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2nd Grand Cross-Galactic Budokai Tenkaichi R3 M2 - Magik (Illyana Rasputin) vs. Mario

Magik (Illyana Rasputin): 1
Mario: 3

Master Raven vs. Groh

Master Raven: 2
Groh: 1

Ransik vs. Mirai Sentai Timeranger

Ransik: 1
Mirai Sentai Timeranger: 2

Tournament - Steve Trevor vs. Peggy Carter

Steve Trevor: 2
Peggy Carter: 4

Christie vs. Ivy

Christie: 1
Ivy: 5

Cammy White vs. Leona Heidern

Cammy White: 1
Leona Heidern: 2

Kula Diamond vs. Cassandra Alexander

Kula Diamond: 2
Cassandra Alexander: 4

Tournament - Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) vs. Cerberus (Mass Effect)

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 8
Cerberus (Mass Effect): 0

Blue Mary vs. Mila (DOA)

Blue Mary: 3
Mila (DOA): 1

Tournament - Severus Snape vs. Wicked Witch of the West

Severus Snape: 3
Wicked Witch of the West: 1

7:10 - Megamind vs. David Xanatos

Megamind: 8
David Xanatos: 2

7:10 - Destoroyah vs. Megas XLR

Destoroyah: 8
Megas XLR: 6

7:10 - Isis (Catwoman's Pet) vs. Zwei (RWBY)

Isis (Catwoman's Pet): 10
Zwei (RWBY): 5

7:10 - Damian Wayne vs. Molly Hayes

Damian Wayne: 7
Molly Hayes: 3

7:10 - Hex Girls vs. Laurel & Hardy

Hex Girls: 7
Laurel & Hardy: 3

7:10 - Puffy AmiYumi (Animated) vs. Scott Pilgrim

Puffy AmiYumi (Animated): 7
Scott Pilgrim: 4

7:10 - Mecha Streisand vs. Gipsy Danger

Mecha Streisand: 2
Gipsy Danger: 7

7:10 - Biollante vs. Hedorah

Biollante: 5
Hedorah: 6

7:10 - Unstoppable Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne) vs. Doctor Doom

Unstoppable Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne): 7
Doctor Doom: 5

7:10 - Queen Barb vs. Pinkie Pie

Queen Barb: 3
Pinkie Pie: 7

7:10 - The Invisible Woman vs. The Silver Surfer

The Invisible Woman: 7
The Silver Surfer: 9

7:10 - Muttley vs. Storm (Aquaman's Seahorse)

Muttley: 5
Storm (Aquaman's Seahorse): 6

7:10 - Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures) vs. Hermione Granger

Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures): 3
Hermione Granger: 11

7:10 - Arcade vs. Mister Fantastic

Arcade: 0
Mister Fantastic: 13

7:10 - Andrew Ender Wiggin vs. Arya Stark

Andrew Ender Wiggin: 8
Arya Stark: 4

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Match 15371 Killer Croc vs. King Shark

