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King (Tekken) vs. El Blaze

King (Tekken): 9
El Blaze: 0


Black Widow vs. Hun

Black Widow: 10
Hun: 0


Cid Highwind vs. Aranea Highwind

Cid Highwind: 1
Aranea Highwind: 4


10:10 - Sinon vs. Chris Redfield

Sinon: 2
Chris Redfield: 9


10:10 - Dot Warner vs. Kwicky Koala

Dot Warner: 10
Kwicky Koala: 3


10:10 - Richard O'Connell vs. Batman

Richard O'Connell: 9
Batman: 7


10:10 - Blues Brothers vs. P. T. Barnum

Blues Brothers: 8
P. T. Barnum: 4


10:10 - Dante Hicks vs. Patrick Bateman

Dante Hicks: 7
Patrick Bateman: 5


10:10 - Lois Lane vs. Vampirella

Lois Lane: 5
Vampirella: 6


10:10 - Space Ghost vs. Pepe Le Pew

Space Ghost: 7
Pepe Le Pew: 2


10:10 - Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride) vs. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride): 2
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop): 10


10:10 - Maria Von Trapp vs. Roxie Hart

Maria Von Trapp: 11
Roxie Hart: 1


10:10 - Indiana Jones vs. Johnny Castle

Indiana Jones: 11
Johnny Castle: 2


10:10 - Catherine Tramell vs. Amanda

Catherine Tramell: 7
Amanda: 3


10:10 - Thok vs. Dark Agnes De Chastillon

Thok: 2
Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 10


10:10 - Captain Planet vs. Bugs Bunny

Captain Planet: 4
Bugs Bunny: 9


10:10 - Beetlejuice vs. Mary Poppins

Beetlejuice: 10
Mary Poppins: 2


10:10 - Zealot vs. Deadshot

Zealot: 8
Deadshot: 4


10:10 - Anthony Gallen vs. Xena

Anthony Gallen: 1
Xena: 10


10:10 - Westley (Princess Bride) vs. Ethan Hunt

Westley (Princess Bride): 11
Ethan Hunt: 3

Match 14963 Luong vs. Juri Han

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Momiji used her back foot to push off a tree trunk and lunge at Seong Mi Na and they crossed blades. The naginata and the Zabatou twirled in the air, striking at each other, looking for an opening. (REF: SEONG MI-NA VS. MOMIJI) Several Feet away, the extended legs of Taki and Kasumi crashed together as the two ninjas attempted similar kicks. (REF: TAKI VS. KASUMI) Maki Genryusai looked back and forth as the two fights raged on and shook her head. She went over to Ryo Sakazaki’s side and placed his right arm over her shoulder. She lifted him up.

“I am getting you out of here,” said Maki.

Ryo chuckled. “Not enjoying the action?”

“More like concerned one of those blades could take a wayward path into your sternum,” replied Maki.

“I told you not to worry about me,” Ryo insisted. “You can still catch up with the others.”

Maki started to walk out of the forest clearing with Ryo as he hunched over her shoulder. “One thing you will learn about me, Ryo. Once I’ve ignored your request, I’m not going to change my mind just because you repeat it.”

“Where are we going?” asked Ryo.

“Back to the village where we were,” answered Maki.

Confusion spread across Ryo’s face.“That seems silly. We just left there.”

“You need medical attention. There were plenty of villagers around that guy you fought earlier. (REF: RYO SAKAZAKI VS. AKIRA YUKI) Surely, one of them knows where we can find a doctor,” Maki surmised.

 “It might be dangerous back in that village. Athena did teleport us away for a reason,” said Ryo.

“One of the reasons she teleported us was to get away from those two crazy chicks who did this to you. (REF: ATHENA ASAMIYA VS. CHAI XIANGHUA) Lots of good that did, they tracked us down anyway.” Maki paused to catch her breath. “Besides, we don’t have much of a choice. I don’t know my way around here at all.” Maki lifted an eyebrow. “Unless you have another suggestion of somewhere else we could go.”

