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Tommy Wiseau vs. Ed Wood

Tommy Wiseau: 5
Ed Wood: 2


James Bond vs. Rally Vincent

James Bond: 4
Rally Vincent: 2


The Spy (TF2) vs. Alfred Pennyworth

The Spy (TF2): 1
Alfred Pennyworth: 7


Trini Kwan vs. Chloe Bourgeois

Trini Kwan: 2
Chloe Bourgeois: 5


Armor King vs. Zangief

Armor King: 2
Zangief: 5


King (Tekken) vs. El Blaze

King (Tekken): 9
El Blaze: 0


Black Widow vs. Hun

Black Widow: 10
Hun: 0


Cid Highwind vs. Aranea Highwind

Cid Highwind: 1
Aranea Highwind: 4


10:10 - Sinon vs. Chris Redfield

Sinon: 2
Chris Redfield: 9


10:10 - Dot Warner vs. Kwicky Koala

Dot Warner: 10
Kwicky Koala: 3


10:10 - Richard O'Connell vs. Batman

Richard O'Connell: 9
Batman: 7


10:10 - Blues Brothers vs. P. T. Barnum

Blues Brothers: 8
P. T. Barnum: 4


10:10 - Dante Hicks vs. Patrick Bateman

Dante Hicks: 7
Patrick Bateman: 5


10:10 - Lois Lane vs. Vampirella

Lois Lane: 5
Vampirella: 6


10:10 - Space Ghost vs. Pepe Le Pew

Space Ghost: 7
Pepe Le Pew: 2


10:10 - Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride) vs. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride): 2
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop): 10


10:10 - Maria Von Trapp vs. Roxie Hart

Maria Von Trapp: 11
Roxie Hart: 1


10:10 - Indiana Jones vs. Johnny Castle

Indiana Jones: 11
Johnny Castle: 2


10:10 - Catherine Tramell vs. Amanda

Catherine Tramell: 7
Amanda: 3


10:10 - Thok vs. Dark Agnes De Chastillon

Thok: 2
Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 10

Match 15664 Eliot vs. Josie Rizal

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The masked luchador, El Fuerte, looked everywhere above deck and below deck on the Freedom Survivor cruise liner. Eventually, he found the man he was looking for, Helena Douglas’s right hand man, Zack. The boisterous kick boxer was currently holding an ice pack to the back of his bald head to reduce the swelling from being rammed into the side of a helicopter.  (REF: LEIFANG VS. LI XIANGFEI)

“Amigo, I have a question for you,” El Fuerte announced.

“What ya need, man?” Zack shot back.

“I heard Miss Douglas was attacked while I was away with Sr. Phoenix and Sr. Lawl.  (REF: MARSHALL LAW VS. LAU CHAN)  Do you know who the assailant was?” asked El Fuerte.

“Uh, yeah, some weirdo named Shermie,” answered Zack.  “I think she may be a pirate or something, I don’t really know.”

“May I see her?” El Fuerte inquired.

Confusion spread across Zack’s face. “What? Why?”

“Miss Douglas is one of the most incredible women I have ever met, She is mucha amazing. I want to see the kind of person that would attack her. I want to find out why,” El Fuerte explained.

“That’s kind of a bizarre request, and from what Miss Douglas tells me, Shermie isn’t talking.” Zack thought it over for a minute. “Then again I am kind of curious too and I haven’t met this crazy girl either. You know what, let’s do it. I can get you in to see her.”

Zack led El Fuerte to the DOATEC holding cells and used his position to get in to see Shermie. The two men looked at Shermie through the prison bars, She remained unphased by their arrival.

“I told her I wasn’t talking to anyone. I don’t know why she would think the two of you would change that,” stated Shermie.

“I came here on my own to shame you chica, for what you tried to do to that wonderful woman,” El Fuerte declared.  (REF: HELENA DOUGLAS VS. SHERMIE

Zack  was mesmerized by Shermie’s curvy figure and exotic look and it took him a few moments before he finally spoke. “I’m sure there was just a huge misunderstanding. I feel we can work this out to where everyone can be friends.”

