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Katie Ka-Boom: 4
Minerva Mink: 3

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Bo-Katan Kryze: 5
Pre Vizsla: 0

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Wolf Hawkfield: 1

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Match 15528 Master Yoda vs. Supreme Leader Snoke

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Past, Present, and Future... With the power of the Convergence released onto the galaxy; timelines and realities merged into one new universe. The reality in between time and the unknown outside of time were now apart of this new galaxy. The very fabric time and space have transformed entirely. Worlds collided with a new age that every being in the galaxy would soon experience. Light and darkness; good and evil loomed with a new war that would ravage through the stars. The mysteries and power of the Force grew stronger with this new age. Those that have passed in a realm of death have returned in this new reality, and magic became entwined with the Living Force. The unnatural power of the Dark Side and the unimaginable power of the Light, merged in a magic that only few universes had that opportunities to experience. This Convergence has changed everything!
Light and darkness flowed out of Rey and into the strange object as it hovered above her. She fell back to the rocks beneath her as the object floated above the sands of Tatooine. Her energy and power drained from her very soul as the object shifted in all directions. In an instant, the object started to break apart as light and dark caused a separation in this relic of ancient times. As Rey thought her end was nigh, everything came to a sudden stop. With what strength she had left within her, Rey pushed herself off of the rocks and gazed up in the skies. The object had seemingly disintegrated as an unnatural light and dark had engulfed the entire planet and spread all through the stars. As Rey looked all throughout the skies, she could sense that the Force itself was changing. 
The grounds shook with a terrible force as the skies started changing colors! All across the galaxy, stars, and planets were being engulfed with this power that had been unleashed. Through darkness and light, through the balance of the Force; the Convergence had been activated in the galaxy. Rey fell to her knees as the overwhelming cries of the Force surrounded her. Finn watched the skies open up as everything started to come to a silent end. With the Twin Suns shining high above them, Rey and Finn glanced at one another not knowing what had taken place. The artifact was no where to be seen, but both of them could sense that nothing would ever be the same.
After discussing what had just taken place, Rey came to the conclusion that they needed to get to Ajan Kloss and see if Poe was still there. After failing to reach out to the Force, Rey felt that the galaxy was in shambles after what had just occurred. They hurried back to the Millennium Falcon and both were astonished by what was waiting for them at the ship. As they approached the ship of legend, they saw a man standing outside the ship. Both Jedi glanced at one another and then with the same astonished look, gazed upon the man.
"H... Han?" Rey asked as she saw what appeared to be a young Han Solo.
"Solo?" Finn asked as he stumbled.
"Don't call me Solo, kid! What did you do to the Falcon?" Han asked as he stepped away from the Millennium Falcon and looked up at his prized ship.
"How? How are you here?" Rey asked as she stepped closer to the younger Han than she remembered.
"I don't know... I remember Ben stabbing with his laser sword and then I felt peace. Luke came eventually, so did Leia. I remember Ben was there too! Then all of a sudden I was here!" Han replied as he shook his head and rubbed his face.
"I don't understand!" Finn said as he stepped forward.
"That thing the Tuskens had! I... I don't know..." Rey said in disbelief.
"Well whatever it is, I have a bad feeling about this." Han said as he looked at both Rey and Finn. "Where's Chewie?"
"He's... he's on Ajan Kloss with Poe.." Rey replied as she looked at the young Han Solo. "That is where we were going! We had to make sure everyone was okay!"
A small smirk formed on the side of Han's face as he looked back at the Falcon. "Ugh... I really have a bad feeling about this!" Han said as he walked into the ship. 
The trio set their destination for Ajan Koss. Rey and Finn told Han of their adventures and listened as Han told them of what had happened to him after his death on the Starkiller Base. They discussed ideas as to what the artifact could have been or what it did, but all three of them had no idea what had taken place. As they neared forrest moon of Ajan Kloss, they tried to prepare themselves for what they were about to face. The Millennium Falcon landed, they saw crowds of people that had once served in the Resistence. Standing in front of all of them was Poe Dameron, who waited patiently as Rey and Finn had sauntered out of the famous ship. As the two Jedi walked up to Poe, Han Solo followed closely behind. Finn was astonished as Poe did not seem to be fazed by a younger Han Solo. 
