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12:6 - Spot (Dr. J. Ohnn) vs. Polka-Dot Man

Spot (Dr. J. Ohnn): 7
Polka-Dot Man: 2


12:6 - Queen La vs. Jafar

Queen La: 6
Jafar: 7


12:6 - The Overlook Hotel vs. Lt. Ellen Ripley

The Overlook Hotel: 9
Lt. Ellen Ripley: 6


12:6 - Jonah Hex vs. Red Sonja

Jonah Hex: 6
Red Sonja: 5


12:6 - Battle-Beast vs. Doctor Doom

Battle-Beast: 1
Doctor Doom: 11


12:6 - Alice (Resident Evil) vs. Geonosis

Alice (Resident Evil): 8
Geonosis: 4


12:6 - Mirage vs. Gaston

Mirage: 8
Gaston : 6


12:6 - Captain Marvel / Shazam vs. Thanos

Captain Marvel / Shazam: 11
Thanos: 3


12:6 - Martians (Mars Attacks) vs. Necrons

Martians (Mars Attacks): 3
Necrons: 8


12:6 - Plastic Man vs. Doomsday

Plastic Man: 2
Doomsday: 11


12:6 - Rat Catcher vs. Clock King

Rat Catcher: 6
Clock King: 7


12:6 - The Kangaroo vs. Calender Man

The Kangaroo: 1
Calender Man: 8


12:6 - Segata Sanshiro vs. Count Chocula

Segata Sanshiro: 5
Count Chocula: 4


12:6 - Martian Manhunter vs. Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

Martian Manhunter: 7
Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell): 5


12:6 - The Gregory House vs. John Connor

The Gregory House: 4
John Connor: 6


12:6 - The Matrix vs. Alexa "Lex" Woods

The Matrix: 4
Alexa "Lex" Woods: 10


12:6 - Skull Island vs. Alan Grant

Skull Island: 3
Alan Grant: 12


12:6 - The Frieza Force vs. Phalanx

The Frieza Force: 4
Phalanx: 7


12:6 - The Flood vs. Tyranids

The Flood: 2
Tyranids: 8


12:6 - Gotham City Police Department vs. Cowboys

Gotham City Police Department: 6
Cowboys: 4

Match 15973 Tyranids vs. Mass Effect Universe

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Tyranids vs the Mass Effect Universe 


