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Armor King vs. Wolf Hawkfield

Armor King: 3
Wolf Hawkfield: 1

Dark Agnes De Chastillon vs. Solomon Kane

Dark Agnes De Chastillon: 5
Solomon Kane: 4

Anthony Gallen vs. Gunmen

Anthony Gallen: 3
Gunmen: 2

Lei Wulong vs. Guile

Lei Wulong: 1
Guile: 4

Slappy vs. The Crypt Keeper vs. Gooey Gus

Slappy: 1
The Crypt Keeper: 3
Gooey Gus: 3

Eris vs. Hades (Disney)

Eris: 7
Hades (Disney): 5

Julius Caesar vs. King Leonidas

Julius Caesar: 6
King Leonidas: 1

Kokoro vs. Ganryu

Kokoro: 4
Ganryu: 3

Furiosa vs. Lori Quaid

Furiosa: 3
Lori Quaid: 1

Black Bolt vs. Kylo Ren

Black Bolt: 4
Kylo Ren: 3

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Class 1-A vs Class 3-E

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“So then.” We have a deal? 
Yes... I suppose we both have a win-win situation here.”  
“The I’ll see your class at the training ground.” 
--------------------------- Wait, let’s back up ---------------------- 
“Two classes, one heroes of the future, and the other, Assassins in shadows. There is nothing more basic about the premise of good vs evil, but what if both sides find their cause just? Would the Villains not be the heroes in their eyes? Would the Heroes not be the villains to them? Truth is Good vs Evil, Right and Wrong it’s all decided but the interpreter. You simply cannot convince someone who believes what they are doing is right that they are in fact in the wrong. To them you are their enemy. The Very Definition on Good is something that is righteous, but who decides that? Well today... you guys decide that for yourselves. Tomorrow you will test your inner limits and what is right and what is wrong may not have a clear answer, the heroes and the villains will blur together.” Principal Asano says to Class 3-E while standing at the head of the classroom. The teachers looking on just as shocked at what he was suggesting.  
“But Sir, isn’t killing wrong?” Nagisa asked. 
“I’m afraid you are asking the wrong question here, it’s not whether or not killing is wrong. Consider this, is a soldier on the front line wrong for killing who they are at war with?” 
“Well... N.” 
“Before you answer that question, what if that soldier was here to take your rights, and the person he just shot was a soldier who was defending you? Then is he in the wrong.”  
“Uh... Yes?” 
“So, what you are telling me here, is that it wasn’t the act of killing that was wrong, it was the reason he chose to do it?” The student didn’t reply he just lowered his hands. Nagisa couldn’t believe he was considering what the principal just said was correct. “The day I hired Koro to come teach this class” Asano continued, “you were all told to kill him and not one of you hesitated to take that action. Today I ask why that was? If you believe murder to be so unjust, why did you attempt to take his life?”  
“He was going to blow up the planet.” Rinka replied. 
“Oh? Is that the only reason? Or was it that you decided 10,000,000,000-yen was worth more than his life?” The room was silent. Nobody said a word. “Well tomorrow is another day, and with it another choice. Tomorrow, you guys are going to compete in a cross-class training course. You will be taking on a class of so-called heroes. They are from a different time, so we will be taking a field trip into the future. We’re going to see how you kids will stand the test of time.” The students finally seemed somewhat excited. “Oh, and one more thing, if you lose this competition, the board had decided to cut funding to class 3-E. In other words, for you guys it is the end of the line.” The Principal left the room in a particularly deep feeling of sorrow. 
As he walks out of the room, his phone rings and he answer.  
“So then.” The voice on the phone asks, “Do We have a deal?” 
“Yes...” Principal Asano replied, “I suppose we both have a win-win situation here.” 
“The I’ll see your class at the training ground.” 

