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Match 14660 Accelerator vs. Dio Brando

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~~Cairo, Egypt, 1988~~

It'd been over a hundred years he was trapped in that miserable coffin. Forced to toil in darkness as the world continued to move on and grow around him. He'd achieved his desire which was to obtain the body of his adoptive brother-Jonathan Joestar-and take it for his own. But what did it matter if he was trapped beneath the waves? Unable to ever spread his influence across the globe. Dio Brando would be little more than a footnote in history. A madman who took his delusions of grandeur to the extreme and threatened to destroy the entire Joestar bloodline. 

Just for showing him kindness. 

When the coffin he'd been trapped in was finally extracted from the ocean's depths, he wasted no more time. Society had changed from the days of 1890s England and he'd have to catch up with it to truly make this world and it's people his own. Branding himself as just 'DIO', the vampire set out to make his stake. With charisma practically oozing off his every word, he developed something of a following. Men, women, even members of the animal kingdom would gladly lay down their lives for him without so much as a second thought. He was poised to dominate! it'd been his destiny from the very beginning!

So, how had it all gone wrong?

He'd crushed the foolish humans who'd crossed the globe in a feeble attempt to stop him. Four were dead as far as he knew and only two remained. 


His stand, [THE WORLD] allowed him to become the ruler of time itself. When he ordered it, time itself would freeze to a halt. Only he could move in the space of frozen time. It was only fitting after all, who could deny a god his rightful place? At least that'd been the case until he'd met Jotaro Kujo, an uppity delinquent who at 17 years old was the heir to that damned Joestar bloodline. He'd managed to do the unthinkable during his life and death struggle with DIO. Through careful concentration and practice, his stand [Star Platinum]   had entered DIO's world of frozen time. He'd left him, DIO, frozen and unable to move like a newborn calf spotted by a wolf. His legs had been broken like twigs underfoot with one swift kick to his knees and he was completely at Jotaro's mercy. 

It just didn't make any sense. He was DIO, he wasn't going to be defeated by a mere child! It just wasn't going to happen!!! 

Spraying some blood from his wounds into Jotaro's eyes, DIO had [THE WORLD] lash out with a final kick, intending to kill Jotaro here and now. 

"I win! DIE!!!" 

Leg met fist and as DIO was on the verge of gloating, he noticed something happening...something unspeakably terrible. Jotaro's punch had shattered [THE WORLD]'s leg and any damage between humanoid stands transferred back to their users and the crack spread from the leg and continued upwards causing blood to spurt from DIO's body as though he'd become a walking geyser. He could hardly speak, his words a gurgled mess.  But even as he felt the strength fading from his stolen body, he glared daggers at the teenager who'd left him in such a state. Why was this meant to be his fate? It was as he saind his death throes...


Then it all went black and as far as Jotaro knew? DIO's grudge against the Joestar line was finally over. 

....But soon a new one would surface....


Was ....This death...?

Had he been plunged into Hell itself? 

The darkness felt familar. It was as though he was stuck in that infernal coffin again. 

....Would it be like this for eternity? 

Thoughts like this and more circled over and over again through the vampire's head. But just as some small part of him was beginning to grow scared at the seeming realization that apparently he'd be somewhat aware of his fate, the darkness gave way to a bright cityscape. The sky was dark just as it'd been in Cairo but DIO knew this wasn't it. More importantly, he was....alive?! Looking down at his body which was still that of Jonathan Joestar's from the neck down, DIO stared in awe. Had he been able to save himself due to some unknown ability of [THE WORLD] or was fate simply looking down upon him that night?  As he mulled over theories and ideas, in the end, he supposed it didn't matter. The perceived end result had been the same. "Hehe...Hehehe...HAHAHAHAHA!! If only I had the pleasure of seeing your dismayed look, Jotaro! YOU FOOL! It seems I was destined to have the last laugh after all!! Fate has looked upon DIO and protected me!" Thrilled as he was at the apparent fact that he wasn't dead, DIO still didn't have the faintest idea of where he was at. Stepping to the exit of the alleyway he'd 'woken up' in, DIO glanced from side to side. 

"...Hmph. There is no problem that I can't surmount. I'll need to get my bearings and..." He balled his hand up into a fist. "...Feed.'

Unknown to DIO at the time, another figure was stalking the same stomping grounds. 

His moniker? 


His role?

Academy City's strongest esper. 

Or at least that's what people think he wanted. 

As he walked along the quiet streets of the city at night, he paused as he heard a distinct noise coming from one of the alleyways. It sounded...wet and vicseral. Was at least worth a look he supposed. Turning his head over his shoulder, his eyes met the blood red gaze of the man who believed himself a god among his peers. If the man seemed at all disturbed or taken aback by Accelerator noticing him, he didn't let it show at all on his face. No, instead he seemed pleased if nothing else. "Ah..." His right hand was wrapped securely around the neck of a poor civilian that he'd caught, his fingertips inserted deep into the flesh of her neck as they drained the blood from her body. "Boy. Perhaps you'll be willing to indulge my asking a few questions...Questions this one..."


DIO ripped his fingers free and the body crumpled to the ground in a bloody mess. Licking the crimson liquid from his fingers like a chief testing his meal, he smiled. "Refused to answer..." 

