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Pirates vs. Cowboys

Pirates: 1
Cowboys: 3


Sogetsu Kazama vs. Jin Kazama

Sogetsu Kazama: 1
Jin Kazama: 3


Chun-Li vs. Rachel (Ninja Gaiden)

Chun-Li: 2
Rachel (Ninja Gaiden): 5


Baron Zemo vs. Khan Noonien Singh

Baron Zemo: 3
Khan Noonien Singh: 0


Shiki (Samurai Shodown) vs. Yang

Shiki (Samurai Shodown): 4
Yang: 0


Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Kyo Kusanagi

Leonardo (Mirage): 3
Kyo Kusanagi: 1


Uchiha Itachi vs. Nasty Boys

Uchiha Itachi: 3
Nasty Boys: 2


Asuka Kazama vs. Crimson Viper

Asuka Kazama: 3
Crimson Viper: 4


Raphael (Mirage) vs. Iori Yagami

Raphael (Mirage): 6
Iori Yagami: 4


Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees

Michael Myers: 0
Jason Voorhees: 4


Domino (Marvel Comics) vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

Domino (Marvel Comics): 2
Cybermen (Mondasian): 3


Xu Wenwu vs. Sun Ce

Xu Wenwu: 4
Sun Ce: 2


Bonne Jenet vs. Darli Dagger

Bonne Jenet: 2
Darli Dagger: 6


12:15 - Clonetroopers vs. Orcs

Clonetroopers: 0
Orcs: 11


12:15 - Lucky the Leprechaun vs. Willy the Hillbilly

Lucky the Leprechaun: 9
Willy the Hillbilly: 2


12:15 - Copperhead vs. Shocker

Copperhead: 5
Shocker: 6


12:15 - The Flash (Wally West) vs. Supergirl

The Flash (Wally West): 4
Supergirl: 8


12:15 - Mandrill vs. Calender Man

Mandrill: 7
Calender Man: 5


12:15 - Necrons vs. The Shi'ar Empire

Necrons: 5
The Shi\'ar Empire: 8


12:15 - Mr. Peanut vs. Flo (Progressive)

Mr. Peanut: 2
Flo (Progressive): 8

Match 15943 Cammy White vs. Leona Heidern


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One of the Chinese Shadoloo twin dolls, Jianyu, and the espionage expert doll, Santamu, waited patiently on the outskirts of a small village where Bison had sent them to retrieve more ancient warriors connected to Soul Edge, that he had tracked down using the energy signature of the Soul Edge fragments.  (REF:  YOSHIMITSU VS. RYU HAYABUSA)

“How much longer?” whined Jianyu.

“Kiki should be back soon,” Santamu assured. “We need to make sure we do this right. We can’t afford any screw ups. Not after what happened back at headquarters.”  (REF: MOMIJI VS. VEGA

Jianyu agreed. “Yeah, it’s Vega’s fault that we are here without Lord Bison in the first place. He had to go back and fix whatever that pompous prick screwed up.”

A smile appeared on Santamu’s painted face.

“What?” inquired Jianyu.

Santamu giggled. “It is no wonder you have never gotten along with Vega, you are so similar”


Santamu’s pet monkey, Kiki, a golden lion tamarin, scampered up to the two women and climbed up Santamu’s arm.

“I do believe Kiki has located one of our targets,” stated Santamu.  “Shall we?”

,The two Shadoloo dolls entered the village and followed Kiki, who led them to two armored soldiers carrying the body of a female knight.

“She certainly looks the part,” Jianyu noted.

“That looks like Tekken Force armor. Why is the Mishima Zaibatsu here?” wondered Santamu .

“To try and take what is rightfully ours for the taking.” answered Jianyu,

“Everybody wants to get their hands on them. Let’s move,” said Santamu.

Santamu and Jianyu attacked and dispatched of the Tekken Force soldiers. Santamu with her spear and Jianyu with her staff.

After her body hit the ground, the female knight began to stir. “What is going on?” she murmured.

Jianyu called out, “Santamu. Quickly.” 

Santamu raced over to the groggy fighter and placed a cloth of chloroform over her mouth. Hilde quickly returned to unconsciousness.

“Why didn’t you just stab her with your spear?” asked Jianyu.

“It is my understanding that Bison wants them alive,” Santamu explained. “Hurry now, grab her legs and help me get her out of here before more Tekken goons show up.”




After Lars and Ivy left the village with a small contingent of the Tekken Force, (REF: CHRISTIE VS. IVY) one of the remaining soldiers crouched down next to Whip. “We can take her to get help as well, if you would like? I would hate to leave a fellow soldier in such a bad condition.”

“We will take care of her,” Leona insisted.

“Suit yourself.”

A few members of the Tekken Force picked up Ralphael Sorel and the rest of the unit started to leave the area.

“Get your filthy hands off me,” Ralphael demanded. “I’m not some common thug.”

“You know Leona, when Lars asked if we were tagging along I deferred to you because I didn’t want to make a decision without knowing all the facts, and I feel like I have missed a lot,” Ralf explained. “With that being said, I believe we should have gone with them to get a better understanding of what is going on.”

“I don’t want to ally myself with that vile woman. Not after what she did to Whip,” stated Leona.  (REF: WHIP VS. IVY) “Also our original mission was to get Captain Alexandersson as an ally for our battle against the Mishima Zaibatsu.  (REF: ROLENTO VS. RALF JONES) Now he is willingly working with them. Have you forgotten?”

