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Battlesphere Battle Royal Part 9 Match 17107 Chloe Bourgeois vs. Roxy Rocket vs. Red Claw

Chloe Bourgeois: 3
Roxy Rocket: 2
Red Claw: 1


11:7 - Master Shifu vs. Ted Lasso

Master Shifu: 6
Ted Lasso: 4


11:7 - Apollo Creed vs. Zordon of Eltar

Apollo Creed: 6
Zordon of Eltar: 7


11:7 - Mercy (Overwatch) vs. The Holographic Doctor

Mercy (Overwatch): 3
The Holographic Doctor: 8


11:7 - Middle-Earth vs. Mini-Me

Middle-Earth: 3
Mini-Me: 9


11:7 - Mickey Goodmill vs. Phil (Disney)

Mickey Goodmill: 8
Phil (Disney): 3


11:7 - Ethan Hunt vs. Carmen Sandiego

Ethan Hunt: 2
Carmen Sandiego: 10


11:7 - Iroh vs. Sgt. Slaughter

Iroh: 5
Sgt. Slaughter: 7


11:7 - Ratchet vs. Julian Bashir

Ratchet: 4
Julian Bashir: 6


11:7 - President Thomas J. Whitmore vs. Master Roshi

President Thomas J. Whitmore: 8
Master Roshi: 2


11:7 - Raccoon City vs. Bob (Agent of Hydra)

Raccoon City: 7
Bob (Agent of Hydra): 4


11:7 - Hoth vs. Marco Diaz

Hoth: 8
Marco Diaz: 1


11:7 - Amy Wong vs. Westview, New Jersey

Amy Wong: 8
Westview, New Jersey: 2


11:7 - Rafiki vs. Gouken

Rafiki: 6
Gouken: 3


11:7 - The Town of Silent Hill vs. Genie (Disney)

The Town of Silent Hill: 2
Genie (Disney): 7


11:7 - Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon) vs. Genji

Sasuke (Ganbare Goemon): 1
Genji: 7


11:7 - Kato vs. The Cube

Kato: 4
The Cube: 6


11:7 - Dr. Gregory House vs. Bones McCoy

Dr. Gregory House: 4
Bones McCoy: 6


11:7 - Vanellope Von Schweetz vs. Princess Calla

Vanellope Von Schweetz: 9
Princess Calla: 3


Tournament - The Kraken (Clash of the Titans) vs. Midgard Serpent

The Kraken (Clash of the Titans): 2
Midgard Serpent: 3

Match 15066 Yoshimitsu vs. Ryu Hayabusa


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Despite desperately wanting to aid Chizuru Kagura in her fight against Kazumi Mishima, Kyo and Benimaru honored her wishes to continue the mission.  (REF: CHIZURU KAGURA VS. KAZUMI MISHIMA) They avoided the ever growing fire consuming the Mishima mausoleum and made their way to where Viola, Z.W.E.I., and Talim were laid out. Much to their amazement, the three ancient warriors had vanished from that location.

Outside of the stone entrance to the mausoleum, Viola struggled mightily to levitate both herself and her friends. 

After a nasty stumble, she sighed in frustration. “I’m sorry I am still too weak from whatever hex that witch put on me.”

“It is ok, you got us out of there,” said Talim. “Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Viola smiled. “It is nice to see you again, Talim. Even if it is under horrible circumstances.”

“Likewise,” Talim replied.

“It looks like we are continuing our journey on foot,” said Z.W.E.I. “But we must hurry. I don’t have the strength yet for a 2nd round fight with the electric fashion model.”  (REF: BENIMARU NIKAIDO VS. Z.W.E.I)

“Psycho Crusher!!!”

The voice rumbled through the forest. Shadoloo leader, M. Bison spun through the air engulfed in Psycho energy. He smashed through all three Soul Calibur warriors  and knocked them to the ground. He laughed at the simplicity of this ambush.

“I followed your trail to that rickety old hut and then to here.  (REF; LUONG VS. JURI HAN) I was displeased with the notion of going into a Mishima cemetery to retrieve you, so I appreciate you coming out instead.”