El Fuerte shot him an incredulous look.

“So tell me baby, what is it exactly about Helena that you don’t like?” Zack inquired.

“Nothing personal against her, really. Just business,” responded Shermie.

“A career orientated woman, I like that,” said Zack. “On the other hand, I sense great tension in you. In my opinion your problem might be that you don’t take enough time out for relaxation and ‘me time’. I could help with that.”

“Is that right?”

“Absolutely. I have my own island, you know. Beautiful beaches, a top of the line resort, nothing but the best,” insisted Zack.

“And you are inviting me to this island?” Shermie wondered. “Even though I attacked your boss.”

“Depending on your actions right now, we can make that water under the bridge baby,” Zack promised.

Shermie leaned against the bars of her cell to better display the cleavage in her dress. “What would I have to do?”

Zack walked closer to Shermie. “Well for starters you would have to apologize to Miss Douglas and then…”

“Amigo what are you doing?” asked El Fuerte.

Zack turned his attention back to the luchador. “Chill man, I got this.”

Shermie suddenly grabbed Zack’s red tie and yanked him against the black bars. Zack gasped for air as she choked him.

“You are one of the types of people that I despise the most. Consider yourself lucky that these bars are here or I would be happily dancing all over your face!” she threatened. “In due time, Orochi will be reborn and scum like you will be cleansed from the earth.”

El Fuerte inserted himself between the two and pulled Zack out of her grasp.

Zack wheezed and coughed. “You psycho, we could have had something special.”

Zack hunched over as he tried to catch his breath. Meanwhile, El Fuerte stood in front of Shermie’s cell with his back to her. He extended his hand slightly behind his back and Shermie placed inside it a small black pouch,  (REF: BONNE JENET VS. CERVANTES DE LEON)

“Ay chihuahua, any hope we had of getting information from her is gone now because you can’t help yourself,” El Fuerte scolded.

“You can see yourselves out,” Shermie snapped.

Shermie giggled to herself as El Fuerte and Zack left the holding cell area.

“That didn’t exactly go as smooth as it could have,”  Zack admitted.

El Fuerte shook his head in disgust. “Do you know where Miss Douglas is?”

Zack panicked. “You are not going to tell her what happened in there are you?”

“No,” replied El Fuerte. “Although there are cameras in there, aren’t there? I’m sure she could see it for herself if someone made her aware of it, amigo.”

Zack nervously adjusted his tie. “I need to go talk to a guy in the video room.”

Zack took his leave of El Fuerte. The aspiring chef made his way toward the office of Helena Douglas. To his surprise, she was approaching in the opposite direction. Helena appeared flustered.

“Hola senorita. It is lovely to see you again. I have a suggestion if you will permit me,” he stated.

“If you can make it quick, I am in the middle of something rather important,” said Helena.

“I know we are about to embark on our mission, but I was thinking of throwing a feast for everyone first,” El Fuerte suggested.  “From what I have heard the people on this boat have been through quite a lot already. Between the horrible storm and the pirate attack, (REF: BONNE JENET VS. LILI ROCHEFORT)  I think it would be a good gesture to show everyone how thankful you are for them. And I want to help put it together.”

Helena smiled. “That is a good idea. A very thoughtful gesture indeed. Have Zack put you in touch with our chefs and instruct them to let you take the lead. Thank you El Fuerte.”

El Fuerte bowed respectfully. “The pleasure is all mine. I will just need a few hours to prepare.”

 “Wonderful. Now, if you will excuse me. I will see you soon.” Helena continued her brisk walk down the expansive hallway. 




Young Xinqi quan practitioner,Eliot, sat next to his friend, Brad Wong, as they finished the meal prepared for them by El Fuerte as a thank you for their fight against the pirate invasion, 

Eliot looked over somewhat longingly a few tables over where Asuka Kazama and Makoto sat with a young female fighter Eliot had not met yet.  (REF: KOKORO VS. GANRYU) Eliot lied to himself that he was just curious what martial arts she practiced, but in truth he was attracted to her.

