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Match 15799 Daredevil vs. Merlyn (DC)

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Hell's Kitchen, New York
"Hey Bobby, I'm heading out tonight!" Brandon said as he leaned against the doorway.
"Sounds good, Brandon! Hey, just want you to know that you did great today!" Bobby replied as he stood up and started walking to Brandon.
"Thanks man! I appreciate that! Thanks for giving me a chance too! Not many give chances to people like me!" Brandon replied with a smile.
"Don't mention it, kid! You... You have done some great work since you started! I know you've made some mistakes but those mistakes don't define you!" Bobby replied with a warm smile.
"Thanks Bobby! Thanks for givin' me a second chance!" Brandon said as he started walking away.
"Get outta here, Brandon! Go have some fun! Get some rest!" Bobby replied as he watched Brandon leave for the night.
Walking back to his desk, Bobby started finishing up putting away some paperwork. Everything was in line for the week and the shipments came in smoothly. As he was finishing up in his office, he heard a noise from the outside. "Brandon, is that you?" Bobby asked as he got up from his desk. Bobby walked over to his door and looked out at the dimly lit shipyard. Bobby's eyes wandered over the stacks of shipping containers. Perhaps it was just a stray animal that tripped over some trash. Bobby turned around to lock up his office but that same noise echoed once again. Bobby turned around and saw a figure coming from the shadow of the dimly lit shipyard. Bobby staggered back into his office and reached for a gun. He quickly walked outside once again and pointed his gun at the figure in the shadow.
"Who the hell are you?!" Bobby yelled as he kept his gun trained on the figure.
"Kingpin sends his regards..." The shadow muttered in response.
"Kingp..." Bobby said under his breath as he heard a noise from above him.
Quickly spinning around and looking above his office building, another figure lunged at the shipping survisor. The figure knocked the gun out of Bobby's hand before he could even react. Both figures started ruthlessly attacking the man. Bobby grunted in agonizing pain as his life started to flee. Blood dripped onto the pavement below the lifeless body of the shipyard supervisor. After hearing a noise, the two figures disappeared into the darkness as the young Brandon approached. 
"Hey Bobby, I was gonna tell ya someth..." Brandon said as he saw the body of his lifeless boss lying on the ground. 
Brandon quickly knelt down next to Bobby's body. He shook him to see if he was alive and tried to feel for a pulse. There was no pulse, only blood. In a panic, Brandon started to scream for help but no one was around. With blood on his hands, Brandon wiped his hands on his clothes as he started to run. He needed to find someone, he needed to get help. Running into the streets, he screamed for help. As Brandon ran looking for help, other people just saw a young black male covered in blood and screaming frantically. In the distance, sirens roared as Brandon saw the flashing red and blue lights. He screamed for help and pleaded for someone to help save his friend. After the officers heard the young man's pleas they took him back to the shipyard to find the body of Bobby Frampton. Eventually other police officers and crime scene investigators arrived at the scene. 
The young Brandon was taken into custody as the first responders were trying to find out who murdered Bobby Frampton. Despite his continuous pleas, no one believed that Brandon just found the dead body of Bobby Frampton. It seemed as if the whole world was against him. With criminal background, there did not appear to be any hope for Brandon. The young Brandon continued to cry and plea for his case that he did not kill Bobby. While he continued to tell his story to the police, a case was being made against him. The odds were stacked against him and all of his hope faded as he felt that the law was going to fail him. As Brandon sat in an interrogation room with detectives in front of him, he heard the door open behind him. The young Brandon rested his head against his hands in defeat. He heard voices order the police to leave the room while they meet with their client. 
Brandon glanced over to see the detectives leaving the room. He took a deep breath to see the court appointed lawyers that would represent him throughout this process. He saw saw two men walking into the room before him. One of them was a blonde haired, short thick man. The other had darker red hair, almost brown with glasses. After looking them over, Brandon felt as if he would end up in prison. The lawyers that stood before him was a blind guy and a short blonde guy that appeared to be a clueless. The short blonde guy tried to make a joke, but Brandon did not find any humor in that. The blind one gave a half hearted smile as he turned his head in the direction of his partner. 
"That certainly did not land well... hmmm... bad timing I guess... Brandon, my name is Foggy... Foggy Nelson and this is my partner Matt Murdock. We are going to provide you defensive council!" The short thicker one said as he gave off a huge smile.
"I didn't do nothing! I didn't do what they sayin' i did and I didn't kill Bobby!" Brandon pleaded as he gazed upon his lawyers.
From within his chest, Matt could hear his heartbeat. This young man was afraid, but he was honest. "We believe you, Brandon. We are here to help you."
"Really? One look at me and my record. Those cops out there certainly don't believe me!" Brandon argued as he looked down defeated.
"Well Brandon, if you couldn't tell we don't have the best eye sight, so we don't see your background huh?" Foggy said with a half hearted smile.
"Brandon, justice is blind. The truth is that you did not murder Bobby and we are going to do whatever we can in our power to prove your innocence." Matt said with assurance.
Matt and Foggy went out to speak with the detectives. It did not seem as too much time had passed by before one of the cops came and told Brandon that he was free to go. Despite the officers' beliefs, there was no real evidence that could keep Brandon there in custody. Brandon followed his attorneys back to their office. It seemed as if it were a rundown and there was a very peculiar smell that filled the office. Brandon's eyes wandered around the office and at least he felt some reassurance that they had a secretary. If that had a secretary, perhaps that had some rapport. Brandon saw the name Karen Page on the name plate of the secretary. She gave off a warm smile and a friendly greeting. Brandon followed both Matt and Foggy into their office. 
There were papers scattered all around and cardboard over the wind, as if they were covering the busted glass. Brandon sat down in an uneven chair and leaned forward as he gazed at the two men. Matt asked if he could tell him everything from the beginning and Brandon started to talk about that night. The blind lawyer interrupted him and asked if he could go back even further into detail about when he first started working for Bobby and everything leading up to that night. At first Brandon thought it was strange, but maybe there was a devil in the details that Brandon did not think about.