M. Bison summoned another portal of Psycho energy and the dolls, Enero and Fevrier, walked out of it. Bison had gone back to using his dolls more often once he realized they were being targeted by Kazuya Mishima.  (REF: T. HAWK VS. ARMOR KING)

“Hey, stop right there!” a voice shouted,

The voice belonged to Benimaru who had just arrived with Kyo by his side. Enero and Fevrier ignored him and picked up the battered bodies of the Soul Calibur warriors.

The sight of M. Bison built up anger inside Kyo Kusanagi. He had never met the man, but knew him well by his terrible reputation.

Benimaru walked up casually to the pink haired Enero. “What is a beautiful, sexy, woman like yourself doing working for this lunatic?”

Enero grinned and then pulled out a megaphone. “Step back chump!”

The interaction stunned Benimaru into silence.

“You are not leaving here with them,”  Kyo threatened.

M. Bison scoffed. “Are you going to stop me?”

“You’re damn right I am,” stated Kyo.

Kyo stood in his fighting position,  Bison felt a great power residing in Kyo and was intrigued. An explosion from the Mishima mousoleum interrupted the staredown., A fireball shot through the stone entrance and it started to crumble.

“Chizuru!” Benimaru shouted. He looked over to Kyo. “I know what she before, but we have to go back. Kyo! She needs our help or she will die in there.”

Kyo’s eyes stayed with Bison for a few more moments before he turned around and joined his friend in running back to the mausoleum.

M. Bison chuckled. “Another time, boy.” M. Bison then stepped through a portal with Enero, Fevrier, and his new trophies.

Kyo and Benimaru rushed down the stone steps of the broken entrance. They dodged pillars of fire as they searched for their friend. They found Chizuru beaten on the ground by the front of the mausoleum. Kyo lifted her up in his arms.

“Why have you come back?” She asked weakly.

“You know exactly why we came back,” Kyo replied.

“But you are alone,” said Chizuru,

Benimaru looked at the ground, “Yeah, we lost them,”  

“I also lost, That woman was one of the strongest fighters I have ever encountered. Now, she has left this place and is back in the living world.” Chizuru sighed. “We have failed.”




Several yards away from the Bison/Kyo confrontation, the Manji Clan leader, Yoshimitsu, looked on with dismay and sadness from behind a tree.. He had failed to reach his ancestor’s allies in time and now they were in the hands of a madman. Yoshimitsu felt a breeze and spun on his heel as Ryu Hayabusa appeared before him.

“So, it is you that I sensed,” said Ryu. “Why are you here?”

“Who do you think I am?” Yoshimitsu wondered.

“Your mishmash blend of stolen armor is a hallmark of the Manji Clan. Not to mention, the aura emanating from your sword is very unique, it is the same aura that brought me to this place. (REF: SEONG MI-NA VS. MOMIJI)  The same one emanating from those who were just captured. It is you, Yoshimitsu,” explained Ryu.

Yoshimitsu held up his katana in a defensive position. “Who are you? What is your intention here?”

“I am Ryu Hayabusa of the Hayabusa village. I am currently working with the Mugen Tenshin to prevent the re-emergence of the evil sword, Soul Edge,” stated Ryu. “I have been tracking you for some time.”

“You and half the world,” Yoshimitsu retorted.  (REF: LILI ROCHEFORT VS. KARIN KANZUKI

“Yes. But, I do not pursue you with malicious intent.” Ryu placed down his sword on the ground. “I am amazed you are out here in the open. I assume you were drawn here by the collection of shards contained in the three warriors who were brought here and the three warriors that came after them,  (REF: ATHENA ASAMIYA VS. CHAI XIANGHUA)  just as I was, and so was Bison. It is probably quite rare that six of these warriors would be together in one place.”

Yoshimitsu nodded. “I have never felt anything like it before, I needed to see if they were ok”.”

“I want to hear your story, Yoshimitsu. I want to know the best way to help,” said Ryu.

