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Katie Ka-Boom vs. Minerva Mink

Katie Ka-Boom: 4
Minerva Mink: 3

Bo-Katan Kryze vs. Pre Vizsla

Bo-Katan Kryze: 5
Pre Vizsla: 0

Armor King vs. Wolf Hawkfield

Armor King: 3
Wolf Hawkfield: 1

Dark Agnes De Chastillon vs. Solomon Kane

Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 5
Solomon Kane: 4

Anthony Gallen vs. Gunmen

Anthony Gallen: 3
Gunmen: 2

Lei Wulong vs. Guile

Lei Wulong: 1
Guile: 4

Slappy vs. The Crypt Keeper vs. Gooey Gus

Slappy: 1
The Crypt Keeper: 3
Gooey Gus: 3

Eris vs. Hades (Disney)

Eris: 7
Hades (Disney): 5

Julius Caesar vs. King Leonidas

Julius Caesar: 6
King Leonidas: 1

Kokoro vs. Ganryu

Kokoro: 4
Ganryu: 3

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Match 15506 Raphael Sorel vs. Lars Alexandersson

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In a coastal town in North Carolina, Guile pulled off his sunglasses to look up at the sky. The once ominous clouds had receded. (REF: HELENA DOUGLAS VS. SHERMIE)

“Looks like the storm has ended. It’s time to move out,” he proclaimed.

He was joined outside by Cammy White and Armor King.

“I am saddened that Chun won’t be there when we arrive on board the ship. (REF: GEN VS. GEN FU) However, I am excited to help get to the bottom of this, especially if it's tied into the hunt of my sisters,” said Cammy.

Armor King roared his agreement. 

The trio were joined outside by the final member of their group. Blue Mary. Blue Mary’s expression was one of anxiety.

“I am sorry, I will not be accompanying you guys after all,”  she announced.

“Why not?” Guile inquired.

“I have a pressing concern,” said Mary. “My friends, Heidern and Kula, want to meet me at a village where they have lost contact with the other Ikari Warriors. They are worried something terrible has happened to them.” (REF: ROLENTO VS. RALF JONES)

“What?” asked Guile.

“Leona, Whip, and Ralf went on a mission to talk to Tekken Force captain, Lars Alexandersson, and still have not checked in,” explained Mary. “They originally called me about it during my investigation of the G Corporation factory explosion. (REF: BLUE MARY VS. ANNA WILLIAMS) That investigation of course is what led me to Thunder Hawk and then the three of you. I was hoping for some good news at this point, but still nothing. I am worried, and I don’t want Heidern and Kula going into a dangerous situation undermanned.”

“Where is this village?” Cammy inquired.

“Less than 100 miles from where I apprehended Anna Williams,” Mary responded.

“Do you think my sisters, the dolls, may be involved?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. You told me that Billy Kane was trying to kidnap one of them, (REF: CAMMY WHITE VS. BILLY KANE) and then some turned up in a G-Corporation facility. (REF: T. HAWK VS. ARMOR KING) I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this point, something major is definitely going down,” stated Mary.

“It could very easily all be tied in to what Chun-Li was warning us about,” guessed Guile. “Which is why we need to get to the Freedom Survivor as soon as possible for more information.”

“Guile, I want to go with Mary,” Cammy declared. “If my sisters are involved with whatever has happened to her friends, I want to be the one to save or stop them.”

Guile started to object, but stopped himself when he saw the determination on Cammy’s face. 

He relented. “Very well, do what you think is best. We will head on to the cruise liner to meet with this Helena Douglas woman. You two be careful out there, and don’t forget to check in. I have a bad feeling about all of this.”

“You and me both, soldier,” said Mary.

Armor King, who had remained silent during the entire exchange, placed a reassuring hand on Guile’s shoulder to signify his intent to remain by Guile’s side.

“The two of you need to be careful as well. Best of luck,” stated Cammy.



Outside the shack where Lars Alexandersson and Ralf Jones were resting, Whip laid face down on the ground at the feet of Ivy Valentine. (REF: WHIP VS. IVY) Ivy had defeated the Ikari Warrior much to the dismay of Whip’s fellow Warrior and friend, Leona Heidern. Ivy dug her heel into Whip’s back and then wrapped her snake sword around Whip’s neck. Ivy pulled back on the sword and yanked Whip's neck backward.