"What did you do?" Poe asked as his look became stern.
"We... We are not sure..." Rey replied as she tried to fathom what was taking place.
"Well... You're not the only that has come! There's some people that would like to see you." Poe said as he turned around. He glanced back at Han. "That includes you too, General!"
Rey, Finn, and the young Han followed Poe through the crowds of people and to the entrance of their former headquarters. Poe stopped for a moment as he turned back to Rey and Finn. 
"Whatever it is that happened! I... I don't know if it is good or bad!" Poe said as he started to open the door.
Rey suddenly sensed the presence of several beings! Some felt so familiar, while others felt friendly. She walked in with her apprentice, and standing inside the room she could see what appeared to be her former Master alive in the flesh. Luke and Leia stood as if they were their young selves. Han immediately ran to greet Luke and Leia. A wookie growl echoed through the room as Chewbacca ran up to his former friend, and threw his large furry arms around the young Han Solo. Both Rey and Finn fell completely silent as their eyes wandered around the room. They saw others from different times. Rey recognized some from her meditations and her trainings. Yoda stood alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi as they gazed upon both Rey and Finn. Qui Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Ki Adi Mundi, Aalya Secura, and a young man that appeared to be Anakin Skywalker stood around the room. Rey staggered back as she tried to comprehend all who stood within this room. Luke glanced over at Rey and Finn. He walked over to them and a smile formed across his face.
"You have questions!" Luke said as he looked at Rey. "I can assure you, we all do!"
"How? What is going on?" Rey asked as a tear rolled down her face.
"Past, present, future... World in between worlds. Time and space converged!" Yoda said as he looked up at the young Rey. 
"What does that mean?" Finn asked as he stepped forward.
"We don't know." Quin Gon Jinn replied as he looked amongst the Jedi. "The Force is a living presence in all life, but it has always been a mystery. The will of the Force guides us all. While the Force guides us, it is very much a mystery! Light, dark, and balance have created a new reality it appears."
"New reality?" Finn said as he looked confused. 
"We are not the only ones to have returned! The galaxy just got a whole lot bigger. You just don't know it yet!" Mace Windu said as he crossed his arms.
"So what? A couple Jedi come back and what? I still don't understand!" Poe said as he stepped before the Jedi.
"Not just Jedi!" Luke said as be put his hand on Han's shoulder. "We don't know who all has come back or what has come back!"
"Wait a moment! I was no Jedi! I did not have any of that Force Mumbo Jumbo! I was just a smuggler!" Han said as he looked at Luke and then back at Leia.
"Arrrrrrrrrrrr! Aooaarrrr" Chewbacca roared.
"Yeah I was Rebel General and of course Ben was my son!" Han yelled as he looked over at Chewbacca. "But that still does not answer why I have come back along with all of you!"
"The Force is an energy field in all living beings! As my Master said, the Force is a living presence and it very much dwells within all of us. Some have a connection to it, but it still very much lives within you!" Obi-Wan said with a small smile.
"So what does this mean? Jedi and some other folks have come back to life and we can all celebrate Life Day together?" Poe asked.
"Return some life has! Assume we cannot that it is only Jedi and Han Solo!" Yoda replied as he glanced around at everyone in the room.
"The Sith?" Rey asked as she stepped forward. "I destroyed the Sith when Palpatine was finally destroyed!" Rey said as she took some deep breaths. "Could he have returned?"
"Light, dark, and balance! Past, present, and future! This may not even be all the Jedi that have returned or everyone that this power has brought back! Palpatine may not be the only Sith that is back!" Anakin said as he stepped out of the corner.
"Anakin is right!" Obi-Wan responded. "Everything has changed! We all sense it! The very fabric of space and time has changed! The Force has changed! Palpatine may not be the only Sith in the galaxy. If he or any of them are back, they will try to rise to power!"
"The Sith may not be the only dangers that the Force has brought back into this galaxy!" Leia said. "For years we fought against the Galactic Empire and then the First Order! If those connected with the Force are not the only ones that have come back, what if the armies of the Empire and the First Order have returned? Or even armies of darkness from the past?"
