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Katie Ka-Boom vs. Minerva Mink

Katie Ka-Boom: 4
Minerva Mink: 3

Bo-Katan Kryze vs. Pre Vizsla

Bo-Katan Kryze: 5
Pre Vizsla: 0

Armor King vs. Wolf Hawkfield

Armor King: 3
Wolf Hawkfield: 1

Dark Agnes De Chastillon vs. Solomon Kane

Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 5
Solomon Kane: 4

Anthony Gallen vs. Gunmen

Anthony Gallen: 3
Gunmen: 2

Lei Wulong vs. Guile

Lei Wulong: 1
Guile: 4

Slappy vs. The Crypt Keeper vs. Gooey Gus

Slappy: 1
The Crypt Keeper: 3
Gooey Gus: 3

Eris vs. Hades (Disney)

Eris: 7
Hades (Disney): 5

Julius Caesar vs. King Leonidas

Julius Caesar: 6
King Leonidas: 1

Kokoro vs. Ganryu

Kokoro: 4
Ganryu: 3

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Match 15530 The Tenth Doctor vs. John Constantine

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The Green Death
When the apocalypse came, it came not from the skies or with a raging fire as was prophesied. It came instead invisibly, transmitting from person to person, without any symptoms and without any pain until it was too late. The Green Death they called it; after the gentle hue of the skin of the infected, and our greatest minds could do nothing to stop or even slow it. 
Every mammal was infected, even the aliens. Human, Kryptonian, Amazonian, Asguardian or Mutant; they all fell. It spread quicker that we could have anticipated, seeming to transmit as quickly by water as it could by air or touch. Our leaders and heroes were gone before we even knew there was a danger, and the world seemed to turn on itself. Countries blamed each other, or pointed the finger at outsiders and what the virus had not ravaged, we destroyed ourselves. Nukes, lasers, and energy blasts leveled cities, and the skies burned red with the fires of destruction. 
And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. The Green Death wasn't finished with us yet. From the mass graveyards and condemned houses, the dead rose once again. They shuffled, walked and ran, driven by a primordial need to consume flesh. Mindlessly they hunted us down and dragged us kicking and screaming out of our hiding places and ripped us to shreds. 
About one in a one thousand of us was immune, and we banded together in small groups to see out this apocalypse. In the ruined husks of our great cities, we run, hide, forage, and die. This is our life now. 
Kyle was running. He held a steady pace, fast but still not the breakneck dash he was used to in these terrible times. It was nice for once not to be running for his life, and instead to just be able to run. 
It had been three days since his last zombie sightings, and ten days since he had seen a monstrous Batman drink the blood of his love Terri's neck. Ten days since he had locked the vamphyric Batman in a container room with a zombiefied Spider-Man forever. Ten days... but the heartache remained. 
But this was the world of the Green Death, where heartache and misery were constant companions that Kyle shoved into to the furthest regions of his mind. He had to do this to survive, lest the crushing depression sweep over him and drown him in a tidal wave of despair. 
The journey of the last few days had been steady and progressive, jogging during the day along abandoned roads and hiding at night as snarling creatures roamed in the darkness. But for the last three days the sounds had faded as he moved away from the cities and into the countryside. He had no destination in mind, just an internal compass which carried him away from populations which these days inevitably meant death by either the risen victims of Green Death, or the desperate ravenous survivors; monsters in their own right. 
On day eleven he found himself arriving at a house in the countryside. Actually, house didn't do the place justice. Mansion would be more appropriate. Sprawling gardens, now unkempt, and high walls that towered over the quiet land. It was old, that much was obvious, but nonetheless Kyle felt himself drawn to the safe comfort of familiar walls and roof. He quickly jumped a low fence and waded through the ankle high grass and weeds to the front door. High and majestic, the oak barrier promised sanctuary from all the terrors the world seemed destined to throw at him. 
Surprisingly, the door swung open easily when he turned the ornate handle. He'd almost expected an ominous groaning and a man standing the other side saying "you rang". Instead hollow emptiness greeted him; beckoning him in out of nature. Hang on... thought Kyle... this is too quiet.  He made to turn but found that he couldn't. 
Every instinct inside him warned him to turn and run, but his body refused and he found one foot falling in front of the other. Oh god, what is going on? he thought as he felt his body responding to commands not of his own. He tried to reach out to grab something but his hands stayed firmly where they were by his side. It seemed like his body knew where it was going as well, as he made his way surefooted up some stairs and in to what looked like a large study. 
"Oh shit..." he gasped involuntarily as he saw what greeted him there. Candles blazed all around the room, casting long shadows that danced across the walls of books. In the center, illuminated in the red light, was a glowing red star...  no.. a pentagram, though Kyle. 
"Sorry mate, seems like you were the unlucky one". The voice came from a man seated behind a majestic wooden desk. A lighter flared as he lit a cigarette sticking out of the corner of his mouth and stood up. "Needed a human for this you see, not many of us left about these days."