“No more!” shouted Leona.

Ivy released her grip on Whip’s neck and regarded Leona with a mischievous smile. “Getting angry are we? Hmm, does this mean I will finally get to see this Orochi side from you that Hilde was so worried about.” (REF: HILDEGARD VON KRONNE VS. LEONA HEIDERN) Ivy looked down at Whip and dug her heel in deeper.into the fallen woman’s back. “What was it that you called it? A Riot of the Blood?”

“No,” Leona whispered. She clenched her fists and attempted to control her breathing as the rage swelled inside her.

“What is going on out here?”

Lars Alexandersson stood at the doorway to take in the scene. His eyes traveled from Ivy’s dominant position over Whip to Leona to the unconscious body of Hildegard von Kronne.

“Are these soldiers with you?” asked Ivy.

“I wouldn’t say they are with me, but they did help me recover after my battle with that golem abomination.” Lars corrected. (REF: LARS ALEXANDERSSON VS. ASTAROTH)

Ivy’s eyes lit up. “So, you are the one that decapitated Astaroth. You must be hiding some impressive muscles underneath all that ridiculous armor.”

“I would say that you could use some more armor yourself,” Lars retorted.

Ivy crossed her arms. “Don’t worry about me, I do just fine.”

“Do not consort with the enemy,” Leona declared. “Look what she did to Whip.”

Ivy scoffed. “The enemy? She came after me. I was just looking for some fun.”

“Lies. You were trying to provoke me into giving into the Riot of the Blood,” Leona accused.

Lars lifted up his hands to try and ease the tension. “Everyone settle down, and let’s start from the top." Lars turned his attention specifically to Ivy. “You know that monster?”

“Yes. And seeing as you slayed the beast, you at least deserve to know his name. It was Astaroth. I know him and the cult that continually brings him to life. The only reason that I can think of why they would be resurrecting him now is that Soul Edge is near,” Ivy explained.

“Soul Edge?” Lars repeated with confusion.

Ivy groaned with annoyance. “It’s a long story.”

“And it would be wasted on them,” said a voice from behind Ivy. “Because the sword will be mine.”

Ivy turned around at the sound of the voice to get a full view of Raphael Sorel standing a short distance from her.

“Raphael, what crypt did you slither out from?” Ivy wondered.

“I came here for Astaroth. I wanted to get his assistance in tracking down the sword. I originally paired up with Soul Edge’s crazy acolyte. (REF: RAPHAEL SOREL VS. ROBERT GARCIA) But, her and her Goose man boss’s plans were too convoluted for my liking. Not to mention, she is rather annoying so I left,” stated Raphael.  (REF: MAI SHIRANUI VS. TIRA) “Which brings me back to coming here to recruit Astaroth to my cause.” Raphael’s tone shifted into anger. “Unfortunately when I arrived here and found him on a field, he no longer had a head.”

“A definite improvement on his look if you ask me,” commented Ivy.

“Do I have you to blame for this, dominatrix?” asked the vampiric swordsman.

“Unfortunately somebody beat me to it,” Ivy responded. “But if you are looking to get frisky and fight, I’m in the mood.”

“I killed the monster!’ Lars declared.

Raphael pointed his sword at Lars. “Then my quarrel is with you, modern soldier.”

“Fighting him won’t bring back that freakshow,” said Ivy. 

“No,” agreed Raphael. “But, it will make me feel much better about this wasted excursion.”

Raphael walked toward the leader of the Tekken Force. "Let me see what you are really made of."

“I can protect you,” Leona offered.

“I appreciate the offer, but it is unnecessary,” Lars replied. “I am more than capable of dealing with my own problems, and as you heard him say his quarrel is with me.”



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Raphael will be the toughest opponent Lars has face as of yet. I'm not sure he can win, but he might manage it. It really depends if he can get that sword out of Raphael's hand and deliver a killer combo.

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
2 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

Raphael Sorel: 0
Lars Alexandersson: 4

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