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11:9 - Batman (Richard Grayson) vs. Raiden (Metal Gear)

Batman (Richard Grayson): 7
Raiden (Metal Gear): 2


11:9 - Odie vs. Eternia

Odie: 4
Eternia: 3


11:9 - Middle-Earth vs. Ronald Weasley

Middle-Earth: 3
Ronald Weasley: 6


11:9 - Perry The Platypus vs. Raccoon City

Perry The Platypus: 2
Raccoon City: 7


11:9 - Tobias Beckett vs. Kasumi Goto

Tobias Beckett: 5
Kasumi Goto: 2


11:9 - Princess Merida vs. Mulan

Princess Merida: 1
Mulan: 9


11:9 - Knock Out (Prime) vs. Beast

Knock Out (Prime): 0
Beast: 8


11:9 - Catwoman vs. Dominic Toretto

Catwoman: 8
Dominic Toretto: 2


11:9 - Mickey Goodmill vs. Herman Boone

Mickey Goodmill: 6
Herman Boone: 5


11:9 - Mordin Solus vs. Doogie Howser

Mordin Solus: 3
Doogie Howser: 5


11:9 - Nightwing vs. Jinx

Nightwing: 8
Jinx: 1


11:9 - Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon) vs. Shinobi (Joe Musashi)

Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon): 8
Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 0


11:9 - Neal Caffrey vs. Arthur Morgan

Neal Caffrey: 2
Arthur Morgan: 5


11:9 - Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) vs. Cassandra Cain

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat): 8
Cassandra Cain: 2


11:9 - Nathan Drake vs. Hasky

Nathan Drake: 3
Hasky: 6


11:9 - Star Butterfly vs. Kida

Star Butterfly: 2
Kida: 5


11:9 - Leonard McCoy (Star Trek 2009) vs. Hawkeye Pierce

Leonard McCoy (Star Trek 2009): 9
Hawkeye Pierce: 2


Terror Toad vs. Moon Rock Aliens

Terror Toad: 1
Moon Rock Aliens: 3


Inigo Montoya vs. Oberyn Martell

Inigo Montoya: 3
Oberyn Martell: 1


William Riker vs. Demona

William Riker: 1
Demona: 4

Match 15926 Kula Diamond vs. Cassandra Alexander


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Heidern and Kula Diamond arrived at  the location where he had sent Leona, Ralf Jones, and Whip to meet with Tekken Force leader, Lars Alexandersson earlier.  (REF: ROLENTO VS. RALF JONES) A lack of follow up from his subordinates had him concerned. Kula walked in front of the commander as he was using a cane for support after the attack from Alisa Bosconovitch.  (REF: KULA DIAMOND VS. ALISA BOSCONOVITCH) Heidern briefly stumbled.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” asked Kula.

“Yes. I am fine,” Heidern insisted.

Kula audibly gasped as she came across the headless corpse of a golem monster. “What is it?”  (REF: LARS ALEXANDERSSON VS. ASTAROTH

“Perhaps it is the reason we have not heard back from Leona, Whip, or Colonel Jones,” Heidern theorized. “We can only hope they are in much better condition than this unfortunate creature.” (REF: MAXIMA VS. BRYAN FURY)

Rapid gunfire echoed from far away. Heidern pulled out his gun and lurched forward. Kula quickly stepped in front of him.

“You are in no condition for active combat, stay behind me commander,” she declared:

Heidern smiled. “Force of habit. Lead the way. But, be cautious, there is no telling what kind of scenario we have stepped into.”

As they got closer to the village proper, Heidern took notice of bodies in the street. “Those look like Tekken Force soldiers.”

“I wonder if Lars is nearby,” Kula added.

“That gunfire we just heard may very well have been him. From the looks of it, his unit has been obliterated,” said Heidern.

“You think that monster we saw in the field was responsible for this?” Kula inquired.

“I don’t know, I suppose it is possible,” Heidern reasoned. “It actually reminds me of.. No it couldn’t be.”

Screams of rage filled the air. Heidern’s head darted to the left where he saw a familiar face with different colored hair in the middle of giving a beatdown to a Tekken Force soldier.

Heidern quickly grabbed Kula’s arm and pulled her out of view and into a nearby alley.

“What is it? What did you see?” asked Kula.

“It is Leona,” answered Heidern.

“That’s great,” Kula said cheerily.

Heidern shook his heard. “Her hair is red, her pupils are missing. She is..”

Kula interrupted. “The Riot of the Blood! Oh no! I thought she had it under control.”

“She did. Something must have triggered it,” Heidern guessed. “But what? Maybe Orochi has been set free. Maybe that would explain our golem monster. We need details.” Heidern peered at Leona from behind the corner of a building at the edge of the alley. “First and foremost though we need..”

“To stop Leona,” Kula input. “Do you need me to fight her?””

 “No.” answered Heidern. “In this state she could seriously hurt you, and the power it would require of you to put her down could do lasting damage to her. That is our last resort.” Heidern looked around at nearby houses. “Our first priority is to get all civilians to safety. Keep a low profile but move quickly. Gather everyone you can and take them to that church at the end of the block. Hopefully, if we can remove any possibility of feeding her bloodlust, the rage will dissipate.”

Kula nodded.