"Please... what have you done to me?" croaked Kyle, terror gripping him as he continued his involuntary march to the center of the room. 
"It's just a simple compulsion spell, bringing you here. Sadly the next bit isn't so easy. You see, I've found out where the Green Death originates from." The look in the man's eyes was almost feverish now; a reflection of an obsession which drove him ever forward. "And I need a sacrifice to open that gateway and peer into the unknown." The man almost looked sheepish. "As I said mate, you're the unlucky sap who's gonna save the world. When you get wherever you end up, tell them Constantine sent you."
"Please..." Kyle said, then more weakly as his will to survive slowly just drained away, "please..."
Constantine started speaking in an ancient language, and Kyle dropped to his knees as darkness lanced from the pentagram into his heart. 
vwoooorp vwoooorp
Kyle faintly heard the noise above the man's chanting; but was too weak to pay any attention. 
vwooorp vwooorp
Constantine paused in his chanting and the light faded for a moment, Kyle slumped to his side but could feel his strength returning. 
A man ran in, then stopped smiling. 
"Hello everyone," he said, a big smile spreading easily across his face. "I'm the Doctor, and I'm going to save you all from making a humongous, no wait, what's bigger than humongous, gargantuan, maybe, ah it suits, a gargantuan mistake that would doom the world". 
"Who are you?" said Constantine, his hand posed in the midst of drawing a magical symbol in the air that faintly hummed. 
"As I said, I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord, I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old, and I'm the man who's gonna save your lives and all six billion people on the planet."
Constantine's eyes narrows. "Great stuff. I'm John, and I'm a bastard" he said, and suddenly completed the magic symbol which sent a shockwave across the room. Surprisingly the Doctor appeared to be unphased, and simply stood there with an eyebrow raised. 
The Doctor raised an odd looking device which emitted a strange buzzing sound and pointed it at the Pentagram in which Kyle stood. "This is amazing", he said, almost gleefully, "a portal powered by life force that leads... oh no, oh no no no, trust me when I say that you do not want to be going anywhere near that place! I'd say there are bad guys there, but that wouldn't be doing them any justice"
Constantine gave a smile of his own: "There aren't any good guys, and there aren't any bad guys. There's just us. People. Doing our best to get by. And the portal... is already open."
The Doctor spun to stare at Kyle. 
"Oh you haven't..."
Kyle felt any energy he had seeping out of him as the Pentagram flared up again. In this distance there was a voice, beckoning him on. Even though it was faint, Kyle wanted to turn and run from that voice. It was decay and evil wrapped into one, unforgiving and dripping with hate. "Do not be afraid" it said, "Dying isss good. Dying issss easy...."
Then the voice paused, as if suddenly seeing the two men in the room. 
"Powersssssss, I smell it on them. Sissssters, cast your magics on thessse powers, we are too close to rissssk it now. Destroy the portal!"
Suddenly Constantine and the Doctor went rigid, and Kyle could almost see the magic flowing through portal and filling them with wickedness and awful hate. 
In the moments before he passed, Kyle, one of few remaining survivors of the world ravaged by the Green Death, saw the two men turn on each other with pure adulterated fury in their eyes just as the house around them exploded!
Constantine vs the Tenth Doctor, both filled with hate for the other by the mysterious outsiders. Each of them escaped the destruction of the house, but their only goal from this moment forward is to find and obliterate the other.
No time limits to this battle so each can engage in the long game if necessary. This takes place in a world ravaged by a plague of undead humans, mutants and superheroes. Constantine has access to all his magic, and the Doctor his Tardis, and both can draw on all their usual contacts off, or outside of Earth. 

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Excellent set up! I am definitely intrigued by this Green Death arc!

I will have to do more looking into the Tenth Doctor! Sadly I don't know much about Doctor Who so I will have to return to this one with a little more research before I can make a decision on winner.

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On 12/21/2020 at 1:54 AM, Boratz said:

Excellent set up! I am definitely intrigued by this Green Death arc!

I will have to do more looking into the Tenth Doctor! Sadly I don't know much about Doctor Who so I will have to return to this one with a little more research before I can make a decision on winner.

Glad you are enjoying it! I have a few ideas but it's still wide open.

I think this should be a pretty epic battle between two prep masters, but couldn't quite put my finger on a winner. Keen to hear your verdict once you've done the research! 


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I feel like Constantine may win this one but it'd be awfully close. I keep going back and forth. Itd be extremely close.

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
1 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

The Tenth Doctor: 4
John Constantine: 1

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