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Space Ghost vs. Starkiller

Space Ghost: 4
Starkiller: 1

Killer Croc vs. King Shark

Killer Croc: 1
King Shark: 3

Zombie Spider-Man vs. Vampire Batman

Zombie Spider-Man: 2
Vampire Batman: 3

Anthony Fremont vs. Chuck Shurley

Anthony Fremont: 1
Chuck Shurley: 3

Batman vs. Lex Luthor

Batman: 2
Lex Luthor: 3

Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker vs. Fire Marshall Bill

Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker: 2
Fire Marshall Bill: 6

Angel (King Of Fighters) vs. Julia Chang

Angel (King Of Fighters): 4
Julia Chang: 2

The Kraken (Clash of the Titans) vs. Leviathan

The Kraken (Clash of the Titans): 1
Leviathan: 6

Maki Genryusai vs. Kuma

Maki Genryusai: 4
Kuma: 2

Genie (Aladdin) vs. The Djinn

Genie (Aladdin): 6
The Djinn: 0

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Match 15127 Kim Kaphwan vs. Juri Han

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Kyo Kusanagi carried a battered Chizuru Kagura in his arms. He walked next to Benimaru Nikaido in a slow stroll away from the burning remains of the Mishima mausoleum. Benimaru’s expression brightened slightly when he noticed Athena Asamiya exiting the forest and heading their way.

“Athena you made it out okay,” Benimaru said with relief.  (REF: ATHENA ASAMIYA VS. CHAI XIANGHUA)

Athena smiled. “It was a hard fought fight, but in the end she was no match for me.”

“What about the other two that came with her?” Kyo inquired.

“Defeated by our new ninja allies,” Athena reported.

Ryu Hayabusa and Yoshimitsu appeared from the forest and joined Athena.

Benimaru glanced over at Ryu. “Thank you. Your friends really got us out of a tight jam.”   (REF: MOMIJI VS. SEONG MI-NA)

Ryu Hayabusa nodded,

Athena turned her attention to Chizuru. “I want to know what happened to Chizuru.”

“We tried to seal the ancient warriors while hiding out in a Mishima mausoleum,” explained Kyo. ‘I am still not sure what happened exactly, but we messed up. Instead of succeeding with the sealing ritual we ended up bringing a woman back from the dead.”  (REF: CHIZURU KAGURA VS. KAZUMI MISHIMA)

Chizuru spoke up. “Her strength is incredible. We must find her and put her down.”

This new information caught the attention of Yoshimitsu. “Was the woman you fought, Kazumi Mishima?”

“You know her?”

“Not personally, no. I have only heard stories about her and her clan, the Hachijo Clan. The Hachijo are a clan of assassins who believe it is their responsibility to keep any over ambitious person in check who may bring ruin upon the world. They are also possessed by the Devil Gene,” Yoshimitsu explained.

“She does not belong in this world. She belongs in the land of the dead,” Chizuru remarked. “I was not strong enough to fix my mistake. I am hoping one of you is.”

“It was Soul Edge that brought her back. Specifically, the fragments inside Talim, Viola, and Z.W.E.I.” said Yoshimitsu. “This is exactly the kind of thing I was afraid of. None of you truly understands the power of Soul Edge and look what that ignorance has done already.”

“Hey now,” Kyo protested. “Who even is this guy?”

“This is Yoshimistu, leader of the Manji clan and chosen protector of Soul Edge. You should have some respect when you talk to him,” said Ryu.

“He knows the warriors that fought us, and he thinks there is a better way to keep them neutralized,” Athena added.

“We lost the three warriors that we had,” Benimaru admitted.  (REF: YOSHIMITSU VS. RYU HAYABUSA)

“Yes, Ryu told me. But, we still have the one that I fought and the two that assaulted Ryo. They are currently bound together back in the forest,” Athena stated.

“Speaking of Ryo, where is he?” Kyo wondered. “Is he not with you?”

Confusion spread across Athena’s face. “I thought he was with you.”

“He insisted on staying behind when we were attacked in the forest. That girl, Maki, volunteered to stay with him to keep him safe,” said Benimaru.