Ryo shook his head. “I am by no means a world traveler. I don’t even get out of Southtown all that often.”

Maki shrugged and they continued their trek.

“Sure is a lot of trouble you are going through for me,” said Ryo. “When we first met I was pretty sure you didn’t even like me.”

“I didn’t,” Maki confirmed with a laugh. “But I do understand you. You make sense to me. And ever since I was approached by Guy and that fortune teller nothing else has made sense to me. (REF: MAKI GENRYUSAI VS. TALIM) So I am going to stay as close to you as I can and maybe we’ll make it out of this crazy situation.”

Ryo beamed at Maki with gratitude. His expression then faded to concern. “I do hope Athena is ok."

“Yeah, me too.”



In the hut where Kyo Kusanagi and Chizuru Kagura had attempted to seal away three of the Soul Calibur warriors, Athena Asamiya gazed down on her defeated opponent with pity. Chai Xianghua lay unconscious at her feet.

“I must thank you for an incredible battle,” Athena said softly. “You fought with such energy and earnestness. It is a shame we had to meet under these circumstances. I think we could have been great friends.” Athena bent over and picked up Xianghua in her arms. “It is wonderful to discover that warriors like you existed even in ancient times. I just hope I can reach the others before your friends do.”

Athena and Xianghua teleported out of the hut.

Elsewhere in the village, two new arrivals, Kim Kaphwan and his master’s paramore, Luong,  were aimlessly wandering around.

“You are sure this is the right village?” Luong wondered.

“Yes. I am positive. This is the one Athena told me to come to,” Kim insisted.

“The same Athena who you have not heard from since she originally called you?” Luong clarified. (REF: BAEK DOO SAN VS. KIM KAPHWAN)

Kim felt defensive. “I have no reason to doubt her. Luong, If you do not believe in the mission, then maybe you shouldn’t have come.”

“Oh, don’t say that, I just don’t like seeing you look so lost and confused,” said Luong.

Kim furrowed his brow. “You must stop with that seductive tone, it is not appropriate.”

Kim’s discomfort brought a smile to Luong’s face. Her eyes traveled from Kim to a group of men surrounding a man in a white gi. “They might know something.”

The duo approached the group of men.

“Konichiwa. We are looking for someone and hoping you handsome young boys could point us in the right direction,” Luong announced.

None of the men responded.

“We are looking for a group of fighters,” added Kim. “Although they might not all look like fighters. In fact, one looks like a high school girl and is teen pop sensation, Athena Asamiya.”

The man in the white gi, Akira Yuki, spoke up. “They went to the hut at the edge of the village to carry out their business. But, they didn’t say what it was.”

This information of a solid location filled Kim with relief.

“If you are looking to challenge them to a fight, be forewarned, they are pretty good. I had an exhibition fight with one of them and I am not ashamed to admit he got the better of me,” said Akira.

“Your concern is appreciated, but that is not why we are here,” stated Kiim.

Luong bowed slightly. “Thank you for your assistance.”

Kim Kaphwan and Luong began the long walk to the far end of the village.

“Do you think they are with that girl with the crazy hair?” wondered Akira.

Kim and Luong walked in silence for a brief time before Kim finally spoke. “I am glad you are here. After Baek Doo San refused to come and with Hwoarang gone chasing legends (REF: HWANG VS. HWOARANG) , I was afraid I was going to have to apologize to Athena for failing to bring any help like I had promised.”

“I will ensure that your faith in me is well placed.” Luong smirked. “Even if I wasn’t your first choice.”

“You do have some of the finest, quickest kicks I have ever seen,” Kim remarked.

“That’s not all I can do with my legs, Kim.”

“Stop it.”




Maki and Ryo neared the border of the forest and could see the familiar hut in the distance.

“We are almost there,” said Maki.

