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Match 15580 Batman (Earth-31) vs. Batman (Thomas Wayne)

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Gotham City


The night sky was clear, and the city lights had hidden the stars. This was a January night with piercing cold temperatures. In a country that was rebuilding from chaos and darkness. After celebrating a hopeful Christmas season that promised to bring peace going forward, the people of Gotham knew better. The bitter cold air brought forth a wave of terror from criminals seeking to profit from the fearful residents that dwelled within the city. The criminal plague that infested the streets poisoned the souls of the innocent. On this night, it seemed as if the world stood still for a brief moment. The chill brought a certain silence throughout the streets that would fade in an instant.


A thunderous explosion wreaked havoc upon Gotham City Bank. After clearing out stacks of cash from the secured vaults, two men in dark clothes and hats fled into the night. Sirens echoed as red and blue lights swarmed throughout the city. Hovering over the concrete jungle, the Gotham City Police Department blimps shined power beams of light upon the grounds below. The Gotham Police Department searched for the ones that committed this crime. 


Making their way through the alleyways, the two robbers ran from G.C.P.D. After climbing to the roof of a building, their escape was all but certain. As they sprinted across the rooftops, they came to a sudden stop. From the shadows they could see a dark figure standing in their way to freedom. Without a moment’s hesitation, they pulled out their guns to face off against this person that threatened their escape. From a dark corner of a roof, another figure leaped out of the darkness and knocked the weapons from their hands. The two dark figures faced off against the thieves. Above the world, storm clouds started to form. The figures made quick work of the thieves and left them tied up for the law find.


As law enforcement surrounded the subdued criminals, the two figures stood on a building high above them. Lightning flashed through the skies revealing the full image of the Sons of the Batman. The lightning in the sky disappeared in an instant and once again darkness covered the streets. The Sons of Batman disappeared into the dead of night. Multiple officers searched far and wide for the Sons of Batman, but to no avail. The vigilantes disappeared into the night as their war on crime continued to wage on. 


Despite the death of the Batman, Mayor Stevenson and Police Commissioner Ellen Yindel struggled to keep the Sons of the Batman at bay. In fear of losing the city to lawlessness, the Mayor tirelessly made speeches about the future of Gotham. Chief Yindel condemned vigilantism and promised that the Sons of Batman would end soon enough. It was just a matter of time before true justice would prevail. The Police Commissioner would speak that on the matters of law and order. This gang was not above the law and it did not operate in the confines of justice.


Walking in the dead of night, the two Sons of Batman carried the very guns of those criminals that they had defeated earlier. As they were taught by the Batman, these were tools of cowards and these were the tools of injustice. As they made it their missions to wage their war on crime, they also made it their missions to destroy the tools that these cowards used in their quest for injustice. Their goal now was to get back to base and destroy the tools. They wanted to ensure that these very weapons did not find themselves back in the hands of criminals.


Gotham Caves


In a labyrinth of caves beneath the Earth, the Sons of Batman would gather together. The two Sons that had stopped the bank robbery early had made their way inside this mysterious labyrinth. After destroying the tools of cowards, they made their way to meet with their fellow brothers and sisters. Each one of them had gone out into the night and had a story to tell. From stopping a car theft to fighting off drug dealers, the Sons of Batman did what they could to fight for justice in a city that seemed to be lost in corruption.


While some spoke of their missions that occurred in that night, others trained for missions to come. In another part of the cave, an older Oliver Queen trained some of the younger recruits. Despite his age and missing an arm, he was able to instill incredible skills with a bow and arrow. Carrie Kelley, Batman's second in command and the recent Robin, trained other new recruits in acrobatics. As for Bruce, he trained the Sons to engage the enemies and use stealth in facing an army. Bruce made it his goal to teach these recruits not to fight with guns or lethal tactics but fight the right way. 


With dawn approaching, many of the Sons celebrated in their victories. For Bruce though, the war never ends. He heard the stories from the Sons and knew that the next night would be different. Every night and each passing day bring out new trials to face. Many of the Sons fell into cots and sleeping bags. As they started to fall fast asleep, Bruce listened in on the morning reports. While the news reported on the explosion at Gotham City Bank, there was no mention of the Sons of the Batman. A smirk formed across Bruce's face as he realized that either Commissioner Yindel or Mayor Stevenson fought to keep the public from knowing that the Sons of Batman had stopped the criminals that attacked the bank. Deep down, he knew that Gotham would already know the truth. 