---------------------------------------------------PT 2-----------------------------------------------

On the other side of time, the Principal of UA high walked into Class 1-A. 
“Students, I’m sure you are all shocked to see me in here, but I have a special announcement.” His fur looked unkempt as if he had been up all night, his eyes were red and his tone didn’t quite sound as enthusiastic as normal. “Tomorrow, you guys are going to be in a special training course.” The entire class took an excited gasp, they have been hard at work the last several days and finally, they had some hero work to do. They wondered why Principal Nezu was delivering the news, it did seem odd. 
“I don’t remember anything about a training course being mentioned.” Aizawa mentioned giving the principal a tired stare. Thinking he might be an imposter, he used his quirk, but as it turns out, it was actually the principal.  
“I know what you guys are thinking, this must be odd to you guys that this announcement is coming out of the blue,” The Principal suggested “The reason is because it wasn’t decided by me.” The Principal said, “Though I disagreed with the training scenario, the school board of directors voted unanimously to have this course. Thus, do not have the option of pulling you guys out of this competition.” Now the class seemed worried, why did he not want the competition to go through? Yoyorasu raised her hand. 
“Sir!” Yoyarasu yelled out. “I’d like to ask a question!” 
“Yes, what is it you would like to know?” 
“You still haven’t told us the details of this competition.” 
“It will be a cross-campus competition. You will be going head on with Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School.” The Principal added, “The school may not sound familiar to you, but that’s because the school no longer exists in our time.” The classroom was really confused now. What did he mean by “it no longer exists”? “You see, you will be meeting going facing them in a realistic combat scenario.” 
“Sir,” This time it was Lida who raised his hand, he spoke however without being called on. “If I’m not mistaken, Kunugigaoka Junior High School was the school that changed the way schools are allowed to treat their students, right? Why on earth would they want us to train with them? The way they abused their student is unreal and wasn’t their principal forced to step down as a result of all of that?” 
“That is a very good question” Principal Nezu admired, “And while I can’t say I agree with the boards decision I will explain to you the reason they decided to move forward with it. As you know, UA High has been met with some recent catastrophes, many of them involving the student here in class 1-A, but all of them could have been prevented much earlier if it was for one key point.” He folded his hands, he knew what he was saying had a point, but he still didn’t want to put his students in direct harm. “You see, while you guys are trained on how to harness your powers, and you learn how to protect yourselves, in order to truly be able to protect the lives of the civilians as you would as a top hero, you need to also be able to consider what it is that the villains will do next.” Midoriya raised his hand this time. 
“But sir,” He speaks up questioning the lecture, “Aren’t Heroes supposed to leave that kind of work to the police?” 
Typically, Yes, but in the middle of an active crime, the heroes may not always have time for the police to take action. It is up to the hero’s responding to take action and lead the police on the correct path. This means the Hero has to be able to anticipate what the villains next move would be.” He raises his paw. “Now I apologize class, but I haven’t much more time to explain but know tomorrow will be unlike any experience you’ve had in the past. There will be a media blackout on this training, and no heroes will be able to intervene in the training course. The rules of the training exercise will be explained tomorrow as you arrive. I hope to see you all do your best.” Without saying anything else, Nezu leaves the class leaving the entire class to ponder their fate.  


------------------------------------------------- The Next Day --------------------------- 


