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Chun-Li vs. Naotora Li

Chun-Li: 8
Naotora Li: 0

Lord Drakkon vs. The Super Hero Taisen Universe

Lord Drakkon: 2
The Super Hero Taisen Universe: 3

8:10 - Yujiro Hanma vs. Izuku Midoriya

Yujiro Hanma: 3
Izuku Midoriya: 8

8:10 - Hellboy vs. Sub-Zero

Hellboy: 5
Sub-Zero: 6

8:10 - Erin Esurance vs. Mr. Clean

Erin Esurance: 2
Mr. Clean: 9

8:10 - The Judderman vs. Pepsiman

The Judderman: 2
Pepsiman: 10

8:10 - Sarah Connor vs. Officer Rick Grimes

Sarah Connor: 6
Officer Rick Grimes: 5

8:10 - Graviton (EMH) vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

Graviton: 2
Ichigo Kurosaki: 7

8:10 - Dark Danny Phantom vs. Ryuko Matoi

Dark Danny Phantom: 8
Ryuko Matoi: 2

8:10 - Shuri vs. Venom

Shuri: 1
Venom: 11

8:10 - Princess Azula vs. Lemillion

Princess Azula: 0
Lemillion: 9

8:10 - Mad Max vs. Lt. Ellen Ripley

Mad Max: 10
Lt. Ellen Ripley: 2

8:10 - Tallahassee (Zombie Land) vs. Michonne

Tallahassee (Zombie Land): 5
Michonne: 6

8:10 - Saitama vs. Kazuya Mishima

Saitama: 7
Kazuya Mishima: 6

8:10 - Cinder Fall vs. The Absorbing Man (David Banner)

Cinder Fall: 9
The Absorbing Man (David Banner): 3

8:10 - Psylocke vs. Monkey D. Luffy

Psylocke: 6
Monkey D. Luffy: 7

8:10 - Akuma (Tekken) vs. Esdeath

Akuma: 7
Esdeath: 4

8:10 - Mystique vs. Spider-Man (Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy)

Mystique: 3
Spider-Man: 5

8:10 - Sarlacc vs. Shiki

Sarlacc: 4
Shiki: 6

8:10 - Mach Five vs. The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard)

Mach Five: 7
The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard): 3

Darli Dagger vs. Zarina

Darli Dagger: 2
Zarina: 1

Supergirl vs. Superwoman

Supergirl: 5
Superwoman: 1

8:9 - Ego (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ego the Living Planet: 3
Ichigo Kurosaki: 7

8:9 - Ecto-1 vs. Herbie

Ecto-1: 3
Herbie: 7

8:9 - Cinder Fall vs. Psylocke

Cinder Fall: 5
Psylocke: 6

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Match 16023 Jessica Jones vs. Willy's Wonderland

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'What the hell did I get myself into?' 

A question I repeated to myself ever since coming here. I stared at the sign: Willy's Wonderland. A cartoon ferret with one of those helicopter hat things. A full blown Cheek E Cheese knock off if I've ever seen one. 

Dani would like it though. 

My name is Jessica Jones. I'm a private investigator with superpowers. I'm not exactly clean cut like Captain America or a quipster like Spider-Man. I'm me. When somebody acts like a shithead, I'm not taking it. A punch in the face is what they're going to get. And that's when I'm in a good mood. 

But this whole thing started when I got a email from an anonymous source. Could only say her name was Lund. She told me about a missing persons case in Nevada and needed my help and the offer of a 50,000 dollar reward for my efforts. Plus a free trip. Something about this felt off. I had offers like this a lot from rich parents. But something tells me I'm being suckered into something. 

But I can believe the missing persons part. There had to be something to this. 

I decided to take the offer but I was going to be on guard the whole time. Luke (Cage) of course took care of Dani and even Iron Fist decided to help out, even bringing along Pei as a playmate for Dani. Got to love fathers. 

The next day, I arrived. From there I met Eloise Lund, the local sheriff of Hayesville, Nevada. She gave me the skinny about the missing person; a teen by the name of Olivia. No last name. Weird. She explained she was last seen at a restaurant called Willy's Wonderland. Stepped in with her brother and never came out. Wouldn't the brother be missing too? 

