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Basara vs. Necalli

Basara: 0
Necalli: 2


John Nada (They Live) vs. Omar Little

John Nada (They Live): 0
Omar Little: 2


Raphael (Mirage) vs. Kim Kaphwan

Raphael (Mirage): 3
Kim Kaphwan: 0


Q-Rex vs. Dragonzord

Q-Rex: 1
Dragonzord: 3


Leifang vs. Asuka Kazama

Leifang: 2
Asuka Kazama: 3


Cad Bane vs. Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch)

Cad Bane: 3
Clone Force 99 (The Bad Batch): 1


Blue Mary vs. Cassandra Alexander

Blue Mary: 0
Cassandra Alexander: 5


Tracer (Overwatch) vs. Chell (Portal)

Tracer (Overwatch): 5
Chell (Portal): 1


Sailor Scouts vs. Cybermen (Mondasian)

Sailor Scouts: 6
Cybermen (Mondasian): 0


Kilik vs. Ash Crimson

Kilik: 1
Ash Crimson: 2


Tasha Yar vs. Al Capone

Tasha Yar: 5
Al Capone: 1


Kasumi vs. Kazumi Mishima

Kasumi: 5
Kazumi Mishima: 2


Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Jhun Hoon

Leonardo (Mirage): 7
Jhun Hoon: 0


9:10 - Ozymandias (Watchmen) vs. Lisbeth Salander

Ozymandias (Watchmen): 8
Lisbeth Salander: 0


9:10 - Zombies (World War Z) vs. Ewoks

Zombies (World War Z): 7
Ewoks: 4


9:10 - Sherlock Holmes vs. The Joker

Sherlock Holmes: 8
The Joker: 3


9:10 - The Mutants (The Dark Knight Returns) vs. Jawas

The Mutants (The Dark Knight Returns): 7
Jawas: 4


9:10 - Yoshi vs. Diddy Kong

Yoshi: 6
Diddy Kong: 2


9:10 - L (Death Note) vs. Artemis Fowl II

L (Death Note): 4
Artemis Fowl II: 7


9:10 - Saint of Killers vs. Galactus

Saint of Killers: 2
Galactus: 6

Match 15382 Laura Matsuda vs. Katarina Alves

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Carnage reigned supreme inside the pristine Mishima Zaibatsu lobby as the Tekken force fought off the intrusion of Rolento and his volunteer army. (REF: ROLENTO VS. BAYMAN) One by one, Rolento’s army was picked off by the more experienced and more trained security force of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Rolento, himself however, was more than holding his own against the hired muscle recently brought on by Jin Kazama. (REF: BAYMAN VS. CLARK STILL)  Bayman attempted to grab Rolento, but the former Mad Gear general continued to elude and evade him. He would roll around the floor like a tumbleweed whenever Bayman would get close. His movements were erratic and frustrated Bayman to no end.

“Stay still!” Bayman demanded.

Rolento popped up in front of Bayman and struck him continuously with his green staff. The speed of the attacks was too fast for Bayman who could not successfully shield himself from the blows. Rolento then jumped backward into the air and flung three grenades in Bayman’s direction. The resulting explosion sent the large Russian mercenary crashing through a big plasma tv near the front of the Mishima Zaibatsu lobby. 

Rolento smiled at his handiwork. But, the smile soon faded as the sound of guns cocking echoed through the lobby. All the remaining members of the security force aimed their weapons at Rolento,

“If it is my destiny to fall here tonight, I am going to take you all down with me,” Rolento declared.

“No more!”

The security force lifted their guns at the sound of Jin Kazama’s voice. They stood at attention as Jin walked up to get a good look at this new intruder into the Mishima Zaibatsu.

“No further violence is necessary here.” Jin looked around at Rolento’s beaten volunteer army and then at the man himself. “You are either one of the bravest or stupidest men I have ever come across. Throwing active grenades aroundlike that, what are you hoping to accomplish here?”

“Justice for my men. They were slaughtered en masse during the recruitment process along with several members of your Tekken force by their leader, Lars Alexandersson,” Rolento answered. (REF: ROLENTO VS. RALF JONES)

Jin was taken aback. “What? That’s insane. Lars is not that type of man.”

“I know what I saw,” Rolento insisted. “Lars was the only man that walked out of that warehouse alive. If he wasn’t directly involved, he knows who was.” (REF: LARS ALEXANDERSSON VS. ASTAROTH)

Jin was intrigued by this development. Could it have been a strike from his father or his grandfather. It had been a while since he had heard from Lars. He needed to know what was happening. (REF: HILDEGARD VON KRONNE VS. LEONA HEIDERN)

“What kind of army were you trying to build?” Jin inquired.

“One that will help me establish this world into the peaceful utopia I know that it can be. A world beholden to law and order,” Rolento replied.

“Hmmm, your ambitions are not too different from my own,” Jin remarked. “Maybe there would be a benefit in us discussing this instead of fighting one another. Then, we can find out what happened to Lars and what happened in that warehouse. Let us start over, I am Jin Kazama, head of the Mishima Zaibatsu and you are?”

Rolento stood straight up and saluted. “General Rolento F. Shugerg. If you are going to help me obtain justice for my men then I am at your service.”

“Let us go to my office where you can give me more details about what transpired in that warehouse,” Jin suggested.

Rolento followed Jin through the lobby. They stopped for a moment to assess the damage caused by Rolento’s grenades. Rolento appeared sheepish when a couple light fixtures fell from the ceiling to the ground on top of the wreckage.