As they arrived at the arena, all of the students were rounded up by a tall man with brown hair and taken into two separate containing rooms, each set on the opposite side of the training Facility. On one side of the room, a giant door leading to the arena, and on the other a stage where the representative would explain the rules. The representative walks into each of the containing rooms at the same time, both of them looking the same, short cut blond hair, and very tired expression.  
“Well do you guys have any questions?” He asks. Of course, all the student's hands were raised many of them shouting that nothing had yet been explained to them. “Oh, I see, well, let me explain the rules to you guys. As you can see behind you, this door will lead you into the arena where your skills we be tested. For the Assassins of Kunugigaoka Junior High School will attempt to end your life at any means necessary, the Heroes of UA High must do their best to subdue the Assassins without killing them. Don’t worry this is all just a simulations, the quirk of the man you passed when you walked in is to change all of your senses, it will feel real, and it will look real, but when the fight is over, you will all be returned home safe, albeit with a few mental scars. The participants will consist of all twenty students from UA class 1-A along with their teacher Eraser Head, and all twenty-eight students of kunugigaoka Junior High class 3-E as well as their teacher Korosensei. You will be given no time to prepare for this exercise, so Heroes you may use your quirks as you see fit, just know that killing a student will get your points reduced. The Assassins will be given full loadouts of their choice of lethal weaponry, but they may not return for more ammo, so they must choose their shots carefully. To make it completely fair, we have set the scenery of the arena to allow for multiple forms of transportation as well as random weapons and ammo scattered throughout the scenery.” He lowers his head as if he’s about to fall asleep. “No questions? Good, let the battle begin.” 
The doors dropped and the students and their teachers prepared for the fight of their life. Once they walked into the arena, there was no way for anyone to intervene, and the spectators could do nothing but watch the horror that was about to begin.  
Class 3-E quickly grabbed their weapons and ran for cover. All of the students had Cell phones connected to Ritsu who was quickly trying to gather any military intel on the students of Class 1-A and their quirks.  
“I have an idea,” Ritsu said, whispering to the students. Her main body began launching missiles towards the location of Class 1-A 
Class 1-A was bombarded with explosions, and while none of them were killed, Ritsu was successful in separating the class.  
Rinka and Ryunosuke take to higher ground with their sniper rifles to spot specific locations of the other classrooms as well as eliminate any student possible. Nagisa and Karma seperated the rest of the class room into two groups each setting off to separate locations of the map. Korosensei quickly blitzed his was to the beginning location of 1-A his one target in mind was that of Aizawa.  
As 1-A quickly gathered themselves, they too realized they had been separated into two groups, Midoriya and Bakugo had taken charge of their respective groups neither knowing for sure what their next step was. Peering out from. 
“Damn it, they weren’t going for the kill, they intentionally separated us with those attacks.” Midoriya thought to himself.” If he knew where they were at, he could try to go head on, but that might be what they want. Are they trying to draw him out? All these thoughts rushed through his head.  
“Midoriya look out!” Uraraka’s voice called out. Midoriya turned around to see Korosensei staring at him. He quickly took to the offensive trying to take out Class 3-E's teacher. 
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to spook you, I’m just looking for your teacher, Aizawa, if I recall correctly.” Korosensei said while dodging Midoriya’s attack. “I’d rather not attack any of you students if I don’t have to.” 
“No need to question them,” Aizawa walks out from the rubble of a crumbling building that had been destroyed by Ritsu’s attack. “If it’s me you want, let’s do this. Midoriya, I want you to take the rest of the students near here and leave us here.” 
He didn’t want to, but he also knew why Aizawa wanted him to leave, Korosensei was obviously very powerful, Midoriya would only get in the way if he stayed. He took his group and headed off.  
The fight had only just begun, and Class 3-E had taken an early advantage, but now Class 1-A was going to do their best to strike back.   


Class 3-E thought they had Class 1-A on the ropes, but little did they know, they had someone watching them. Shoji was crouched down, his limbs had grown eyes to look over from cover, he could see the 3-E had been slowly advancing as a squad to their position. By his count, 13 students in one group and 12in the other group, 25 students. That leave 3 students unaccounted for, and they still don’t know what their skills are or which student cause the explosion. They should tread carefully. Even Bakugo, who usually runs ahead of the group, despite being separated earlier still has yet to make a move. Perhaps, he too knows the situation may be worse than anticipates.  
“I have an idea ami,” Aoyama says breaking cover “I’ll find those other students, but you’ll only have one shot!” 
“What are you talking about,” Shoji asked “What are you planning?” 
“I’m going to get their attention; the whole class will have their eyes a muah!” 
“Don’t be stupid You’ll be killed.” 
“It’s only a game ami, and I’m going to make sure you guys win!” Without saying another word, Aoyama fled from the building dashing towards the center of the battle ground. Iida did not approve of his foolish act and chased after him. It only took a brief moment to catch up to him, but they were already in view of a sniper’s scope.  
Near the rubble of 1-A's starting location, Koro and Aizawa were sizing each other up ready for battle. Koro dashed towards Aizawa who used his scarf to try and grab Koro’s legs, but he was too fast. Koro easily knocked Aizawa to the ground.  
“I apologize, sir I thought you would be the strongest of everyone being the teacher, but it appears this won’t be much of a fight.”  
“Koro prepared to deliver a finishing blow, dashing towards Aizawa who decided to activate his quirk “Erasure”, Koro may not be using a quirk, but if his genetics are close enough, it might have some effect. As Koro was moving fast towards Aizawa, he suddenly turned human again, he couldn’t control his movements and slipped right past Aizawa. Aizawa stood up and the two looked at each other. Again, Aizawa tried to use his scarf to catch Koro, but even as a human, his skills as an assassin were un match, dodging the scarf in every direction. It was clear now; this fight was going to come down to hand to hand combat. They both took their fighting stance waiting for their opportunity. Aizawa knows he must act quick, before he has to blink.  
On the other side of the Field, Nagisa leads his group into a wooded area, and Karma heads towards the hills and lake area. The true battles were about to begin. 


