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Shrek and Vin vs. General M.Bison

Match 14713 by SSJRuss
in progress now...

Naughty Bear vs. Tom Nook

Match 14712 by IKA
in progress now...

Hero Of Oakvale vs. Dovahkiin

Match 14711 by IKA
in progress now...

Arthur Morgan vs. Doc Holliday

Match 14710 by The Boob Tube
in progress now...

Ellie vs. Clementine

Match 14709 by The Boob Tube
in progress now...

The Silver Surfer vs. Bills

The Silver Surfer: 3
Bills: 4

Sherlock Holmes vs. The Question

Sherlock Holmes: 5
The Question: 1

Ted Mosby vs. Lucifer

Ted Mosby: 1
Lucifer: 5

Boba Fett vs. Road Runner

Boba Fett: 2
Road Runner: 8

Mysteries Inc. vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Live Action)

Mysteries Inc.: 13
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Live Action): 1

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The Conspiracy Club

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Here's a project of mine that's been long-gestating and finally came to light this week.


This is where I'll be posting my fiction and game writing stuff. I have a few things completed, a few things nearly completed, and a few more things in the works. I posted the site's first short story tonight. It features a familiar face, albeit a bit younger than usual in this particular story.

Check it out.

I'll be adding links to future stories to this main post.



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I bet the OTHERS are not sinister at all. That when we finally encounter them, they'll just be a bunch of old NERDS.

Also, the Voice is obviously voiced by Jessica Walter.

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