Ralf scoffed. “I remember the mission, soldier. Still, it does feel like something bigger is going on. Something we need to be briefed on.”

Ralf Jones walked toward Raphael Sorel who was still trying to resist being accosted by Tekken Force soldiers.

“Either that or this is all some weird twisted joke. I mean just look at this character. He came all this way to fight with a rapier. (REF: RAPHAEL SOREL VS. LARS ALEXANDERSSON) Look at the way he is dressed. It would be so easy not to take him seriously.”

Ralf chuckled and turned his back to Raphael. Raphael felt greatly insulted by the colonel’s appraisal.

“I’ll teach you just how serious I am,” Raphael growled.

The French nobleman quickly elbowed the Tekken Force soldier who was holding him and flipped the other soldier over his back. He then grabbed his rapier, Flambert, and shoved it through the back of Ralf Jones. The Ikari Warrior immediately spat out blood.

“Colonel!” Leona shouted. “Ralf!”

Ralf fell to his knees and took his dying breaths. Raphael began to fight off the two Tekken Force soldiers. Leona screamed with rage. Her blue hair started flashing until it had turned all red. Her eyes went completely white. In her exploding anger, Leona allowed herself to succumb to the Riot of the Blood. 

With a significant spike in strength and energy, Leona quickly assaulted both Raphael and the two soldiers who had failed to secure him and savagely beat all three. The screams of anguish filled the village streets, and several other members of the Tekken Force doubled back to find out what had happened. Orochi fueled Leona tore through the Tekken Force with ease as the bloodlust inside her ignited. She then walked down the streets and attacked anyone she could see.

Eventually, her gaze came upon two Shadoloo dolls who were now in possession of Hilde’s body and were attempting to carry the knight out of the village. She instantly attacked Jianyu who was carrying Hilde’s feet. Jianyu was caught off guard and had no chance to defend herself before Leona pummeled her into the ground. Santamu dropped the other half of Hilde’s body and pulled out her spear. She lunged at Leona to get the wild woman off her fellow doll. Leona stared at Santamu and a yellow flash flickered in her all white eyes.

“What kind of demon are you?” asked Santamu.

Leona growled and then began her attack on Santamu. The Ethiopian doll held her own for a little while. successfully keeping Leona’s aggressive attacks at bay with her spear. Santamu strained with effort to block each kick and punch being thrown her way. Eventually, Santamu wore down and was overwhelmed by the red haired fighter. Leona beat the woman within an inch of her life.

Leona stalked around the village looking for someone else to unleash her rage upon. But, it appeared empty. (REF: KULA DIAMOND VS. CASSANDRA ALEXANDRA) Leona slowed down her pace and finally let out a primal scream. She collapsed into the fetal position and her scream gave way to heavy breathing. Soon, her red hair returned to its normal blue color.

 In her vulnerable state, Leona was approached by her adoptive father, Heidern, who had come out of hiding. He limped over to her with his cane (REF: KULA DIAMOND VS. ALISA BOSCONOVITCH) and a face full of sympathy.

“It is okay, Leona, we will get through this,” he whispered. “I will figure out what unlocked this in you after so long.”

Meanwhile, Cammy White arrived at the spot where two of her “sisters” were left in the wake of Leona’s destruction.  (REF: BLUE MARY VS. MILA

Sorrow filled Cammy’s heart as she gazed upon their battered bodies. Jianyu struggled to lift her head and speak.

“What are you doing here?” Jianyu wondered.

Cammy rushed over and knelt by Jianyu’s side. “Who did this to you?”

“She attacked me from behind so I really didn’t get a good look at her,” Jianyu admitted. “She could have at least finished the job and killed us.”

“Don’t talk like that,” Cammy pleaded.

“It’s true. Now we are destined to  just lay here and die slowly.  And if by some miracle we somehow make it out of here alive,  Bison will kill us for sure for our failure.”

“I will not let him hurt you or any of you again I promise,” said Cammy.

She then went over to Santamu. “Santamu, can you hear me? It’s Cammy. I want to help.”

Santamu remained motionless with her eyes closed.

“I’m going to go find out what is going on. I will take down whoever has hurt you, and then I will come back for both of you I promise.”

Cammy continued her walk through the village square until she came upon Heidern and Leona.

Leona sat with her arms wrapped around her legs and Heidern stood silently.

 “I am here now,” Cammy announced. “What has happened? Who assaulted my sisters?”

“It is a very unfortunate situation,” Heidern replied. “I am glad it is you that is here, though. If anyone can understand the nuance of not being able to control your own actions it's you. You two almost have eerily similar backgrounds in that way.”

Cammy looked at Leona with a mix of horror and anger. “All those soldiers beaten and killed in the streets and my sisters? That was all from her?”

Heidern hesitated for a moment before he replied. “Yes.”

Cammy was furious. “Then she must pay for what she has done."

“No Cammy. She isn’t the victim of brainwashing, but she is the victim of a curse. It’s not that different from…”

Cammy smacked away the Ikari Warrior commander before he could finish. Deep down, on an intellectual level, she knew he might be right, but currently Cammy was being fueled by pure emotion. “I will not allow you to defend her or the pain and death she has caused.”

 “Leave him alone!” shouted Leona.

Cammy stepped into her fighting stance. “I was just getting him out of the way. You are the one I want. I will avenge my sisters and all the innocent people you have hurt.”

Leona resigned herself to this fight. “Then come.”




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