“Meanwhile, I will keep an eye on her,” Heidern added.  “We have not seen Leona kill anyone yet. If it gets to that point.,,” Heidern pulled out his gun. “I will have to take the shot myself.”

Kula hurriedly whisked away on an ice slide in search of townsfolk. Heidern returned his attention to his adopted daughter.

 Suddenly two women appeared carrying a third woman dressed in medieval armor. (REF: HILDEGARD VON KRONNE VS. LEONA HEIDERN)

Heidern recognized the other two ladies’ uniforms right way. “Shadoloo? What are they doing here?”  (REF: MOMIJI VS. VEGA)

Heidern was not the only one to notice the two women. Leona descended upon them and viciously attacked the duo. She caught the first one of Bison’s dolls, Jianyu, off guard and savagely beat her, until the other doll, Santamu was able to temporarily fend Leona off.

Heidern watched the fight between Leona and Santamu with great interest. His concentration was momentarily broken by the sound of a familiar female voice emanating from his walkie talkie.

“Is anyone out there? Do you read me?” 

“Mary? Is that you?” asked the commander.

Blue Mary confirmed her identity and notified Heidern that she had arrived on the scene with Cammy as promised.  (REF: BLUE MARY VS. MILA) They were in a separate part of the village and had located Whip. Heidern instructed Mary to get the unconscious Whip  (REF: WHIP VS. IVY)  to safety and to have Cammy head to their location.

Kula returned by Heidern’s side. “I think I’ve got all of them. They are pretty scared, but they are all in the church now.”

“Mary is here with Cammy White,” Heidern announced. “They’ve found Whip. She is hurt, but she will be fine.”

“I am so happy to hear that, she is like my big sister,” Kula replied. “I don’t know what I would have done if something truly awful had happened to her or if Leona had…”

“I told Mary to have Cammy come to our location and soon I will have Mary guarding the perimeter of our location to keep anyone else out who may fuel Leona’s rage. The only one left in the vicinity currently that I can see is one of Bison’s dolls,” explained Heidern. “I want you to do one more sweep for civilians just in case we missed anyone.”

“Yes sir.”




Cassandra walked with haste away from Mila and Blue Mary and toward the village square. She had a bad feeling about what had transpired here. Cassandra saw more soldiers in red armor face down scattered in the streets up ahead. She wondered where Hilde and Ivy were. She suddenly sensed another presence associated with Soul Edge that was neither Hilde or Ivy.  (RAPHAEL SOREL VS. LARS ALEXANDERSSON) Before she could investigate this mysterious presence, her eyes came across what looked to be Hilde laying still on the sidewalk in the distance. Cassandra picked up her pace. 

Out of nowhere, a small wall of ice formed in front of Cassandra blocking her path. “What manner of sorcery is this?”

Cassandra pulled out her blade and slashed at the ice until she had demolished the entire obstruction. Behind it stood a girl with long blue hair and a purple bodysuit.

“I must tell you that I really like your costume,” remarked Kula.

The compliment caught Cassandra off guard.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think we are going to become friends because I can’t let you go any further,” Kula informed.

“Yet another one who wants to get in my way. When will you people learn, I won’t let anyone stop me from accomplishing my goals,” Cassandra declared.

Kula shook her hands in an appeasing manner. “No, I don’t want to stop you from your goals, whatever they are. I don’t want to stop anyone from their dreams. We can talk all about them when we finish up here I promise. It should be soon I hope,” said Kula.

“You are truly a confusing girl, but I don’t have time to banter with you. I can see my friend not too far from here. She looks hurt, I am going to go help her,” stated Cassandra.

“The lady knight over there is your friend? I can bring her over to you, but you have to promise to stay right here,” Kula insisted.

Cassandra scoffed. “I will do no such thing. Who do you think you are talking to like that? As if I were some small child.”

“She is so close to calming down, we can't risk someone else trying to fight her,” Kula explained.

“Fight who? Who are you talking about? Is it the person who hurt Hilde? If it is, then she will feel the justice of my blade,” threatened Cassandra.

“No!” shouted Kula. She unleashed an ice flurry that sent Cassandra tumbling backwards. "I don't want to do this, but you will only make it worse."

Cassandra stood back up. She grunted in frustration. “I will give you this much, you have more special abilities then the last fighter I faced.”  (REF: VICE VS. CASSANDRA) Cassandra glared at Kula with determination in her eyes as she readied her sword and shield. “But I promise that the result will be the same, and then I will go after whomever it is you are protecting.”



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18 hours ago, Pizzaguy2995 said:

Admittedly, this is more of a personal vote then a thought out one, but dammit I just want more Soul Caliber characters to advance in this crossover, so my vote is for Cassandra.

Yeah, Soul Calibur has not been faring too well in the story that centers on their own mythos. Although, they still have some heavy hitters out there that haven't been heard from yet.

Combo videos for: 

Kula Diamond

Previously defeated: Alisa Bosconovitch



Previously defeated: Vice

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Personally I like Cassandra more, but I don't think she can win. Kula has great defense counter for Cassandra's attacks and is very agile and fast. Plus, Kula defeated Alisa who probably could have beaten Cassandra to be honest.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - patrickthekid
5.00 - Boratz
3.50 - SSJRuss

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.50 Total Combined Score
13.50 / 3 = 4.50 Final Rating on the match

Kula Diamond: 2
Cassandra Alexander: 4

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