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Tanya Sloan vs. Moon Rock Aliens

Tanya Sloan: 1
Moon Rock Aliens: 5


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 22 Match 17301 Medusa (Marvel) vs. Carmen Sandiego

Medusa (Marvel): 0
Carmen Sandiego: 3


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 21 Match 17300 Ruby Rose vs. Tracer (Overwatch)

Ruby Rose: 4
Tracer (Overwatch): 2


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 20 Match 17299 Cassie Cage vs. Trini Kwan

Cassie Cage: 4
Trini Kwan: 1


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 19 Match 17298 Wednesday Addams vs. Chloe Bourgeois vs. Chel

Wednesday Addams: 1
Chloe Bourgeois: 2
Chel: 1


Ash Crimson vs. Necalli

Ash Crimson: 3
Necalli: 1


Black Widow vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

Black Widow: 5
Cybermen (Mondasian): 1


Tula (Pirates Of Dark Water) vs. Zarana

Tula (Pirates Of Dark Water): 4
Zarana: 2


Donatello (Mirage) vs. Jubei Yagyu

Donatello (Mirage): 4
Jubei Yagyu: 3


Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 18 Match 17279 Chloe Bourgeois vs. Baby Doll vs. Ladybug

Chloe Bourgeois: 1
Baby Doll: 0
Ladybug: 2


Minute Men (Kaiserreich) vs. The French Foreign Legion

Minute Men (Kaiserreich): 1
The French Foreign Legion: 2


G.I. Joe vs. Zombies vs. The Super Hero Taisen Army

G.I. Joe: 2
Zombies (Return of the Living Dead): 1
The Super Hero Taisen Universe: 5


Doctor Strange vs. Fat Buu

Doctor Strange: 6
Fat Buu: 1


Space Jockey Alien vs. Astro Megazord

Space Jockey Alien: 2
Astro Megazord: 4


Michelangelo (Mirage) vs. Galford D. Weller

Michelangelo (Mirage): 6
Galford D. Weller: 3


Cybermen (Mondasian) vs. Agent Bishop

Cybermen (Mondasian): 5
Agent Bishop: 1


King Triton vs. The Leviathan (Atlantis)

King Triton: 6
The Leviathan (Atlantis): 1


Daredevil vs. Michael Myers

Daredevil: 8
Michael Myers: 2


Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Haohmaru

Leonardo (Mirage): 6
Haohmaru : 4


11:11 - Julian Bashir vs. Hawkeye Pierce

Julian Bashir: 2
Hawkeye Pierce: 7

Match 15980 Yang vs. Li Long

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Chun-Li slammed the door of her makeshift office set up by Interpol. Another dead end in her search to find Yun’s murderer (REF: SEAN MATSUDA VS. EDDY GORDO)  had left her frustrated and at a loss for a way forward. She still was having trouble even tracking down his brother, Yang. Chun Li felt the weight of failure to protect the young twin fighters, and it made her angry at the situation and more overtly at herself.

She glanced back at her phone, hoping for any updates from one of her contacts on Yang’s location. There was nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. There was a missed call from Ryu. He no doubt had finally received her message when she was trying to recruit him to help Helena Douglas.  (REF: HUGO ANDORE VS. GIGAS)  Chun-Li also felt bad about temporarily abandoning Helena and her mission.  (REF: BRAD WONG VS. LEI WULONG)  However, if she was to find out who killed her friend it would require all her attention. The rest of the world and by extension, Ryu, would have to wait. She placed down her phone.

The door of her office swung open and Gen stepped in.

Chun-Li gasped. “Gen!?!”

“If the goal of using this place as opposed to your usual office was so that you would be harder to find, consider it a failure,” he remarked.

“What are you doing here?” Chun-Li inquired.

“I heard that you were looking for me,” he replied.  (REF: GEN VS. GEN FU)  “So here I am.”

“I was wondering if Yang had approached you for help,” Chun-Li stated.

“Why would the boy search me out?”

“Yun was murdered recently. Yang was understandably very upset and then he disappeared,” Chun-Li informed.

Gen lifted an eyebrow. “Do you think I am responsible?”

“No,” answered Chun-Li. “But, the killer was definitely a professional. Interpol has been stumped so far in identifying the culprit. If the International Criminal Police Organization has not been able to crack the case thus far, I doubt his brother is faring any better.”

“Ah, so you thought he would come to me looking for answers,” Gen guessed.

“The last time I talked to Yang he asked me how to get a hold of you. It makes sense, nobody I know knows this world better than you.”

“Perhaps young Yang was trying to track me down, but he did not succeed in doing so,” said Gen. “In his defense, I have been very busy as of late.  (REF: GEN VS. WANG JINREI) It would have been hard to pin me down.”

Chun-Li eyed Gen carefully. “Do I even want to know?”

“Would you prefer I live out my days in solitude until this terminal illness claims me for good?”

Chun-Li did not respond. The imminent death of another important person in her life was not a discussion she wanted to have.

“If you wouldn’t mind may I see the pictures of Yun from when he was found?” Gen inquired. “You can tell a lot about a killer by the way that he kills.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Chun-Li handed Gen some crime scene photos. Gen massaged his white beard as he looked them over. “Hmmm, interesting.”

