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Katie Ka-Boom vs. Minerva Mink

Katie Ka-Boom: 4
Minerva Mink: 3

Bo-Katan Kryze vs. Pre Vizsla

Bo-Katan Kryze: 5
Pre Vizsla: 0

Armor King vs. Wolf Hawkfield

Armor King: 3
Wolf Hawkfield: 1

Dark Agnes De Chastillon vs. Solomon Kane

Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 5
Solomon Kane: 4

Anthony Gallen vs. Gunmen

Anthony Gallen: 3
Gunmen: 2

Lei Wulong vs. Guile

Lei Wulong: 1
Guile: 4

Slappy vs. The Crypt Keeper vs. Gooey Gus

Slappy: 1
The Crypt Keeper: 3
Gooey Gus: 3

Eris vs. Hades (Disney)

Eris: 7
Hades (Disney): 5

Julius Caesar vs. King Leonidas

Julius Caesar: 6
King Leonidas: 1

Kokoro vs. Ganryu

Kokoro: 4
Ganryu: 3

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Match 15529 Din Djarin vs. Captain Phasma

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Running to the cave, Din glanced back and saw the short Jedi and the tall creature battling it out. Typically, he would have stayed and fought but this was something he was not used to. An enemy with a blaster is one thing, but one that uses magic is something else entirely. With stormtroopers in the area, he knew had to get to Kuiil and Grogu. Reaching the entrance of the cave, Din rushed inside the dark cave. The faint echo of drips could be heard from all around. Din steadily walked through the cave with his blaster out ready for an attack. He remembered all those years ago, walking into a similar on this very planet. He was attacked by a mud horn and that was the first time he saw Grogu using his power. The further he went into this cave, Din realized that a labyrinth of a multitude of cave systems on the planet. He heard voices up ahead and steadily his way to the noise. Kuill and multiple surviving Jawas had set up a defensive position, ready for whatever was going to come for them!
Din holstered his blaster and slowly walked before Kuiil and the Jawas. His hands high in the air as he slowly crept over. Kuiil in the Jawa language, and the Jawas lowered their weapons as Din walked closer to Kuiil and Grogu. Kuiil looked up at him with a look of relief as he felt that if Din was there, then that means the threat was over. Din shook his head as he glanced at both Kuiil and the Child.
"They are still out! We have to get out of here!" Din said as he knelt down to look at Grogu.
"We can hold them off!" Kuiil responded.
"This cave is a maze! They outflank us and we will be overrun!" Din replied as he shook his head once again. "I don't know how many there are, but we have to find a way to bring them out in the open!"
"How do we do that?" Kuiil asked as he looked up at the Mandalorian.
"I'm working on that!" Din replied. "But we have to get moving!" 
Din, Kuiil, the Child and the Jawas made their way to the entrance of the cave. He saw three stormtroopers roaming the entrance. Din snuck into the shadows and aimed his rifle at one of the troopers. With a slow steady breath, he squeezed the trigger. The blast rang out and the trooper instantly feel to the ground. Din lunged out of the darkness and shot down the remaining two troopers before they could even react. He signaled for Kuiil and the Jawas to follow him. As the Jawas ran up. They picked up the blasters from the fallen stormtroopers.
Moments before Yoda and Snoke's confrontation...
Roaming the area of the wreckage that was left by the sandcrawler, Captain Phasma ordered her troops to secure the area. As smoke started to cover the area, several blast rang out and Phasma watched as some of her troopers were taken out. She took cover and saw the direction the blast had come from. Lifting her blaster, she was about to aim at the area but she saw Snoke in the corner of her eye. The Supreme Leader crept in the field of fire and she watched as he disappeared into the canyon. After gaining a vantage point, the fierce Captain watched as Snoke was using his power on what appeared to be a Mandalorian. A smile formed under Phasma's helmet as she realized this was the moment that the Empire has fully gained its power once again.
He smile quickly faded as she saw a fiery green Saber ignited in the distance! The Supreme Leader had turned his attention away from the Mandalorian to the one that had possessed the green Saber. A massive battle erupted between the two, that caused thick blast smoke to circle around them. Phasma had lost sight of Snoke, but she she knew that this was not the end of their mission. With the remaining troops, they went over the canyon and in the direction that the Mandalorian had run. 
Below in the canyon, they saw the entrance of a cave. She signaled for three of her troopers to go down there and scope it out. Instantly after the troopers entered the cave they were shot down. Phasma and her remaining troopers launched down into the canyons below. They waited as the Mandalorian along with Jawas were walking close to the entrance. The troopers immediately opened fire on the cave entrance. The Mandalorian had found cover and was shooting back at the stormtroopers.
Several Jawas were shot down and the Mandalorian was able to take out several troopers. Phasma finally ordered for her troops to throw a thermal detonator into the cave. One of the troopers set the explosive and was able to throw it, before being shot down by the Mandalorian. The thermal detonator fell down in front of the dead trooper, and a large explosion shook the world around. Several troopers were thrown backwards. After looking around, Phasma saw that five troopers were still standing. A powerful roar shot through the air. 
After the explosion...
Din heard the roar and remembered that sound from his time on this planet all those years ago. "You got to be kidding me!" Din said to himself as he quickly spun around. From deep within the farthest reaches of the cave, a mud horn charged at them. Din heard the frantic cooing of the Child as Kuiil glanced over at the Mandalorian. "TAKE COVER!" Din yelled as the creature came at Din. Din quickly jumped out of the way. The mud horn then ran outside the cave. The stormtroopers started unleashing fire upon the mud horn. The creature charged at them with all of its might. It ran through a couple of the troopers as they continued to fire upon the mud horn. 
Din watched as the trooper in chrome armor fire at the creature with great precision. This trooper had skills that he had never seen before in a stormtrooper. The creature was getting weak, but it kept moving with much aggression. The chrome trooper suddenly took out a silver spear like baton and threw it into the head of the beast. The creature slowly stumbled around as it fell against the ground. The remaining troopers unleash several more blasts into the mud horn until it was dead.
"Take the kid! Get out of here!" Din said to Kuiil as he shot down the remaining stormtroopers. 
He had his rifle trained on the chrome trooper and the chrome trooper had her rifle trained on him. 
"Surrender now, Mandalorian or die!" Phasma yelled as she stood before the Mandalorian.
Din Djarin has all his usual weapons and skills, with the exception of the Beskar spear. He is at full strength.
Captain Phasma has all her usual weapons and skills. She is at full strength.
The battle is outside of a cave on a dessert like rocky planet.

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Alright so this one takes place at around the same time as my other set up going on at the moment with Master Yoda vs. Supreme Leader Snoke


Hope you all enjoy and sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors

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Din has surprised me thus far. His armor is really no joke and his weaponry is quite deadly. I don't think Phasma is as impressive in general. She puts up a good effort, but she's no mando.

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
1 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

Din Djarin: 5
Captain Phasma: 1

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