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Sheriff Lucas Buck vs. Sam and Dean Winchester

Sheriff Lucas Buck: 2
Sam and Dean Winchester: 3

7:2 - Megamind vs. Thirteenth Doctor

Megamind: 9
Thirteenth Doctor: 7

7:2 - Tommy Pickles vs. Molly Hayes

Tommy Pickles: 5
Molly Hayes: 11

7:2 - Michigan J. Frog vs. Hex Girls

Michigan J. Frog: 5
Hex Girls: 9

7:2 - Joxer the Mighty vs. Macho Man Randy Savage

Joxer the Mighty: 4
Macho Man Randy Savage: 8

7:2 - David Xanatos vs. Doctor Doom

David Xanatos: 0
Doctor Doom: 16

7:2 - Josie And The Pussycats vs. Asuka (WWE)

Josie And The Pussycats: 13
Asuka (WWE): 10

7:2 - Light Yagami vs. Mister Fantastic

Light Yagami: 11
Mister Fantastic: 7

7:2 - Pinhead vs. Dark Willow

Pinhead: 9
Dark Willow: 11

7:2 - Tramp (Disney) vs. Dex-Starr

Tramp (Disney): 11
Dex-Starr: 4

7:2 - The Three Stooges vs. Powerline

The Three Stooges: 1
Powerline: 12

7:2 - The Misfits vs. Sideshow Bob

The Misfits: 5
Sideshow Bob: 7

7:2 - Godzooky vs. Charlie Barkin

Godzooky: 5
Charlie Barkin: 9

7:2 - Starkiller vs. Vulcan(Gabriel Summers)

Starkiller: 6
Vulcan(Gabriel Summers): 14

7:2 - F91 Gundam vs. King Ghidorah

F91 Gundam: 3
King Ghidorah: 12

7:2 - High Evolutionary vs. Rick Sanchez

High Evolutionary: 9
Rick Sanchez: 3

7:2 - Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures) vs. Damian Wayne

Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures): 9
Damian Wayne: 10

7:2 - Queen Barb vs. Animal

Queen Barb: 3
Animal (Muppets): 9

7:2 - Dr. Horrible vs. The Tenth Doctor

Dr. Horrible: 3
The Tenth Doctor: 9

7:2 - Mister Mind vs. Doctor Sivana

Mister Mind: 14
Doctor Sivana: 1

7:2 - Nova vs. Porunga

Nova: 15
Porunga: 4

7:2 - Android 21 vs. Arcade

Android 21: 10
Arcade: 7

Scarlet Witch vs. Freddy Krueger

Scarlet Witch: 6
Freddy Krueger: 2

7:1 - Imhotep vs. Azazel (Fallen)

Imhotep: 9
Azazel (Fallen): 4

7:1 - Barney Stinson vs. Scott Pilgrim

Barney Stinson: 5
Scott Pilgrim: 6

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Match 15362 Anthony Fremont vs. Chuck Shurley

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The Road So Far


"There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge.


Years ago, decades in fact; we were introduced you to a monster. A monster with a cute little-boy face and blue, guileless eyes.  Do not be fooled by appearance as this monster is the same monster that has terrorized the little town of Peakville for for nearly 60 years. Make no mistake that time is not on the sides of the remaining residents of Peakville. Time has not aged the young Anthony has everyday remains the same for the little monster and everyday remains an eternal struggle.. The residents can only have pleasant thoughts as they remain in the Twilight Zone…




It has been nearly 60 years since Cindy went to visit her grandparents just miles from Peakville. She was six years old at the time, but she remembered seeing her parents wave goodbye. "We'll pick you up tomorrow, sweetie!" Her parents said as they got in the family vehicle and drove back to Peakville, Ohio. Only... only they never came back. For so long, Cindy cried out loud wanting to know where her parents went and for so long, she never received an answer. For many, it seemed as if the small town of Peakville had just vanished without a trace. Even Cindy's grandparents seemed as if they had completely forgotten about their daughter and son-in-law.



