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Umbrella Corporation vs. Skynet

Umbrella Corporation: 0
Skynet: 5

Urien vs. Algol

Urien: 0
Algol: 5

Cad Bane vs. The Wampa

Cad Bane: 4
The Wampa: 1

The Flying Nun vs. The Wizard Of Oz

The Flying Nun: 5
The Wizard Of Oz: 3

Steve Fox vs. Ryuji Yamazaki

Steve Fox: 2
Ryuji Yamazaki: 4

Honoka (DOA) vs. Hinako Shijou

Honoka (DOA): 5
Hinako Shijou: 2

The Dragonborn vs. Sauron

The Dragonborn: 3
Sauron: 6

Rolento F. Schugerg vs. Bayman

Rolento F. Schugerg: 4
Bayman: 1

Black Canary vs. Vicious

Black Canary: 6
Vicious: 1

Dirty Harry vs. Mike Ehrmantraut vs. Anton Chigurgh

Dirty Harry: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 2
Anton Chigurgh: 2

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Match 15331 Maki Genryusai vs. Kuma

You Be The Judge

Maki Genryusai


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Geese Howard and Heihachi Mishima exchanged blows back and forth for ten minutes with neither man able to sustain a clear advantage and both amazed at the other’s strength.  (REF: GEESE HOWARD VS. HEIHACHI MISHIMA)  In a desperate attempt to finish off the old man, Geese put all his energy into one double reppuken. The energy waves smashed into Heihachi and put him on his back.

Geese breathed heavily as he chuckled to himself. “I’ll give you this Heihachi, you were not a disappointment. I don’t believe I’ve had a fight that hard since Terry Bogard. It makes me even more excited at the prospect of fighting your son and grandson.” Geese turned his back on the fallen Heihachi. “Now, back to the mission at hand.”

Heihachi gazed over at the burned down mausoleum that once held the remains of his wife.  (REF: CHIZURU KAGURA VS. KAZUMI MISHIMA)

“It can’t end this way,” he mumbled.

Electricity began to circle around Heihachi’s body as he pulled himself off the ground. The noise and swell of energy caused Geese to turn back around.

“It’s not possible.” Geese whispered.

“I will destroy you!” Heihachi declared.

He rushed Geese and knocked him into the air with a couple of electric uppercuts, he followed this with some stiff kicks before putting the Southtown kingpin down for good with an Electric Hammer attack.

“I cannot be defeated until I purge the remains of my family from this world,” said Heihachi.




Maki Genryusai waited silently in the hospital waiting room for an update on the condition of Ryo Sakazaki.  (REF: KIM KAPHWAN VS. JURI HAN)  Suddenly, a cloud of white smoke appeared in the waiting room that alarmed everyone inside. Maki quickly grabbed her tonfa and aimed it at the throat of the man who stepped out of the white smoke, the ninja, Hayate.

“I come here to help not to fight,” Hayate assured.

“Who are you?” Maki demanded.

“My name is Hayate, I am a member of the Mugen Tenshin and a friend of Ryu Hayabusa who I believe you met in the forest outside this village,” he answered.  (REF: SEONG MI-NA VS. MOMIJI)

“Yes. Where is he?”

“Currently he is helping keep Soul Edge hidden with Yoshimitsu and the Manji Clan. He asked me to come here to pick up your injured friend,” Hayate explained.

Maki lowered her tonfa.

“I have already talked to the doctors. It’s good you got him here when you did, he should make a full recovery from his wounds. However, if you let me take him with me to the Mugen Tenshin we can get him healed up quicker and stronger than ever,” stated Hayate.

“You are asking for my permission?” Maki wondered.

Hayate nodded. “Of course. We need to work together if we are going to win the battles ahead. You can come with us as well if you would like and get some training in. Out of curiosity, what style do you practice?”

“I am a master of Bushinryu,” Maki responded.

“I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing that in person, it would be a treat to see,” stated Hayate.

“What about Athena, Kyo, and the others?” Maki asked.

