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11:9 - Batman (Richard Grayson) vs. Raiden (Metal Gear)

Batman (Richard Grayson): 7
Raiden (Metal Gear): 2


11:9 - Odie vs. Eternia

Odie: 4
Eternia: 3


11:9 - Middle-Earth vs. Ronald Weasley

Middle-Earth: 3
Ronald Weasley: 6


11:9 - Perry The Platypus vs. Raccoon City

Perry The Platypus: 2
Raccoon City: 7


11:9 - Tobias Beckett vs. Kasumi Goto

Tobias Beckett: 5
Kasumi Goto: 2


11:9 - Princess Merida vs. Mulan

Princess Merida: 1
Mulan: 9


11:9 - Knock Out (Prime) vs. Beast

Knock Out (Prime): 0
Beast: 8


11:9 - Catwoman vs. Dominic Toretto

Catwoman: 8
Dominic Toretto: 2


11:9 - Mickey Goodmill vs. Herman Boone

Mickey Goodmill: 6
Herman Boone: 5


11:9 - Mordin Solus vs. Doogie Howser

Mordin Solus: 3
Doogie Howser: 5


11:9 - Nightwing vs. Jinx

Nightwing: 8
Jinx: 1


11:9 - Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon) vs. Shinobi (Joe Musashi)

Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon): 8
Shinobi (Joe Musashi): 0


11:9 - Neal Caffrey vs. Arthur Morgan

Neal Caffrey: 2
Arthur Morgan: 5


11:9 - Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) vs. Cassandra Cain

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat): 8
Cassandra Cain: 2


11:9 - Nathan Drake vs. Hasky

Nathan Drake: 3
Hasky: 6


11:9 - Star Butterfly vs. Kida

Star Butterfly: 2
Kida: 5


11:9 - Leonard McCoy (Star Trek 2009) vs. Hawkeye Pierce

Leonard McCoy (Star Trek 2009): 9
Hawkeye Pierce: 2


Terror Toad vs. Moon Rock Aliens

Terror Toad: 1
Moon Rock Aliens: 3


Inigo Montoya vs. Oberyn Martell

Inigo Montoya: 3
Oberyn Martell: 1


William Riker vs. Demona

William Riker: 1
Demona: 4

Match 15849 Asuka Kazama vs. Makoto

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After her brief conversation with El Fuerte, Helena Douglas entered the holding cell area aboard the Freedom Survivor and stood in front of Shermie’s cell.  (REF: PAI CHAN VS. LEI FANG

“Look who it is, Helena Douglas. What a surprise,” Shermie said with faux shock.

“We don’t have time for these games,” Helena retorted.

“I agree. So if you were going to try and send a man in here to sweet talk me into changing sides you could have at least sent in one of the hot guys, not your errand boy,” stated Shermie. (REF: ELIOT VS. JOSIE RIZAL)

Helena furrowed her brow in confusion.

Shermie chortled. “So, he was here of his own accord? He honestly was trying to hit on a prisoner? How bizzare.”:

Helena waved her hand in a dismissive manner. “I will deal with Zack later. That is not why I am here.”

“Why are you here? To keep dancing in circles with me again?” Shermie inquired.

“I know Victor Donovan and MIST are working with Kazuya Mishima and the G Corporation. (REF: LEI WULONG VS. GUILE) Are you in league with them?” Helena demanded. “I discovered that you are a quote unquote Heavenly King of Orochi. One demon is as good another, no?”

Shermie shook her head aggressively. “No. No. no. Orochi has no connection to whatever vile curse has infected the Mishima family. That family is a stain upon this world.”

“Without your help, their devil may very well beat yours in the race for Soul Edge,” stated Helena. “Unless of course you believe the other servants of Orochi are having better luck than you.”

Shermie remained silent.

Helena showed off a picture on her phone of a captured woman with short red hair and a nice suit she had received from Mila. (REF: ARMOR KING VS. WOLF HAWKFIELD)  “I assure you they are not. You know this woman don’t you? Our records say her name is Vice. She is another Orochi follower thought to have been dead. She infected a potential ally with Soul Edge shards (REF: MILA VS. VANESSA LEWIS), but was then defeated by an ancient greek warrior who has long fought to keep Soul Edge out of this world. (REF: VICE VS. CASSANDRA ALEXANDRA) She is currently being interrogated as you were. At some point she will realize as you will that there are few options here, and the silent treatment isn’t going to help anyone.”