Gotham City Police Department


The rays of the early sun had beamed through the windows of the police station. Many were scrambling around has paperwork had to be completed and filed. The events of the previous night were still be sorted by several officers on duty. Police Commissioner Yindel sat in her office and just gazed down at the old newspaper from over a year ago. "THE BATMAN IS DEAD!" The headline read as she reflected on that fateful night. The battle that ensued between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. With the revelation of Bruce Wayne as Batman and his death, it seemed that law and order would take hold of this city once and for all. For the Commissioner and the Mayor, that was not the case. It seemed as if a group had continued on with Wayne's legacy and took the law into their own hands. She tried to crack down on the Sons of Batman, but she was only met with failure. For some reason, she felt that Bruce Wayne was very much alive somehow, keeping up the fight for Gotham.


As reports of the previous night had swarmed in, there was one incident that stood out above the rest. An attempted kidnapping that was stopped by someone or something. As Yindel went over the report with the responding officer, she noted some irregularities between this incident and the other incidents that involved the Sons of Batman. The kidnapper had sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the head; as well as multiple fractures to his arms and legs. There were lacerations all over him. This was a brutal killing; despite the Sons being criminals, they never used guns and they refrained from killing. The officer informed Yindel that the girl that the man attempted to kidnap spoke of only seeing a strange shadow. The shadow appeared to be some kind of demon or monster. This creature terrified the young girl her very core. 


As the officers left Yindel's office, she leaned forward against her desk. Just as she believed the Batman had killed the Joker, maybe the Sons of Batman are taking a much more extreme stance on their war on crime. She knew that the Mayor would want answers soon and that something would need to be done about this issue regarding the Sons of Batman. The world heard the news of Batman’s death after his battle with Superman, there is no reason there should still be an issue with this gang this long after his death. She continued to ask herself, “Why? Why would this gang still follow the legacy of a dead man?” It troubled her as she questioned whether or not something else was hiding in the shadows.




Gotham City

A family of three had just left the Gotham Movie Theater. Several movies had played that night, but they went to see a movie about the adventures of Superman. A propaganda film that the government hoped would inspire the country in a positive way and perhaps profit from their own powerful superhero. The family that had left the theater were walking in the cold January night. The mother and father watched as their young son would jump up and down as if he were the red and blue superhero. As they walked through an infamous alley, they did not know that they were being watched by someone in the night. 


A man quickly came up from behind the family and pointed a revolver at the mother and father. He ordered that they give him all that they had. The young boy froze in fear as he watched his mother and father scrambling for their wallets. A dark shadow moved swiftly above the family. The mugger looked in every direction as he saw the moving shadow above him. He heard faint noises in all directions as the gun shook in his hand. Suddenly, he heard a noise from behind. He quickly turned around and let out a shot in the darkness. Breathing heavily and shaking with fear, the mugger stumbled back as he saw a towering individual before him.


"You prey on families through fear, but you nothing more than a coward!" The Dark Knight roared as he stood before the mugger and the frightened family. 


The mugger continued to shake as he tried to aim his revolver at the Batman. With a quick throw, the Dark Knight threw a Batarang at the mugger's revolver and knocked the gun out of his hand. He lunged at the mugger and knocked him on the ground. The Dark Knight looked up at the family and in an instant, he just froze. He saw the father and mother as they held onto their young son. Bruce's eyes caught the father's eye and under his breath said, "Father." In that instant, he thought he could see the ghosts of the past all around him. In that instant the mugger kicked Batman and the Dark Knight staggered back.


"Get out of here!" Batman yelled as he charged at the mugger. 


As the Dark Knight grabbed the mugger from behind, he threw him against a trash can. The mugger pleaded and cried as he threw out his hands. He begged for mercy as the Batman slowly walked closer to the frightened man. 