"Oh... Great! Just when we got done fighting one massive war, we might be getting tangled in an even bigger one!" Poe said sarcastically as he shook his head.
"World in between worlds? The Force may not be the only power that has been brought into this galaxy!" Plo Koon said as he looked around at the Jedi. "There may be other powers at work!"
"We have to gather forces in the chance that war is upon us! Light and darkness, we still do not know what the mysteries this galaxy holds! Every planet will be different now! Life has changed!" Leia said as she stood in the center of the room. 
Poe, Han, and Chewbacca left the room as the Jedi continued to discuss. With the state of the galaxy and what had just occurred, they did not have any idea as to what to do next. Yoda walked to the back of the room and closed his eyes. Meditating to himself, he sensed that there were more Jedi that were brought back in this Convergence and he also could sense the darkness, but the Force was clouded by this Convergence.
Malachor V
On his hands and knees, Palpatine pushed himself off the ground. In the ruins of a Sith planet, he could feel life flowing through him once again. He gazed over his hands and watched the strength in his fingers moving without pain. A grizzly smile appeared on the Sith Lord's face as he could feel unlimited power within him. As he walked forward, he saw hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of stormtroopers standing before him. The skies filled with Destroyers as the Sith Lord let out a sinister laugh! Palpatine could feel the presence of the Sith from all across the galaxy. He could even feel the presence of the Chosen One. He crept towards his armies and was astonished by another presence. A mechanical breathing sound echoed behind him and the Emperor turned to see his former apprentice. Darth Vader stood behind him and immediately fell to his knee to bow to his master. 
Remembering what his apprentice had done all though years ago aboard the Second Death Star, Palpatine was about to unleash full extent of his power upon Vader. As he lifted his hands to unleash death upon his traitorous apprentice, he could sense something quite different in Vader. Palpatine could sense that there was a change in the Force that brought back both Jedi and Sith. As he looked down upon Vader he could sense that the fear, hate, and suffering within Vader. He looked down upon the robotic Sith and realized that the Force had brought back both Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader as two separate entities. The two were split in half as light and darkness. A gruesome smile formed across Palpatine's face.
"Interesting..." Palpatine said under his breath as he lowered his arms. "Rise Lord Vader! It is time to fulfill your destiny!"
"Shhhhhhhhh arrrrrrhhhhh... Yes my Master." Vader said as he stood before Palpatine.
"Together we will reclaim the galaxy!" Palpatine said as he started laughing. "And will achieve true unlimited power!"
Darth Sidious and Vader walked before their massive army. Standing before them were remnants of the Galactic Empire and the First Order. The faces of Grand Moff Tarkin, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Moff Gideon, Allegiant General Pryde, Captain Phasma, Captain Cardinal, Commander Pyre and so many others stood in front of the armies. Sidious watched in glee as he saw former troopers from the Clone Wars lined up. He saw troops that ranged from the Clones to the Imperial Stormtroopers. He saw the First Order troopers and the Final Order troopers. As Sidious stood before his vast armies, he started chanting.
Darth Sidious and Vader stood before the officers of their massive armies. They told them that reports of millions of clones, Imperial troops, First Order troops, and Final Order troops spread across different planets. Sidious could not contain himself as he busted out in laughter. "Good! Good!" The Dark Lord said as he walked alongside his officers. 
"Master, we must make preparations against the Resistance!" Vader said through his mechanical breathing.
"Yes, but the Resistance is not the only threat that we face. The Rule of Two has been passed down by many generations of Sith! I feel that there are a greater number of Sith that have also returned! This will be an all out war for supremecy!" Palpatine responded.
"Where do we start?" Tarkin asked as he looked at the Emperor.
"I sense a new power in the galaxy. One in the form of a young child! He was around at the time of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant during Order 66. He escaped during the Purge! This Child holds power that we can use against the Jedi and the other Sith!" Palpatine replied.
"When I was after the Child that you speak of, it was protected by a Mandalorian! Should we assume that the same Mandalorian is in care of this Child?" Gideon asked with an expressionless face.