For young Cindy, she had carried the memories of her parents and her childhood home with her until now. Until now, she has searched for answers. Throughout her life, she has discovered a world that many do not have have the privilege of ever knowing. She discovered the horrors that dwell in this world; from vengeful spirits, vampires, demons, and the Devil himself. She is older now; wrinkles have found a way to engrave themselves upon her face and gray hairs have broken through what was originally black silky hair. 


Despite all the discoveries that she had made in her lifetime, she never truly found what happened! She never found what happened to her parents, she never found what happened to her friends that lived across the road, or even the family that lived down at the end of the road, the Fremonts. She never knew what happened to her home of Peakville. She made a promise to never stop searching but with the passing of time, her hope for answers were growing more dim with each passing day.


As all hope seemed lost, joy overcame her as she found a way to restore her hope. A spell that she herself could perform to allow her to go home. After collecting all that she needed for this opportunity, she started reciting the words and closed her eyes as tight as she could. She stood in the center of her house as she performed this spell. A bright orange light started shining from all around as the world violently shook. Perhaps she did something wrong as she felt that this might be the end for her... If only that were the case. She kept her eyes shut and tear drops ran down her face as she believed that she had failed, and the last ounce of hope had completely faded away. 


Everything stopped with a calming presence. With her eyes still closed, Cindy could feel the rays of the sun beaming down upon her with summer heat. Cindy's eyes opened wide with tears rolling down her face. A large smile formed across her face as she realized that it was not summer but later November. Her eyes traveled in every direction as she realized that she was home. After searching her entire life, she has found Peakville. It was almost the same as she remembered except something seemed odd. There were no vehicles outside and she could not hear the sounds of any electrical devices. 


She sauntered upon a dirt road until she saw it up ahead. The house that she remembered in her dreams. She started running to her childhood home with the giddiness of a child. If only she knew what horrors that were ahead, perhaps she would have turned around. She opened the door and to her surprise she saw a group of people standing inside. They were dressed as if they were from the 1960s. The room was mainly filled with adults that looked terrified, yet they all had smiles on their faces. In the center of the room stood a young boy. They were celebrating her dad’s birthday, but every adult had a sense of forced happiness upon them.


As her eyes moved around the room, Cindy recognized the people in the room from her dreams, but it seemed as if none of them have aged a day. Tears ran down Cindy's face as she saw her mother and father at the back of the room. They also seemed as if they had not aged since had last seen them. In appearance, Cindy was older now than what her parents were. She quickly made her way to them, walking past the young boy in the center of the room.


"MOMMY! DADDY" She exclaimed as she tried to reach for them for a hug.


The two of them quickly dodged her and glanced over at the boy. "It is good, Anthony! Everything is good! We are having a good time with you, Anthony!" Both of her parents said as they looked upon the boy.


Cindy was taken aback as she looked at them and then at the boy. The boy stood there with look of annoyance on his face. "Who are you?" He asked as he pointed at Cindy.


"I... I am Cindy." She looked at her parents with a grateful smile. "I'm your daughter. I've looked for you for a long time!" She replied as she wiped away the tears.


"No... no you must be mistaken. We don't have children. Isn't that right, Anthony?" Her parents responded nervously as they looked at the boy with a smile.


"What?!" Cindy yelled as she looked at the boy. "What is this? Why are you saying this to him?" Cindy asked as she pointed at the innocent looking boy.


"You don't have very nice thoughts!" Anthony yelled as he pointed at Cindy.


"My thoughts? What are you talking about?!" Cindy asked as she stepped back and glanced around the room. She could see that there was fear in all the adults in the room and as the boy continued to point at her, a disturbing realization came upon her. They were afraid of this boy.


"You are not thinking nice thoughts about me! You are a bad woman! A very bad woman!" The boy yelled as he continued pointing at Cindy.


