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Middle-Earth vs. The Xenomorphs

Middle-Earth: 4
The Xenomorphs: 14

Fraiser Crane vs. Freddy Krueger

Fraiser Crane: 4
Freddy Krueger: 7

Athena Asamiya vs. Chai Xianghua

Athena Asamiya: 5
Chai Xianghua: 3

Leonardo (Mirage) vs. Ryo Sakazaki

Leonardo (Mirage): 14
Ryo Sakazaki: 2

Sarah Bryant vs. Mature

Sarah Bryant: 1
Mature: 14

Odin (Mythology) vs. Randall Flagg

Odin (Mythology): 7
Randall Flagg: 3

Fox (Gargoyles) vs. Diao Chan

Fox (Gargoyles): 7
Diao Chan: 2

Ayane vs. Kunimitsu

Ayane: 7
Kunimitsu: 6

Mass Effect Universe vs. The Elder Scrolls Universe

Mass Effect Universe: 5
The Elder Scrolls Universe: 4

Time Force Power Rangers vs. Choriki Sentai Ohranger vs. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Time Force Power Rangers: 0
Ch?riki Sentai Ohranger: 2
MIghty Morphin Power Rangers: 6

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Tournament - Caesar vs. Sun Wukong The Monkey King

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It was parole day in the Mysic Realm. Da Ji, pink skinned purple haired former general of Orochi’s demon army, thrusted her large explosive orbs at the towering gates of her cloud prison with giddy glee. But, the explosions had no effect on the gates. After a few minutes, the gates disappeared and in their place stood the white haired Mystic, Nuwa.

Nuwa rolled her eyes before she addressed the prisoner. “How much time have you spent attacking these gates in vain?”

“I had to do something to keep myself entertained,” Da Ji replied.

Nuwa escorted her out of her confinement and walked next to her on a long crystalline path back to the Mystic Realm.

“If it were just up to me you would have remained in there for eternity,” said Nuwa. “But, Fu Xi is a big believer in atonement and rehabilitation. Me, I believe you will try to betray us again the first chance you get.”

Da Ji did not dispute this assertion. Nuwa pulled out her rapier and held it directly at Da Ji’s throat. “Rest assured that if you do try and betray us again, I will be first in line to cut you down.”

Da Ji’s eyes glittered with excitement. “Do you promise?”

Nuwa sighed and returned her rapier to its hilt. “Not that there is much you can do now to betray us. I’m sure you might try to raise your precious master, Orochi, back from the dead. But, there is no longer an army to lead. Susano’o went on a rage after Orochi’s last defeat and slaughtered most of the demons single handedly.”

Da Ji’s elven ears perked up at this news. She was sad to hear that the anger filled mass of muscles had ruined so much potential fun.

“I believe Kiyomori Taira is still in hiding somewhere in the mortal realm. If you lure him out of his hole, I am sure the two of you can reminisce about the good old days,” Nuwa suggested.

Da Ji grew wary of Nuwa’s condescending tone.

“You could try to cause some chaos in the mortal realm, but the humans have pretty much already done that to themselves.It has changed significantly since the last time you were there.”

“What?” replied Da Ji. “I want to see. Can I go look at the Divine Mirror.”

“There is no chance I would let you close to the Divine Mirror by yourself. But, if you are genuinely curious I can escort you there,” Nuwa offered.

“Of course,” said Da Ji. Her expression darkened. “Also don’t think I don’t see what you are doing. You are trying to tempt me into doing something that will get me thrown back in that horrible cage.”

Nuwa laughed. “I did not think I was being subtle.”

A few hours later, Da Ji and Nuwa arrived at the palace of the former Heavenly Emperor. In his throne room, Nuwa presented the Divine Mirror. “Take a look.”

Da Ji gazed into the mirror to get glimpses of the Mortal Realm. Images of sickly humans dying by the thousands and abandoned cities filled the mirror. 

“Did I just see a monkey building a hut?” asked Da Ji.

“An ape actually. An unusual side effect in humanity’s self destruction. In their efforts to control the uncontrollable with their science, the mortals inadvertently created a deadly virus that has wiped out most of their species. The virus has also enhanced the intellectual capacity of the apes. In the very near future, the apes will become the dominant species of the realm. Whether or not they repeat the mistakes of their predecessors remains to be seen.”

That night, Da Ji formulated a plan to bring back her master, Orochi, the Serpent King. She would use the apes as her new army to replace the demons. A new species on the rise would be impressionable and easy to manipulate, and she knew just the one to do it. As much as she disliked Sun Wukong, he was destined for this role. He was cunning and he could relate to the apes in a way that no one else could. She just needed to locate her associate, the half demon half human, Kiyamori Taira first. Sun Wukong was loyal to Kiyamori.



A few years later in the mortal realm...





Caesar, chosen leader of the apes, walked through a densely forested area with his friend and confidant, Maurice the Orangutan. They carefully inspected branches and tree trunks from which new dwellings would be built. Caesar raised his hands to sign and communicate to his friend the growing frustrations bubbling up inside. I am tired of living a nomadic existence, I want to find a permanent settlement  for us. 

Maurice paused for a moment and then signed in response. Do you think it is safe?

“No, not yet,” replied Caesar. One day we may be able to live in peace with the humans, but while soldiers still hunt us we must retain the ability to leave quickly.

Maurice nodded with sadness in his eyes and then attempted a smile. It will be a day of great celebration when that time comes.