Accelerator had seen the kinds of freak this city churned out. Just one after another. Still, some guy in a fruity getup drinking blood through his fingers? it felt pretty out there even for him. But that wasn't what made him laugh. It was the request this guy made. First it was a slight snicker and then fullblown laughter. "Pfft...Hahahaha! Seriously?? You kill some weakling and...what? You think I'll just bend the knee and answer whatever you want? Be your personal tour guide? Yeah, sorry not sorry, that's not gonna happen. Freak." This whole time Accelerator seemed nonplussed, his hands calmly tucked away in the pockets of his pants. DIO didn't seem amused by the blatant disrespect. Flinging the remaining blood off his fingertips, he exhaled. It seemed a dose of blood was just what he'd needed. 

"Disobedience is a virtue granted to those who have the power to defend themselves...Tell me, boy." DIO began to stride towards him. "Can you?" Opening up his jacket, DIO reached for the hilts of three of his knives and flung them. Force the mouthy child to reveal his stand. Then and only then would he unleash [THE WORLD] to-


The knives sailed past him, one smashing into a nearby window. 


"...Yeeep, that had absolutely zero chance of hitting me. But you seemed so optimistic I didn't wanna crush your hopes. Guess I did so, huh?"Accelerator took a step forward. "Dunno who you are, don't really think it matters either. If you're gonna run around town killing anybody who catches your eye..." The boy's face twisted into a wicked grin. "Then maybe I'll put you out of your misery right here and now, huh?!"  DIO said nothing but he was somewhat puzzled. The knives had been deflected and yet he hadn't seen a stand manifest at all. What the hell happened??? As the esper continued to slowly approach, DIO grit his teeth. 


From Accelerator's POV, the guy was gone from one spot and had popped up on the other end of the sidewalk. Teleportation....? No. 

'If whatever this boy used to reflect my knives isn't a stand...then I should be able to get in close with [THE WORLD] and end this by stopping time. 9 seconds will be more than enough." 

((Sorry if this setup isn't the best! Haven't written anything like this since I was 13! Going back to it as a 23 year old is...odd to say the least lol. For the purposes of this match, I figured that Accelerator wouldn't be able to see [THE WORLD] but he'd basically see DIO popping up in different spots(i.e DIO jumping/walking while time's frozen) and DIO's goal here is to try and force Accelerator to submit while Accelerator is going in for the kill. Let me know what you guys think! : ) )

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Cool match Mark.

So um, I'm not the most knowledgeable on JoJo (and honestly I never will be) but based on what I just read from Dio's vsbattles page he gets completely destroyed. Honestly Accelerator's hax vector redirection is so all-encompassing I'm not even sure he'd be affected by the time stop bc he's pretty much always been depicted as being able to no-sell whatever weird magic shit gets thrown at him too, even though his powers are rooted in science. I think the idea is that pretty much everything that can affect another living organism has a vector of some kind. The setup obviously specifies differently tho, but unless I'm missing something Dio still has absolutely nothing going for him that can actually hurt Accelerator (his reflection effect is passive so being time stopped won't prevent it from functioning), meanwhile Accelerator can just flick his finger at Dio and paste him. It's pretty one-sided honestly.

Their vs battles pages for reference: (I find this site and their incessant reliance on arbitrary calcs pretty dumb a lot of the time all things considered but they're useful as a concise overview of character abilities, and they have Accelerator as being multiple tiers above Dio)



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I basically agree with what Ronan said. Except about VSBW. Not a fan of them.

But as far as the match goes, I really liked it. I would have liked for it to be longer, with a bit more focus on Accelerator's POV as well as Dio's.

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Nice setup here.

I'm not familiar with Accelerator but from what I can tell the match seems in his favor. Dio will put up a good fight but he likes to underestimate people and that always seems to be a factor.

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5 hours ago, corvette1710 said:

I basically agree with what Ronan said. Except about VSBW. Not a fan of them.

But as far as the match goes, I really liked it. I would have liked for it to be longer, with a bit more focus on Accelerator's POV as well as Dio's.

They do suck ass in fairness. I just like sites that provide a 'flat' perspective of character abilities across different works and settings, if you get me, since individual wikias tend to go into the mechanics of the world and such a bit too much. I used to check a better one called OBD but I think it got nuked, you know any?

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r/RespectThreads is fairly well curated and has a good number of characters, plus you can contribute as long as you have a Reddit account and some free time to sift through a character's appearances. I generally find that the lack of commentary about a character reduces wank, since the feats are what are laid out, and not some distillation of the feat.

For this match in particular, for example, Accelerator doesn't have a Respect Thread (someone could be doing it right now, I'm not sure), but Dio does, which would make r/RTs good for gauging Dio's abilities. For your match, actually, I checked r/RTs to get a feel for the strength of the characters involved, and made a decision based on that information.

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Maybe it's telling that I didn't quite do my research thoroughly before casting my vote but I essentially made a decision based on what I already knew about the two characters through peripheral encounters and prior wiki hopping years ago. Maybe it's dated but I've always thought Accelerator was so absurdly broken given his power kit that even the standard application of time stop could be readily defied.

And Dio really can't do much of anything to him whereas Accelerator can make chunky salsa with no issue so.

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Match Final Results

0 regular members rated the match.
3 CBUB Match Judges rated the match.

Accelerator: 9
Dio Brando: 3

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