"Yes! I will send my own creation after the Child! Snoke will send fear into the Resistence and obtain the Child!" Sidious responded as he looked at the commanding officers of his armies.
"Sir, why Snoke? Isn't he just a creation from a test tube?" General Pryde asked.
"Snoke still holds power far greater than most Jedi! Once the Jedi and Sith that have returned feel the Child in danger, they will come! Through Snoke, I will see what we are dealing with!" Sidious responded as he turned around and entered the ancient Sith temple on Malachor V.
Walking into the ancient ruins, Palpatine stood before his towering creation. His wretched smile could be seen from underneath his dark hood as he stood before Snoke. 
"I have a new role for you, Supreme Leader!" Palpatine said as Snoke turned to his creator. 
With his head lying against the sand covered rocks, Din Djarin pushed himself to his knees. He looked around in every direction. Several thoughts rushed through his head as he rose to his feet. He stepped forward and heard a cooing noise from behind. Slowly turning around, Din saw the Child in the corner of his eyes. He took a deep breath as he stumbled back for a moment. "Kid?" The Mandalorian asked as he looked at the Child that he fought for so many years ago. The Child looked in every direction as he remained in silence.
"Grogu?" Din said as he stepped forward.
The Child looked up at the one that he came to love like a father. With a loud cooing noise, the Child ran through the rocky sand and to Din Djarin. The Mandalorian swooped the young Child in his arms in embrace as he would hug a son. "You wouldn't happen to know what is going on, would you?" Din asked as he looked at the small Grogu. The Child just made a cooing noise as he hugged his father's arm. 
"Well let's find out where we are at!" Din said as he carried the Child in his arms through the rocky terrain. After looking around for several moments, he realized this was the place that he first met the Child!  "Arvala-7..." Din said to himself as the Child made a noise.
"I think I know a place that we can stay!" Din said as he carried the Child in the direction of a place that was familiar to him several years prior.
After walking for hours, the Mandalorian and the Child stumbled upon an old moisture farm. Time has not been kind to this place as most of it seemed destroyed. "We can set up camp here for tonight!" Din said as he looked around the old farm. The Child simply looked up at Din and then at the run down home. 
"Still with the Child, I see!" A gravely voice said from behind. 
Din quickly turned around with his blaster trained on the being that just spoke those words. Suprise caught him as he could not believe who was standing before him. "Kuiil? How? You're dead! I buried you!" The Mandalorian said as he holstered his blaster.
"You were you dead too... Eventually..." Kuiil replied as he stepped closer to the Mandalorian. "This galaxy has much magic in it! A lot that I don't understand! A lot that you've probably seen, but don't understand either."
"I've seen some of that magic! This kid was... is a Jedi" Din replied as he looked down Grogu.
"I've heard stories of the Jedi... They will come for him! Whatever is happening, I suspect is because of him!" Kuill said as he looked at the Child. "You will need to get him out of here to protect him."
"We don't have anywhere to go! We don't have a ship!" Din said as he gazed upon Kuiil.
"I have spoken!" Kuill responded as he started walking away.
"Where are you going?" Din asked.
"I assume that Jawas still roam these lands! They will know a location of a ship!" Kuill replied.
The Mandalorian carried the Child as he followed Kuill through canyons and valleys. They saw smoke in the distance as they reached a camp that the Jawa had made. 
Ajan Kloss 
With his eyes closed and deep in meditation, Yoda was off to himself. After reaching out to the Force, his eyes opened wide as the Force gave him a powerful response. Quickly rising to his feet, Yoda reached down to his lightsaber hilt and looked over the weapon that he had used many times in his life before. He reflected on the end of the Clone Wars, and his battle with Darth Sidious. He remembered failing in his battle with Sidious and spending years in exile! Now the Force was guiding him to protect a Child that was strong in the Force. Quickly, he left the area that he had been meditating in and headed to the ships that were on the base. Before he made it to one of the ships, Luke confronted his former Master.
"Master Yoda, where are you going?" Luke said as he followed behind Yoda.
"In exile, I was in for many years. Failed once I did! Fail again, I will not!" Yoda exclaimed as he hopped into one of the ships.
Luke watched as the ship started to rise above the ground. "May the force be you!" Luke said as he watched Yoda's ship disappear in the skies aboves.
Malachor V