*Writer’s note – From here on out, this may be hard for some people to read, very violent content ahead. You have been warned* 
The arena stands, normally filled with adoring fans counting in the thousands, instead had only a handful of people spread throughout. Amongst the viewers was All Might, Endeavor, Principal Asano, and the mysterious brown-haired man who led the classes to their containment rooms. They sat in awkward silence closely monitoring the battle. Regardless of what happened, they knew they could not interfere and that made watching the almost unbearable. Looking down they could see both classes had split and were taking an eerily similar approach to the situation, and despite the obvious power advantage, All Might couldn’t help but worry about his students.  
As Ilida managed to catch up to Aoyama, he yelled at him to take cover.  
“It’s too late for me ami,” Aoyama declared, a petrified smile filled his face “Just look for the light!” Just as he said that, a gunshot could be heard in the far distance, a bullet piercing the back of Aoyamas head, his body yanked forward as the bullet pushed through hitting IIda in his right leg. Despite his injury, Iida rushed to Aoyama’s body and carried him back to the rooftop that Shoji had been hiding. There was no question about it though, Aoyama was dead and with his injury, Iida’s speed had been dramatically impacted. He wonders why they didn’t take a second shot, why did they leave him alive? 
“I know where the snipers are,” Shoji said pointing towards the trees atop the hill. “I only seen one shot fired, but there may be more than one.  
Not far from where Aoyama had been killed, Midoriya’s team stood in silence. Despite behind cover, they didn’t know just how safe they were, and it was clear their opponents know what they are doing.  

Directly across the field, Bakugo stood in the industrial area, planning his next move, his enemies killed one of his classmates and they were going to pay for that. Little did he know, Kharma’s group was closing in on his very location.  
The battle of the teachers raged on, both seemingly having the perfect counter to the other’s every attack. It was only a matter of time however, Aizawa blinked, it was only a split second, but Koro turned back into his normal form, his punch knocking Aizawa through a window of a downed building. Shards of glass shredding through his arms and legs. He was losing blood and fast.  
Back in the stands horrified at what he was seeing, All Might begged for the course to be stopped, but both of the school boards stood firm on seeing this session until the end. Blood had finally started to drop, but the true war had only just begun.  