A chill filled the air and Maki quickly rushed Ryo behind a tree and crouched down as a portal of Psycho energy appeared in front of the hut. M. Bison stepped out of the portal and entered the hut.

“What is Bison doing here?” Maki cried in frustration.

Bison quickly returned to the outside of the hut shouting angrily into his earpiece. “There is no one here. If they were here, they are long gone now. Vega, are you still following up on that incident we were told about. (REF: LARS ALEXANDERSSON VS. ASTAROTH) Let me know what you discover. I…..” Bison’s voice trailed off. “I am sensing some strange new energy was recently here.” Bison grinned from ear to ear. “I am getting closer.” 

Another portal appeared and Bison stepped through it. Maki slowly stood back up and exhaled. "That was a close one.” 

Maki turned around just as a roundhouse kick smacked her across the face and planted her on the ground.

Her attacker, Juri Han, loomed over her with a smug, satisfied expression.

“Juri Han? Why are you here?” Maki asked.

“You know me, blondie?” Juri inquired.

“Guy has told me stories,” Maki confirmed.

“Guy?… oh that stick in the mud in the orange gi? What did he tell you?”

Maki returned to her feet. “What does it matter? Why have you attacked me?”

“It’s just my way of saying hello. My new employer (REF: GEN VS. WANG JENREI)  was told by some of his spies that a large group of fighters was gathering in this area, so he sent me down here to check it out. I knocked, but no one was home. I was just about to give up on this dump when I saw Bison. Then I found you, so I know I’m in the right place,” Juri explained.

“Still doesn’t explain what you want,” Maki sneered.

“Oh, you know what I’m after. But, if you want to remain coy about it, I will just beat on you until you feel like talking about it,” Juri threatened.


Juri twisted her neck to see who was shouting her name now and got an eyeful of Kim Kaphwan and Luong as they approached her.

Juri giggled. “I am more famous than I thought.”

“Your horrible cruelty is known throughout Korea, villain,” Kim proclaimed.

Ryo struggled to stand up next to the tree trunk where Maki had put him. “Kim!” he called out.

Kim was alarmed by his friend’s appearance. “Ryo, are you okay? Did this vile woman do this to you?”

Juri snickered. “If it had been me, he would look much worse.”

“There is a lot to catch you up on my friend,” said Ryo.

“Kim, he looks to be in rough shape. Help your friend, catch up with him, and find Athena.” Luong then turned her attention to Juri Han. “I will handle this villainess.”

“Just look at those legs. Hmmm, A woman after my own heart,” stated Juri.

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This part was okay but not my favorite of the series as of late. I like Juri though, good addition.

I think Juri has this just based on comparing the two. She seems stronger and her kicks are vicious.

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On 9/30/2020 at 8:34 PM, RakaiThwei said:

There's only one question which I have regarding this...

Does Juri have her Feng Shuei engine or not? Because that is the game changer right there.

This is meant to be the latest iteration of Juri, so Street Fighter V version. Funnily enough I don't remember the Feng Shuei engine being discussed in SFV. She definitely had it in SFIV so I assume it is still in play.

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Another good set-up, Johnny. I like how you're managing to tie all these stories together. It's also interesting how you get actual fanart of the crossover match-ups. :) 

As for the match, I get the feeling that Juri should win this one, given how ruthless and sadistic she can be and that she can even tangle with Bison at times.

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57 minutes ago, DSkillz said:

Another good set-up, Johnny. I like how you're managing to tie all these stories together. It's also interesting how you get actual fanart of the crossover match-ups. :) 

As for the match, I get the feeling that Juri should win this one, given how ruthless and sadistic she can be and that she can even tangle with Bison at times.

It is fortunate for me that other people are also intrigued by these matchups. I am always thrilled to find fanart that will fit.

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I'm gonna say that Juri wins this one...

Having seen what she can do in the games, and the OVA which stars her... Yeah, I think she takes this. Especially if she has the Feng Shuei engine.

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