“This is amazing! Actual working Prothean technology. Unbelievable!”
“It wasn’t doing anything like that when they dug it up.”
“No don’t touch! It’s too dangerous!”
Flashes of images! Visions of an anthropoid race with four eyes trying and failing to fight off some insectoid looking monsters! So many! Too many! Sharp teeth and claws tearing into flesh! The horrific screams the four eyed race are making! They’re trying to flee but they can’t! So many worlds have already been lost! There’s nowhere left to- it’s already too late! Their going to devour us all! Tyranids! The Great Devourers! Tyranids! The name of our end! Tyranids! If you found this message know that they will return! They are always hungry and they-!!!
“Doctor? Doctor Chakwas? The Commander is waking up.”
Shepard woke up in the Normandy’s med bay. The Commander’s head still felt like it was throbbing, but otherwise the N7 marine felt physically fine.
“Shepard, did you have any unusual visions while you out?” Captain Anderson asked.
“I saw- I’m not sure what I saw. A warning I think. Their was this ancient race, I think it was the Protheans, being butchered by these monsters,” Commander Shepard answered.
“Then I fear our problems might just be beginning Commander,” Anderson grimly said.
The med bay door opened and a familiar turian Spectre entered the room.
“Did the Commander have the vision as well?” Saren Arterius asked.
“I’m afraid so Saren,” Seeing Shepard’s confusion, Anderson quickly explained. “Saren arrived shortly after you did, got grabbed by the beacon as well.”
“Commander Shepard the reason I requested to join your mission to Eden Prime was because during my last mission to the Pangaea Expanse I discovered something that scared me more then anything else I ever encountered; an artifact similar to the beacon that suggested that rather then dying out naturally the Protheans were hunted to extinction by an ancient, extragalactic race,” Saren told the Commander.
“The Tyranids. That’s what the Protheans called them, they also said that they would one day return to the galaxy,” Shepard said.
“And we must be ready for them when they do, otherwise we’ll suffer the same fate as the Protheans,” Saren bluntly explained.
“The last thing I saw during the vision was the outline of a planet. It looked like Eden Prime and it described something similar to an underground bunker,” Shepard brought up.
“You cannot be serious!” The indignant voice of the salarian councilor rang out.
“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t serious councilor! The Tyranids are real! And if we’re going to have a chance against them, every species in the Milky Way is going to have join together!” Commander Shepard spoke from the Petitioner’s Stage.
“Commander Shepard I understand that your kind are newcomers to this galactic stage, but surely you must realize that your demands for an galaxy wide defense force are politically nonsensical and frankly insane,” the asari councilor said.
“Let me make this perfectly clear human, the Citadel Council exists to preserve law, justice, and order throughout the known galaxy. We do not exist to indulge the asinine conspiracy theories of an unremarkable human soldier,” the turian councilor sneered.
“You would dismiss and insult my reports as an ‘asinine conspiracy theory’ Sparatus?” Saren firmly asked.
“S-S-Saren. I-I meant no disrespect, truly I would never-” the turian councilor tried to backpedal.
“For 24 years I have faithfully served this Council, I’ve protected those it deems innocent, disposed of those it deems threats, and have done everything in my power to defend it’s galactic stability no matter the cost. I am the greatest Spectre you’ve ever had and right now I am telling you that what Commander Shepard says is true: our galaxy is about to face a mass extinction level threat and the only way to survive is for every race to unite as one galactic force!” Saren’s thundering voice echoed throughout the Council Chambers. 
“You have been the most reliable agent to the Council Saren, by that right alone we will do everything in our power to support your plans to protect Council Space. But you must understand that in order to convince our own independent  governments and the other non-citadel races to take part in this you’ll need more evidence then just what you saw in a vision,” the asari councilor insisted.
“If more proof is what they want then they’ll have it. Javik?” Shepard suddenly called out.
Loud whispers and murmurs sounded out throughout the tower as a blue-gray figure in red armor suddenly marched up to the podium. The skeptical whispers and murmurs quickly turned to astonished gasps and exclamations as they took in the figures unique shaped head and two pairs of eyes.
“Wh-what is that? What kind of trick is this?” The salarian councilor asked in disbelief.
“Silence lizard! You will refer to me as Javik, Avatar of Vengeance to the Prothean Empire. 50,000 years ago my people payed the ultimate price trying to protect you primitive species from the Tyranids. We lost our empire, our way of life and our future in order to keep the Tyranids from finding your home worlds and annihilating all organic life from the galaxy. We sacrificed almost everything for the sake of this cycle, with the belief that you would succeed where we would fail! That when the Tyranids returned from the empty void of dark space, and return they shall, that you all would lead the final fight against our last and greatest enemy! My remaining warriors are ready to fight for our survival, what say all of you?” 
Applause and cheers erupted from the Council Chambers, making it know that Javik’s speech has won many hearts and minds. The three Councilors looked around at the enraptured crowd, then silently meet each other’s looks, before finally addressing Commander and his allies.
