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Chun-Li vs. Naotora Li

Chun-Li: 8
Naotora Li: 0

Lord Drakkon vs. The Super Hero Taisen Universe

Lord Drakkon: 2
The Super Hero Taisen Universe: 3

8:10 - Yujiro Hanma vs. Izuku Midoriya

Yujiro Hanma: 3
Izuku Midoriya: 8

8:10 - Hellboy vs. Sub-Zero

Hellboy: 5
Sub-Zero: 6

8:10 - Erin Esurance vs. Mr. Clean

Erin Esurance: 2
Mr. Clean: 9

8:10 - The Judderman vs. Pepsiman

The Judderman: 2
Pepsiman: 10

8:10 - Sarah Connor vs. Officer Rick Grimes

Sarah Connor: 6
Officer Rick Grimes: 5

8:10 - Graviton (EMH) vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

Graviton: 2
Ichigo Kurosaki: 7

8:10 - Dark Danny Phantom vs. Ryuko Matoi

Dark Danny Phantom: 8
Ryuko Matoi: 2

8:10 - Shuri vs. Venom

Shuri: 1
Venom: 11

8:10 - Princess Azula vs. Lemillion

Princess Azula: 0
Lemillion: 9

8:10 - Mad Max vs. Lt. Ellen Ripley

Mad Max: 10
Lt. Ellen Ripley: 2

8:10 - Tallahassee (Zombie Land) vs. Michonne

Tallahassee (Zombie Land): 5
Michonne: 6

8:10 - Saitama vs. Kazuya Mishima

Saitama: 7
Kazuya Mishima: 6

8:10 - Cinder Fall vs. The Absorbing Man (David Banner)

Cinder Fall: 9
The Absorbing Man (David Banner): 3

8:10 - Psylocke vs. Monkey D. Luffy

Psylocke: 6
Monkey D. Luffy: 7

8:10 - Akuma (Tekken) vs. Esdeath

Akuma: 7
Esdeath: 4

8:10 - Mystique vs. Spider-Man (Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy)

Mystique: 3
Spider-Man: 5

8:10 - Sarlacc vs. Shiki

Sarlacc: 4
Shiki: 6

8:10 - Mach Five vs. The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard)

Mach Five: 7
The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard): 3

Darli Dagger vs. Zarina

Darli Dagger: 2
Zarina: 1

Supergirl vs. Superwoman

Supergirl: 5
Superwoman: 1

8:9 - Ego (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ego the Living Planet: 3
Ichigo Kurosaki: 7

8:9 - Ecto-1 vs. Herbie

Ecto-1: 3
Herbie: 7

8:9 - Cinder Fall vs. Psylocke

Cinder Fall: 5
Psylocke: 6

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Match 16048 John Spartan vs. Doug Quaid

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Mars Colony, 2084
“Who told you to think!? I don’t give you enough information to think! You do what your told, that’s what you do!”
“...Yes sir,”
Mr. Cohagan glared darkly at Richter for a minute, making sure that his henchmen was sufficiently intimidated before turning to his fish tank.
“Now to be absolutely certain that you don’t fail me again I’ve called in some favors from some friends over at San Angeles PD. Their gonna send you over a new partner, one who knows a thing or two about catching and killing dangerous individuals,” Cohagan explained, putting some fish feed in his little aquarium.
“Mr. Cohagen, I can assure you that I don’t require a-“
“What did I just say about fucking thinking?” Cohagen turned his menacing glare back on Richter.
“Sorry sir. When will he arrive?” Richter cowered to his boss’s whim.
“He’s already here, waiting on us,” Cohagen made his way to the table at the far end of the table, a man in a rather outdated police uniform was already seated there.
“Good to finally meet you Mr. Spartan, I do hope the trip wasn’t too unpleasant for you,” Cohagen took a seat across from John Spartan, Richter made to take a seat as well, but another nasty look from Mr. Cohagen caused him to remain standing.
“It was okay, I especially liked being rudely awaken from an 80 year nap, being told that my wife and friends are now dead, and then being shoved all the way to Mars before I can even catch my breath,” John Spartan snipped at the corrupt governor.
“Mr. Spartan, I understand all this must be a big shock to you, but do try to remember that I went through a lot of trouble getting you out of that cryo-prison and wiping your past actions from the record. So maybe you should be a bit more grateful when you speak to me,” Cohagen warned him.
“Right, because I’m so sure you did all that out the kindness of your fucking heart and not the least because your a fucking crooked, pencil pushing cock suckers got yourself in a big ass mess that you need me to clean up for you. Listen buddy, you can either tell me what asshole you need me to take out or you can send my ass back to cryo and hope your whipping boy over there can handle the mess by his lonesome, what’s it gonna be?” John flippantly asked.
“Fucking 90’s attitude pricks,” Cohagen muttered under his breath before turning on the screen behind them, pulling up the picture and bio of a man named Carl Hauser. “Hauser used to be one of my best agents, but I guess one day he just decided that I wasn’t paying him enough moolah. He joined the Mars rebels and started calling himself Doug Quaid. Now him and his new friends are occupying the mines most of the Martians get their income from, saying they’ll cripple our economy unless we give them more money, freedom, or air, whichever they prefer at the moment.”
“It says here that Hauser worked for the Agency for nearly two decades, you really think he’d suddenly turn revolutionary over a goddamn paycheck?” Spartan asked suspiciously.
“I don’t claim to understand the mind of every deranged terrorist that Mars produces Spartan, all I know is that he and his men are hurting innocent workers and killing many good agents trying to keep the peace, now will you help me stop him or not?” Cohagen demanded.
“Sure, why the hell not. Got any leads to where he could be?” John asked.
“Melina! Benny! Run! Get out of here!”
Doug Quaid fired his sub machine gun into the tunnels, covering his friends escape. Upon running out of ammo, Quaid threw a grenade at the remaining Cohagen forces, killing most of them. As Quaid was about to take the chance to catch up with the other rebels, several shots rang out that forced him back into cover.
“Carl Hauser, or Quaid, or whatever you fucking call yourself, you got one chance to throw away your gun and surrender! You better goddamn take it!” 
“You know your the first man who’s given me an option to surrender. What about the rest of the rebels? You gonna give them the same options, or do mutants not get the same rights as humans?” Quaid sarcastically asked, reloading his gun.
“Not gonna ask again shit head! Surrender or I’m gonna blow you a new asshole!”
“Go fuck yourself you soulless bureaucratic fucker!”
Demolition Man vs Total Recall, Stallone vs Schwarzenegger, which 90s action character is the baddest motherfucker?

