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James Bond vs. Rally Vincent

James Bond: 4
Rally Vincent: 2


The Spy (TF2) vs. Alfred Pennyworth

The Spy (TF2): 1
Alfred Pennyworth: 7


Trini Kwan vs. Chloe Bourgeois

Trini Kwan: 2
Chloe Bourgeois: 5


Armor King vs. Zangief

Armor King: 2
Zangief: 5


King (Tekken) vs. El Blaze

King (Tekken): 9
El Blaze: 0


Black Widow vs. Hun

Black Widow: 10
Hun: 0


Cid Highwind vs. Aranea Highwind

Cid Highwind: 1
Aranea Highwind: 4


10:10 - Sinon vs. Chris Redfield

Sinon: 2
Chris Redfield: 9


10:10 - Dot Warner vs. Kwicky Koala

Dot Warner: 10
Kwicky Koala: 3


10:10 - Richard O'Connell vs. Batman

Richard O'Connell: 9
Batman: 7


10:10 - Blues Brothers vs. P. T. Barnum

Blues Brothers: 8
P. T. Barnum: 4


10:10 - Dante Hicks vs. Patrick Bateman

Dante Hicks: 7
Patrick Bateman: 5


10:10 - Lois Lane vs. Vampirella

Lois Lane: 5
Vampirella: 6


10:10 - Space Ghost vs. Pepe Le Pew

Space Ghost: 7
Pepe Le Pew: 2


10:10 - Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride) vs. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Beatrix Kiddo (The Bride): 2
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop): 10


10:10 - Maria Von Trapp vs. Roxie Hart

Maria Von Trapp: 11
Roxie Hart: 1


10:10 - Indiana Jones vs. Johnny Castle

Indiana Jones: 11
Johnny Castle: 2


10:10 - Catherine Tramell vs. Amanda

Catherine Tramell: 7
Amanda: 3


10:10 - Thok vs. Dark Agnes De Chastillon

Thok: 2
Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 10


10:10 - Captain Planet vs. Bugs Bunny

Captain Planet: 4
Bugs Bunny: 9

Match 14908 Taki vs. Kasumi

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Ayane and Kunimitsu exchanged blows atop a Tokyo rooftop. Ayane could not overpower the former Manji kunocihi as easily as she expected to. (REF: AYANE VS. KUNIMITSU) Finally, after a devastating combo of kicks, Kunimitsu could not return to her feet. Ayane stood over her defeated opponent and began to charge up her most devastating attack, the Art of the Raging Mountain God. A violet aura swirled around her.

“If you refuse to tell me what I want to know I will take you out and this entire building with you,” Ayane threatened.

 Ayane closed her eyes then held two fingers close to her lips. She began chanting a buddhist mantra as the violet aura intensified.

“Stop!” Kunimitsu pleaded. “I swear to you I don’t know much, but I will tell you everything I do know.”

Ayane opened her eyes.

“Everyone in the Manji clan knows about the sword. It was a burden placed upon Yoshimitsu by his father, and his father before him, all the way back to an ancient ancestor from like Medieval times. It is his responsibility to keep it hidden from the world and therefore it is the responsibility of the entire Manji clan,’ Kunimitsu explained.

“Where did they go!” shouted Ayane.

“Nowhere specific I’m sure. As part of the Manji Clan, you are trained to go several days without sleeping and eating so that if danger is approaching you can leave the temple at the drop of a dime,” said Kunimitsu. (REF: SETSUKA VS. NINA WILLIAMS)

Ayane’s irritation radiated through her voice. “And go where?”

“Like I said nowhere. They just keep moving in circles, well not really circles, the pattern is much more complex than that. But, it is a moving pattern they follow until they feel they are safe. It is impossible to track down a clan that never stays in one place and that is why they adopted that strategy.”

“Not bad. Unless you know the pattern. What is it?” Ayane asked.

“I don’t know. They change it every six months. I have not been a member in good standing for a long time. It has changed several times over since I knew the path,” Kunimitsu insisted.

Ayane gritted her teeth in frustration. “I guess it’s better than nothing.”

“Are you going to let me go?” Kunimitsu wondered.

A half smile appeared on Ayane’s face. “I have decided not to kill you. But, if Master Ryu is correct and many evil forces are also after that sword then I can’t have you go blabbing to them what you told me.” 

With a quick strike of her hand, Ayane knocked Kunimitsu unconscious.




A cascade of pink flower petals exploded in front of Ryu Hayabusa and then Kasumi and Momiji stood before him.

“We have arrived, Master Ryu,” Kasumi announced.

“Very good,” he replied.

Kasumi looked down at her feet. “I apologize to report that I failed in my mission to secure allies from the Dead or Alive Tournament. They lacked urgency and were too easily distracted by petty squabbles.” (REF: LUCKY GLAUBER VS. ZACK)

“Sometimes it is easier to focus on the inconsequential when faced with such a dire threat,” stated Ryu.

“What about you? What did you find?” asked Momiji.

“I found three warriors infested by shards of the Soul Edge. It is what I had been sensing this whole time. I also found the fighters who are trying to seal the warriors up to ensure that Soul Edge can never be fully manifested,” Ryu replied. (REF: SEONG MI NA VS. MOMIJI)

He pointed in the distance. “They are just up ahead in that clearing taking a breather. I do not think they realize that two of the three warriors that they thought they had left behind are currently heading this way.” (REF: ATHENA ASAMIYA VS. CHAI XIANGHUA)

“Should we warn them?” Kasumi wondered.

