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Darli Dagger vs. Zarina

Darli Dagger: 2
Zarina: 1

Supergirl vs. Superwoman

Supergirl: 5
Superwoman: 1

8:9 - Ego (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs. Ichigo Kurosaki

Ego the Living Planet: 3
Ichigo Kurosaki: 7

8:9 - Ecto-1 vs. Herbie

Ecto-1: 3
Herbie: 7

8:9 - Cinder Fall vs. Psylocke

Cinder Fall: 5
Psylocke: 6

8:9 - Dark Danny Phantom vs. Akuma (Tekken)

Dark Danny Phantom: 6
Akuma: 4

8:9 - Spider-Mobile vs. The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard)

Spider-Mobile: 6
The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard): 4

8:9 - The Burger King vs. Tony The Tiger

The Burger King: 4
Tony The Tiger: 6

8:9 - Robert Neville vs. Sarah Connor

Robert Neville: 5
Sarah Connor: 4

8:9 - Captain Cold vs. Scott Pilgrim

Captain Cold: 9
Scott Pilgrim: 2

8:9 - Circe (DCAU) vs. Sub-Zero

Circe (DC): 5
Sub-Zero: 6

8:9 - Domino (Marvel Comics) vs. Spider-Man (Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy)

Domino (Marvel Comics): 4
Spider-Man: 8

8:9 - Spike Spiegel vs. Tracer (Overwatch)

Spike Spiegel: 1
Tracer (Overwatch): 10

8:9 - The Trapper (Evan MacMillan) vs. Batman

The Trapper (Evan MacMillan): 2
Batman: 7

8:9 - Saitama vs. Radioactive Man

Saitama: 3
Radioactive Man: 7

8:9 - Venom vs. Omega Red

Venom: 9
Omega Red: 0

8:9 - Black Panther vs. Yang Xiao Long

Black Panther: 4
Yang Xiao Long: 6

8:9 - Alucard vs. Shuri

Alucard: 7
Shuri: 3

8:9 - Gregory (Gregory Horror Show) vs. Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Gregory (Gregory Horror Show): 2
Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 6

8:9 - Mechagodzilla vs. The Vision

Mechagodzilla: 3
The Vision: 9

8:9 - Mach Five vs. Invisible Boatmobile

Mach Five: 8
Invisible Boatmobile: 6

Batman (Richard Grayson) vs. The Joker

Batman (Richard Grayson): 5
The Joker: 1

8:8 - Mechagodzilla vs. War Machine

Mechagodzilla: 6
War Machine: 5

8:8 - Sweet Tooth (Ice Cream Truck) vs. The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard)

Sweet Tooth (Ice Cream Truck): 4
The General Lee (The Dukes Of Hazzard): 7

8:8 - Shuri vs. Princess Azula

Shuri: 7
Princess Azula: 3

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Match 15698 Scarlet Witch vs. Freddy Krueger

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It was around late afternoon on a chilly day. 
The streets were empty. No children to even play around. Even the playgrounds were empty. 
A lone woman, dressed in red and black, somewhat resembling a superhero and a witch. Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, she surveyed the entire block. She had been informed of a tip by a teenager from Springwood, who desperately begged for help. She had been informed of an evil presence killing children in their dreams. 
By the time she arrived, the teen had perished. Already Wanda had found a grave at the cemetery. She deduced that whoever it was killing children, they did not want word to spread. But too late, for the Scarlet Witch had arrived much to the chagrin of the adult locals who wanted to turn away her help. 
Wanda ignored their rejections and soldiered on as she explored the area. Passing by the playground and then the suburban houses, she stumbled upon a peculiar house. Wanda felt a huge sense, a very huge presence of evil. 
She faced the house. Seeing it for what it was, a home with a green roof, white and a red door. The entire place was boarded and rotting away. Wanda guesses it had been rotting away for almost 40 years. With the crippled state it was in, she was amazed it was still standing. 
Wanda then forced the door to be opened with a quick motion of one of her hands.
As she walked in, she noticed the interiors were in a worse state. Wanda recoiled at the smell upon entering but trudged on regardless. The door closed behind her on her own accord and very quickly, she sat on the floor-cross legged, and closed her eyes. She was about to go into a meditative state. This murderer can only be battled in dreams and so, she will bring the fight to him. 
After a moment of silence, a red light began to shine on her face. Opening her eyes, Wanda saw a door beneath the staircase. Getting up, she opened the door and right away, she found herself in a different location. 
As Wanda went down the stairs, she realized it was a boiler room. Everything felt hot, even the occasional hot steam burst from the pipes and the constant boilers burning non stop. With how the place was designed along with the heat and red lighting, it felt like she was in hell. 
Wanda's eyes narrowed in suspicion, no doubt this was the work of the assailant of the teenager. Her suspicions were confirmed as she heard scratching on the pipes, emitting a loud sound. 
Wanda slowly turned around, thinking she'd she him. Nothing but empty spaces. But then, she heard heavy breathing and the clicking of blades. 
'There you are!' Wanda thought as she whirled around to see her attacker. 
Finally, she got her first good look at him. A burned man in a red and green sweater, a brown fedora hat, dark brown pants and shoes. And most notable of all, a razor glove on his hand. 
"You wanted me, here I am." The man known as Freddy Krueger grinned. 
"I won't allow you to hurt another child ever again." Wanda calmly but firmly said, slightly raising her voice. Raising her arms, she went into action position, waiting to use her hex powers. 
In honor of WandaVision, I decided to write this and even test out that new rating system that had been included. Hope it's well written enough. 
So stats, the idea is can Scarlet Witch beat Freddy Krueger. Scarlet Witch is at full strength and power and this is her post Secret Wars where she's revealed not to be a mutant, a full on magic user and also I took cues from her ongoing back in 2015 by James Robinson when it was part of the All-New All-Different Marvel launch. 
And Freddy is also at full strength with his abilities and even psychological tactics. 

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This was very great and I certainly liked the mood of the set up once Wanda was in the dream world

While it does take place in dream world, i feel like Wanda should be able to win this one. She will have to watch herself as Freddy is in the dream world. He does have an advantage but I feel like Wanda is on a other level of power that she can take them to another plane and destroy him there

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Wait, Wanda's not even a mutant now in the comics? That's a significant part of her history that's been retconned. Not sure how I feel about that yet. 

Anyways, pretty good match, Movie-Brat. You did a good job of setting the mood for the big confrontation with Freddy Kruger. If Wanda's at her M-Day levels of magic power and completely sane (which she apparently also in in the comics), Freddy unequivocally gets stomped here.

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Agreed. It takes strong willpower and inner strength to beat Freddy, which Wanda has in abundance. Initially Freddy will have the upper hand as he brings the fear, but as soon as she starts resisting then it's all over. Good setup.

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2 hours ago, DSkillz said:

Wait, Wanda's not even a mutant now in the comics? That's a significant part of her history that's been retconned. Not sure how I feel about that yet. 


Yup! Turns out she really lives up to her name as she actually comes from a long line of witches. And personally, I prefer that anyway. 

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
5.00 - Fox
5.00 - Venom 2009
4.80 - Boratz
3.50 - Macklemore
3.50 - SSJRuss
3.50 - DSkillz

FPA Calculation:
6 Total Votes cast
25.30 Total Combined Score
25.30 / 6 = 4.22 Final Rating on the match

Scarlet Witch: 6
Freddy Krueger: 2

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