“Neither Momiji or Kasumi mentioned them.” Ryu briefly turned around to face the forest behind them. “My guess is she took him away during the fight to try and keep him safe.”

“Where would they go? The only way they could go would be back to the village…” Athena gasped and placed a hand over her mouth. “I hope they didn’t go back to find me and I missed them.”

“I remember passing by a hospital while we were staying in the village. That must be their destination,” Kyo reasoned.



Ryo Sazaki, Maki Genryusai, and Kim Kaphwan walked toward the village hospital. Ryo leaned on Kim for support and could feel it every time the Tae Kwan Do expert turned his head to look behind them.

“You are really worried about her, aren’t you?” Ryo asked.  (REF: LUONG VS. JURI HAN)

“That woman you were with? What is she, like your girlfriend?” Maki wondered.

Ryo chuckled. “Only if he is willing to fight his master for her.”

“That’s not funny,” Kim insisted. “It’s nothing like that at all. Luong is highly skilled, it’s just that,,,, Juri Han is extremely dangerous and I don’t know if Luong is skilled enough to defeat her.”

“If you are so concerned you should go back,” Maki suggested.

Kim was strong in his resolve. “No. We must get Ryo the help he needs and I must find Athena. She invited me here for a reason.”  (REF: BAEK DOO SAN VS. KIM KAPHWAN)

“I can see the hospital from here. I can take Ryo the rest of the way. I’ve dragged him around everywhere else lately. Go and make sure your friend is okay,” said Maki.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. We will be fine,” Ryo answered. “If we see Athena, we will let her know that you are here.”

Ryo limped over and grabbed Maki for support to walk the rest of the way.

“I shall return once I have verified the villain’s defeat,” Kim announced. He then took his leave of Maki and Ryo.

Maki rolled her eyes. “Does he always talk like that?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” Ryo replied.

“It was nice to have a break from being your crutch for a while,” Maki stated. “I can’t wait to unload you on some nurses the moment we enter that door.”

Ryo smiled. “You have been more than gracious.”


Kim found Juri Han and Luong fighting in the same area where they had left them. Kim’s worst fears were realized when he saw the horrible condition Luong was in. She was also currently in a precarious position. Juri had dug her right heel into Luong’s back and lifted her into the air. She then pulled back Luong’s head so their faces were close enough to kiss.

Juri giggled. “You have been a good time, but I’m putting an end to this. I can’t let Bison’s trail get cold.”

Juri then slammed Luong back on to the ground with thunderous velocity.

“Juri Han! Repent for your evil crimes. I will teach you the virtues of justice,” Kim announced.

Juri scoffed. “Oh, it’s the boyfriend.”

“I am not her boyfriend,” Kim declared. “I was simply trying to show her the purpose one can find when they stand for justice.”

Wow, you are stiff, no wonder you’re single,” stated Juri.

“Enough of this. I am here to hold you accountable for what you did to Luong and for all of your wickedness. You have perverted the noble art of Tae Kwon Do and I will show you the error of your ways,” said Kim.

Juri licked her lips. “I guess Bison will have to wait a little longer.”


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The long awaited match for Korean supremacy. Speed will be the biggest factor as both competitors are insanely fast. Are we assuming that Juri is using her most powerful Feng Shui Engine?

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Yes, I'm not sure if that would give her too much of an advantage, but she is also just coming off  of another fight against a highly skilled Tae Kwan Do fighter.

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Juri would be a little worn from her fight, but I don't think it's a big concern. She is a dangerous opponent all the same and I don't think Kim really knows what he's in for. Juri wins this for me.

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Man, you are a match-making machine, Johnny! :D  Another good one. 

I'm guessing Juri is a more powerful fighter overall than Kim, but as mentioned, she just finished her fight with Huang (albeit not a very tough fight for her, apparently), so she may not be at 100 %. Kim might be tough in this case, but Juri can probably tap into her Fung Shui Engine for the win if she gets in trouble.

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
1 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

Kim Kaphwan: 0
Juri Han: 8

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