Their conversation was then interrupted by the arrival of Caesar’s son, Blue Eyes. “Hurry!’ Come! Hurry!”

A sense of dread filled Caesar’s body as he and Maurice followed his son through the forest. They came to a sudden stop at the sight of a large group of apes staring into the sky. Caesar followed their gaze to the treetops. A figure with a red vest and black trousers surfed through the trees on a long crimson staff. A handful of branches broke off and fell by Caesar’s feet several yards from the group of apes. 

“Kikey! Kikey!” shouted the figure.He then leapt off his staff and landed in front of the apes. It was a large humanoid monkey.

“Greetings. First, let me congratulate you, my simien brothers and sisters, on your ascension in this realm.” Sun Wukong immediately picked up on the confusion emanating from his audience. “I am Sun Wukong.” A clone of Sun Wukong popped into existence next to the original one and then spoke. “The legendary monkey king.”

The sudden apparition frightened several of the apes who bellowed out howls of terror.

The original Sun Wukong smiled. “I mean you no harm.” The clone disappeared. “Based on your responses I can only conclude that your human slavers never told you stories about me.”

Caesar, Maurice, and Blue Eyes walked slowly toward the group but did not make a sound.

“I was created a very long time ago by the gods to lead my fellow simeons to a golden age of prosperity!” Wukong proclaimed. “But, unfortunately at the time the humans had taken control and did not take kindly to a leader that looked like me. So the gods sealed me up in a rock, because they knew of a prophecy. The prophecy that stated that one day the apes would rise up against their human masters and take control of the planet. And when that time came, I would be set free. Here I am!”

Howls of excitement erupted from the collection of apes.

“Now all we have to do is deal with the remnants of humanity,” Wukong announced.

The excitement level dissipated. One of the apes attempted to use his hands to sign a response to Sun Wukong.

“What are you doing?” asked Wukong. “Can not all of you speak?”

Blue Eyes spoke up. “That is not the way… Caesar taught us.”

It was at this moment that the other apes first became aware of Caesar’s presence. They immediately knelt in respect and offered up their palms to him. He stroked each palm so the apes knew they could return to their feet. Caesar then turned his attention to Sun Wukong.

“We do not want bloodshed...or war. Only peace.”

Sun Wukong thought quickly on his feet. “Kikey! Of course! I wanted to make sure you were as noble as I had hoped. You passed the test. I will do everything in my power to help bring an everlasting peace.” 

Caesar’s expression remained unchanged.

“You must be the leader of this colony,” Wukong continued. “The other apes did a great job in picking you. I would very much like to meet all the others.”

After Sun Wukong had left with the other apes back to the colony, Maurice approached Caesar to express his concerns. I have read much of the human folklore and I have never read anything about this prophecy. I have read about Sun Wukong before. He is a trickster and cannot be trusted.

Caesar signed in response. Can we trust the human perspective of him?

Maurice shrugged. I have a bad feeling about him.

Caesar agreed with his friend and viewed this new interloper as a bad omen. But, Caesar also noticed the amazement and adoration from the other apes toward Sun Wukong. He did not want to openly shun this newcomer and alienate part of his colony or come across as jealous. He had learned his lessons from Koba’s betrayal years before. If he wanted to avoid fracturing his colony even further, he would have to prove to his kind that Sun Wukong can not be trusted to lead them.


And so begins the battle for the hearts and minds of ape kind…


Story note: This iteration of Sun Wukong is from the Warriors Orochi video game franchise. He is very similar to most iterations in that he is a mischievous trickster, but he is not malicious. 

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This is a really interesting scenario!  I wasn't sure what form this battle would take before reading it.  I really like what the match-up is and how you brought it together.

Very enjoyable read, top to bottom, and a match that makes you think.

I don't think either can win 100%.  Some apes will just prefer one over the other.  Sun Wukong is a flamboyant and cunning adversary.  This is easily Caesar's greatest challenge.  Thanks!


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Interesting. I think Caesar will probably be able to outmaneuver Wukong here, mostly because Wukong is so divorced from what the apes are and have become. I think the way Caesar understands the plight of the newly advanced simians is what will allow him to beat Wukong in this arena.

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I don't know nearly enough about this version of Caesar or Sun Wukong to vote here, but is still a great match.

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27 minutes ago, DSkillz said:

I don't know nearly enough about this version of Caesar or Sun Wukong to vote here, but is still a great match.

You haven't seen the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy? I think it is massively underrated, and I highly recommend it. 

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22 hours ago, JohnnyChany said:

You haven't seen the recent Planet of the Apes trilogy? I think it is massively underrated, and I highly recommend it. 

Love the trilogy. You really captured the feel of the characters.

I enjoyed this set-up. It's unique and the sci-fi element blends well with the fantasy. Great job.

I think Caesar confronts Wukong enough to get himself killed. That turns the apes against Wukong and they shun him for it. The apes win but pay a large price.

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Match Final Results

Member Ratings:
CBUB Match Judge : 5 Stars x 2
CBUB Match Judge : 5 Stars x 2
CBUB Match Judge : 4 Stars x 2

FPA Calculation:
4 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 6 Total Votes
( (4 * 5) + (2 * 4) + (0 * 3) + (0 * 2) + (0 * 1) ) = 28 Total Stars Score
28 / 6 = 4.67 Total Rating

Caesar: 6
Sun Wukong The Monkey King: 1

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