Aizawa tried to stand, with each movement his body took, the glass worked its way further into his body. His vision began to blur as he could see Koro begin walking towards him. He stood in spite of all his pain, he was still going to fight, he had to win this fight for his students. Koro dashed towards Aizawa who stood ready take another attack head on, if he was going go down, he was taking Koro with him. Koro moved with such speed Aizawa could not keep up, and his damaged body began to fail him. Koro appeared behind him wrapping one of his tentacles around Aizawa’s throat and lifting him into the air. 
“I’m sorry I have to do this to you Aizawa, you seem like a very good teacher who loves his students, but that is exactly why I can’t let you live. You See I too wish to see my students succeed and having you in this war would significantly lower their chances of victory. Thus, I decided the only way forward was to take you down as soon as I could. I want you to know, I have no interest in harming your student’s I place complete faith in my students to get the job done. After I take your life, I will allow myself to be caught.” Koro squeezes his tentacle around Aizawa’s necks breaking it and instantly killing Aizawa. After gently laying the body on the floor, he raises his arms as surrenders. He is counted as caught and is taken off the field. Still even with Koro leaving his student’s behind, Class 1-A has felt loss as now two members of their tame have been killed, a third injured and they are still no better off for it.  
Bakugo stares back towards where they came from, displayed on the screens across the facility, Aizawa’s death reminds them all of the real threat ahead. With him, Kirishima, Kaminari, Todoroki, and Sato press on.  
“Well well, looks like are info was right on the money”, A voice calls from above them “Two of UA’s best stand here with me to take head on.” Karma revealed himself to the Bakugo’s group practically asking to be taken in.” 
“Careful Bakugo, I have a feeling he’s not alone.” Todoroki calls to him. 
“Of course, he’s not alone, stupid, don’t patronize me. Still, just seeing his face pisses me off.” 
“Oh, Poor Class 1-A, even with all your power, still losing to normal humans like us, and that teacher of yours, a broken neck? Maybe when I go to him, I’ll piss on his corpse for good measure.” 
“WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?” Bakugo flew into a rage charging upwards towards Karma, the rest of his group knew there was nothing they could say to stop Bakugo from going head on now.  Todoroki tried to follow, but bullets were shot at his feet, Teresaka, came from behind a building, assault rifle in hand.  
“I was told not to let anyone interfere in that fight; Karma wants Bakugo to himself. Dumbass will probably get himself captured, but I’m willing to let him settle his thoughts but who should I kill first? He points his rifle at Todoroki, I like the look of you, I think I’ll enjoy hunting you. Todoroki rose his had and threw a wall of ice his way, but Teresaka dodges taking cover behind some of the piping.  
“So, you want to fight me? So be it.” Todoroki says, “Just don’t expect to last very long.” Kirishima and Kaminari tried to stop Todoroki, but Todoroki formed and ice wall behind himself. “There is still more out there watching us, focus on them, I’ll take him down and join in with you.”  
“He’s right you know,” Taisei call out “There is more of us, and soon there will be less of you.” Behind him Takuya stands, both of them pistols in hand. “Kirishima, we know you are the only one of you three that can stop our bullets, but now you have to decide, which of you friends here die first?” 
“Damn it,” Kirishima thinks to himself “They planned all of this out, they must know all of us and knew those two idiots would separate. “Oh man, what do I do.” Taisei and Takuya point their guns at Kaminari and Sato, both pulling their triggers. Kirishima had to make a choice here, one of them will survive, but which one does he save? 
“How are they killing us so easily?” Midoriya thinks to himself. “They must have some knowledge on us, something telling them what to do, we need to get this info somehow. Worse yet we have no means of communicating amongst each other. This is bad.” As he thinks of a way out, he feels someone's hand reach out and grab his shoulder.  
“I can make this a quick death for you, or I can make it long,” The voice says. This student must have camouflaged himself in with the trees, how long was Midoriya standing next to him, and does anyone else even know he is in danger right now. “Tell me where you friends are hiding and I’ll make this quick, struggle, and I’ll get my answers slowly.” 
“Wait... I’ll tell you everything I know.” 
“That’s good, get to it.” 
“I know you are getting captured.” A look of surprise hit Sosuke Sugaya as Asui’s tounge wrapped around his body.  
“We had a feeling you were being camouflaged, but now we have the upper hand. Midoriya punches Sosuke in the face knocking him out cold. Asui’s tongue lets go as she complains about the taste of his paint.” 
“We have six more approaching us, says Jiro, she has he aux ears plugged into the ground.” She can hear them slowly making their way to their direction. “I don’t think they know where we’re at.” 
“I wouldn’t be so sure about that”, a muffled voice coming from the ground replies. “While assassinating Midoriya would have been the preferable solution here, the real objective was to get me close to you!” Midoriya searches Sosuke’s pockets and found a phone, on it the image of a young girl stared back. “You must be Midoriya. I would like to apologize in advance for what comes next.” 
Something is dropped from the tree above Midoriya, everyone in a panic looks to see what it was, it was a flash bang. A blinding light fills the area as Nagisa jumped from a tree above them, with a quick shot, she put a bullet into Jiro’s head killing her in an instant. Midoriya in a panic quickly runs and grabs Uraraka and Asui and pulls them away from firing range. He runs back to grab Mineta and Ashido as well. He tells them to watch their backs, as gun bullets start being shot at them from several directions.  
“Midoriya, I’m here for you!” Nagisa calls out to him. “Come here and fight me. Or I will be sending explosive’s your way next time.”  
Class 1-A for all of their power once again finds their back against the wall, another student has been killed. Can they find a way to battle back? Or will the break under the pressure? 
To be continued.... 

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Don't know enough about Class 3-E to say for sure who wins. But good write up.

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2 hours ago, SSJRuss said:

Don't know enough about Class 3-E to say for sure who wins. But good write up.


This isn't the full setup, just the start of a much longer story. I appreciate the input though!

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PT. 2 has been added. 

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PT. 3 and 4 added

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Pt. 5 added


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Pt.6 added.

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Pt. 7 added

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Pt. 8 added

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