Yoshimitsu thought over the Dragon Ninja’s proposal. “Hayabusa village does have an honorable reputation. I will tell you what you wish to know. Many centuries ago, the world was plagued by the evil of the Soul Edge sword. A blade of immense power that spread wickedness and hatred like a virus and feasted on the souls of its victims. When Soul Edge and its wielder, Nightmare, were finally defeated once and for all the decision was made to do whatever was necessary to make sure the sword could never be brought back. The heroes involved all agreed to break off small shards of Soul Edge and ingested it into their bodies. Not large enough fragments to compromise their will power over it, but big enough so that Soul Edge would never be able to fully reform. What remained of the sword was entrusted to my ancestor, Yoshimitsu. At that point, he had already spent years containing a sword infused with the same evil energy as Soul Edge. It made him the only logical choice, His original sword was the same katana you see before you, the one that led you to me.”

“How can you wield it so effortlessly without it corrupting you,” asked Ryu,

“It only appears effortless because I have been doing it for so long,” Yoshimitsu remarked. He lifted armor on his left arm to reveal that the arm was completely robotic. “And sacrifices had to be made so that I would never touch the katana with human flesh. It is the same sacrifice made by my ancestor, ”

“Where is Soul Edge now?”

“After Raven informed me that my secret had been revealed to Kazuya Mishima and others of his ilk, my clan and I left our home, left our temple, and began the never ending maze.  (REF: SETSUKA VS. NINA WILLIAMS)  Soul Edge is in the never ending maze right now, being carried by my protege and eventual replacement. He too made the necessary sacrifice,” Yoshimitsu explained.

“What and where is the never-ending maze?” Ryu inquired.

“Such information can not be freely given. Not even to one from such a reputable village,” Yoshimitsu answered. “If you want to prove yourself worthy of this burden then help me rescue my ancestor’s allies.”

“I could help rescue them from Shadoloo,” Ryu offered.  “But only so the ritual to seal them can be completed. I made a promise.”

Yoshimitsu tilted his head in confusion. “So you are my enemy?”

Ryu shook his head. “I don’t see it that way. Those ancient warriors are being manipulated by Soul Edge without even realizing it. Look at how many of them were together in one place. Don’t you see it? That is the sword’s plan to fully reform itself. A collection of them together even drew you out from the never-ending maze and maximized the risk of your own exposure to dangerous forces. They are being driven by their hatred for Soul Edge and it is making them do exactly what the sword wants. The only way to make sure Soul Edge does not succeed in this manipulation is to seal them all up.”

Yoshimitsu adopted an accusatory tone. “Who told you all this information? You appear to be very certain about something you clearly know nothing about. If your assistance includes treating those brave warriors like common demons then I neither need or want your help.”

“Think about it, Yoshimitsu, you know there is a high probability that I am right,” Ryu insisted.”I know there is some part of you that is open to this possibility being true or you would have already attacked me for the insinuation.”

“Just a courtesy because of your peaceful approach,” Yoshimitsu replied. “But, know this, Hayabusa, every part of me is loyal to the oath my clan and my ancestor made.”

“I don’t want to fight you,” said Ryu.

“And yet you insult me and claim to know a better way to defeat Soul Edge than those who have been entrusted with that task for centuries.” Yoshimitsu lifted up his katana.

Ryu remained firm. “My only intention is to keep Soul Edge out of the hands of those who would bask in its thirst for darkness and destruction. I can’t, in good conscience, allow you to fall under its manipulation as well. Too much is at stake.”

“If you think you are better equipped to take on the coming danger, then prove it to me Hayabusa. If you can defeat me then I am clearly not strong enough for the task at hand and I will willingly take you to the never-ending maze. But, if you lose then you must swear an oath to help rescue my allies and keep them safe from all sides.”

Ryu Hayabusa  was caught off guard by this sudden challenge but remained resolute. 

“Do we have a deal?” Yoshimitsu asked.

Ryu picked up his blade off the ground. “Yes.” 

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Glad I got to this in time.

Good read. I like both characters but Ryu wins a one on one contest. Yoshimitsu has some crazy moves to keep Ryu guessing, but I think Ryu has the experience and reflexes to catch him and make him submit.

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Another good set-up, Johnny, and great expositional dialogue between Ryu and Yoshimitsu. Based on Ryu's rep alone from the old NES games and the more recent game series, though, I think he wins this and therefore convinces Yoshimitsu to lead him to the never-ending maze.

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