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Umbrella Corporation vs. Skynet

Umbrella Corporation: 0
Skynet: 5

Urien vs. Algol

Urien: 0
Algol: 5

Cad Bane vs. The Wampa

Cad Bane: 4
The Wampa: 1

The Flying Nun vs. The Wizard Of Oz

The Flying Nun: 5
The Wizard Of Oz: 3

Steve Fox vs. Ryuji Yamazaki

Steve Fox: 2
Ryuji Yamazaki: 4

Honoka (DOA) vs. Hinako Shijou

Honoka (DOA): 5
Hinako Shijou: 2

The Dragonborn vs. Sauron

The Dragonborn: 3
Sauron: 6

Rolento F. Schugerg vs. Bayman

Rolento F. Schugerg: 4
Bayman: 1

Black Canary vs. Vicious

Black Canary: 6
Vicious: 1

Dirty Harry vs. Mike Ehrmantraut vs. Anton Chigurgh

Dirty Harry: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 2
Anton Chigurgh: 2

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Match 15329 Din Djarin vs. Callisto

You Be The Judge

Din Djarin


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Vicious was a fast opponent. Black Canary had managed to get a variety of cuts across her body. And a much of the stage falling on her but managed to avoid death due to her stamina, as well as using hand to hand combat against her opponent. 
She was trying to find the right moment to use her super sonic scream as she did not wish to hit the inhabitants as they were finding poor places to hide. 
But finally she did, and fired a clear tjat threw him back. The first time, he managed to get up and even narrowly avoided the second sonic scream. But finally, she aimed at the top of the stage, screamed her lungs out and the entire stage came crashing down on her opponent. But herself as well. 
After a moment, she managed to throw off debris from her and parts of the now collapsed stage. She felt terrible, she practically ruined their stage. But she could not digest her actions further as she noticed a hand sticking out of the rubble a few feet away from her. 
Black Canary walked over there and lifted much of the rubble to reveal an unconscious Vicious. In her head, she felt as if a voice was instructing her to kill. 
"Wouldn't think about killing him if I were you!" She heard a new voice warning her. 
Webslinging from above was Spider-Gwen herself, landing in front of Black Canary. 
"Trust me when I say I've been where you are just now and there's a reason for it." She simply said. 
"What are you doing?" Black Canary asked before crying out in pain. "Ow!"
Spider-Gwen showed her the chip, the very type on the necks of her and Barbosa. 
"Felt more aggressive than usual?" Spider-Gwen asked as she held the chip between her thumb and forefinger. 
Black Canary realized her almost murderous intent made sense. 
"I'd say you did a number in this place, lass!" Barbosa said as he walked through the destroyed stage. 
"Things got a little intense." Black Canary sighed. 
"I know." Spider-Gwen placed her hand on Black Canary's shoulder in sympathy. "Which is why we're searching for whoever kidnapped us."
"But first, let's clean this place up." She then said. 
"What's even the point of that?" Barbosa said, annoyed at the turn of events. 
"Dude, we help these guys, maybe they'll tell us what is this crazy train in return!" Spider-Gwen snapped at the pirate. "We're gonna need some help from people who live in this train!" 
"Ay, fine!" He growled, reluctantly agreeing as he picked up a broken piece of wood and threw it to the side. 
"Wait!" Black Canary cried out. "Something's happening!"
A bright light enveloped Vicious. It glowed so bright, the trio shielded their eyes until it evaporated. By the time it was gone, they saw that the only thing left was the chip. 
"So that's what happens to the losers." Spider-Gwen mused before turning to Barbosa. "Could have been you!"
Barbosa could only nod in response. 
"But we don't even know where he went." Black Canary said. 
"Let's just hope back to where he came from." Spider-Gwen responded. 
He pulled his finger from the blue button he pressed as he eyed on the Musical Car monitor still. 
"Pity he lost." He murmured a bit. "But my rules are rules. He won't remember a thing upon being sent back anyway."
He then turned his attention to the monitor showing the Straight Up Italy Car. He managed to see his next choice of fighters inside. 
"Ah, your friend is waking up." He turned to a peculiar prisoner in the far back in a laser cage. A small infant child with green skin, large black eyes with three fingers inside an orb-surrounded by laser acting as bars in a cage. 
"You'll make for a great hostage if he comes for me." He added. "Wouldn't try your force abilities on the cage, I made sure of it."
The child looked scared, intimidated. 
The man turned back to the monitor and said, "Let's see how your friend will fare."
A man in a mask and armor, Din Djarin, woke up suddenly. He breathed heavily until calming himself down a bit. The Mandalorian felt something stinghis neck a bit underneath his helmet. He reached underneath and pulled out a small chip. 
'Weird.' He thought to himself before crushing it. 
The Mandalorian explored his surroundings. It looked like a quiet village to him. Not like one he had ever seen. The place was empty however at first glance. And the more he explored the area, it became apparent. Something wasn't right. Suspicious especially. 
The last thing he remembered before waking up was a bright light engulfing him, the child and his ship. The bounty hunter theorized this was somebody's way of kidnapping the child. And he had to find out who. 
Din trudged out of one of the empty homes he explored until he finally saw someone. 
She was a blonde woman in armor, strong build and carrying a sword. She especially looked hostile and confused. 
"Who are you?" Asked Callisto.
"A friend, hopefully." He responded simply. "Just as confused as you are."
"I was in the middle of attempting to kill my enemies and then I see you!" She growled. 
The bounty hunter could tell she was vengeful to someone when she was kidnapped. 
"I didn't kidnap you, I can promise you that." Din assured her. 
But it proved useless. Callisto lunged at him to which he narrowly dodged the bladed weapon. 
"Fight me!" She growled. 
"It's going to be one of those days." He sighed in resignation. It became apparent he was going to fight his way out. 
And here is Round Three! This time with one of the most recent popular characters in Sci-Fi and a popular Xena enemy who is also the face of CBUB to boot! 
So for Din Djarin himself, he has his gear intact and the jet pack since the season one finale. 
And same deal with Callisto who has her skills, weaponry and strength. 
And this time, the choice of car is called The Straight Up Italy Car which is what it says on the tin. And as always, how much will the car destroyed and how will the combatants use it to their advantage.
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17 minutes ago, Movie-Brat said:

Oh really? How so? Just curious. 

even without her god powers she was able to hang with herc and ares  in hth  who both have the strength of a hundred men  

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Sweet setup. I wonder where this tournament is going! I can’t wait to find out! Not sure who I’ll pick yet since I don’t know either character all that well but with comic_book_fan’s comments I may pick Callisto.

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13 minutes ago, Nate86 said:

Sweet setup. I wonder where this tournament is going! I can’t wait to find out! Not sure who I’ll pick yet since I don’t know either character all that well but with comic_book_fan’s comments I may pick Callisto.

I can assure you, I promise it to be a surprise when I reveal who the big villain is. :)

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Callisto should have the strength and skill to win, but I'm just not sure if she can pierce Mandalorian armor, much less scratch it. Din might slip her up with his superior weaponry and knock some sense into her.

As for destruction, I'm sure a house or two is gonna get wrecked.

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This was an awesome set up!

I think it will come close as you said that Calisto does not have her powers. I think she would still have superior strength and speed. 

Mando has fought some stronger opponents and has fought some that were nearly indestructible, but he outsmarted them

Mando has impressive armor and weapons

This is one is close

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Pretty good set-up, Movie-Brat. I'm not sure Canary should've won her fight, though. From what I've seen of Vicious, he has a lot of flash step-type moves that Dinah would be hard-pressed to counter. 

As for this match, as mentioned, Callisto definitely has the advantage in physicals, but Djarin has some tough-looking armor and some tricky weaponry (thanks for the vids BTW; having not seen The Mandalorian I would've been lost her otherwise). I'm pretty sure Callisto's strong enough to pierce the weak points of the Mando's armor, but she also has to deal with his arsenal. In the end, I think Callsto does some damage, but Djarin's weapons will either defeat her or cause her to flee.

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