Going back to before he was hired up to this point now, Brandon went over everything he could remember. There was something that Matt pressed on that Brandon did not thing too much about at first. A couple days before the murder, Bobby was meeting some people in his office. The only reasons why Brandon rememberd this event was because they were in suits and did not seem like they belonged at the harbor. He remembered that they did not seem too pleased when they left, but he did not know what was said. The only thing that he could remember was them in suits and leaving in a fairly nice vehicle. Brandon did not ask Bobby about it as he felt it was none of his business. In his mind; maybe if he had asked, Bobby might still be alive.
Upper West Side
Several individuals sat in a conference room at a round table. Each one sat in leather seats and had a nice glass sitting before them. There was bickering amongst them as these were not ordinary indivuals. One was the head of a drug cartel that operated all throughout state while others were heads of crime families. They were all powerful individuals and each one was rotted to the core. As they continued to bicker, a man walked into the room and each one became silent. This man, James Wesley stood before these crime lords as a silence filled the entire room. A small smile formed over Wesley's face as he looked over the powerful individuals in the room.
"The Kingpin sends his deepest apologies, but he had an issue that needed his immediate attention." Wesley said as he put out his arms.
"Fis...." a Drug lord said before being interrupted.
"Shhh... Now now... You know we do not use his name." Wesley said as he glared at the drug lord. "The incident at the harbor has been taken care of. We have someone in place that will be a little more receptive of our import and export operations."
"What about any loose ends? The ones that you do the job?" A crime boss named Falcone asked
"They have been silenced. They will not be a problem." Wesley reassuringly.
"What 'bout that kid? Whatever his name is?" An arms dealer asked as he leaned forward against the table with his elbows. "The one that the police have in custody."
"Police think he is the killer. He should not be a problem." Wesley replied.
"I hear he is being represented by those blind guys?" A crime boss named Sionis asked with a crooked smile. "Hear they're done the impossible before."
"Yes... We are aware that Nelson and Murdock are representing Brandon. If the authorities started looking elsewhere, we have plans in place." Wesley said with a half hearted smile.
"What if this kid, Brandon knows more than he thinks? What if he heard somethin'? Saw somethin'?" The Drug Lord asked as he twirled his hand around.
"We have plans in place if that happens. Please ladies and gentlemen, our client is highly knowledgeable of everything that is going on in the city. He has plans in place." Wesley pleaded. "Now let's get on to business..."
The meeting continued as if it were a city council meeting. There were multiple items brought to motion and ideas discussed. Once the meeting had concluded, Wesley left the different criminal leaders behind. As he walked outside, a limousine drove up in front of him. Wesley swiftly got into the back of the limousine and was caught by surprise as he realized he was not the only one in the back of the vehicle. Sitting before him was a man that he knew the Kingpin had contacted prior to his meeting just moments ago.
"You startled me, Mr.... Mr. King?" Wesley said while trying to collect his thoughts.
"Please call me, Malcolm. Malcom Merlyn." Merlyn responded as he leaned back in his seat.
"Merlyn... I was under the impre....." 
"I go by many names, but doing business with Wilson Fisk... ha well I will use my actual name." Merlyn replied as he interrupted Wesley.
"We don't use his name." Wesley said with a stern look.
"Look, Mr. Wesley... you may try and scare those goons in that little room of yours but please... don't do that to me. I am being hired for a certain purpose. My skillset is unlike any other and I will not be treated like a child in time out." Merlyn responded with a crooked smile.
"Very well... Mr. Fisk wants you to take out a possible witness." Wesley responded with annoyance.
"What else?" Merlyn asked as glared at Wesley.
"What do you mean?" Wesley asked.
"The big bad Kingpin could get any two bit gangster in the Kitchen to take out a witness, but alas he contacted me. As you know, I am the best at what I do and my services do not come cheap." Merlyn replied with a smirk.
"This witness is being represented by a law firm called Nelson and Murdock. In the past, they usually have had a... guardian angel looking over their clients. This guardian ang... Devil of Hell's Kitchen has caused issued in the past. This time, we cannot allow some vigilante to poke around in our dealings." Wesley replied.
"My fee has doubled." Merlyn responded as he looked at Wesley coldly.
"Mr. Fisk does not like a change in business." Wesley squealed.
"The Kingpin wanted the best and he will have to pay for the best." Merlyn said with a large confident smile. "I will make sure this witness is dead by morning."
Hell's Kitchen
Hours past since Brandon had left his office. In his heart, Matt felt that there was something more here that he did not know yet. After hearing Brandon's story, he knew that Bobby was not killed randomly. There was more to this and this was far from over. Night fell over the Kitchen and the concrete jungle filled up with street lights in every direction. Brandon insisted on wanting to stay in his apartment tonight and Matt knew he could not stop him from doing that. While he could not stop Brandon, that did not mean he would not protect him if needed. 
Daredevil prowled across the rooftops and alleyways. Standing on the roof next to Brandon's run down apartment, Matt could hear Brandon struggling to go to sleep. He tossed and turned in his bed, but nothing would allow Brandon to rest. Matt could hear his restless heartbeat from the next roof and felt sorry for the young man. As he the night continued, sirens went off throughout the city and the screams of random New Yorkers echoed all throughout. It was just another night in Hell's Kitchen.
With the cries of the city becoming almost deafening for Matt, he almost decided to leave as Brandon appeared to be safe. Daredevil was about to leave when he heard a faint noise from within Brandon's apartment complex. He heard several heartbeats within the building, but there was one that was peculiar. Since he had suits up as the Man without Fear, Matt had faced many enemies that varied with skill and power. There was one enemy that had a controlled heartbeat and breathing such as the one he heard coming from within this building. He remembered his battles with the Hand and how most of their warriors were trained to be calm and collected. 
Matt leaped across the building and flipped across into an open window of the apartment complex. Daredevil slowly walked into the open hallway. He could smell a busted sewage line and old pizza from different rooms. Matt slowly walked to the door of Brandon's apartment. He heard Brandon inside fast asleep in his bed. As he stood at the entrance of the apartment, he heard that same heartbeat from behind and turned to face his enemy. 
"You're not the Hand!" Daredevil roared as he took out his batons.
"Thanks for noticing. I was told you would probably be coming here! Your death will be quite the accomplishment!" The Dark Archer exclaimed as he took out an arrow and aimed it at the Man without Fear.