"What... what the hell are you?" Cindy asked as she glared upon the boy.


The entire room gasped as they heard this strange woman asked the young boy this question. Before they could even attempt to calm down the young boy, in a split second the woman's torso turned into what appeared to be a stuffed animal. Her lifeless human head on top of a child's toy.  Cindy's lifeless head slammed back onto the floor and the whole room gasped once again as they heard her head slump back across the floor. 


The boy's father quickly knelt down next to his son and said. "That is really good, Anthony! Really good but maybe you could send her to the cornfield! How about that, Anthony! Does that sound, good?" His dad pleaded with a fearful smile.


The stuffed animal with Cindy's head vanished without a trace as all the adults looked on with terror. Cindy's parents wiped away their tears as they tried to put on a smile. Everyone in the room continued to try to comfort the small child and reaffirm that he did good. They all tried to have good and happy thoughts.


"I don't like strangers! Strangers are not good people! You all must be good and think good thoughts of me! You all must think good thoughts!" Anthony yelled as he pointed at all the adults.




Steam filled the room as soothing music played in the background. There was a smooth essence in the room as Amara laid upon her chest. A man with dark hair massaged her back with gentle yet firm hands. For what seemed as if it was the first time in almost millions of years, she felt relaxed. A small smile formed across her face as the man massaged every part of her back. The moment did not last as a look of annoyance form across her face. The man had vanished into thin air and Amara let out a sigh.


"What do you want, Chuck?" Amara asked in frustration.


Chuck stood at the corner of the room with a smile on his face. "Hey sis! What's happening?"


Amara glanced around the room and then back at her brother. "Did you? Did you just smite my masseuse?" She asked as she looked at her brother in frustration.


Chuck took a couple steps closer to his sister with a smirk. "Yeah... I thought he just seemed kind of annoying."


Amara let out a small giggle as she rolled her eyes. "Annoying? You need to take a look at yourself, Chuck"


Chuck stopped and appeared to be frustrated by that comment. He took a breath as he looked around the room. "I thought you were hung up on Dean Winchester."


Amara shook her head and rolled her eyes again. "It is a connection that you would never understand, besides you are the one that is hung up on writing about the Winchesters all the time!" 


Chuck looked up in the air and let out a small laugh as he proclaimed. "They are my boys! They excite me, they disappoint me, they challenge me..."


"They bore you?" Amara sarcastically said as she cut him off.


"Well maybe right now, they're not doing anything too exciting. My toys are getting boring and... I need an ending. A good ending, an exciting ending. One that is legendary! I just don’t know where to start or end for that matter." Chuck said as he circled around his sister.


"What do you want, Chuck?" Amara asked as she tried to collect her thoughts.


"Okay okay... I can see that you are annoyed. Before I start on my great ending for the Winchesters, I don't know... I guess I want to go on a trip with you." Chuck said with a smile.


"A trip? With me? We've already done that brother. Remember? After locking me in a cage for millions of years, we had our family meeting. I must say... I really do not want to be anywhere near you." Amara replied as she started walking toward the door.


"What? Why? We are brother and sister. The most powerful beings in existence. You know? Light and dark; all that jazz." Chuck said as he tried following his sister.


"You see there it is... that narcissism that just flows off of you. You spend so much time wanting to be the big guy, that creates all these worlds, and for what? So, you can be worshipped? You haven't changed at all, brother." Amara replied.


"You're right, sis! I've created a lot and I must say... it is all boring! You know it is hard being me because everything here just does not excite me. But we could create something new and fun… together!" Chuck said with a smirk.


"For being all powerful, little brother. huh you sure miss so much..." Amara said with a forced smile before being interrupted.


"Don't tell me; all that good and beautiful things this world has to offer like massages and pedicures." Chuck said sarcastically as he glanced over at the massage bed.