I asked that and she only responded he's as much priority. Then I asked if I can ask their parents. Apparently their mother committed suicide and the dad was a deadbeat who didn't care. This woman had an answer for everything. This reeked of some kind of scheme. 

I played along however, just so I can get my answers. 

Lund promised me the money as soon as I finished my job. 

"I'll take it from here." I told her. 

She then drove off. Rather quickly, like in a hurry. 

I took one swing from a flask I took with me. Might as well get it over with. 

After I opened the doors, I see another red flag. Tex Macadoo was his name. A very obvious shady kind of business man. I could swear based on his clothes, demeanor and probably his voice, he was straight out of that shit Fairly Oddparents cartoon. Doug whathisname. 

We got to talking. I told him my name was Carol Drew, which I know will piss off Carol and Jessica, no relation. Besides, don't want to give yourself away too much. 

Right away, he offered me a job as a night shift janitor as this restaurant he intended to reopen. Two things. One, she never mentioned Willy's Wonderland was supposed to reopen. Two, he offerred me to be a janitor. Not a waitress. Men with restaurants would just go for women as waitresses rather than janitors. Maids maybe but that's for hotels. 

But I accepted the gig. I didn't become a private investigator to be picky. You always got to go into the belly of the beast to get what you want. And I'm very sure he has skeletons in his closet. Same with the sheriff. Besides, no way would I last in a noisy place with more kids, Dani is already a handful. 

But also, also, I had to tell him a bullshit story that I had five brothers to take care of and I was the oldest. Only to just sweeten the deal. 

Finally I was left to my own devices, especially since I've been locked inside to do the cleaning. And I came prepared for any obstacle like locked doors. As I began looking around, I heard something. I turned around to see that animatronic weasel, Willy. 

I forgot to mention, Tex showed me around the place. And showed me the center stage, the main attraction; the animatronic band of Willy and his buddies. Willy Weasel, Arty Alligator, Cammy Chameleon, Ozzie Ostrich, Tito Turtle, Gus Gorilla, Knighty Knight and Siren Sara. I swear some of those names sounded like slang for penis. And what children's entertainer group has a character named Silent Siren? Weird. But earlier I could Willy moved his eyes to stare at me. Kind of brushed it off as the heat getting to me. 

This time however, I swear his head wasn't looking in my direction. I was starting to get very unnerved. This was starting to get weirder.


Jessica kept on walking, trying to find the office of Tex Macadoo. Suddenly, She stopped. She heard heavy footsteps. Her eyes narrowed, a bit nervous but trying to stay tough. 

Jessica spotted a nearby mop. It was better than nothing, she thought. 

She then turned around to face her opponent, mop in hand as if it were a bow staff. Nothing. Nobody was there. 

But then she turned around again. This time, Jessica saw her opponent. 

It was Willy. 

'You've got to be kidding me.' Jessica thought in disbelief. 

She then turned around again to see another animatronic. This time, Siren Sara. 

With that, Jessica drank from her flask, taking a big gulp. With a sigh, as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve on her jacket, She threw the now empty flask onto the floor. 

"If we're going to do this all night," Jessica said. "Gotta warn you, I'm not exactly normal."

Now Jessica was ready for a fight. Just as the two animatronics march menacingly toward her. Jessica in the meanwhile, was confident and ready as she held the mop in one hand, and a fist forming in another. 


Decided to go a bit experimental with writing the POV. Hoped it worked out. 

Otherwise, basically can Jessica Jones survive the night at Willy's Wonderland? While the animatronics have their abilities, Jessica Jones is art full strength from her super strength to flight. And this is the 616 version just to be clear. 

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Heh, thisll be a cakewalk for our gal! 

Glad someone's using Willy's already. Setup is good, definitely some film noir vibes


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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.00 - Mercenaryblade

FPA Calculation:
1 Total Votes cast
4.00 Total Combined Score
4.00 / 1 = 4.00 Final Rating on the match

Jessica Jones: 1
Willy's Wonderland: 2

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