"I... I was.... I was desperate!" The mugger cried as he fell to his knees. “Please, I didn’t know what else to do!”


Batman stood over the criminal and raised his fist. As the mugger cried, Batman unclenched his fist. The rage quickly faded away as he looked upon the suffering man. Bruce knew that times were tough for people and many struggled to get by. With sirens in the distance, Batman tied the mugger up and left him for the police.


The Batman eventually met up with Carrie Kelley, who had successfully stopped an illegal weapons sale at the docks. When she asked what he had done, Bruce remained silent as the night continued. 


Later that night...


Gotham General Hospital


Rob and Bob, two members that were a part of the Sons of Batman had gotten word that a group had plans to steal a shipment of medical supplies from Gotham General. They waited until they saw the group proceed forward with their plans. As the two were about to engage the group of criminals, something had happened. A shadow emerged from the darkness and fought the entire group single handedly. The shadow shot down several of the members of the criminal gang and ruthlessly killed the rest with other weapons that he had carried. Blood flowed through the streets as Rob and Bob looked on in silence. This thing was almost like a demon. The two Sons glanced at one another and knew that despite what this thing did in stopping the criminals, he stilled butchered them without hesitation.


With the training that they had received from Oliver, Carrie, and Batman they tried to face off against this creature of the night. As they got a better look at the creature in the moon light. They were shocked as he almost appeared to be the Batman. There were differences in the suit, but he almost seemed to be the one that they followed for so long now. Deep down, they knew it was not him. They faced off with this Batman, but the battle was short. With snaps and cracks, the Batman broke their limbs without much effort. He beat them to a pulp and aimed his pistols down at the Sons. Rob struggled as he spit blood out of his mouth.


"Yyyoou.... Yyyyyyoooou're not Batman!" Rob said as he lost consciousness. 


As alarms echoed, this Batman quickly disappeared into the night. Police and ambulances surrounded the area. The night was coming to an end, but there was a battle looming in the horizon...


The Rays of the Sun Beamed Through Gotham


Gotham City Police Department


With news of the death of the criminal gang that targeted Gotham General and two of the Sons of Batman in critical conditions, the media erupted in a panic. There were talks of a demon roaming the streets or a rampaging vigilante. Commissioner Yindel demanded answers but most of the detectives came up with absolutely nothing. The Mayor wanted something, anything as to what was going on, but Yindel had nothing to give. She promised that a task force would be formed in response to these vigilantes, but the Mayor did not take much solace in that. An officer joked about just letting the vigilantes do their thing as it took a lot of weight off the cops' shoulders.


"No one is above the law! No one is going to take the law in their own hands! We are the law and we are the order! We protect and serve! Not this gang and certainly not some man in a suit!" Yindel yelled as she looked over her officers. 


Gotham Caves


Bruce growled with rage upon hearing the news that two of his soldiers were hospitalized. There was someone out there, someone dangerous. Multiple deaths in the last two nights and now attacks made on his people. Carrie and Oliver stood behind Bruce and tried to calm him down. With a promise, Carrie swore that she would find this killer and stop him. With anger, Bruce forbid the young Robin from searching out this killer. There was a level a danger there that Bruce felt Carrie was not ready for. Bruce saw the disappointment in the young girl's eyes and reflected to a time before Jason Todd died. Jason was a good soldier, but he fell at the hands of the Joker. He was not ready. Bruce did not want the same for Carrie. She was not ready yet.


Gotham City 


Wanting to prove herself, Carrie snuck out of the cave. She was going to find this criminal and bring them to justice. Prowling the alleyways and rooftops, the young Robin gazed down upon the city. Several cops patrolled the areas as they wanted to keep order. As Carrie looked upon the streets, she searched for anything that stood out. On a police radio that she had attached to her earpiece, she heard that there was a break in at Ace Chemicals. She immediately made her way in that direction. By the time she had arrive, the police had swarmed the area.


The young Robin watched from a distance but then noticed that a group of men were running away. Robin quickly made her way to the group. With the tactics that she had learned from Bruce and Oliver, Carrie was able to take down the group of men one by one. As she was about to engage the last criminal, the powerful sound of a gunshot pierced through the darkness. The lifeless body of the final criminal fell to the ground below. Carrie immediately spun around and saw the killer standing behind her. She could not believe her eyes as she saw what appeared to be Batman standing there. There were hints of red in his suit as this man holstered his pistol.