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The Green Death - Part 1 of 2
When the apocalypse came, it came not from the skies or with a ranging fire as was prophesied. It came instead invisibly, transmitting from person to person, without any symptoms and without any pain until it was too late. The Green Death they called it; after the gentle hue of the skin of the infected, and our greatest minds could do nothing to stop or even slow it. 
Every mammal was infected, even the aliens. Human, Kryptonian, Amazonian, Asguardian or Mutant; they all fell. It spread quicker that we could have anticipated, seeming to transmit as quickly by water as it could by air or touch. Our leaders and heroes were gone before we even knew there was a danger, and the world seemed to turn on itself. Countries blamed each other, or pointed the finger at outsiders and what the virus had not ravaged, we destroyed ourselves. Nukes, lasers, and energy blasts leveled cities, and the skies burned red with the fires of destruction. 
And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. The Green Death wasn't finished with us yet. From the mass graveyards and condemned houses, the dead rose once again. They shuffled, walked and ran, driven by a primordial need to consume flesh. Mindlessly they hunted us down and dragged us kicking and screaming out of our hiding places and ripped us to shreds. 
About one in a one thousand of us was immune, and we banded together in small groups to see out this apocalypse. In the ruined husks of our great cities, we run, hide, forage, and die. This is our life now. 
Kyle stumbled, but didn't fall. His right leg was bleeding, blood trickling through the bandages and down into his shoe where he could feel the cold wetness squelching. It was almost more uncomfortable than painful. He kept running anyway. His breathing was steady and his mind clear, frantically calculating his best chance for survival. Alongside him ran Terri, her auburn hair plastered to her forehead with sweat and her lithe body straining with the effort. With eyes wide with fright she glanced at him, then behind them, then back at him. 
The muted roar of the undead behind them pushed them on. 
Kyle knew how it would happen, as it had countless times before. First would be the "supes", undead superheroes or supervillains who had been turned by the virus. They were generally the fastest, strongest and most deadly and would sweep aside their lesser brethren to be the first to the kill. Fortunately most of them no longer used their powers in favor of ripping and shredding flesh with their bare hands, and killing them was the same as killing any zombie - destroy the brain. Next came the "runners", the berserkers of the pack. Humans who for some reason the virus had driven to an insatiable rage alongside the hunger. They were quick, deadly, and screamed pure hot anger when they came for you, although fortunately were rare. Incapacitating their legs first was highly recommended because sometimes they carried on for a while even after the brain had been destroyed. And finally, the "walkers", the mass of shuffling undead that fixed you with their dead eyes and just kept coming no matter how many you killed. 
Terri went down. Tripped, or ran out of breath, Kyle wasn't sure, and for a split second he considered just keep running. But he couldn't. He turned and grabbed her arm, pulling her along. He could see the panic in her eyes as she realised how close she was to death, but he could do and say nothing to reassure her. Survival was all that mattered. 
But it was too late. They had been too slow. The first supe arrived. Daredevil, the former saviour of Hell's Kitchen, now a dead abomination with his ribs showing through his suit. His head was tilted, and his head jerked from side to side as if he was listening for them rather than seeing them. A lone "runner" was next to him, the shrill cry of anger at seeing the humans seeming to cause Daredevil's confusion. 
Kyle started dragging Terri towards the closest building, but knew they wouldn't make it. The zombies were closing too fast. 
But then they heard a loud crash, as something huge slammed down onto Daredevil.  He collapsed under the weight, his legs, hip and back all smashing with the force of the impact.  
"Not so fast zombie" said a deep grumbling voice. 
Kyle was staring at a creature straight out of his nightmares. A towering monster with the body of a man and a head of a shark. His mind went back to news articles he had seen about this creature; King Shark! 
"One each, perfect!", another growling voice, and Kyle's heart fell. Killer Croc, the creature from Gotham lumbered into view. His wide smile was horrific, the jagged teeth sending shivers through Kyle's body. He was holding the body of the runner zombie in his hand, the head smashed in his claws. 
Both creatures had a deep hunger in their eyes, a ferocious, animalistic and predatory gaze that spoke of a long time without food. Oh my god, thought Kyle as his brain started working through the terror, they're alive!
Suddenly the area filled with smoke, and human and creature alike started coughing. 
A dark form in the sudden smoke grabbed Terri in its arms and pulled her towards the building, almost faster than Kyle could see. He was left clutching air, his lungs still hurting. 
"WHERE ARE THEY!" shouted one of the huge creatures through the smoke, and Kyle took the opportunity to run towards the building, desperate to find Terri and to escape the savage death out here in the open. 
He ran faster than he thought possible and entered the building, following the only way the mysterious black form could have taken her. 
Neither he nor the creatures outside noticed the still form clinging to the wall of the building, and watching all of the events with hunger in its eyes. 
When the smoke cleared all that was left was an empty clearing. 
Killer Croc turned furiously on King Shark, the terrible hunger in his stomach turning to white fury. 
"We have been stalking them for days, and you let them slip away!" he roared, his claws flexing. 
Killer Shark just stared at Croc, his eyes narrowed and his owns claws flexing. 
They both had known this time was close. They had been spared the Green Death due to their cold blood, and had come together out of desperation, both creatures needing the other for the hunt, and the running from the undead. There were so few living creatures left in the world, but now they had found humans. Found food. And hunger was turning their minds to frenzy. They were so close to the meat they could taste it!
In that moment the loose alliance that had come together was broken, and the huge monsters charged at each other in an insatiable bloodlust. 
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Wow! Fantastic first part to your zombie arc! I am surprised a match has not been done with these 2 before! Its definitely a great set up and match up!

My vote goes to King Shark! If I remember correctly, KS is much stronger and fast than KC. I think that will be the determining factor at the end of this one

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Refreshing zombie story and I like that this isn't just a one off setup. I enjoyed your recap on how the world got the way it is.

I voted for King Shark, but either of them could win this fight. I think they are roughly equal in strength and veracity, It just comes down to who gets the lucky blow. King Shark has a bigger bite so I think that works in his favor.

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
1 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

Killer Croc: 1
King Shark: 3

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