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Just a straight up fight between Daredevil and Merlyn. Hope you all enjoy. As always sorry for an grammatical or spelling errors that may be in there 

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Been awhile since I've thought of Merlyn at all. Nice pull. Merlyn feels like he would make a great reoccurring villain for DD. Though, DD has dealt with similar foes in the past so I think he edges out this win.

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I could definitely see Merlyn as a Hand like villain. Guess thats why he is associated with League of Assassins. I definitely agree in that he could be a reoccurring foe for DD. 

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Another great set-up, Boratz! This felt exactly like a story that would fit both Daredevil and Merlyn.

As for the match, Merlyn would indeed be a challenge for Matt, but since Daredevil has faced similarly-skilled foes (such as Bulleye), he should be able to protect Brandon and eventually defeat Malcolm.

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1 hour ago, DSkillz said:

Another great set-up, Boratz! This felt exactly like a story that would fit both Daredevil and Merlyn.

As for the match, Merlyn would indeed be a challenge for Matt, but since Daredevil has faced similarly-skilled foes (such as Bulleye), he should be able to protect Brandon and eventually defeat Malcolm.

Thanks DSkillz 😊 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
4.60 - DSkillz
4.00 - SSJRuss

FPA Calculation:
2 Total Votes cast
8.60 Total Combined Score
8.60 / 2 = 4.30 Final Rating on the match

Daredevil: 5
Merlyn (DC): 0

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I missed this before I got a chance to vote although I would have only added to the shutout win. Another great matchup, Boratz. 

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