"Who? What are you?" Carrie asked as she stood in a defensive position.


"I'm Batman!" Thomas Wayne responded as he was about to leave.


"No... You're not Batman! Batman doesn't kill! Batman doesn't use guns!" Carrie yelled.


"Huh... Then Batman must be weak!" Thomas said as he glanced back at the young Robin.


The young Robin lunged at this mysterious Batman. Through the skills that she acquired from Bruce and Oliver; the young Carrie was able to unleash some impressive attacks on the killer. She was even able to move with incredible acrobat skills that knocked this Batman to his knees a couple of times, but this warrior was much different than any of the average criminals that she had faced before. After a short while, he was able to fight back. He studied her moves in their short interaction and was able to unleash several counter attacks. With a snap of her arm, this Batman broke Carrie Kelley's arm. In much pain, Carrie held her arm. She tried to fight back with kicks, but it was no use. This opponent had skills that she was not ready for. This Batman knocked her to the ground and broke her leg. He looked over the young Robin.


"You have some skill; I'll give you that! But you are unwilling to do what is necessary and unleash true justice upon this disease!" Thomas Wayne said as he pointed at the fallen criminals that surrounded them. "I am disappointed with this world!"


This Batman walked off into the dark of night. Sirens surrounded the young Robin as she was taken away by ambulance. Bruce came eventually but he was too late. From a distance, he saw that Carrie was alright, but she had disappeared in one of the ambulances. He failed another one! He failed another Robin! She was not ready. He could not help but wonder who or what did this. He knew he could not get close to Carrie to ask as she would be surrounded by police. He had to break her out, but he knew he had to face whatever threat this was first. He had to stop it before anyone else died.

Afternoon in Gotham 

Gotham General

After an emergency surgery on her arm and leg, Carrie Kelley found herself handcuffed to a hospital bed. She glanced around the room to see if there was something that could allow her to escape. She then saw the face of the Police Commissioner standing in the corner of the room. A small smile formed over the Commissioner’s face as she stepped closer to the hospital bed.

"Carrie Kelley... hmmm... you have been missing for some time. Last reported sighting was at... looks like Bruce Wayne's funeral! Well you certainly have been busy, haven't you?" Yindel asked as she leaned close to the young Carrie.

Carrie sat in silence as Yindel circled around the hospital bed.

"Is he alive? Bruce or Batman or whatever he is called?" Yindel asked as she glanced at Carrie.


"I'm pretty sure that government issued boy scout took care of him a while back! It is just me now and the Batboys!" Carrie responded with a smile.


"Oh yes! The Sons of Batman? If he is gone, why do they still follow a dead man?" Yindel asked.


"Why do your cops still follow your orders; even though you have not kept much order in this city?" Carrie asked sarcastically as she glared at the Commisioner with a smirk.


"What did this to you?" Yindel asked with a disgusted look on her face.


"Honestly... I have no idea! But he looked like some creepy old geezer in a wannabe Batman suit!" Carrier said as she looked up at the ceiling.


Yindel had some other questions, but Carrie did not give many answers.  Yindel left as multiple officers waited in the room with the young Carrie. Yindel’s mission was not over, she had to find out the truth.

 Gotham Caves

 Through connections and resources, Bruce was able to get a listening device in Carrie's room. He smirked at the thought of her not giving up any information to Police Commissioner Yindel, and now he even had more information to go on. This person was dressing up like him, but he was willing to kill people. He was also not afraid to harm anyone that got in his way either. Bruce knew that if this continued, more lives would be put in danger. He had to stop him. He had to bring this to an end.  “But who is it?” Bruce asked himself as he prepared for the night to come.


