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Tournament - Steve Trevor vs. Peggy Carter

Steve Trevor: 2
Peggy Carter: 4

Christie vs. Ivy

Christie: 1
Ivy: 5

Cammy White vs. Leona Heidern

Cammy White: 1
Leona Heidern: 2

Kula Diamond vs. Cassandra Alexander

Kula Diamond: 2
Cassandra Alexander: 4

Tournament - Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) vs. Cerberus (Mass Effect)

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 8
Cerberus (Mass Effect): 0

Blue Mary vs. Mila (DOA)

Blue Mary: 3
Mila (DOA): 1

Tournament - Severus Snape vs. Wicked Witch of the West

Severus Snape: 3
Wicked Witch of the West: 1

7:10 - Megamind vs. David Xanatos

Megamind: 8
David Xanatos: 2

7:10 - Destoroyah vs. Megas XLR

Destoroyah: 8
Megas XLR: 6

7:10 - Isis (Catwoman's Pet) vs. Zwei (RWBY)

Isis (Catwoman's Pet): 10
Zwei (RWBY): 5

7:10 - Damian Wayne vs. Molly Hayes

Damian Wayne: 7
Molly Hayes: 3

7:10 - Hex Girls vs. Laurel & Hardy

Hex Girls: 7
Laurel & Hardy: 3

7:10 - Puffy AmiYumi (Animated) vs. Scott Pilgrim

Puffy AmiYumi (Animated): 7
Scott Pilgrim: 4

7:10 - Mecha Streisand vs. Gipsy Danger

Mecha Streisand: 2
Gipsy Danger: 7

7:10 - Biollante vs. Hedorah

Biollante: 5
Hedorah: 6

7:10 - Unstoppable Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne) vs. Doctor Doom

Unstoppable Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne): 7
Doctor Doom: 5

7:10 - Queen Barb vs. Pinkie Pie

Queen Barb: 3
Pinkie Pie: 7

7:10 - The Invisible Woman vs. The Silver Surfer

The Invisible Woman: 7
The Silver Surfer: 9

7:10 - Muttley vs. Storm (Aquaman's Seahorse)

Muttley: 5
Storm (Aquaman's Seahorse): 6

7:10 - Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures) vs. Hermione Granger

Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures): 3
Hermione Granger: 11

7:10 - Arcade vs. Mister Fantastic

Arcade: 0
Mister Fantastic: 13

7:10 - Andrew Ender Wiggin vs. Arya Stark

Andrew Ender Wiggin: 8
Arya Stark: 4

7:10 - Powerline vs. Penn and Teller

Powerline: 5
Penn and Teller: 6

7:10 - Sam (Trick 'r Treat) vs. Santa Claus (Santa's Slay)

Sam (Trick 'r Treat): 3
Santa Claus (Santa's Slay): 5

7:10 - Godzooky vs. Dino Flintstone

Godzooky: 4
Dino Flintstone: 5

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Match 15875 Jon Snow vs. Lurtz

