinder Fall: 9
The Absorbing Man (David Banner): 3

8:10 - Psylocke vs. Monkey D. Luffy

Psylocke: 6
Monkey D. Luffy: 7

8:10 - Akuma (Tekken) vs. Esdeath

Akuma: 7
Esdeath: 4

8:10 - Mystique vs. Spider-Man (Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy)

Mystique: 3
Spider-Man: 5

8:10 - Sarlacc vs. Shiki

Sarlacc: 4
Shiki: 6

8:10 - Mach Five vs. The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard)

Mach Five: 7
The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard): 3

Darli Dagger vs. Zarina

Darli Dagger: 2
Zarina: 1

Supergirl vs. Superwoman

Supergirl: 5
Superwoman: 1

8:9 - Ego (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ego the Living Planet: 3
Ichigo Kurosaki: 7

8:9 - Ecto-1 vs. Herbie

Ecto-1: 3
Herbie: 7

8:9 - Cinder Fall vs. Psylocke

Cinder Fall: 5
Psylocke: 6

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Rumble 16071 Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers vs. Runner Alien and Jungle Hunter (Predator)

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-- North America, USA -- 2040 A.D.

The western states have seperated from the U.S. because of natural disasters and the remaining states are now ruled under a military dictatorship government. Space exploration and technology are also at high advancements. The world has become a much different place as we know it.

-- New York City -- 

A group of scientists, working for a secret organization known as Division Z, are studying the cryogenically frozen bodies of Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. Division Z is a branch of the government that tests the brains of the worlds most insane masterminds and criminals. The scientists can now solve the mysteries and motives behind each of the killers with extensive research and data. The government will also try using them as military weapons when needed for important operations. Division Z will make sure to attach mind-control devices to the killers to reassure their are no mishaps in them turning on the U.S. soldiers. This device will also increase their durability levels and  instincts. However, for now, they are to be in stasis and to be studied and not to be used unless a world-crisis arises.

-- Deep Space -- 2082 A.D.
It is 3 years after the explosion of the original Nostromo. The Nostromo II is built by Division Z in efforts to further explore the planet of Xenomorph Prime. There aim is to capture aliens for testing and to use as weapons as well. Shortly after the ship launches from Earth it is taken over by a queen Xenomorph and her offspring. The space crew rush to kill-off all but one alien on board, to keep for the government. Unknown by the passengers, a herd of Yautja have snuck on the ship knowing many trophies are to be collected by killing off the infestation of Xenomorphs. Seeing the military as a major threat the Yautja and Xenomorphs realize working as one will be more affective in their races living while going up against the u.s. military.  In the midst of the battle against the humans the Nostromo II crashes into the Atlantic exploding on impact. Because of the crash the aliens and predators on board are destroyed besides one of each specie, which both manage to escape the plummeting spacecraft by using aircraft capsules. As their hopes to save their species is no longer a possibility the two begin wreaking havoc as they start in the city of New York knowing that's where the military headquarters is located.

The government and space program seeing the creatures as major threats release the rest of their military forces in trying to kill off both alien and predator but are proven unsuccessful. Each squad member is taken out one by one. Left with no other choice and minimal military personnel left the government must release the two killers to try and destroy the last predator and alien in the city. Nonetheless, the killers still have their original motives to destroy anything in their paths and are even stronger than before thanks to the mind-control devices that the government are using. If the governments operations are unsuccessful Earth will be changed yet again as we know it. Yautja and Xenomorph will rule the world and mankind will be nothing but history. 

Michael has a kitchen knife and a spear

Jason has a machete and a hatchet

Alien has all the originals: acid blood, bladed tail etc. 

Predator has his wristblade and a chakram 

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Jason Voorhees
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Michael Myers
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Runner Alien
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Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers: 0
Runner Alien and Jungle Hunter (Predator): 2

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