Shermie pulled her long bangs away from her eyes to get a better view of the picture. “Did you say an ancient greek warrior? How wild.” Shermie took a deep breath. “I’m not sure what you think you can do to me, but I told you already I’m not intimidated. I’ve died before, so even the threat of death doesn’t scare me. But, I can feel it in my body that even Mature has left the cause (REF: IORI YAGAMI VS. CHARLIE NASH) so I will tell you what you want to know.” Shermie giggled to herself “Funny thing is we were planning to betray him once he helped us unseal Orochi anyway.  (REF: SARAH BRYANT VS. MATURE) The one who sent me here, his name is Urien. He is what I would consider to be very well connected.”

Helena did not know the name.

“I’m not sure what use you will have with that information, though. I doubt you can go after him and Kazuya and that MIST corporation you were talking about simultaneously,” Shermie surmised.

“No, That would be a foolish strategy. I simply want to know how many threats are actively pursuing me.,” said Helena.

Shermie smirked. “I guess time will tell.” She then switched gears. “I hear the little luchador is cooking up a big feast for all your friends. Since I told you what you want to know do you think I could get out of my cell and be put on the RSVP list.”

“No,” responded Helena. 

“What a shame. With everyone getting cabin fever on this boat, I’ll bet it’s going to be a killer party.”




Makoto met with Asuka Kazama and Josie Rizal outside the dining hall of the Freedom Survivor cruise liner after all three had been summoned there for El Fuerte’s feast.

“Makoto,” Asuka called. “I would like you to meet Josie. She is another fighter from the King of the Iron Fist.”

Josie extended her hand in greeting. “Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Makoto replied.

“Josie just recently arrived and sought me out,” said Asuka. (REF: KOKORO VS. GANRYU) She then tilted her head toward Josie. “Makoto was the first person our age to arrive on this ship after I was brought on with Lili. Well, other than that shy boy, Eliot. I was so excited to get a chance to hang out with someone other than Lili.”

“It was certainly nice to find someone alot like myself after I started to worry that I made a huge mistake in agreeing to come along with Hitomi,” Makoto added.  (REF: FEI LONG VS. JANN LEE)

Joise looked at Asuka for clarification.

“She arrived during the pirate attack,” stated Asuka. (REF: LEIFANG VS. LI XIANGFEI)

Josie nodded with understanding then extended her elbow. “Well shall we go inside then. I am really looking forward to this meal.”

“I am curious to see how it looks. I am a little dubious of the culinary expertise of a masked wrestler.” admitted Asuka.

“I don’t know El Fuerte very well, but I have heard good things about his cooking,” offered Makoto. “I hope he made some sushi and sashimi.”

The three girls entered the dining hall and quickly found a table to sit. 

“Is Lili not coming out of her room?” asked Makoto.

“She said she is not feeling well,” answered Josie.

“More like she is embarrassed and bitter because she got her butt kicked by one of the pirates,” Asuka corrected. (REF: BONNE JENET VS. LILI ROCHEFORT)

“By one of the pirates? Really? I didn’t find any of them to be all that challenging,” said Makoto.

“In her defense, the pirate she fought appeared to be a lot more skilled than the others,” Asuka clarified. “I think she was their leader, or at least one of the lieutenants, do pirates have lieutenants?”

Josie pointed at the entrance of the dining hall as two familiar faces walked in along with Chinese movie star, Pai Chan. “Hey, it's Paul and Law. Asuka you didn’t tell me they were here.”

Asuka chuckled. “I didn’t know they had made it back. They must be avoiding me because I made fun of them. They are such clowns."  (REF: LING XIAOYU VS. PAI CHAN)

The three girls then turned their attention to the top of the stairs where Helena Douglas stood. She made a speech detailing the plan of attack for the collection of fighters before introducing the chef, El Fuerte, who thanked everyone for their help so far.

