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Christie vs. Ivy

Christie: 1
Ivy: 5

Cammy White vs. Leona Heidern

Cammy White: 1
Leona Heidern: 2

Kula Diamond vs. Cassandra Alexander

Kula Diamond: 2
Cassandra Alexander: 4

Tournament - Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn) vs. Cerberus (Mass Effect)

Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn): 8
Cerberus (Mass Effect): 0

Blue Mary vs. Mila (DOA)

Blue Mary: 3
Mila (DOA): 1

Tournament - Severus Snape vs. Wicked Witch of the West

Severus Snape: 3
Wicked Witch of the West: 1

7:10 - Megamind vs. David Xanatos

Megamind: 8
David Xanatos: 2

7:10 - Destoroyah vs. Megas XLR

Destoroyah: 8
Megas XLR: 6

7:10 - Isis (Catwoman's Pet) vs. Zwei (RWBY)

Isis (Catwoman's Pet): 10
Zwei (RWBY): 5

7:10 - Damian Wayne vs. Molly Hayes

Damian Wayne: 7
Molly Hayes: 3

7:10 - Hex Girls vs. Laurel & Hardy

Hex Girls: 7
Laurel & Hardy: 3

7:10 - Puffy AmiYumi (Animated) vs. Scott Pilgrim

Puffy AmiYumi (Animated): 7
Scott Pilgrim: 4

7:10 - Mecha Streisand vs. Gipsy Danger

Mecha Streisand: 2
Gipsy Danger: 7

7:10 - Biollante vs. Hedorah

Biollante: 5
Hedorah: 6

7:10 - Unstoppable Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne) vs. Doctor Doom

Unstoppable Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne): 7
Doctor Doom: 5

7:10 - Queen Barb vs. Pinkie Pie

Queen Barb: 3
Pinkie Pie: 7

7:10 - The Invisible Woman vs. The Silver Surfer

The Invisible Woman: 7
The Silver Surfer: 9

7:10 - Muttley vs. Storm (Aquaman's Seahorse)

Muttley: 5
Storm (Aquaman's Seahorse): 6

7:10 - Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures) vs. Hermione Granger

Jade (Jackie Chan Adventures): 3
Hermione Granger: 11

7:10 - Arcade vs. Mister Fantastic

Arcade: 0
Mister Fantastic: 13

7:10 - Andrew Ender Wiggin vs. Arya Stark

Andrew Ender Wiggin: 8
Arya Stark: 4

7:10 - Powerline vs. Penn and Teller

Powerline: 5
Penn and Teller: 6

7:10 - Sam (Trick 'r Treat) vs. Santa Claus (Santa's Slay)

Sam (Trick 'r Treat): 3
Santa Claus (Santa's Slay): 5

7:10 - Godzooky vs. Dino Flintstone

Godzooky: 4
Dino Flintstone: 5

7:10 - Ruby (Supernatural) vs. The Spirit (Rin Yamaoka)

Ruby (Supernatural): 2
The Spirit (Rin Yamaoka): 5

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Tournament - Genie (Aladdin) vs. The Djinn

