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Katie Ka-Boom vs. Minerva Mink

Katie Ka-Boom: 4
Minerva Mink: 3

Bo-Katan Kryze vs. Pre Vizsla

Bo-Katan Kryze: 5
Pre Vizsla: 0

Armor King vs. Wolf Hawkfield

Armor King: 3
Wolf Hawkfield: 1

Dark Agnes De Chastillon vs. Solomon Kane

Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 5
Solomon Kane: 4

Anthony Gallen vs. Gunmen

Anthony Gallen: 3
Gunmen: 2

Lei Wulong vs. Guile

Lei Wulong: 1
Guile: 4

Slappy vs. The Crypt Keeper vs. Gooey Gus

Slappy: 1
The Crypt Keeper: 3
Gooey Gus: 3

Eris vs. Hades (Disney)

Eris: 7
Hades (Disney): 5

Julius Caesar vs. King Leonidas

Julius Caesar: 6
King Leonidas: 1

Kokoro vs. Ganryu

Kokoro: 4
Ganryu: 3

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Match 15507 E. Honda vs. Goro Daimon

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At a private Japanese high school, the student body were being entertained in the courtyard by an impromptu fight between Sumo enthusiast,  Hinako Shinjou, and bubbly mimic brawler, Honoka. (REF: HONOKA VS. HINAKO SHINJOU)  The more experienced Hinako appeared to have the advantage at first with devastating throws and palm strikes, but Honoka improved as the fight went on. Eventually, Hinako was put on the defensive as Honoka started to use some of her own moves against her. After being on the receiving end of several strong kicks, Hinako returned to her feet in a bit of a daze. Honoka reached back and a strange red aura surrounded her fist before she struck down Hinako to win the fight.

Almost immediately, Honoka offered her hand to help up her fallen opponent. A bitter Hinako did not readily accept this goodwill gesture.

“Aw, c’mon don’t be mad. You fought amazingly, and because of you I learned some really cool sumo moves,” Honoka insisted.

Hinako reluctantly raised her right arm and allowed Honoka to pull her up.

“I still don’t understand how you can do that,” said Hinako with a tinge of jealousy.

“Honestly, I don’t understand it myself. It’s just something I’ve always been able to do,” replied Honoka.

“That’s pretty cool, I guess,” admitted Hinako.

“I would really like it if we could be sparring buddies,” suggested Honoka.

Hinako demurred. “I don’t know.”

“We would have so much fun and would help each other get super strong, you’ll see,” Honoka insisted.

Hinako considered the offer as she picked up her backpack and dusted it off with her hands,

Honoka smiled brightly as an idea struck her. “I’ll tell you what. I’ve got two tickets to the Sumo/Judo showdown. How about you come with me.”

Hinako’s eyes widened. “You got tickets to the Showdown? How is that possible? It’s been sold out for weeks.”

“Some old man gave them to me. He kept talking afterward, but I was so excited that I didn’t even hear him,” Honoka answered.

Hinako immediately realized that the intent of this mysterious old man was to take this high school girl as his date. The thought grossed out Hinako, but she did not dwell on it as the excitement of seeing her idol, Edmund Honda, in person took over.

“I would love to go,” she exclaimed.

Honoka clenched her fists with excitement. “Great. It will be so cool to watch the match with someone who can explain all the cool sumo moves to me.”

“You know I fought one of the competitors before,” Hinako revealed.


“Yeah, Goro Daimon is part of the King of Fighters tournament. My team fought his team.” Hinako stated. “He is really strong and he beat me. Just another reason why I’m hoping to see Honda wipe the mat with him.”

“Well now we have front row tickets to cheer E. Honda on, maybe you will even get a chance to meet him. Wouldn’t that be super cool?”

“That would be amazing,” Hinako proclaimed.




Kyo Kusanagi and Athena Asamiya traveled to Goro Daimon’s dojo after leaving Chizuru Kagura in the care of the Yata Clan. (REF: GEESE HOWARD VS. HEIHACHI MISHIMA)

“I hope Chizuru will be okay,” stated Athena as they walked toward the entrance of the dojo. (REF: KIM KAPHWAN VS. JURI HAN)

“She has been in pretty rough shape before, and she always pulls through. I can’t believe this will be any different,” Kyo surmised.