“Don’t worry it can all be fixed,” said Jin. He then leaned over to a member of the Tekken Force. “When Bayman wakes up, let him know I no longer require his services. Also, the cost for the repairs to the building are coming out of his paycheck. He failed to do his one job.”





At the Brazillian Martial Arts Tournament, Christie Monteiro and Elena continued their fight in front of the awards podium, a stunned crowd, and the tournament’s champion, Eddy Gordo. (REF: CHRISTIE MONTIERO VS. ELENA)  Christie balanced herself on her hands and twirled her legs around to trip up the enraged Elena. Christie then repositioned herself into a handstand and delivered swift kicks to  Elena’s face followed by a roundhouse. Elena stumbled backwards, dazed from the continued assault. Christie pushed off the ground with her hands and performed a springboard off the awards podium. She smashed her forearm into Elena, knocking out the African fighter for good. The audience cheered for the heated confrontation, unsure if it was a part of the pageantry of the event or not.

“Wow Christie, your skills seem to be improving by the day,” Eddy remarked.

“Thanks, Eddy. I am just glad I was able to take her down before she hurt someone.”

“No need to worry about that. The authorities should be here soon to take her away,” said Eddy.

“No, we can’t do that,” Christie protested. “Something was seriously wrong with her, I could tell. It was like she was possessed. That poor woman needs our help, not to be rotting in some lonely jail cell.”

“What would you suggest?” Eddy inquired.

“We need to find someone who could help her,” stated Christie.

Eddy sighed. “If you are thinking she was possessed then only one name comes to mind, Jin Kazama.”

Christie gasped. “You think we can trust him?”

“I can tell you he treated me well for the brief time I worked for him. And he is extremely well connected, if anyone may have answers it’s him,” Eddy reasoned.

“Kuma was here earlier, maybe it wasn’t a coincidence,” Christie speculated.

Eddy noticed the police detail making their way through the crowd.

“If we are going to have any hope helping this girl, we will need to sneak her out of here,” Eddy surmised.

“I can help with that,” offered up a voice.

A woman wearing a long white coat, white and brown striped pants, and a black bra emerged from the crowd.

“Wait a minute, don’t I know you?” wondered Eddy. “Yeah, you were at the seventh King of the Iron Fist tournament. Who are you?”

“My name is Katarina, and if you are going to talk to Jin Kazama, I want in,” she responded.

“Why?” wondered Christie.

“I have my reasons. We are short on time so do you want my help or not?”

“Yes we do.  Eddy, you and I can delay the police. Katarina, can you carry her by yourself?” Christie asked.

“She won’t have to.”

Laura Matsuda stepped up next to Katarina. She was greeted with puzzled expressions from both Eddy and Christie.

“Yes I know you beat my brother and I shouldn’t like you, (REF: SEAN MATSUDA VS. EDDY GORDO)  but this is too exciting to pass up. I came rushing back to the stadium as soon as I heard there was an impromptu fight.” Laura looked directly at Christie. “Those were some beautiful moves out there.”

Christie smiled. “Thank you.”

Katarina lifted up the unconscious Elena by her shoulders. “Quickly grab her feet.”

Laura grabbed Elena’s feet and the two women disappeared behind the stage.

“We will buy you some time. There is a favela not far from here. We can meet you there and I will try to get a hold of Jin Kazama,” said Eddy.

Laura and Katarina exited the stadium unnoticed by the local police. They walked silently for a few minutes before Laura finally spoke up.

“I am tagging along for the adventure, what is your stake in this?”

“Kazuya Mishima and the G Corporation did something to my father, I know they did, I need to get back there so I can save him.” Katarina’s face was covered in shame. “I was unable to before.” Anger now seeped into her voice. “I will not fail again.”

“Didn’t hear Eddy mention Kazuya, I thought he said he was going to contact Jin Kazama,” said Laura.

“We can use the son to reach the father,” replied Katarina. “In reality, the entire Mishima family is evil, and the world would be a much better place without them. Eddy Gordo is a fool if he trusts Jin.”

“I don’t know about any of that, I am just looking forward to some good fights. If we have to take on Jin too, I hope he is a good fighter,” stated Laura.

Katarina’s anger levels increased. “This isn’t a game! It’s not a fighting exhibition. This family is responsible for a lot of suffering,...for my suffering.” 

The Soul Edge shards inside Elena's chest began to glow. The sight startled Laura who immediately dropped Elena’s legs. The shards fed off Katarina’s anger and rage and began to infect the Brazilian fighter as she held up Elena’s torso.

Katarina began breathing heavily and an orange glow emerged in her eyes.

“Katarina, are you okay?” Laura asked.

“They must be stopped. All of them must be stopped!” Katarina declared. 

Confusion spread across Laura’s face.

Katarina callously dropped Elena’s body. “If you are too dumb to see that, then you are part of the problem and must be eliminated!”

“Eliminated?” Laura repeated.

“Morra!” shouted Katarina as she struck Laura with a running knee.


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Haven't read this yet, but I've been waiting to see this fight go down. They are so similar to each other and were great new additions to there franchises. And I will admit, they aren't bad to look at either.

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Your prose here was clean. Good story telling to, I enjoyed this part.

Laura wins this for me. Her combos are intertwined with electricity and grappling, which will give Katarina a hard time I'm sure. It might be a close one at first, Katarina takes the first round but I see Laura coming back strong and whipping some ass.

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