During their meal, Asuka nudged Josie softly and directed her attention to a nearby table where the young fighter, Eliot, sat with Brad Wong. “He keeps looking over here. I think he must have a crush on you or something,”

“I don’t know about that. He may just be wishing he was sitting with us instead of that obnoxious drunk,” Josie retorted.

“Equally possible,”  Auska agreed.

“After the meal, can we go to Lili’s room?” asked Makoto.

“I guess, but why?” wondered Asuka.

“Lili has wealth and influence. She is a fighter that I assume has a healthy respect for the martial arts. I want to gauge her interest in investing in my father’s dojo. It has really fallen on some hard times. I am doing my best to raise its profile by participating in fighting tournaments. But, it’s not enough,” Makoto explained. “Asuka, do you think she would be willing to lend her time and stature to help out my family dojo?”

Asuka appeared doubtful, but did her best to be positive. “It certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask.”


When they finished eating, Asuka asked Josie if she was coming along to visit Lili.

“Thanks, but I actually want to look around some more. I have never been on a boat like this before, there is so much to see,” Josie replied.

“I understand. We will catch up with you later. Make sure to take in view from the deck,” Asuka suggested.

Josie Rizal nodded, she then left Makoto and Asuka to explore the Freedom Survivor. (REF: ELIOT VS. JOSIE RIZAL)

A short while later, Makoto grabbed her head with discomfort as she and Asuka arrived at the door of Lili’s room.

“Are you alright?” Asuka inquired.

“Just a little dizzy,” Makoto replied.

Asuka knocked and Lili opened her door to let the girls in.  Less than ten minutes later, Asuka shoved Makoto out of Lili’s room with violent force. Asuka looked down with pity at her blonde rival/friend’s unconscious body. She then looked up at Makoto and pointed an accusatory finger.

“What is wrong with you? You completely blindsided Lili. I think you might have really hurt her,” said Asuka.

“Good,” replied Makoto. “It’s what she deserves. She had the audacity to mock my karate and call me a charity case. She is a snob and needed a reality check.”

“Lili is rude, but she is not a bad person, really,” Asuka insisted.

Anger bubbled up inside Makoto. “You are defending her?”

“I’m just trying to explain her personality, it takes some getting used to,” Asuka answered. “At any rate, she didn’t deserve to be attacked by you like that.”

Asuka crouched down next to Lili’s body. “Lili? Lili? Can you hear me?”

“If you can get her to wake up then I can really show her why she should respect Rindo-kan karate,” Makoto announced angrily.

“What is your problem?” Asuka demanded. “The only thing I am going to do is get my friend some medical attention.”

Makoto’s eyes were now glowing orange. “My problem? My problem is a constant lack of respect. I thought you would understand, but I think I need to teach you some as well, Asuka.”



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Here it is. The last two fighters that attended El Fuerte's feast. I really wanted to try to get all of them out as closely together as I could, since they all transpire simultaneously. It definitely was not easy heh.

For research purposes...


Previously defeated: SAKURA KASUGANO



Previously defeated: YURI SAKAZAKI

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Another great match Johnnychan! Much respect for the time and effort you put into these.

I got two main reasons for going with Asuka for this one: 

1. Asuka has always been one of my go to characters to play as, she was the first character in Tekken V that I mastered, so I will always consider her one of the better fighters in this crossover.

2. In canon both Asuka and Makoto have beaten only one opponent each, Asuka beat Lili and Makoto beat Dan. To me, beating Dan Hibiki is not much of a feat, so I give canon advantage to Asuka.

My votes for Asuka and I hope she moves on to the next round.


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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.00 -
5.00 - Macklemore
5.00 - Boratz
4.00 - patrickthekid

FPA Calculation:
4 Total Votes cast
18.00 Total Combined Score
18.00 / 4 = 4.50 Final Rating on the match

Asuka Kazama: 3
Makoto: 2

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I know I missed this one, but my vote would have been for Asuka anyway. Think she's just a bit better than Makoto, plus I'm more familiar with her moveset. And glad to see Shermie finally get interrogated. It wasn't much, but progress is progress. Though, I'm not sure how Urien is fairing these days...

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