 Crime Alley

 It has been weeks since he has been in this world. Thomas Wayne remembered Barry Allen disappearing in an instant, in a flash of light. He thought that would be the end for him. Barry's world would go back to the way it was and Thomas would have died that night rather than his son. Fate had other plans as he woke up in a much different world than Barry spoke of. He saw that the world was at a brink of destruction and heroes were outlawed. “Perhaps there is more than one reality.” Thomas thought as he did research into this world. One of the only active superheroes was a government owned extraterrestrial known as Superman. In his research of this world, he found that his son did in fact survive that night. He had also found that his son was the Batman and that he died after a battle with Superman.

 Initially he was distraught by what he had read, but he learned that a group known as the Sons of Batman still operated in the city. After a while, Thomas tracked the group throughout the city. Much to his surprise, he found that the Batman of this world was still very much alive. At first, he was overcome with joy that his middle-aged son was alive but eventually a bitterness grew within him. As he read that Wayne Manor burned to the ground, it seemed as if this world was also burning. Crime and corruption were rampant all throughout the streets. His son's war with crime was soft and weak. After all the years in his world and his crusade against corruption, he knew how to be victorious.  He knew what it took to win a war. He was hardened and he was going to be the one Batman that this world truly needed.

 Thomas Wayne came to the infamous spot in Gotham where so much had taken place. He waited in Crime Alley until he could feel his son's presence. The world was cold and dry. The skies were clear, and the moon shined bright above the world. A smile formed across Thomas Wayne's face as he turned to face the direction of the older Bruce Wayne. Both of them were covered in their own tactical Bat suits. In the dim street lights, Thomas could see the rage in this world's Batman. 

 "Who are you?" Bruce yelled.

 "I am the true Batman!" Thomas roared. “I am the Batman this world needs!”

 "No! You're a killer! You are not Batman!" Bruce responded.

 "That is what I keep hearing! But truth is... Batman is not supposed to be weak. You are weak! You are pathetic! You're a disappointment and a waste of a life! You are not my son!" Thomas roared as he took out his pistols.

 For that moment, Bruce's eyes widened as he heard this man's rant. “What did he mean by not his son?” Bruce thought to himself. That quickly faded away as he knew he had to put an end to this, but he also had to find out who this man was.

 "I am going to show the world true justice and let them fear the true Batman!" Thomas yelled!

 "This ends tonight!" Bruce roared as he took out his Batarangs.

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Sorry I was having issues with my computer but this one is up now. Hope you all enjoy, sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors


This is a straight up fight between Dark Knight Returns Batman and Flashpoint Batman

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Awesome setup and match up. I'm leaning towards E-31 Batman on this one slightly, as whatever Thomas says, he is stil Batman and not sure he would kill his own son - which would effectively hold this blood-thirsty version back. Plus, he has home turf advantage and could make use of his network. 

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9 minutes ago, Culwych1 said:

Awesome setup and match up. I'm leaning towards E-31 Batman on this one slightly, as whatever Thomas says, he is stil Batman and not sure he would kill his own son - which would effectively hold this blood-thirsty version back. Plus, he has home turf advantage and could make use of his network. 

I keep going back and forth on it

I think Flashpoint Batman is definitely more ruthless but I agree. He won't kill his own son at the end of the day. While these two are past their prime, I think Returns Batman is slightly younger if i remember. Its been a while since I've read Flashpoint

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The thing is though, despite the age difference Thomas Bat is in better shape. Good enough shape to wipe the floor with the Bat Family minus Bruce and Selina. Returns Bats does have access to better tech though.

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Alright, last match comment of 2020 ...

Very good set-up, Boratz. Very nice way of giving Bruce and Thomas an interconnecting story.

As for the match, after looking up both Waynes, I think Bruce might just edge out a victory over his old man. As mentioned, Thomas might be in a little better shape than Bruce, but Bruce is still younger and has better tech. Though the older Wayne is ruthless, this version of Bruce isn't that far off in extreme methods, and Thomas' possible unwillingness to kill his own son might help cost him here.

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
2 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

Batman (Earth-31): 3
Batman (Thomas Wayne): 2

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Sorry didn't get to this in time. Great match though. Personally, I like Thomas more than Returns Batman. His back story, outfit and arsenal are just so cool.

This fight would be real close, though I don't think either have it in them to kill one another. In a fight to KO, Thomas would have my vote.

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