“Hey, are you even listening?” Brad bellowed.

Eliot apologized. “Huh? Sorry. What was that?”

“I was asking how the old man is doing,” Brad clarified.

“Master Gen Fu was in good spirits. (REF: GEN VS. GEN FU) I felt like he was hiding something, but I can’t imagine anything too exciting going on at the bookstore,” Eliot rationalized.

“You didn’t tell him about my little scuffle did ya?” Brad inquired.  (REF: BRAD WONG VS. LEI WULONG

Eliot did not respond.

“Ah, well that’s okay. Nothing to be ashamed of,” said Brad. He punctuated his point by drinking the rest of his wine flask. “I need some air.”

Eliot followed his friend outside the dining area and they made their way to the top deck.

“Do you think we can make a pit stop whenever we start this adventure. I have run out of good wine in this luxury prison.” Brad laughed at his own joke. “I really hope this Soul Edge thing is as important as everyone is making it out to be. Otherwise this whole thing was a waste of time.”

“I am excited, and also a little nervous,” Eliot admitted.

Brad ignored the young fighter as his eyes traveled over to the side of the ship where Josie Rizal was taking in the sights.

“Hey, there is your girl,”  he declared.


“Don’t be coy with me. I saw you staring at her in the dining hall. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’ve got good taste kid, she is a looker,” Brad remarked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Eliot insisted.

“Don’t be shy, just go talk to her. Those other girls aren’t even with her anymore so it should be smooth sailing,” said Brad.

Eliot blushed, but did not move.

“Fine then, if you aren’t going to go talk to her then I will,” Brad decided. “I could use the company of a beautiful girl, I might even invite her over for a drink.”

Eliot was mortified. He watched from a distance as Brad Wong approached Josie and started to chat her up. The short haired female fighter rebuffed his advances, and Eliot immediately had flashbacks to Brad trying to flirt with Ayane before a Dead or Alive tournament and how bad that went. Eliot decided to intercede before Brad offended this woman, embarrassed himself, or most likely both.

“C’mon just one drink,” Brad pleaded. “I promise you’ll have a good time.”

“No, I really am just trying to enjoy this scenery on my own right now,” replied Josie. “Who knows when or even if I will get this opportunity again.”

“I’ve been on this boat awhile, I can show you all the best views,” stated Brad.

Anger seeped into Josie’s voice. “Can’t you just accept no?”

Brad lightly grabbed Josie’s arm. “If you just give me five minutes I promise..”

Josie decked Brad with her left hand and sent him sprawling to the ground.

Josie took in some heavy breaths and her eyes began to glow with an orange tint. “You couldn’t just leave well enough alone. Your kind will never learn.”

Josie assaulted Brad with kicks and punches. The sudden burst of rage and violence caught Brad off guard and he failed to defend himself. Finally, Eliot reached them and pulled Josie off of Brad.

“That’s enough. He has learned his lesson,” Eliot insisted. “I am so, so sorry. I promise you he will never bother you again.”

“Are you making excuses for this perverted old man!” Josie shouted.

“No,he has just had a lot to drink and is in a weird headspace right now. I promise you he means no offense,”said Eliot.

The orange tint in Josie’s eyes was now more prevalent. It unnerved Eliot a little.

 “So you are defending him,” she surmised. “Well if you want to side with that creep then you also deserve a beating.”

Josie prepared herself to fight Eliot. This was not the first meeting he was hoping for.

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Hmm... this will come down to who will be able to play their style better. Eliot has great power in his strikes while Josie is defensive and is based on counterattacking. On paper this should play into her strengths, but she has issues with her confidence.

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Didn't get the chance to read this before. But the result is what I would have gone with. Eliot is pretty strong, but I don't think it would be a blow out like the score suggests.

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