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Jon Snow vs Lurtz

“So that was the story?”
The new recruit crossed his arms and glowered at the older Ranger with silent disappointment.
“Aye. That’s how I ended up back at the Night’s Watch once again.” The grizzled warrior nodded his head, writing something in his journal. “Let me guess, you didn’t like how it ended.”
“I mean no disrespect Lord Commander, but there just seemed to be so many plot holes or abandoned storylines near the end of your tale; what happened to the ‘Prince that was Promised’ prophecy? How come the Qarth warlords never went after Daenerys again? Ser Jaime abandoned Cersei and got together with Ser Brienne, but then immediately left Brienne for Cersei again? How in the world did Daenerys ‘kinda forget’ about the Iron Fleet and the Scorpions?”
“Admittedly, I’m still a bit confused about that last point myself,” the Lord Commander smiled sheepishly.
“Also I just don’t feel like Daenerys descent to madness was properly built up, she just suddenly went from being a strong, yet just queen to turning into a paranoid and insane women with world conquering ambitions. And how come the Unsullied didn’t just kill Tyrion? His house is long gone, he had no allies or influence left, yet they not only kept him alive for weeks but also allowed him to partake in the Great Council and then be pardoned?”
“I’m fairly certain some higher power is keeping our dear dwarf from ever dying,” the veteran leader chuckled good naturally.
“And you-you’re Jon Snow! You came back from the dead! You helped destroy the Night Walkers! And deposed of a potential second Mad King! You had all this build up, all this hype, and in the end you just end up right back at the Night Watch’s, now with almost nothing to do? Doesn’t that all seem a bit, anticlimactic to you?” The young man wrapped up his complaints.
“Anticlimactic? I’m guessing that’s the main problem with my little tale huh? It started out so good and just couldn’t deliver an ending that matched all the buildup,” Lord Commander Jon Snow surmised.
“I suppose that is the main reason. I don’t mean to insult everything you’ve been through Lord Commander, I just got so invested in your story, I really wanted it to have the ending it deserved,” The newly sworn brother sighed.
“As do I and many others I suspect. Alas it is the ending we got and sure it is confusing, inconsistent, and far from perfect, but then again so we’re most of the main characters of this tale, so in a way I guess you could argue that the ending was in a way a reflection of our world as a whole. Sorry, tried to be a bit poetic there. I just hope the ending doesn’t ruin the rest of the story for you,” Jon favored the younger Crow with a rueful grin.
“No ser! It’s still the greatest story I’ve ever heard in my life! I thank you for sharing it with me, it’s a pleasant break from digging latrines or repairing the old town hall,” the junior black brother glanced outside the commander’s tent, looking over the still half ruined city of Hardhome. “Did you ever think you’d see the day the Night’s Watch would be rebuilding wildlings villages to pass the time?”
“My old commander would have hanged you for just suggesting that,” Jon smiled despite himself, finally finished writing in his journal. “So, are you going to tell me how you ended up joining the Watch?”
“Me? Well the-the thing is... It’s-it’s not that great of a story Lord Commander, not nearly as interesting as yours.”
“Perhaps not, but I’d like to hear it anyway. I like knowing who my new brother in arms are. Though I guess we’d be brothers in hammers now,” Commander Snow awkwardly joked.
“Well... Okay. So it started like this, I-“
A horn suddenly sounds out, causing the two men to tense up slightly. 
“One blast means friendlies have arrived,” the young recruit sighed, visibly relaxing.
A second horn blasts out, louder then the last.
“A second means we’re under attack,” Jon Snow surmised, quickly standing and grabbing Longclaw.
“Wh-wh-what? But I thought we were at peace with the wildlings!” The young man exclaimed in confusion.
“Never mind that now! Grab your sword and come on!” Jon Snow exited his tent and ran toward the sound of the horn.
 He didn’t have to run far, once he got to the halfway completed wall he saw several dozens of Free Folk and Night’s watchmen attempting to fight off countless creatures that were currently scrabbling over and around the unfinished wall that was meant to guard Hardhome. They were humanoid in build, clad in light grayish armor that seemed crudely made and unremarkable save for the small white hand print marked on the front of their iron helmets. Said helmet covered most of their faces except for around their mouths, allowing Jon to notice the inhuman shaped teeth that jutted out of their mouths every time they let out a savage roar or growl at their opponents.
As Lord Commander Snow joined the battle against these creatures he took note of how unnatural strong they were and the savage brutality they displayed in battle. Jon had previously thought no fighting force could ever match the ferocity of the Free Folk in combat, yet these freaks of nature seem to take that savage depravity to a whole new level. Jon Snow found himself being progressively surrounded by this terrible creatures, with only his skill at arms and the sharpness of Longclaw giving him a fighting chance against these relentless beasts of men.
“To the seven hells with all you fuckers!” 
The young recruit was suddenly at Jon’s side, slashing and hacking at the enemies exposed backsides, having been too focused on Jon to see him coming. Jon went on the attack himself and together the Lord Commander and the baby crow managed to cut a bloody path through the bloodthirsty barbarians, leaving numerous dead in their wake. During a brief respite in the battle, Jon shared a look with the junior black brother, face covered in sweat and enemy blood, having undergone a baptism by fire at the highest level, and panting heavily as he held his commanders look. Jon Snow gave the young recruit a nod of approval and the young man smiled gratefully.
*Swish! Thonk!*
“Uuuuhhh....Uhhhh..” The new recruit gasped out his final words before collapsing to the ground, an arrow bolt protruding from the side of his head.
Jon Snow only allowed himself five seconds to grieve over his fallen friend before tearing his gaze away to look for where that arrow came from. Across the field, atop a small field, a figure stands with a bow in hand, glaring down at Jon Snow with a fierce snarl.
Unlike the other attackers, the figure on the hill wore no helmet showing without a doubt that these things were not human. The brute’s mouth full of fangs opened far wider then a humans, it’s ears were pointed like a small knife, it’s nose flat against it’s face, and it’s skin was a murky, brownish-yellow color, save for the white hand print that appeared to be painted across it’s face. Jon could hardly believe how monstrous the creature was, it looked like something straight out of Old Nan’s scary stories.
But Jon Snow had conquered his fears a long time ago, this monster had already killed one of his friends and he wouldn’t allow it to kill anyone else. With cold, righteous fury coursing through his veins, Jon charged toward the creature, barely slowing to kill another enemy that tried to stop him.
The monster roared in challenge at the rapidly approaching Jon Snow. It threw away it’s bow and pulled out a scrimitar and shield.
The battle takes at the village of  Hardhome, a month after the end of GoT. This is Jon Snow at the end of the series armed with Longclaw and his usual armor. Lurtz is armed with the same weapons and armor as his fight with Aragorn.
Who wins and who dies?


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This was awesome! Really enjoyed the set up and seeing these characters get used!

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Cool setup and fight. The first part of this made me chuckle, but it also made me sad at what became of a once great show.

As for the fight, I'm going with King Crow, Jon Snow. He has made some questionable strategic decisons  (hello being easily lured away from his army and into an obvious trap by Ramsay Bolton) but he has a knack for surviving tough battles and coming out on top. 


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Nice use of characters. And glad to see a GoT character get used for once. This set-up feels like it could happen at the end of the series and Jon could certainly deal with it. Jon has been through enough and fought against some crazy odds just end up the winner. I think the same happens here.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.50 - Boratz
5.00 - Venom 2009
4.00 - SSJRuss

FPA Calculation:
3 Total Votes cast
13.50 Total Combined Score
13.50 / 3 = 4.50 Final Rating on the match

Jon Snow: 3
Lurtz: 1

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