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Umbrella Corporation vs. Skynet

Umbrella Corporation: 0
Skynet: 5

Urien vs. Algol

Urien: 0
Algol: 5

Cad Bane vs. The Wampa

Cad Bane: 4
The Wampa: 1

The Flying Nun vs. The Wizard Of Oz

The Flying Nun: 5
The Wizard Of Oz: 3

Steve Fox vs. Ryuji Yamazaki

Steve Fox: 2
Ryuji Yamazaki: 4

Honoka (DOA) vs. Hinako Shijou

Honoka (DOA): 5
Hinako Shijou: 2

The Dragonborn vs. Sauron

The Dragonborn: 3
Sauron: 6

Rolento F. Schugerg vs. Bayman

Rolento F. Schugerg: 4
Bayman: 1

Black Canary vs. Vicious

Black Canary: 6
Vicious: 1

Dirty Harry vs. Mike Ehrmantraut vs. Anton Chigurgh

Dirty Harry: 3
Mike Ehrmantraut: 2
Anton Chigurgh: 2

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Match 15323 Urien vs. Algol

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A Secret Society assistant walked into Urien’s office where he found his boss increasingly agitated.

“I have not heard back from any of my subordinates in some time.” Urien glared at his assistant. “Tell me you have come with some updates that have eluded me.”

The assistant gulped nervously.

“Have you heard from Mature?” asked Urien.

“No, sir.”





“If you have no useful updates for me then why did you bother to come in here?” Urien growled.

“I do have an update on Kolin, sir,” his assistant replied. “We leaked her coordinates to Charlie Nash as you requested. He found her, but the military man was soundly defeated by Iori Yagami.  (REF: IORI YAGAMI VS. CHARLIE NASH)  Apparently, the whole ordeal has peaked Kolin’s paranoia. She has been making inquiries of the Secret Society, wondering how Mr. Nash could have located her.”

Urien scoffed. “The Society should be thankful that my doing rid them of Charlie Nash. One more blemish expunged from their history.”

“I get the impression Kolin is starting to distrust you, and she might go to the board,” stated his assistant.

Urien laughed dismissively. “I am the vice president, I don’t answer to anyone on the board. Still, she might become a major thorn in my side if she alerts them to my activities before Soul Edge is unleashed upon the world.”

“What do you think she would do? She is one of your brother’s most trusted and devoted followers.”

“She needs to be taken out of the picture. Find me an assassin, but one that has never been contracted by the Secret Society before,” Urien ordered. “There must not be any possible link to me. I don’t even want to know the killer’s name.”

“Yes sir.”

Urien’s assistant scurried out of his office, before suddenly coming back in. “Someone is here to see you, sir.”

Who is it….”

A man with white braided hair pushed open the door and walked in with perfect posture. He had his peak Olympian physique tucked into a three piece suit and a serious expression plastered on his face.

Urien regarded him with confusion. “Algol, what are you doing here?”



Algol, the Great Hero King, was possibly the oldest living being on the planet. He ruled during a time before recorded history and brought peace to the land using a sword that he had discovered called Soul Edge. Despite its malevolent nature, the powerful sword could not control Algol like it would later do to others. The absolution of Algol’s spirit was too strong. However, the same could not be said about his son, Arcturus, who tried to overthrow his father after being corrupted by the evil blade. Algol was forced to put down his own son, and despised Soul Edge for inflicting his beloved child with evil and hate.

Algol decided to create a sword strong enough to destroy Soul Edge and crafted what would become Soul Calibur. Algol willingly sacrificed his own soul to Soul Calibur to power up this weapon where he remained embedded for centuries. So strong was Algol’s will though, that at one point during the eternal conflict between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, Algol’s spirit was able to construct itself a new body. Reborn with a new body, Algol’s spirit was now changed and only sought war and domination. 

