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Carnage Cosmic vs. Hammer Supreme

Match 14719 by Bergy_Berg
in progress now...

Doctor Doomsday vs. Paradooms

Match 14718 by Bergy_Berg
in progress now...

Glamorous Godfrey vs. Jimmy King

Match 14717 by ViceCityMobster86
in progress now...

Frost (Mortal Kombat) vs. Elsa Of Arendelle

Match 14716 by The Boob Tube
in progress now...

Naughty Bear vs. Tom Nook

Naughty Bear: 7
Tom Nook: 4

Ellie vs. Clementine

Ellie: 7
Clementine: 5

Hero Of Oakvale vs. Dovahkiin

Hero Of Oakvale: 4
Dovahkiin: 7

Arthur Morgan vs. Doc Holliday

Arthur Morgan: 10
Doc Holliday: 1

The Silver Surfer vs. Bills

The Silver Surfer: 3
Bills: 4

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2nd Grand Cross-Galactic Budokai Tenkaichi Preliminary R1 M3 - Red (Poke'mon) vs. General M.Bison

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Jim Ross: Welcome back folks! Thank you for inviting us into your homes as we bring you here LIVE for our first round of preliminary matches. As you can see we have plenty of butts in these seats here and they are ready for the next bout.

Mr. Satan: Zzz...

JR: Seems my co-commentator was serious about sleeping on the job. I guess I'll do what I can to give you the best coverage of this fight.

*M.Bison and Red enter the ring.*

JR: Look at these two athletes. You can see the fire and passion they have. I can tell you right now that without a shadow of a doubt, this will be a slobber knocker. You best recline folks, business is about to pick up.

*M.Bison laughs and cracks his knuckles. Red tosses two red balls onto the ground, revealing a yellow mouse and a red dragon.*

JR: I can feel the tension coming from here. I have no idea what these men can do, but we are all about to find out.


Red (Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal) VS General M.Bison

Each combatant will have respected powers and equipment that they can carry into the ring. Red is only allowed his six pokemon (Pikachu, Espeon, Snorlax, Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise) but is free to use them all at once if he wishes. No outside help or influence. No prior knowledge of each other.

Tournament standard ring from Dragon Ball.

Ring Out, Knockout, or Death all count as elimination.

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I think this will be an interesting fight with multiple pokémon being on the field. Bison is really going to have to multitask to pull a victory. That said he could just kill Red if he can get to him.

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