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The attack they thought would never come, arrived when the third sun was high in the sky. Over the smoldering mountains of Kr'ath-Ta came the hordes of Jinn, waiving their ancestral spears and swords, crying the battle cries of a last charge. Overhead flew their allies, the good aligned dragons, the griffins, the gargoyles and the pegasii. 
They were the last hope of humankind. 
Deep in his palace, J'okra El Braduin, self-named the Wishmaster, stood and watched as his armies went to meet this foe.  Jinn, vampires, warlocks, and hell hounds advanced in phalanxes to meet this last ditch folly. His wyverns and hellbats took to the skies to engage the enemy there, and he knew he would be victorious. They could not stand up to his might, try though they may. 
This was it; the last stand, the final battle, the decisive clash that would see either the triumph of evil or good. 
Except the Wishmaster did not see it as purely good or evil. His was a fight for freedom. Freedom for all Jinn, against the injustice of allowing men to reign free. For his kind had been imprisoned in this place of dark and fire, while man had been granted a paradise of bountiful nature and open skies. He has seen how they had squandered that gift. How they had polluted the skies and poised the seas. They didn't deserve their freedom. Instead, when he had put down the traitor Kallateth, known simply as Genie to his human allies, he would condemn them all to an eternity of fire whilst his kind wondered free on earth. 
His eyes narrowed as he thought of Genie. The ultimate fool and traitor to his kind. He consorted with the humans, happily serving at their side whilst his own kind wondered through the burning lands under the never-ending glare of the five suns. His calloused hands clenched into fists as he thought of choking the life out of the betrayer. 
The Wishmaster glanced again to the battle before him and suddenly he leaned forward, his hands gripping the banister before him. The wyverns were fleeing before the might of the golden dragons of the Genie's army, who had instead turned their magical breath onto the vampire phalanxes. He watched in dismay as the warriors were decimated and the opposing army roared in triumph and rushed forward to the palace. The army tried to prevail, throwing everything they could against the enemy, but their will had been broken. Pegasii flew down and trampled seasons warriors underfoot, whilst his sergeants tried desperately to turn the tide. 
It was too late.  
The Wishmaster turned and stalked out of his throne room and into a small side room. There he sat in a chair and waited, his hand resting on the silver crescent shaped arms. He heard the gates being breached and the enemy roaming his halls. His elite bodyguard did what they could, ducking out of shadows to tear into the attackers and retreating quickly without a sound. They knew the palace better than anyone, and again and again they attacked and brought the enemy to their knees. But ultimately there were just too many and even his strongest warriors fell, fighting to their last breath. 
Finally the enemy came to the small room he had chosen as his final stand. Genie, as always, led the way. He saw his old foe sitting their on the chair, alone, and motioned his army to wait. A young man appeared at his side, dressed in purple clothes and weary from the long fight. The Wishmaster nodded. Of course Genie would bring this precious human. All the way to the depths of his own land and palace, the ultimate defilement and the final betrayal. 
Genie and Aladdin stalked forward, glancing around the small room, as if they could not believe that the end was so near. 
"It is over J'okra" said the Genie, his blue skin gleaming in the dull light of the room. 
"You will call me Wishmaster, Genie", Wishmaster spat the last word, allowing his hate to permeate every syllable. 
"It is not too late, stand your army down. There is no need for anyone else to die!"
Wishmaster threw back his head and laughed. He then pressed a button on his silver chair and a wand slowly appeared in front of him. It has been hidden by deep dark magics which the Genie had not noticed in the struggle, undetectable until now. 
"No, it cannot be" said Genie, taking a step back. 
"No need for anyone to die Genie? You are a fool. You have condemned us all by your folly, and now, you shall reap the rewards! Everyone shall die!"
Wishmaster waived the artifact, a powerful legacy of the time before even the Jinn - when gods had fought in the skies and worlds were playthings. 
The rooms to the small room slammed shut, shielding them from the awful magics, and outside they heard the screams start. 
Jinns from both sides of the war started melting away, their bones cracking and smoldering as they dissipated into nothingness. Dragons fell dead from the skies and gargoyles turned back into darkened stone where they stood. It was the end of all life outside of that small room. Genie threw himself against the doors, pounding and pleading for Wishmaster to let him out - but an evil smile was all that greeted him. 
"It is just you and me now Genie" said Wishmaster, ignoring the bewildered form of Aladdin. "Our kind is no more, and it is here that we will face each other and know our fates. Unleash your power and be rid of this pitiful human, let us fight as free Jinn rather than the slaves we have become". 
"You're crazy Wishmaster! This human..." Genie pointed at Aladdin, his best friend, "this human has freed me!"
Wishmaster turned to Aladdin, an eyebrow raised. 
"Really? That is interesting. But they always turn in the end Genie. Like the pitiful rabid dogs that they are, humans will always hunger for the power we hold. I had to break my human again and again until he freed me."
"Your.... human?" Aladdin gasped. 
"Yes. Aladdin, I know him as Maghrabi, but I believe you know him as Jafar?" The Wishmaster's evil smile stretched across his face, and he waived away the invisibility spell that cloaked the room. 
In the corner lay Jafar, the once vizier lay crumpled in the corner and it was clear that he was dead. 
"When you condemned him to his lamp he made his way here, and after years of torture I made him wish the same thing you did. I am now free, and the time of humanity has ended. Our race is dead, and now, once I leave this room I can avenge the fate of the Jinn as I condemn all of man to the pits of fire."
"NEVER!" roared Genie and surged forward, his shape changing and growing as plunged towards Wishmaster. The two clashed together with a loud thundering that sent Aladdin to his knees, and they burst through the ceiling of the room locked in battle. 
A free Genie and a free Wishmaster, the last two Jinn of old with all their powers from the movies and folklore, in a battle to save or destroy mankind. 