His efforts to rebuild his kingdom through any means necessary was stopped by the heroes Seigfried and Sophitia Alexandra. Much to Algol’s surprise, they spared his life. Algol wandered the Earth for centuries looking for a new purpose, until he found the Secret Society led by Gill. No longer burdened with a desire to rule the world himself, Algol was persuaded by Gill’s vision for the world and was more than willing to help him accomplish this dream. Algol’s vast knowledge accumulated through his long lifetime allowed him to quickly ascend the ranks of the Secret Society, to the point where he could now walk in freely in the vice president’s office.

Algol walked over to the bar of Urien’s office and poured himself a drink.

“I ask you again, why are you here, Algol?” Urien inquired.

Algol took a drink and paused for a moment before turning to face Urien. “I have never told you how old I am, have I?”

Urien rolled his eyes. “Everyone is well aware of your long lifetime. The curiosity about your near immortality is the only reason I believe Gill has allowed you to come this far.”

Algol ignored Urien’s dig. “I have been around for even longer than you think. Being around for so long has made me very perceptive. Right now that perception has led me to one question...Do you really hate your brother that badly?”

Urien was taken aback. “What? How dare you?”

“Spare me your false outrage. I know what you are up to,” Algol declared.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“You despise your brother and want to depose him as leader of the Society. I have seen it in your eyes,” said Algol. “It’s the same look my son had before he tried to overthrow me. Gill may be blind to it, but I am not.”

Urien rose to his feet. “Be careful how you address me. I don’t care how far you have moved up the ladder, you are still beneath me and it is treasonous to throw around such baseless accusations.”

“Baseless? I have already told you I know exactly what you are doing, which is why I felt the need to get involved.” Algol stepped closer toward Urien. “You have no idea what you are dealing with.”

“Right now all I am dealing with is an insubordinate member of the board,” Urien retorted.

“You are trying to bring back Soul Edge into this world!” Algol accused. 

Urien denied the accusation. “What? That is ridiculous.”

Algol explained. “First, someone leaked the identity of the man hiding the sword to the most sadistic, powerful men in the world. (REF: HAYATE VS. RAVEN) Then, the long dormant servant of Soul Edge had suddenly become active again. (REF: ANDY BOGARD VS. GUY)  I’ll admit that it wasn’t until Kolin reached out to me with her concerns about your ideas to utilize servants of the demon Orochi that I started to put it together. (REF: MATURE VS. SARAH BRYANT) I have tracked their movements so I know what they have been up to including being involved with the Infested popping up for the first time in hundreds of years in places like Los Angeles,  New York, and Brazil. It all leads back to you.”

“How could you possibly know all this information?” Urien wondered.

 Algol chuckled. “You think you are the only one capable of keeping secrets from the Society. All the information you have about Soul Edge, that the Society has, is the information I provided. But I left a few details out. The secret to my everlasting existence is that both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur are a part of me.” One of Algol’s hands was suddenly surrounded by a mystic red glow and the other one a mystic blue glow. “I was the first wielder of Soul Edge and the creator of Soul Calibur. There is nothing involving the Swords of Conflict that I don’t know about.”

Urien was too stunned to speak for a moment before he finally asked, “The access to such power is at the edge of your fingertips and you don’t pursue it?”

“The power that Soul Edge brings is fleeting, it’s only true gift is despair. I will not allow it to infect the world with this gift again. Urien, your goals are petty and short sighted and I will not allow their success.”

Urien smashed his desk with his fists. “No. I have come too far to be stopped now!”


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Interesting fight. Flight will be a big boon for Algol here, but Urien can armor himself up to withstand the barrage for a short while as well as a barrier. I think I'll give this one to Algol. That chair tech's too strong.

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Another good set-up, Johnny. :) 

Huh, both Urien and Algol are about the same size. That alone may help make this fight interesting, but Algol just seems more powerful and less arrogant. It looks like Urien's ambitions may end here.

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Whatever the outcome, Urien's plan doesn't end here. He loses this fight but he probably gets away or has help in some form or fashion. Or he gets taken, only to escape. But he loses. He's unprepared for this fight and Algol had this entire match measured. He knew what he was doing when he went in.

The fight goes long and iwith a lot of destruction. Would be fun to see.

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