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Oh cool! I like these movies and I think I added both these characters!

I feel like Spartan would eventually see how corrupt Cohagen is and team up with Quaid to take him down. Almost like in Demolition Man when he found out that Edgar Friendly was not a bad guy, just a guy trying to get something to eat

But if this was a fight, I don't know. I feel like in feats; Quaid took on a lot of beaucratic thugs. Its been a while since I've seen it. It seemed like the only real opponents that he faced were Richter and Lori. At the same time, he also seemed almost unstoppable

Spartan faced a lot of criminal in a peaceful happy thoughts society. The criminals were supposed to be the worst of the worst of the 80s/90s,but don't exactly know how dangerous they really were as again they were in a happy thoughts only society. The biggest threat that he faced was Simon Phoenix, who was given skills for strength and fighting abilities. I can't remember all he was given. Spartan seemed to have a tough time facing Phoenix and only won because Phoenix was cocky


So down to Spartan and Quaid. Quaid was a highly trained mercenary while Spartan was a cop. He was a great cop, with hints that he might have had military training, but still a cop. I may give that edge to Quaid, just because it sounds like he had more training. For feats, ill go with Spartan as it seemed like he faced tougher opponents. Then circumanstances, they both showed to be extremely adaptable. I may give the edge to Spartan as he was in a society that did away with weapons and had to adapt to the situation. I mean he did get his hands on guns but he still had to adapt to the situation and face a super criminal 

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Great match-up, can't believe it hasn't been done! Gonna slightly edge this towards Spartan simply as he seems to be the tougher of the two. 

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Ah, the classic Schwarzenegger vs. Stallone debate. :D Another good one, Pizzaguy. Might want to watch some grammar here and there, though (i.e. "your" instead of "you're"). 

As for the match, I watched both Demolition Man and Total Recall plenty back in the day, and remembering both I'm absolutely torn on who'd win in a straight-up fight. I mean, Spartan went up against an apparently superhumanly-enhanced Phoenix, while Quaid ripped the arm off a metal chair that was restraining him, shackled up and all. Still, Melina is likely going to be helping Quaid deal with Spartan, so I'm inclined to give Quaid and Melina the win in a brief scuffle.  

As mentioned, though, since Spartan can already see how corrupt Cohagen is, I could actually see him teaming up with Quaid and Melina before things got too serious.

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Cool fight. Thinking about the two movies, I just picture Spartan winning, DSkillz's reasoning makes sense, but it is just my gut feeling. It's probably aided by the fact that Spartan got to look like somewhat of a bigger badass by being stuck in a world that was overly sanitized. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - patrickthekid
5.00 - Boratz
4.20 - Culwych1
4.00 - JohnnyChany
4.00 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
5 Total Votes cast
22.20 Total Combined Score
22.20 / 5 = 4.44 Final Rating on the match

John Spartan: 7
Doug Quaid: 2

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