“We need to do better than that. I gave them my word that we would protect them so that they could finish their ritual. I believe it is our best course of action to help prevent Soul Edge from falling into the wrong hands,” said Ryu.

Kasumi looked left and right. “Is it just us? No other Mugen Tenshin? Where is Ayane? Hayate?”

“Ayane is following another lead in Tokyo. Hopefully it will reveal another piece to the puzzle that we are missing,” Ryu answered.

“And Hayate?”

“Recovering from his fight that enabled us to get that lead. (REF: HAYATE VS. RAVEN)  We will...” Ryu stopped mid sentence. “The other warriors are approaching; we must move quickly if we are to cut them off at the pass.”

Momiji and Kasumi nodded. Momiji ran towards the clearing and Kasumi followed. She stopped for a moment when she realized that Ryu was not moving with them.

“Are you not going with us?” she asked.

“You go ahead,” said Ryu. “There is another presence also on its way here… could it be him??”




At the forest clearing, Momiji used her Naginata to deflect Seong Mi Na’s attack on Chizuru.

“I am here to help,” Momiji declared.

She squared off with Seong Mi Na. After some verbal back and forth, Momiji turned toward Chizuru and her group. “You guys can leave now. We have your back. Finish the job.”

“You heard the lady,” said Benimaru.

Chizuru picked up Viola, Maki picked up Talim, and Ryo picked up Z.W.E.I. Benimaru went over to pick up Ryo Sakazaki, but he was shunned by the Kyokugenryu practitioner.

“I told you before, you will be better off without me slowing you down,” insisted Ryo.

“Nonsense,” responded Benimaru.

Ryo grew angry. “I mean it. I can barely walk, and I refuse to be carried anymore. The situation is too serious.”

“We can’t just leave you here.”

Chizuru heard light murmurings from Viola on her shoulder. “We don’t have time for this. The incantation that is keeping them under is wearing off.”

Maki walked over to Benimaru and handed him Talim. “Take her and go. They need you more than they need me. I will stay with Ryo and keep him safe.”

Kyo Kusanagi regarded Maki with shock. He glanced over at Ryo and then back at Maki. “Take the girl, Benimaru.” he finally said. “Maki, we are counting on you.”

Taki watched this exchange from afar prepared to make her move when a breeze through the trees stopped her in her tracks. Her eyes darted left and right and she backflipped away as pink rose petals exploded where she had stood and Kasumi now stood in her way.

“Get out of my way kunoichi!” Taki demanded.


“Are you from a demon clan?” asked Taki.


“Then why would you stand in my way? Why would you assist in the rebirth of Soul Edge?” 

“I would ask you the same thing,” Kasumi replied.

Taki scoffed. “You are just as confused and as ignorant as the others. You have no idea what you are up against. I have neither the time or the patience to explain myself to you.”

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Ooooooh, this is gonna be a tough one...

I would say that Kasumi and Taki are pretty much neck and neck here, mostly because they've accomplished some feats which are equal to one another... Taki having taken down a Nightmare controlled Cervantes De Leon while she was rescuing a wounded Sophitia Alexandra, and Kasumi having beaten Raidou in the first Dead or Alive tournament. Both seem to be nearly equal in physicality and technique, but I would wager that Kasumi might be faster.

Agggh.... This one is just too, too tough to call. But if I had to choose... Kasumi.

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Kasumi is also one of the best ninjas in DOA, a verse that also includes the one and only Ryu Hayabusa. However, DOA characters still fear things like guns while Soul Calibur characters are kinda above that, so I couldn't really say for sure. Gonna go with Taki, cause I feel like she can compete with Kasumi due to the fact that she strikes me as a lot more durable.

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13 minutes ago, Macklemore said:

Kasumi is also one of the best ninjas in DOA, a verse that also includes the one and only Ryu Hayabusa. However, DOA characters still fear things like guns while Soul Calibur characters are kinda above that, so I couldn't really say for sure. Gonna go with Taki, cause I feel like she can compete with Kasumi due to the fact that she strikes me as a lot more durable.

Most DOA characters like Hitomi, Lei-Fang, Jann Lee are somewhere between Peak Human to Enhanced-- however, the Mugen Tenshin ninjas are definitely in the range of superhuman, and the Mugen Tenshin Ninjas like Kasumi, Hayate, and Hanjin Mon's Ayane are definitely normal but their level of training has pushed them to superhuman levels. Most DOA characters like Hitomi, Lei-Fang, Jann Lee would fear guns because they're still relatively normal but the Mugen Tenshin ninjas were dodging bullets from high calibur military grade automatic weapons-- case in point, the ending seen in DOA4, where the Mugen Tenshin ninjas were attacking DOATEC Tower, and some scenes in DOA5 and DOA6. They've consistently been shown to be bullet timing dodgers and speedsters.

Now, I believe this has an edge against Taki from Soul Calibur simply because of the time period the Soul series is set in. Firearms were the flintlock type, and are slower in rate than today's firearms. Also their rate of firing doesn't really hold compared to what the Mugen Tenshin ninjas have been shown to consistently dodge.

So saying the Mugen Tenshin ninjas fear guns... is kind of sort of wrong. Sure, they're just as mortal as anyone else but then again... so is Taki.

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I agree with Rakai here. This should be a close encounter coming down to just one or two moves to get the upper hand. I like Taki more, but Kasumi is incredibly strong and skilled. She wins.

Another great part. I like how these matches tie together.

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