Amara shook her head in disgust as she looked upon her brother. "We may not even be the most powerful beings in existence. You spend so much time worrying about the Winchesters that you missed that part of this world that you created is not even yours anymore... completely wiped from existence." Chuck just stood in silence with a look of bewilderment on his face as Amara stepped closer to her brother. "Oh wow! This is a first. I never would have thought I would make you go silent."


"What do you mean?" Chuck asked as he continued to stare down his sister.


"During my soul searching on this planet, I found that on Novemver 3, 1961; there was a town called Peakville, Ohio that just vanished. At first, I thought it was one of your little tantrums but your essence was not there. It was something else. Peakville still existed but not where you left it." Amara replied with glee. “It simply vanished, and someone or something caused it to do so.”


In a split second, Chuck had vanished into thin air. Amara just stood with a look of satisfaction as she was able to get her brother to leave her alone. She walked over and sat down upon a chair. She looked over and saw a glass of red wind sitting on a table next to her. She reached over to pour herself a glass. "Have fun, Chuck." She said to herself as she poured herself a glass.




Standing on the very spot where Peakville once stood, Chuck could not help but realize that Amara was right. He could feel that the town was close, but something was blocking it from him. Something had separated it from the rest of existence. He knew that he could appear in Peakville if he conjured up enough power, but he wanted to know what was there before he would do so. He wanted to know what was causing all of this before he just appeared in that town. 


He closed his eyes; reflecting upon his memories of existence and a sinister smile formed across his face. "Hello Cindy Tellar!" Chuck said as he started forming a plot to have the former resident find a spell that would allow her to appear in her childhood town. Chuck snapped his fingers and watched everything unfold around him. He placed voices in her head and created a spell that she would pursue to go home. He watched as Cindy conjured up the spell and watched as she teleported in the town. Through her eyes, he watched the horrors that unfolded and saw the one that had changed the very nature of time and space for Peakville, Ohio. A grin formed across Chuck's face and he said to himself, "A little boy. Anthony Fremont? Amara really expects me to be afraid of this?"



Chuck snapped his fingers and suddenly appeared in Peakville, Oh. He sauntered down the dirt road and toward the Fremont house. The neighbors saw Chuck approaching the house and they could not help but gasp. He was the second stranger that they had seen in less than a week. Chuck glanced around with a large smile. Everything appeared to be from so many decades ago and electricity was all but gone. "Wow... definitely not up with the times!" Chuck proclaimed as he approached the young boy playing in the yard.


Chuck glared over at the boy and saw that he had created some deformed creature. A creature that had a cat’s head on one end and a dog’s head on another. "If you wanted to watch Cat Dog, you could probably stream it somewhere." Chuck said sarcastically as he glanced around at all the dated homes. "But you probably don't have WiFi." 


The boy jumped up and glared at the stranger suspiciously. He pointed at the stranger and with the same suspicious looked demanded, "Who are you?" Anthony yelled at the cat dog creature that he made disappeared into thin air.


Chuck looked around at all the residents as they stood watching what was about to unfold. With a snap of his fingers, each of the residents had disappeared into thin air. Chuck stood smiling before the young boy. "Oh where are my manners? I'm Chuck but you can call me god."


The boy looked around and saw that his family, his neighbors, the people that he controlled were gone. "I can't see your thoughts, but I know you are a bad man! You are a very bad man! I am going to make you pay like all the other bad people!" Anthony yelled as he started pointing again at Chuck.  Anthony started to unleash the full might of his powers as Chuck looked upon him.


"Well if that's how you want to do this, Anthony. Then this is the end..." Chuck said as he lifted his hand to unleash the full extent of his power upon the monster.





Anthony Fremont is at full power

Chuck Shurley is at full power

They are in an open environment in a small farm town.

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Here are some clips of the characters using their powers.


Now the last clip was a remake episode from the Twilight Zone movie, but felt that it was in the same spirit

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
2 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

Anthony Fremont: 1
Chuck Shurley: 3

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