“I don’t know where your other allies are. Ryu only asked me to come for Ryo. They are probably still close to this location if you wish to stay with them for now,” Hayate guessed.

“Yes. We have been through so much together since I had that fight with the girl with the blue pigtails. (REF: MAKI GENRYUSAI VS. TALIM) Another friend of Ryo’s recently helped us as well. It would feel wrong to abandon them,” said Maki

“I understand.”

“Get him healed up and back to us as soon as you can,” said Maki. “Perhaps then, when this is all over we can have a sparring session.”

Hayate smiled “I look forward to it. Farewell for now.”

Hayate left the waiting room.



Kuma was infuriated. His master and friend, Heihachi, had abandoned him during his fight in Brazil against the monster, Blanka.  (REF: KUMA VS. BLANKA) Only after he had caused a ruckus at a Brazilian Martial Arts tournament, did some of Heihachi’s handlers come to pick Kuma up in a helicopter.  (REF: CHRISTIE MONTIERO VS. ELENA) Those same men were now touching down outside a small village in Japan. Kuma did not recognize it as Heihachi’s home or as any place he had been to before.

One of the handler’s turned to face the angry bear. “I don’t know if you can understand me, but we don’t know exactly where Heihachi is. We only know that he was greatly concerned about something and was dropped off here several hours ago.”

Kuma folded his arms.

“Maybe he does understand,” said the other handler. “Alright then Kuma, this is as far we go. You are going to have to get out here.”

Kuma stepped out of the helicopter and looked around for any sign of his missing friend. He tried to ask the local villagers, but all that came out was loud growls that scared anyone that was near him. Kuma grew frustrated at his predicament. 

As he walked through the village, he took notice of a small hospital. Kuma recognized it as a place where humans went to get help. He hoped that the humans inside would be able to shed some light on Heihachi’s whereabouts. He trampled inside and again pleaded for assistance. Much to his dismay, the results were the same. Everyone was cowering, no one was helping. Kuma did not know what to do.

Just then, an idea struck him. Someone in this village had to know who Heihachi was and by extension knew that he had a pet bear. If Kuma could cause enough chaos, surely that person would alert Heihachi to come get Kuma. Not to mention, last time he made a scene at the Martial Arts tournament it worked at getting the attention of Heihachi’s handlers. In Kuma’s mind, this was the perfect plan.

Kuma leaned into his intimidation and started destroying all the furniture in sight, Shrieks of terror echoed through the hallways as patients, nurses, and doctors ran away from him. A lone security guard tried to approach him, but was quickly dispatched by Kuma.

“Hey! Cut it out bear!” 

Kuma eyes whipped around to see a woman in red with a blonde ponytail carrying tonfas.

“I don’t want to hurt you, but I will, to protect these people. So, go on and get out of here”  said Maki.

Kuma roared at Maki to stay out of his business, but it did not deter her. Kuma was surprised his normal animal demeanor wasn’t enough to frighten Maki so he changed tactics. He stood in place and performed a jumping back kick to unnerve her.

The sight did cause Maki to pause for a moment before she picked up her tonfas and stood ready to fight. “A bear that fights like a human, what will it be next?”

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On 11/21/2020 at 4:46 PM, Confession FPT said:

Huh. A Kuma match that I didn’t make. Bizarre. 

It's funny because I was going to post that the fighting bear has been getting a lot of love on here between this match, your match against Shocker, and his recent Draft Season run. I didn't realize that you were the one that drafted him as well lol.

Regardless, I am happy to add to the Kuma spotlight.

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13 hours ago, JohnnyChany said:

It's funny because I was going to post that the fighting bear has been getting a lot of love on here between this match, your match against Shocker, and his recent Draft Season run. I didn't realize that you were the one that drafted him as well lol.

Regardless, I am happy to add to the Kuma spotlight.

He was the first character I added to the database here, I love him. 

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Was glad to see a bit of the fighting between Heihachi and Geese. Played out just how I'd imagine.

This one could go either way but I think Maki has the overwhelming speed. Kuma takes too many hits and won't get her enough to call it a win. She lands one good uppercut and I think she may have this.

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