Confusion then spread across Kyo’s face as he and Athena entered an empty dojo.

“This can’t be right,” he said.

“What’s wrong?” asked Athena.

“I have never seen this dojo empty before,” Kyo replied. “Even if Daimon is not here, there are always students around training.”

"There is no reason to assume the worst right away,” said Athena.

Kyo read a sign posted on the dojo wall and then smacked his own forehead with his right hand. “The Showdown. I forgot that was today. No wonder he has been so hard to get a hold of recently.”

Athena gasped. “The Sumo/Judo Showdown? I think I was asked to perform for that before it was rescheduled. Is it really today?”

“Yeah,” Kyo confirmed. “With everything that is going on it is easy to forget that the rest of the world is going on as normal.”

“Do you think Benimaru and the others might have already beaten us there?” Athena wondered.

“It’s possible. But, it’s not like Benimaru to not answer his phone, and he hasn’t picked up since we left the village of the Yata Clan,” stated Kyo. (REF: BENIMARU NIKAIDO VS. CRIMSON VIPER)

“Maybe his phone got damaged during all the action and fighting,” Athena guessed.

“There is one way to find out. We need to get to Meiji Jingu Stadium,” said Kyo.

“I will get us there as quick as I can,” Athena promised.


Inside the Meiji Jingu Stadium, Honoka and Hinako Shijou took their seats in the front row. Hinako looked around in wonderment at their prestigious position. Honoka’s eyes were immediately transfixed on a boy and girl around ringside that were talking with security.

“Oh my god is that Athena Asamiya?” Honoka gushed. “I love her. Her songs are just the best.”

Hinako’s eyes looked in the same direction. “Yeah, that’s definitely her.”

“Do you know Athena?”

“Yeah I was on the High School Girls Team with her for one of the King of Fighters tournaments,” Hinako confirmed.

“That is so cool. Do you know who that cute boy is that is with her?” Honka asked.

“It’s Kyo Kusanagi. He is really skilled and really strong,” stated Hinako.

“Can you introduce me to them? Please,” Honoka pleaded.

“Sure. After the match is over, it’s about to begin,” said Hinako.


Close to the ring, security continued to deny Kyo’s request to get access to Goro Daimon.

“He knows you are here, but he has instructed event security to inform you that he can’t talk until after the match,” said one of the guards.

 Kyo groaned in frustration. “This is ridiculous. He is just being petty because he thinks I forgot about his big match.”

Athena piped in. “In your defense, when you are fighting to stop evil in the world it can be a little distracting.”

“Have you at least seen Benimaru?” asked Kyo.

“No sir. He has not arrived at the stadium that we are aware of. Mr. Goro also asked us to be on high alert for him as well.”

Athena sighed. “Not too much we can do at this point other than wait. I will try to contact Rose again while we wait for the match.”


Soon, both Goro Daimon and Edmund Honda stepped into the center ring amid much fanfare. The two opponents greeted each other warmly.

“This exhibition for charity was a fantastic idea, Master Honda. Look at the turnout. We have raised more money than I even thought possible,” said Daimon.

Honda nodded in agreement. “Yes, the enthusiasm and generosity has warmed my heart. The pressure is on us now to put on a good enough match to justify that enthusiasm.”

“I am confident that this will be a wonderful showcase for our two fighting styles. And If we do well here, I have no doubt that the entire world will gain more respect for the arts of Judo and Sumo,” Daimon assumed. 

“Yes, and we wil all also get to finally see which style is superior,” added Honda with a sly chuckle.

Daimon laughed as he flexed his fingers, “I was thinking the same thing.”



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Sumo vs Judo. Interesting.

Both seem to be on equal strength. Honda's likely to be faster with movement and strikes while Goro can make life hell by manipulating the earth around them. This feel like it will be close.

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E. Honda is the OG, man. He crushes Goro in my opinion. Puts him down in two straight rounds, I think.

This was an interesting part. Glad I caught up lol

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
2 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

E. Honda: 3
Goro Daimon: 2

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