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Shrek and Vin vs. General M.Bison

Match 14713 by SSJRuss
in progress now...

Naughty Bear vs. Tom Nook

Match 14712 by IKA
in progress now...

Hero Of Oakvale vs. Dovahkiin

Match 14711 by IKA
in progress now...

Arthur Morgan vs. Doc Holliday

Match 14710 by The Boob Tube
in progress now...

Ellie vs. Clementine

Match 14709 by The Boob Tube
in progress now...

Ellie vs. Clementine

Ellie: 7
Clementine: 5

Hero Of Oakvale vs. Dovahkiin

Hero Of Oakvale: 4
Dovahkiin: 7

Arthur Morgan vs. Doc Holliday

Arthur Morgan: 10
Doc Holliday: 1

The Silver Surfer vs. Bills

The Silver Surfer: 3
Bills: 4

Sherlock Holmes vs. The Question

Sherlock Holmes: 5
The Question: 1

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.Big Game James.

Match 14647 Loki vs. Skeletor

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Skeletor vs. Loki


Continued from He-Man vs. Thor.




After a close battle between two of the Universes most respected champions Thor has regained the Tesseract back in his own possession. While He-man lays motionless in front of Castle Grayskull, Thor begins looking for Loki.


Back at The Royal Palace of Eternia.


Loki has managed to escape the imprisonment that King Randor subdued. He has become furious that the Tesseract has been taken from his control and quickly begins looking for it. He walks into the thrown room to get even with the King and Queen. Unknown by He-man his parents are in grave danger at the hands of Loki.


Loki: Puny Eternians. Weak and pathetic. Blind to the power of Asgards most powerful sorcerer. Now I shall imprison you the same you attempted to do to me.


He then surrounds King Randor and Queen Marlena with a powerful force field. Suddenly Teela enters the throne room only to be tricked by a clone of Loki as she is lured into one of Loki's impenetrable force fields as well.


Loki: Now, tell me where the Tesseract is and I will be on my way.


King Randor: The orb? What is its power? What does the side of evil want from it? Skeletor has sent you.


Loki: It holds all-power you fool. You have ruined my chance to escape Asgard and reshape reality to my liking. You have ruined my opportunity. Give me a reason why I shouldn't have you killed. And this Skeletor is no ally of mine. I have no intention siding with anyone from these parts. I work alone old man.


Queen Marlena: Our son has the Tesseract. He has taken it to General Duncan to find its worth. He should be in the palace. Find the Tesseract and be gone sorcerer.


Loki: Gladly!


Loki then walks out of the throne room in search for Prince Adam (He-man) but finds that his search is a road to nowhere. Instead he finds General Duncan and threatens to kill him unless he tells him where to find Prince Adam and the Tesseract.


Loki: General Duncan I presume?


General Duncan: How did you esca...


Loki then grabs Duncan by the throat and brings him to his knees.


Loki: Bow to me Eternian and tell me where to find the Tesseract.


General Duncan: Castle Grayskull, Prince Adam has went to see the orbs worth amongst our land. You will find it their.


Loki then throws him to the ground and walks out of the palace.


As Loki finds the whereabouts of Castle Grayskull he sees Skeletor standing at the opening.


Skeletor: So you must be the holder of the ever-powerful orb which my servants have spoke about. I will pry the Cosmic Orb from your hands and use it to once and for all become the true master of the universe.


Loki: You Eternians just don't listen much. I am known as Loki and the Tesseract you are talking about belongs to me and me only. Unfortunately I do not have it as of now. And you looking for it while i am will not go over so well.


Skeletor: Me, an Eternian? Haha. You have much to learn around these parts if you have not been properly introduced. I am Skeletor! Sorcerer Supreme.


Loki: Sorcerer you say? Asgard has no better Sorcerer than I.


Skeletor: You are not in Asgard anymore. Now you will bow to the power of SKELETOR!


Loki: Loki bows to no one.


Sorcerer vs. Sorcerer


Skeletor's Havoc Staff vs. Loki's Sceptre

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