“Can you tell who it was by those pictures?” asked Chun-Li.

“I have some theories. Nothing concrete.” Gen scribbled on a piece of paper on Chun-Li’s desk. “Go to this village and I believe you will find the answers you are looking for.” Gen turned to leave.

“Would you be willing to come with me?” asked Chun-Li.

Gen twisted his face toward Chun-Li without turning around. “I cannot. I have some unfinished business to take care of. A payment that is owed to me. I simply came to make sure you were okay.”

“Payment? Do you need renminbi?”

Gen chuckled. “It is not that kind of payment. I have been doing jobs for a man who has promised me access, access to a fighter I have wanted to face off against for a long time now. It is time to collect.” Gen opened the door. “Good luck Chun-Li. Fate permitting we will see eachother again.”



Li Long sat alone in his home as he had done every night for longer than he could remember. He had not gone into full seclusion and would occasionally train a new pupil or two, but he really didn’t enjoy being around people more than he needed to.  His time of peaceful bliss with his beloved, Chie, and their son, Riki, was a distant far off memory.    

Centuries earlier, his former star pupil, Maxi, had helped defeat the monstrous Nightmare and the evil incarnate sword, Soul Edge, that had brought him to life. Maxi had taken in shards of the sword into his body to ensure that it would never be reformed. Years later, Maxi approached Li Long to ask if he would be willing to take on some of the evil shards so that Maxi would be less tempted by the darkside. Li Long had a great appreciation and affection for Maxi so he agreed, not thinking much would come from it. It was a small enough amount that the evil sword did not sway Li Long in anyway, however it did have the side effect of prolonging his life seemingly forever.

His wife, Chie, was the leader of the Fu-Ma ninja clan, and the clan did not like that Li Long had evil residing within him. Chie successfully vouched for him as long as she was around. But, after he outlived both his wife and his son, the Fu-Ma clan called him a demon, kicked him out, and banished him from their village. They did the same to Taki, the daughter of one of the clan’s founders, as well as one of the heroes who defeated Soul Edge. 

Currently, Li Long could feel that Soul Edge was calling out to him. Something was happening. But, Li Long had no interest in addressing it personally. He wasn’t there the first time and he was certain Maxi, Taki, and the other heroes were confronting whatever force was stirring Soul Edge. (REF: TAKI VS. KASUMI) A knock on his door suddenly shook Li Long out of his reminiscing daze.

Li Long opened his door where a young man in a red changshan stood in anticipation.

“Whatever you are selling, I’m not interested,” Li Long informed. “Have a good day.”

Li Long attempted to shut his door, but the boy stopped it with his left hand.

“I am not here to sell anything. I need your help please,” Yang pleaded.

“With what?”

“I need your help to get into the Fu-Ma village,” stated Yang.

“What makes you think I could help you with such a thing?” Li Long inquired.

“I was told that you were the one person outside the village who could help me.” Yang informed.

Li Long scoffed. “You were told wrong.”

He again tried to shut his door, and again Yang stopped it. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I really need your help. My brother, he…. He was murdered.”

A small wave of sympathy crept up in Li Long. “You have my condolences. But, I am not sure why you think the Fu-Ma clan can help you, they are demon hunters. Unless your brother was killed by a demon, you just need to go to the police.”

“I don’t know if it was a demon or not. The only description I have from one eyewitness is that he looked like a monk,  (REF: LEI FEI VS. YUN) and then the eyewitness disappeared.,” said Yang.

A small bit of recognition appeared on Li Long’s face before he quickly wiped it away. “If you are looking for a monk, wouldn’t it make more sense to check a monastery than a ninja clan village?”

Yang sighed. “I’ve checked every monastery I can find. Not a single one possessed a person that I think would be willing or even capable of killing Yun. The only thing I can come up with is that it is some sort of ancient organization or cult. That’s why I want to talk to the Fu-Ma, they are the oldest organization that I know.”

Yang began to remind Li Long of Maxi with his determination and his audacious hair. Li Long did not want to see the boy get himself killed. “Let’s say I have a good idea of who killed your brother, what would you do with that information? Go after them yourself and get yourself killed so that your poor mother would lose two sons in quick succession?”

“We were separated from our parents at birth, and I am a more than capable fighter so I can defend myself,” Yang corrected.

Li Long became even more intrigued by this stranger. “Is that right? This I must see for myself.” Li Long stepped out of his house. “I do not wish to send you off to your death. But, if you can prove yourself in a fight against me I will feel much better about your odds of surviving your quest for vengeance.”

Yang lifted up his fists to fight. “If beating you will get me closer to my brother’s killer then I am going to give you everything I got.”


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I’m voting based on the mindset and condition of the fighters going into this fight. Li Long doesn’t seem to have done much fighting recently, nor does he seem interested in returning to that life. Yang on the other hand is in his prime and is fighting to find his brother’s killer, so I think Yang has this one.

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Yeah, I think considering what's going on with Yang, he has it in him to win. Li Long is a skilled fighter and could turn the tables on him for sure but I'm not convinced he'll do it.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Boratz
4.00 - Pizzaguy2995
4.00 - SSJRuss

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.00 Total Combined Score
13.00 / 3 = 4.33 Final Rating on the match

Yang: 3
Li Long: 2

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