After being told the location of the Asset by Darth Sidious, Snoke commanded that Captain Phasma accompany him to the to planet to retrieve the Child. The former Supreme Leader briefed Phasma on the planet's inhabitants. There are Jawas, blurrgs, mud horns, and an assortments of other beings. Snoke advised Phasma that the Asset is being protected by a Mandalorian, Phasma then prepared a squad of troops and left with Snoke. 
Din and Kuill saw a sandcrawler before them. As they walked closer, Din heard a faint sound in the distant. He stopped and looked up at the skies. He saw bright lights, as blasts rained down upon the sandcrawler. The powerful force of the explosion shook the land. Kuill was knocked back to the ground, but Din managed to keep himself on his feet. Quickly, Din helped Kuill up and they ran for cover in a nearby canyon. Several jawa scattered around as a shuttle landed near the wreckage of the burning sandcrawler. Dozens of stormtroopers raced out of the shuttle and blasted their way onto the surface. With his rifle; Din took out several stormtroopers, allowing the rest of the Jawas to run into the surrounding canyons. 
"There is too many of them!" Kuill said as he looked at the troops.
"We'll pick them off in the canyons!" Din said as he handed the Child to Kuill. "I will take out as many as I can! Take the Kid and get to those caves!" 
"Last time I took the Child, I was killed!" Kuiil said.
"I'll make sure that doesn't happen this time!" Din said as he lifted his rifle and took out some more troopers. 
Din watched as the stormtroopers scattered throughout the land and even into other nearby canyons. He saw one trooper that had a chrome like armor, but that one disappeared into a different a canyon with the other troopers. As he was about to set in motion to take out the other troopers; something lifted him up off the ground and threw him against the rocks. He pushed himself off the ground and saw a tall twisted being standing before him in golden robes.
"Where is the Child?" Snoke asked as he gazed down at the Mandalorian.
"You'll have to kill me first!" Din said as he stood up to his feet.
"I will get to that shortly, but first tell me where is the Child!" Snoke said as lightning flowed through his hand and pushed Din back against the rocks.
Din grunted in agonizing pain as he tried to reach for the blaster in his holster! Suddenly, the lightning stopped as he heard a faint noise from behind. He slowly looked up and saw a small green figure with a sword that seemed to be a green version of Ahsoka Tano's swords. At first Din's vision was muffled but as everything started to clear away, he saw what appeared to be an older version of Grogu.
"Grogu?" Din said in a weak voice.
"Grogu, I am not! Here to protect him, I am!" Yoda said as he slowly walked in between Snoke and Din. 
"You're a Jedi!" Din asked as he lifted himself to his feet.
"Yes! Now go and protect the Child you must! Here to help, I am!" Yoda commanded.
"I guess help came up a little short, but you sure you can handle this thing? He's got abilities, I've never seen before!" Din said as he glanced at the smiling Snoke.
"Stop him, I will!" Yoda said as he gave a stern look at Snoke.
Din ran off in the direct of the cave that Kuiil took the Child in. Yoda stood before Snoke with his lightsaber ignited!
"Hmm I've heard the stories of you, Master Yoda! It will be a pleasure killing you!" Snoke said as he leaned forward.
"An experimental puppet, you are. Power, you possess; but lack training and discipline, you do!" Yoda said as he stood in a defensive position.
Snoke raised his hand and left out a surge of force power, causing the battle to begin.
Battle take place in a canyon/rocky like environment
Yoda has his lightsaber and Force power
Snoke has his Force power

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This is the next installment if my arc. It is what it has all been leading to!

It is going to branch off some with not necessarily a single story arc. I may or may not use non Star Wars characters havent decided yet.

There's also another set up I did going on at the same time as this one in 


Din Djarin vs. Captain Phasma

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I'm going with Yoda. Snoke looks like he's pretty powerful, but his ego will be his downfall in underestimating Yoda's abilities as well as anger for being a puppet for Palpatine.

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What an interesting turn this story has taken. Though sort of expected with the artifact called the convergence. 

Yoda will win handily. 


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Ah I see, I figured this is where this was going. Pretty dope and could be a good way to have some fantasy match ups like this one.

In terms of Force Power, I think they may be evenly matched. But with Snoke being unarmed, Yoda has the edge. He wins this fight.

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
2 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

Master Yoda: 7
Supreme Leader Snoke: 0

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