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This is a good match. Interesting characters and I like the premise.

I'm not sure who wins this though. Need to do more research.

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We know Genie has been stuck in that lamp for at least 10,000 years. The Wishmaster movie states that the Djinn have been around since creation which is about 6,000 years going by the bible. So the genie is probably more powerful.

The problem is that he can't directly kill anyone while the Djinn doesn't seem to be limited by that. Thankfully, this isn't one to the death, so it's only a matter of capturing the other.

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This is great. I always felt these two were destined to fight in the CBUB and I am glad someone made the match. I personally don't know enough about Wishmaster to ever attempt it myself. Your setup was very engrossing and I would give it high marks if I wasn't also making tournament matches lol.

The thing about Genie is he is a massive goofball that has always gotten away with it because he so much more powerful than everyone else. That goes away here, so I think it puts him at a massive disadvantage.

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Wow! Awesome set up! 

This is a tough one as I dont know much about Wish master. I grew up watching Genie from Aladin and maybe I've seen Wishmaster once. To be completely transparent, I'd vote for Genie just as I know him more and he is animated. I feel like he has that animation power behind him, thatll give him an edge.

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A great match for the tourney, Culwych! Not sure what Aladdin's doing here, since he can't really do anything to the magical creatures in this battle, but that's not enough to deter me from giving this 5 stars.

As for the match, Genie could easily detain or BFR the Wishmaster if he were still bound by his lamp. Since he's free, though, his powers are only semi-phenomenal and nearly-cosmic, so that makes this more interesting. In the end, I'd have to say Wishmaster probably wins this since he was never bound by a no-kill rule. The fact that Aladdin is also trapped in the room with them makes him a convenient hostage for the evil Dijin, and Wishmaster could then use him as leverage against Genie.

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Thanks all for the comments, really appreciated!

Good point @DSkillz, hadn't thought about Aladdin's inclusion as a potential weakness for Genie!

@JohnnyChany, agreed, the Wishmaster's bloodlust over Genie's "goofiness" is a definite advantage. As @Boratz and @patrickthekid point out though - that animation type goofiness and age might just be enough to turn it though. 

Definitely one I'm still torn on. 

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That is a fine piece of flash fiction. 

Weighing in at a trim 1,236 word count, it provides characterization, backstory, motivation and some very nice descriptive passages.

An excellent tournament entry.  Thanks for the read.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
patrickthekid - CBUB Match Judge : 5 Stars x 2
DSkillz - CBUB Match Judge : 5 Stars x 2
Fox - CBUB Match Judge : 5 Stars x 2

FPA Calculation:
6 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 6 Total Votes
( (6 * 5) + (0 * 4) + (0 * 3) + (0 * 2) + (0 * 1) ) = 30 Total Stars Score
30 / 6 = 5.00 Total Rating

Genie (Aladdin): 6
The Djinn: 0

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