“Very well then, how shall we begin?” The turian councilor asked.
Two years latter:
“I gotta say Shepard, you always take me to the best places,” 
“Well I did warn you that Spectres tend to see things more exotic then the Zakera Ward Vakarian.”
Garrus and Shepard shared a chuckle as the Kodiak takes them down to Utukku’s surface.
“Yeah but at the time I didn’t know how much of an understatement that was: protecting the genophage cure on Virmire, making peace between the Quarians and Geth, helping the last Protheans find a new home world, and my personal favorite, overthrowing the Batarian Hegemony to install a friendlier government,” Garrus reminisced.
“I had a lot of friends helping me out Garrus, like you,” Shepard smirked.
“Always saying the sweetest things. But I gotta admit, taking me to a Rachni colony might be a bit too crazy even for me,” Garrus said.
“I told you, their Queen isn’t interested in going to war with us. Besides Liara said their ability to communicate can extend across the galaxy. It might be able to work as an early warning system for when the ‘you know what’ finally return.” The Commander explained.
“Whatever you decide Shepard. Doesn’t mean I’ll ever be comfortable visiting a world of giant bugs,” Garrus sighed as they finally touched down the planet.
“Shepard! Garrus! I’m glad you both made it!” Liara T’Soni certainly stuck out like a blue thump on a planet of Rachni.
“Good to see you too Liara. You mentioned something you needed the Council to know?” Shepard greeted the Asari.
“That’s correct Shepard. The Rachni have been helping me with a very important project that I believe to be-” 
The surrounding Rachni suddenly began shrieking in high pitch cries and then arched their bodies like a threatened animal.
“What the heck is happening here Liara?” Garrus demanded cautiously.
“By the Goddess! Shepard I think this is it! They’ve finally returned!” Liara cried out.
“Take us to the Queen! Now!” Shepard ordered.
Down in the caves of the planet Liara lead Shepard and Garrus to. Their was the Queen of the Rachni, shrieking and convulsing much like her children were.
“Please compose yourself your highness! Allow me to be your voice! Speak your warnings through me!” Liara gave the Queen permission.
The Rachni locked eyes with the asari, who took a sudden step back before freezing. Turning back to Shepard and Garrus, Liara’s voice was clearly not her own:
“We sense the wicked ones approaching! Their cruel and terrible songs and scent contaminate the galaxy like they did during the last cycle!”
“Settle down, we need to know where their attacking from. Can you sense where they are now?” Shepard tried to keep a level head.
“We... we see them on a jungle planet on the eastern fringes of the Traverse. We see them slaughtering the small amounts of animals their, the non native plant life and ruined human base will not protect them!” Liara/Rachni Queen described.
“That’s Pragia! Commander their in the Nubian Expanse!” Garrus exclaimed.
“Get word out to Javik! The Prothean forces are the closest forces in the area! Tell him Saren’s forces will meet them at-“ Shepard began.
“Wait! We can also see them... see them moving into the home system of the Batarians! Already their forces are clashing!” Liara/Rachni Queen further reported.
“Their at Kite’s Nest too!? Dammit! Garrus I’ll get word out to Hackett’s Fifth Fleet! Just focus on-”
“There’s... more..” Liara/Rachni Queen tried to further say.
“More? Your telling me there’s three waves of Tyranids attacking at once?” Shepard’s voice nearly faltered at the thought. “Please, tell me where. We’ll find a way to stop them.”
“I see them... Amassing outside the edges of the Outer Council Space... Their now moving... to the a planet of the large, four legged race... They do not see them yet, but they soon will,” She/they finally concluded.
“The Silean Nebula! Shepard, the Elcor won’t stand a chance against them!” Fear was evident in Garrus voice.
“Get to the shuttle now! We’ll call the Council on the way!” Shepard ordered, dragging the limp Liara with him.
Instead of the Reapers it’s the Tyranids of Warhammer 40k invading the Mass Effect Universe. Three Hive Fleets of Tyranids will be invading the Milky Way galaxy simultaneously: Hive Fleet Kraken will start their attack at the Nubian Expanse, Hive Fleet Leviathan will start attacking Kite’s Nest, and Hive Fleet Behemoth will start attacking the Silean Nebula.
(See map below for references)
Meanwhile the Milky Way races start out working together and having prepared for the invasion:
System’s Alliance- Full Strength
Turian Hierarchy- Full Strength
Asari Republics- Full Strength
Salarian Union- Full Strength
Protheans under Javik- The one million Protheans that were put in stasis with Javik survived and were awaken.
Krogan under Wrex- Full Strength (genophage cured)
Quarians & Geth- Full Strength (at peace)
Volus Protectorate- Full Strength
Hanar and Drell Illuminate Primacy- Full Strength
Vorcha- Full Strength
Elcor Courts of Dekuuna- Full Strength, begin being attacked by the Tyranids.
Batarians- Full Strength, begin being attacked by the Tyranids.
Does the Milky Way survive this war?
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This match is right up my alley. Love it as I'm a big Mass Effect fan and know my fair share of Warhammer lore.

Would Tyranids be able to use the Mass relays? Not sure. Though they may not need to as per their connection to the warp. I think the MEuniverse wins based on they still have the numbers. Three hive fleets are a lot but still manageable for the Milky Way to deal with.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Boratz
5.00 - SSJRuss

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
10.00 Total Combined Score
10.00 / 2 = 5.00 Final Rating on the match

Tyranids: 1
Mass Effect Universe: 1

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